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  • SOE's John Smedley

  • Res 13/11/2009

    The Agency, DC Universe Online, and FreeRealms I guess.

    I'd love to see them have another go at a decent hardcore MMO again, but give it enough time to be polished up to the point where people do not quit after seeing how poorly it runs.
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  • More AOC subs "initiatives" in pipeline

  • Res 29/10/2009

    "the problem is they HAVE to launch with more servers, because initial demand upon release requires that to let everyone play."

    I know they have the launch with enough servers to keep allow everyone who bought the game to play instantly. The problem is when the numbers inevitably drop from the release day there is a fear when closing servers that websites will report on it like the game is dying.

    This means they will try to keep the servers open so it doesn't get reported on, when really we should just accept that when a game first launches it is probably (with rare exceptions) going to need more servers than it ever will in the rest of the game's lifetime. That doesn't mean the game is dead, it just means it isn't going to have 3 million people spread across multiple servers.

    It is worth noting I am not just talking about Age of Conan, Warhammer suffered exactly the same problem when I was playing it. Just looking at the servers you could see three low RP servers, roleplayers wanted to be together but didn't want to recreate their players on ANOTHER low population server. Right then the three servers should have been merged to give the community what they want, instead the roleplayers went off into random high population servers and they all closed down.
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  • Res 29/10/2009

    "This is actually a good game but it just go destroyed by WoW. Shame, i enjoyed the hell out of my free month but there was very few other people on there to enjoy it with :("

    MMOs seem to get destroyed by launching with way too many servers, then publishers refusing to close them because websites will start to report that it appears to be dying due to server closures. This means the community, despite being a big enough number to max out multiple servers ends up being spread across 30. People unsubscribe (or don't even bother subscribing thanks to the horrible first impression of every server having a low population) because they don't want to switch servers and start a new character, MMO dies.
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  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 2

  • Res 19/09/2009

    "Errr? Of course replay mode can do this. It doesn't run any game code. It is the same in Halo 3. The replay mode can display the full monty of effects because it is free of running anything else."

    Replay mode still renders everything on the fly, it just saves inputs made by the players. That is why the files are so small, if it was recording video they would be eating up massive amounts of harddrive space. Halo 3 used exactly the same system I believe, which is why you wouldn't view replay files on the website (I may be wrong, only looked at the website a couple of times).
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  • PS Eye has facial recognition capability

  • Res 17/07/2009

    "So why haven't you brought out any head-tracking games yet? Or is this made up because you just saw the competition's camera?"

    Very early demo of some head tracking.
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  • Three brand new demos on Xbox Live

  • Res 06/03/2009

    "GRIN aren't "behind" games like GRAW and GRAW2. They handled the PC ports. "

    They are behind games like GRAW and GRAW2 on the PC, the PC version was not a port.
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  • Burning Sea swashbuckling updated

  • Res 06/01/2009

    Overhaul, not update. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2 to use all the PS3's power

  • Res 11/12/2008

    I hope it doesn't mean I have to play half the game as a different character, I hate character switching.

    /completely ignores the title and actually reads article
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  • Colin McRae and DiRT to return

  • Res 20/11/2008

    How about a true representation of the sport as a tribute to him, rather than all that dumbing down and crap they keep adding? Reply 0
  • GHWT, LBP user-content being moderated

  • Res 10/11/2008

    "No explanation needed, in today's sad greedy world copyright, TM and IP "theft" means more than a fans tribute level in a game......"

    Plenty do seem to stay up though, I guess they just get deleted if people import images from the games.
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  • GTA IV PS3 patched with Trophies

  • Res 27/10/2008

    "BTW: I actually did play through Unchartered one more time after the trophies patch, I still did not get any trophies. As it turns out I'd have to uninstall and reinstall the entire game to get trophies. Can't be bothered."

    You only need to start a new game without medals loaded.
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  • Pirates of the Burning Sea expanding

  • Res 23/10/2008

    If it doesn't allow people to roam freely around on their ship and have friends controlling cannons then it is still shit. Reply 0
  • GTR: Evolution

  • Res 23/09/2008

    * should be played with a racing wheel then?
    It is better to play with fully analog controls, and a steering wheel would be the best option. You could tweak the options to have it work quite well with a Xbox 360 controller, the main thing you would need to adjust would be speed sensitive steering which would stop the steering being so sharp at higher speeds (console racers use this a lot).

    * is there any online / offline multiplayer?
    There is online and probably lan, but I doubt there is any split screen.

    * you speak of mods... what is possible with the mods?
    There are a few mods for the older versions of GTR but most of them are just conversions from rFactor, so if you are after mods then rFactor is probably a better option for you. rFactor mods, no idea where you would get GTR ones from.
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  • Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

  • Res 04/09/2008

    A media manager for your PSP. Reply 0
  • DC Universe Online

  • Res 19/08/2008

    EQOA is still active and getting new content/patches. FFXI does require a HDD but I do not see what that has to do with the original question, bBoth were successful as they have made profits and still have a fanbase. Reply 0
  • Res 18/08/2008

    If the game is fun it shouldn't matter how fast you level. The only reason levelling should be made quicker is if you have a lack of content at certain levels, or the content you do have is not fun and the only way you have to keep people interested is by adding new equipment they gain by advancing through the game.

    "Could this be the first successful console MMO? Or have I forgotten something? "

    FFXI and EQOA have both been successful.
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  • Konami struggles to deliver MGO add-on

  • Res 21/07/2008

    "I can see now why companies prefer to use the Xbox Live model rather than hosting their own servers if this is the sort of mess it makes."

    Sony can host addons on their own servers, Konami stupidly decided that they want to handle it all themselves.
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  • Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game

  • Res 14/07/2008

    "Holding out for Blimeys Ferrari Game instead - all of SimBins good games (GT LEgends, GTR and GTR 2) have been done in conjunction with Blimey"

    No, all of SimBin's good developers left to form Blimey (after GTR2), nothing was done in conjunction with them.
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  • PC sports market has declined - Moore

  • Res 03/07/2008

    "Why, in this day and age of HDTVs and 360 pad support would anyone need to 'huddle round a desk' to play PC games?"

    Why in this day and age would people assume you need to huddle around a desk to play a PC game? It hooks up to a TV just fine, or you could buy yourself a big monitor.
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  • Res 03/07/2008

    EA are still using the old engine for their sports games on the PC as well. That didn't go down to well. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • Res 30/06/2008

    Firefly reference = Instant win.

    I will not even bother asking about dancing this time as payment for such a feat.
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  • Sony shows off PS3 update 2.4

  • Res 30/06/2008

    "Still no crossgame invites or chat AFAICS, which maintains PSN in the retarded zone."

    Of course you could just ask your friend to join you in a message.
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  • Guinness World Records game coming

  • Res 27/06/2008

    Wow, I have always wanted to know how many virtual crackers I could eat in 30 seconds. Reply 0
  • MGS4: London midnight launch photos

  • Res 12/06/2008

    They should have just ordered it online like me, then they would have got it yesterday. Reply 0
  • Former LucasArts staff share secrets

  • Res 06/06/2008

    It was announced that Free Radical are working on the next Battlefront game quite a while ago. Reply 0
  • PS3 launch was "fairly catastrophic" - Stringer

  • Res 29/05/2008

    "If they'd admit them when they were happening, people (well, gamers) would have much more respect for them."

    Yes because telling everyone they are struggling to support the PS3 at the time really wouldn't have stopped people from buying it.
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  • The Agency - Colourful characters

  • Res 22/05/2008

    The Agency is based around multiple cities, not just Prague. SoE still haven't announced whether or not it will be subscription based, but it is looking more likely that it will be free to play with optional micro-payments. Reply 0
  • Age of Conan Week on EG MMO

  • Res 19/05/2008

    I don't remember having a dance emote in the beta, is there a dance emote? Reply 0
  • Activision: no LEGO Indy demo for consoles

  • Res 14/05/2008

    "It's out, and buggy as f*ck. "

    What is buggy about it? I completed the demo without running into any problems. You do not really need a demo either, if you liked Lego Star Wars you will like this, if you didn't then you wont. Simple as that (unless you just didn't like the sci-fi setting) really.
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  • Make your own City of Heroes content

  • Res 29/04/2008

    I thought heroes and villains could already attack each others bases, I never really played it enough to find out though. I got bored after getting my cape. Reply 0
  • Age of Conan open beta gets date

  • Res 21/04/2008

    MMO's hardly ever have free trials on release because the servers would be flooded and the people who have actually bought the game would be unable to connect. They have a hard enough time trying to deal with the thousands who have payed for the game logging in as it is. Reply 0
  • City of Dress-Up

  • Res 14/04/2008

    "I played this for 5 minutes after i created my character. The controls and camera just pissed me off too much."

    The camera is the same as every other MMO if you check a few boxes.
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  • Empire of Sports

  • Res 04/04/2008

    You should test out SWG's dance emotes because you can string them all together and make your own routine. It is even possible to make yourself really fat and just wear hot pants. The rest of the game is rubbish though.
    Highly recommended for dance emote lovers.

    I should probably say something about the game, been playing it for a while and am probably under some kind of NDA I didn't bother reading but whatever. It seems to have improved quite a lot over the past few months, the problem I had was actually finding people to play the games with. I had a few games of tennis with the point and click system which seemed to work quite well. The problem is none of the sports games seem to play as well as you could get from buying a standalone product.

    I didn't like the fact that the keys you have to use for each event seem to switch all the time, so for one event you may have to mash J and L, but for another it would be G and J. This could have changed, I haven't played it for a while.

    Most of the events seem just like Olympic sports games over the years, but online. So I guess if you want that then this would be worth a look, hopefully it gets enough players to make playing the events you want always possible.
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  • Res 04/04/2008

    I see, but is it as good as SWG's dance emotes? Reply 0
  • Res 04/04/2008

    Does it have a dance emote? Reply 0
  • Star Wars: Force Unleashed dated

  • Res 04/04/2008

    I haven't heard anything about the online section of this for ages, has it been canned? I was hoping for some online dueling much like that seen in Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Academy. Reply 0
  • Vegas 2 chalks up 2 million sales

  • Res 01/04/2008

    "awful cover system? lol!!!"

    Well yes. If you want to create a realistic tactical game which is what the person I was responding to appears to want then you can't really have the option to stick yourself to walls and see around them without even sticking your head out, which is what they would do.
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  • Res 01/04/2008

    "Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear, now that was the pride of the R6 games.

    Remake i say, sod all this bollocks vegas stuff."

    It would be remade worse than the original though, because they would feel the need to put in the awful cover system.
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  • Sony dismisses exclusive GTA 360 content

  • Res 31/03/2008

    "Bet it would be a different story if sony were getting the exclusive content"

    Of course, and Microsoft would be the ones saying it is pointless.

    DLC doesn't bother me though as I normally just wait for it to become free or don't bother with it. I will buy it on whichever system runs the game the smoothest, if they are identical then I will probably go for the PS3 version because it doesn't sound like a jet powering up.
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  • Haze not down for May 22nd after all

  • Res 27/03/2008

    "Only Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind as a bigger shambles over the issue of release dates."

    Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 also beat it... For now.
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  • Codemasters eyes console MMOs

  • Res 20/03/2008

    You can play FFXI on a silver account, and the PS3 doesn't even have a subscription service so I don't think they have much to worry about. Reply 0
  • The Agency

  • Res 19/03/2008

    "Story? End??? What kind of MMO is this?"

    One with lots of players. All MMOs end, they just force you to raid the same places over and over again for better gear normally, or socialise. Of course (I expect) there will be expansions/add-ons to add more story lines over time.
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  • Cosplayers set Guinness World Record

  • Res 19/03/2008

    Well if it is officially recorded (record sales, sprinting world records, etc) then they can obviously take those records as well, but just sitting there and telling them you played a game for 48 hours or that you saw more than 80 cosplayers at an event isn't going to be accepted. Reply 0
  • Res 19/03/2008

    "No offence, but the last two 'records' have been a load of rubbish.

    1- Are you telling me that at ANY cosplay event AROUND THE WORLD - there has never been any more than 80 people dressed up?

    2- Are you telling me that NO-ONE, AROUND THE WORLD has never played a game for more than 24 hours?

    I thought the World Records book was a great idea but if they are gonna invent rubbish like this, its gonna turn into a farse...."

    Well the book has to start somewhere since all of the events need an official there. People will obviously keep beating the records over the next year and the book will hopefully be less shit.
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  • MX vs. ATV Untamed

  • Res 19/03/2008

    I had horrible (well not quite that bad, but still) slowdown in the demo for both the 360 and PS3, I can't see a mention of it in your review so has it been solved? Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  • Res 18/03/2008

    I wouldn't consider being able to switch to 3rd person to see around corners without the enemy being able to see you a better mechanic myself. Reply 0
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 thermal scan trailer

  • Res 13/03/2008

    "Eg, you're selling out. Are you sure you're making the right decision here? Most me your readers can see right through it."

    As long as they give the game a fair review I couldn't give a shit, the money they get from things like this keeps the website running after all.
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  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC in April

  • Res 10/03/2008

    I would pay double to have a version with lean instead of the ability to stick to a wall and see around corners without the enemy seeing you. Reply 0
  • Crysis patched to 1.2

  • Res 07/03/2008

    "You'll be sadly disappointed then Killerbee :( The AI and damage models are a disgrace.

    I shot a guy in the head five times with a sniper rifle the other night, he looked over his shoulder, made a "huh?" noise and then carried on his little patrol route. "

    I wasn't disappointed when a helicopter shot a rocket at the building I was standing in trying to collect some ammo and the whole thing collapsing around me, meaning I had to try to dig through all the collapsed building parts to find the ammo I went to collect. In fact that was one of my favourite gaming moments in recent years.
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  • Sony quiet on PS3 video store rumour

  • Res 04/03/2008

    I will only be interested if you can actually keep them, rather than just renting. Reply 0