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  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

  • Repsode 24/06/2016

    As citizen of Northern Ireland at least I can apply for an Irish Passport for dual nationality. I'll still be an EU citizen yet.

    And before anyone gets the impression I'm being slightly smug just remember that this has the potential to set our country back 20 years politically. Back to an era that quite frankly terrifies me. My only consolation is if NI beats the tar out of Wales on Saturday. Unlikely, but it's all I have.
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  • Nintendo denies Paper Mario: Color Splash joke references "online hate campaign"

  • Repsode 23/06/2016

    @HappyGator Plebgate(remember that one?) had been less frequently referred to as Gategate. Reply +4
  • Repsode 23/06/2016

    Either she has some serious case of paranoid egomania or Gamergate really IS the only cultural reference she knows of with -gate at the end. Both of these potential truths depress me. How could she not know what Watergate is? She is a 28 year old American(whose Twitter account is called teenage shirtbag). How could she get this far without knowing what Watergate was. Reply +20
  • Read Only Memories released date set for PS4 and Vita

  • Repsode 23/06/2016

    I own this on PC but have not yet sat down to it, only having played the demo which impressed me. Heard good things. Soundtrack is really good though. Snatcher is one of my all time favourites so this obvious homage was definitely up my alley.

    I wonder though if the PC version will also be updated.
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  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • Repsode 23/06/2016

    @Xboxfanuk Thanks the rise to top 10 lists, click bait, content farmers and Taboola the internet died first if you ask me. Reply +7
  • Dragon Quest 7 finally gets a western release date

  • Repsode 16/06/2016

    Looking forward to this. Didn't I hear that they fixed the terrible pacing of the first few hours? Could swear it took nearly 2 hours to get to a battle in the original. Reply 0
  • Nintendo confirms there is no female Link in Breath of the Wild

  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    I feel that this article might end up being relevant here.

    More so its follow-up.

    The TL;DR for the above is about the toxic entitlement of "Fandom" not just when they come from a place of obvious hate but also from not just asking for progression in an existing property but demanding it be done only in the way they want.

    Perhaps the key take away snippet(from the follow-up) that would sum up my position on issues like these:

    "I believe that people should let the decision-makers know that they want more stories featuring underrepresented groups. I believe that the only way to get more representation is to let the suits and the bean counters know that there's an audience for this stuff, to loudly proclaim your willingness to buy tickets or comic books (and then follow up on it by actually buying tickets and comic books). Everyone should let the companies behind the stories we love know that they would like to be included in them.

    But the line is crossed when you go from "Disney, I would really like to have a queer princess in one of your cartoons" to "I demand that the writers and directors of Frozen 2 make Elsa canonically queer." You can - and should! - let the higher ups know the kinds of stories you want told. You should not demand that storytellers tell their stories in the ways that you want."
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  • Nintendo Zelda Treehouse E3 2016 live report

  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    Ganon, not Ganondorf confirmed? Reply 0
  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    Liking Link's new persona as a pyromanic. Reply 0
  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    @arty. Ak. Beat me to it. Reply 0
  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    This is a Far Cry from what I'm used to with this series. ....Sorry. Reply +1
  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    @vert1go. Yup. Haven't seen it yet but it will suck. Unless it's yet another broken convention. Reply 0
  • Repsode 14/06/2016

    "Look at this giant meat!" Quote of E3 right there. Reply 0
  • Lego Dimensions' second year adds Harry Potter, Adventure Time, A-Team

  • Repsode 09/06/2016

    @abigsmurf My theory is that they'll just add all the content as a gigantic patch, or maybe smaller ones on each wave's launch date. I guess they figure that the base game is flexible enough that a whole new game or portal won't be necessary. TT did say they had a 3 year plan for Dimensions. Nice to see that it looks like they meant what I thought it meant. After 3 years it'll be easier to evaluate or even justify a full sequel. The model looks kinda Sims-like in that respect. Reply +3
  • Now Injustice 2 has leaked

  • Repsode 07/06/2016

    Hoping for a Marthality move specific to Batman v Superman matchups which instantly ends the match with a hearty handshake and declarations of now being BFFs. Reply +1
  • There's a new Metal Gear Solid game coming this autumn

  • Repsode 02/06/2016

    I'm not particularly up on the state of the pachinko business but the opposite trajectories of Konami and SNK in the field confuse me. My current (possibly wrong) understanding that there while there still is a decent amount of money in pachinko, it is very much a shrinking market now that other forms of gambling have a tad more freedom in Japan. Is it just that Konami are only looking at the huge money they can make right now, while SNK see the writing on the wall long-term and transitioning before it becomes a problem? Or is it that Konami are making a shrewd choice in doubling down on their bigger money earner and SNK have merely been muscled out by stronger competitors and are re-entering the video games business as a fall-back? Reply 0
  • Yes, Overwatch has a story. Here's everything you need to know

  • Repsode 23/05/2016

    It's always been a personal frustration of mine that I find myself immensely enjoying the worlds and characters of Blizzard games but almost universally not the games themselves. Not because they're terrible games or anything but they operate in genres I just don't find enjoyable. I have bought their RTSs in the past as the story makes slogging through what is perhaps my least favourite genre worth it but I just can't justify MMOs and multiplayer team shooters are just not my cup of tea.

    I almost feel guilty that I do not see myself ever buying Overwatch simply because everything I actually enjoy about it is only hinted at in the game itself. I get my hit from these amazing shorts. In gameplay terms there simply is nothing that personally appeals.
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  • In Theory: Will future consoles share identical tech specs?

  • Repsode 03/05/2016

    "Sony assumes that smart phones raised the acceptance of shorter product cycles in younger generations of gamers"

    While this would initially seem sound there does seem to be some evidence that the Smartphone product cycle has a hard time working in other product categories. Take tablets for instance, arguably the closest device to the smartphone market in terms of product cycles. Tablet sales are down across the board even the iPad and have been for a while. Now Apple has stated in their recent earnings call that usage and satisfaction remain high and I'd be surprised if Google or Amazon would claim different for theirs. People don't seem to be sick of using tablets. The conclusion would therefore be that the tablet market has matured to the point that the number of people buying their first tablet is shrinking and that people are happy enough with the ones they already have and aren't upgrading. Tablets increasingly look to have a PC style purchase cycle, where people upgrade only when support stops or it dies.

    Short product cycles have worked for smartphones largely due to subsidised contracts encouraging an upgrade at least every other year and even that no longer seems like a sure thing long term. Contracts seem to be very slowly going out of fashion, in the states particularly. Apple saw its first quarterly decline in a good few years and its competitors aren't fairing much better. I'd bet some of that decline is due to people choosing not to upgrade their handset, either going pre-pay or sim-only.

    I would have agreed a couple of years ago that shorter product cycles might work well for consoles but current market trends suggest it may be more of a gamble in 2016 and beyond than it would have been in say 2013.
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  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Repsode 22/04/2016

    As someone whose online shopping habits don't justify prime (nor have time to add their streaming service on top of my already over long viewing list on other services) it really does come across that Amazon would rather not take my money as I'm not psychologically locked in to the system.

    Amazon became the 'default' store on the Internet by building up to encompass everything, competitive pricing and a quick painless shopping experience.

    The simplicity part is no longer true unless you are a Prime member. Now I can't guarantee getting the item from Amazon itself rather than from third parties. At that point why shouldn't I google around and go elsewhere. Amazon was built on slowly and carefully training people to go to them automatically when they wanted to buy something. Moves like this have the potential to break that traning and could hurt them long term.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition eBay scalpers criticised

  • Repsode 04/04/2016

    The key is patience, I think. When the fallout 4 pip boy was put up for pre-order the things were put up on eBay for really silly money. I missed out on buying officially so I held my nerve but kept checking and got it for only Ł20 more than what Bethesda were selling it for. This was just a few weeks after release when the hype died down and the market no longer justified stupid pricing. I would say that if you're balking at these prices try again in June or July which should be the point when people have stopped thinking about the game, lowering the market. Just before the marketing blitz begins and interest picks up. Reply +1
  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • Repsode 03/04/2016

    To expand on Simon's point I'd uninvent pretty much every single modern industry practice. Day 1 patches, Day 1 DLC(Those that are essentially expansion packs released months later can stay), micro transactions, pre order bonuses, Season passes. Pretty much everything. All the above has only served to devalue the gaming experience for me. Actually I find myself feeding less money into the industry as a result, choosing to wait until a game feels finished( often on sale by this point), buying retro games (money goes to eBay sellers) or spending money on something else entirely. It's drained a decent chunk of my enthusiasm for the medium.

    Edit: Oops. Forgot Early Access. That can go too.
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  • Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

  • Repsode 04/03/2016

    @CaptainKid If it makes you feel better do know that not only can you get Mac software from outside the App Store, said App Store is rapidly losing support from the best Mac developers as Apple have seemingly abandoned serious development on it. Apple never restricted distribution on Mac OS as it was already open as that genie wouldn't go back in the bottle without losing support for the OS entirely.

    Point being you can only really restrict distribution right from the start of the platform. Apple were smart enough to not change how Mac OS software availability already worked and I'd imagine MS are too. Because if they aren't they're going to be in a world of hurt.

    Edit: Ack! Other people already covered this. Didn't mean to pile it on.
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  • Vote on Doom's alternate box art

  • Repsode 04/03/2016

    Oh god B is glorious. It just screams Doom. Why are they faffing about with any other option? (although there's a nice Ultimate Doom vibe to A) Anything is more representative of the franchise than that boring default. Reply +1
  • You'll need $3000 to pre-order a Microsoft HoloLens dev kit today

  • Repsode 29/02/2016

    I distinctly remember reading an interview somewhere that the price is intentionally inflated precisely to put off consumers. The lesson this team apparently learned from the Kinect was that it gained too much initial success too early. Almost as if they felt Kinect should have gone through a few generations before becoming mainstream. Indeed that same interview could peg when MS think it could go consumer. The time frame stretches from within a year to possibly over a decade away. Hololens is now at Open Alpha stage, if that. MS want this to work out and clearly don't want to rush it.

    Here's the link:
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  • Watch: Are fighting games losing popularity?

  • Repsode 20/02/2016

    The problem really is that as time went on fighting game developers only listened to the vocal hardcore above all else and went to a technical extreme by the end of the 90's. As such the games became less fun over time to the larger more casual set. Easy to learn, hard to master simply became hard to learn and master and that's what turned people off. Street Fighter III being the poster child for the trend. Street Fighter IV did it's best to lean more towards what made fighting games the beast it was in the early 90's but I'd imagine damage to the genre's perceived accessibility had been done. I don't think the genre will ever come back in force, sadly.

    Also looking at other eSports genres would anyone be surprised if MOBAs followed the same trajectory?
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  • No new Assassin's Creed this year, Ubisoft confirms

  • Repsode 11/02/2016

    Probably for the best. To be honest, given the cast and the costume shots revealed so far, the movie was looking like a more exciting prospect than yet another annual game in my opinion. A break will do the franchise good. Reply +1
  • XCOM 2 review

  • Repsode 01/02/2016

    Remember when this game's predecessor was,to the publisher, the comparatively cheap little bone thrown to the hardcore to keep them from bitching too much about the brand's new primary direction into FPSs?

    Well, where's the sequel to the The Bureau, eh?

    God I love these little justices.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 has shipped 6m units

  • Repsode 30/01/2016

    That the pachinko business is underperforming isn't all that surprising. A story came out recently that SNK Playmore had begun a video game developer hiring spree as, due to new gambling regulations among other factors, they too were seeing declines in their pachinko business. SNK seem to think that now's a good time to get back to what the brand was best known for right at the same time Konami seems to think it should abandon theirs.

    Link to the article:
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  • The Angry Birds Movie is still a thing, here's a new trailer

  • Repsode 27/01/2016

    I've always found it funny how fads end. Sometimes you get something like Pokémon which settles down into a comparatively unhyped but otherwise massively successful franchise. Then you have TMNT, a franchise whose 90's peak has long since past but has been able to continue to be popular almost consistently after a brief break in the late 90's. Angry Birds which is definitely at that 'sick of it' stage that caused the Turtle's hiatus. Pokemon never got to that stage because the core of the franchise, the games, were just that good. The turtles as characters were solid but ultimately overexposed. A few years later and a few fresh spins on the things people liked about them and they're still relevant 30 years later. I think that Angry Birds' problem is that there's just not much to latch onto as characters or really evolve the games much further. I could be wrong but maybe the whole franchise is probably too shallow to get itself permanently embedded in public consciousness. i suppose the performance of this movie will be the litmus test. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 players can download The Division beta now using this one weird trick

  • Repsode 26/01/2016

    Local Website has weird trick to get into betas. Game Publishers hate them. Reply +8
  • Elite: Dangerous dev Frontier focuses on SteamVR

  • Repsode 22/01/2016

    This proves to me that there will be no one implementation that suits all headsets. And that means a format war's coming. Whether I even think VR is worth the exorbitant current price has essentially become irrelevant. I need to now make sure I back the right horse too. No PC VR for me until 2018 at the earliest.

    PSVR is an interesting case. There's less variables there given there's only one device. All I need to now is how it performs and how much support it'll get to gauge if I think it's worth it. I have a feeling it'll end up being my first headset
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • Repsode 18/06/2015

    The last time I backed a kickstarter was Tesla Effect. I felt it was much the same gamble as this. Most of the dev team had scattered to other industries(such as virtual golf) before returning and the new team's only previous outings were ultra low budget hunt-the-object games. Still I gave them the benefit of the doubt and pledged.

    The end result was of course heavily criticised for a lack of evolution but personally it was the game I had in my head when I backed it. A little too nostalgic perhaps but then they were really playing to the crowd that had already paid up and that's fair. It's the audience they were gunning for and I felt it was money well spent.

    I have similar hopes for this. I don't need Shenmue III to reinvent the wheel, or even feel modern. Although that would be nice as it would pull in new fans. Even if it ended up being a slightly prettier dreamcast era game mechanically I'd be satisfied though.
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  • It's over: PlayStation Home has closed

  • Repsode 01/04/2015

    @Dantonir. You gave a wink there but I think you speak the truth. People are going to have to start getting used to the fact that online services don't live forever and when these services die the stuff they bought on them will die with them with the possible exception of As long as I'm careful I could theoretically keep backing up the installers indefinitely. When I think about how much has changed in gaming over the near 30 years I've been playing I can't even really say for sure that my Steam library will still be there over the next 30. Reply +4
  • Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project

  • Repsode 31/03/2015

    As far as YouTube videos are concerned for me, it very much depends on how the game is used. If it's only clips in a review then it is a critique of the game and the footage is there as illustration of the reviewers point and should be considered fair use. Straight uploads of footage without commentary are hard to defend against claims of copyright infringement. Let's plays with commentary are a bit different to me. Yes there are big swaths of gameplay footage but commentary alters it in my opinion. These videos are pretty hard to define to be honest though.
    This is easy. it's a playable version of a pre existing game with copyrighted assets (He even admits to the use of the sound effects). Nintendo are pretty well within their rights on this one. Of course there are plenty of other games like this, the numerous Sonic fan games for example but I guess it just depends on the company. Some stomp on everything others only stomp if you make money on the project or compromises the brand in some way. You just need to make sure you know the company's policies on this kind of thing before you go public.
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  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has 16GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • Repsode 26/03/2015

    @SonicUk. The scariest thing for me is that while my original post might imply that I've imposed an active boycott on myself buying these games I have in fact only become consciously aware that I've been doing it recently. I tallied up how many tent pole games I bought in 2014 and was quite shocked when I discovered that it was 4 (even more so when I realised 3 were published by Nintendo). My apathy towards the current generation so far is something that's just sort of happened rather than been actively cultivated but it's definitely down to the business behind the games rather than the games themselves. I should be more hyped for Mortal Kombat X than I am but I know the game will be a buggy broken mess for months because that's what I've now been conditioned to expect. Plus there'll be a Komplete edition later where I'll get all the season pass characters for free. That is, if I'm still interested in the game by that point.

    I also may have made it seem as if I give indies a free pass but then they gave us Early Access but that's a rant for another day. Point is that it appears that the industry and I are on separate paths now. I hope that they merge again.
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  • Repsode 26/03/2015

    @SonicUk I feel much the same way as you and have fully given up on AAA releases until such time as the industry cuts the bullshit. Between indie and retro I've got plenty else to play. Though I'm finding weirder things to spend my disposable on as a result. Just bought an arcade cabinet for a restoration with money that would normally have gone on stuff like this. One thing I utterly dislike as a consumer is feeling like I'm taken for granted and the AAA end of the industry isn't even trying to conceal it. If I had no other options I'd probably drop out of the hobby. I feel that it really has gotten that bad. Reply +4
  • World Bank exec discovers son spent $4500 on FIFA packs

  • Repsode 20/03/2015

    Holy Hell!

    You'd think that an executive of a major financial institution would be the most likely to educate their kids in the value of money and be most careful as to what they attach credit card information to.
    No wonder the meltdown happened if guys like this are the norm in the financial sector.
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  • Hideo Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid 5 branding

  • Repsode 19/03/2015

    Last time I remember a Japanese company announcing a restructuring to a headquarters based system was Sega post 2004 buyout.

    And we all know what happened to it in the end.
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  • Nintendo to release games on phones and tablets

  • Repsode 18/03/2015

    I haven't been this conflicted about a piece of video game news since Sega announced that they were dropping out of hardware. In that case there was sadness at an era ending but also optimism that being freed of what were increasingly being seen as shackles, they could have become one of the most powerful companies in the industry. And for a few years it seemed like that was going to happen until a certain gambling machine company bought them.

    Here I feel optimism that Nintendo might bring mobile gaming back to the promise it lost 3-4 years ago in the race to the bottom (I could rant all day about the ruination of Smartphone gaming but that's for another time)but looking at DeNA's history that might be misplaced.

    Not sure what to think basically.
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  • Square Enix teases an unannounced console JRPG for fiscal 2015

  • Repsode 18/03/2015

    I guarantee that it's Final Fantasy: All The Bravest 1.5 HD Remix. Reply 0
  • GDC preview: Windows 10 vs SteamOS

  • Repsode 07/02/2015

    I wouldn't be adverse to ditching Windows for something else (likely Linux) but a question that I need answered and have been unable to get concrete info on is:

    Can you run non-Steam games on SteamOS?

    Until I get an answer from the horse's mouth I must assume that the answer is no as that would be the most logical business decision for Valve. If that is the case then wouldn't this entire enterprise be hypocritical? In Newell's nightmare scenario wouldn't I just be trading one walled garden for another? Steam is great and all but I want it to own PC gaming no more than I'd want Microsoft to. Monopoly is a bad thing no matter who owns it.
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  • Surprise! New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition goes on sale

  • Repsode 06/01/2015

    This is probably how Sony should have handled the 20th Anniversary PS4. Not sure how they would have worked out the criteria but it's better to make a small number of people happy than make everyone frustrated. Reply 0
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number out early 2015

  • Repsode 19/12/2014

    I've gone for it myself because I'm currently building a small but eclectic vinyl collection. Hotline Miami is one of my favourite games of recent years and really loved its soundtrack. Word of warning for those wanting in, unlike a lot of other places iam8bit process payment at point of purchase not at time of shipment. After weighing it up I was ok about it but just a warning for those not comfortable with that. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs Watch Dogs on Wii U

  • Repsode 26/11/2014

    Not sure mature is an appropriate phrase to describe AAA development these days. Premature maybe, based on a good chunk of this year's releases. Reply +6
  • Yakuza 0 gets a 15 minute trailer

  • Repsode 31/10/2014

    Sadly, I think this answers the question:'s_law_of_headlines
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  • Zelda fans re-making Ocarina of Time in 2D

  • Repsode 30/09/2014

    You think these fan project guys would learn by now that you shouldn't announce that you're making a game like this but that you've MADE it. It's done, complete and out there (even if they make you take it down). I'm not even sure why they need the advance publicity. Asking for donations would just be blood in the water. Reply 0
  • New lighting tech debunks moon landing conspiracy theories

  • Repsode 19/09/2014

    Because of all this talk of conspiracy theories I somehow briefly read this line as "rendering specialists have been chasing the dream of real-time global illuminati. Reply +6
  • Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake sets October release date

  • Repsode 11/09/2014

    The Gabriel Knight trilogy is one of the few series ive kept my big box copies of so it's great to see it revived. Looking forward to this with or without the original dialogue. One of the things that most impressed me about Jensen was her ability to blur the seems between the fact and fiction. pretty sure King Ludwig II wasn't a werewolf but she was very convincing in how the sequels story would come to that conclusion. Reply 0
  • Teens react to the NES

  • Repsode 08/09/2014

    @Kami Holy Shit! I own a mythical NES!

    In seriousness though I really am unable to get anything to work on mine without blowing on the cartridge first these days. Must be a dirty connection or something. It is weird that no other method gets my games to boot though.
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  • Twitch clamps down on unlicensed music ahead of rumoured $1bn Google buyout

  • Repsode 07/08/2014

    Might need to get the Guinness people in on this one because surely negatively affecting your acquisition before you've even formally announced the purchase has to be a record. Even EA and Microsoft needed time to screw up Westwood and Rare respectively. Reply 0