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  • The strange appeal of non-sports sports games

  • Repsode 10/02/2018

    These kinds of sports games are the only ones I'll play. Never was one for football but id never turn down a game of Sensi. Golf is my sport. However, I've tried many times to get into PGA Tour over the years but beyond the presentation and real course it's so goddamn soulless!

    Now put me in front of Neo Turf Masters and you'd never pull me away.
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  • SNES mini sales pass 4m

  • Repsode 01/02/2018

    Got one on the most recent batch at the Nintendo online store. This is a quality item with a top notch selection. Sure there are some noticeable gaps(Chrono Trigger for me) but it's hard to begrudge what is there. I wouldn't swap any of them for anything else. Well maybe Kirby's Dream Course. Reply 0
  • Sega teams up with Heavy Rain lead designer's new studio to publish "narrative-driven" game

  • Repsode 31/01/2018

    @fabio78 everything you just mentioned except the drugs and Feldman is effectively how Alex's cameo in Segagaga went down. Reply 0
  • The Virtual Console's continued absence on Switch is creating some exciting possibilities

  • Repsode 29/01/2018

    I firmly believe that service known as Virtual Console is dead. If they we doing it we'd have seen something already.

    We will see retro games on the system. Like many others I'm of the belief that they will return as part of the online service offering.

    Speaking of which, the continued silence on that suggests that we are not getting the service as originally announced. It may be a big deal or it may not be Whatever form's online and retro take on the Switch will be very, very Nintendo, with all the joys and frustrations that entails.
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  • Nintendo Labo: the internet reacts

  • Repsode 18/01/2018

    "It doesnt appeal to me therefore it's a fact that it's shit" - Internet, on pretty much any subject. Reply +11
  • Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo, a bizarre new interactive cardboard toy line

  • Repsode 17/01/2018

    Got to admit, I didn't think this announcement would be all that interesting but that is a fascinating toy concept for sure and one that just screams Nintendo.

    I might try out one of those launch packs but I am not and never have been much for construction toys.

    My nephew, though, will be all over this. This is totally his kind of thing. As long as the game part of these packs don't push the price up too far, this has some serious potential.

    Overall this seems pretty cool to me. Looking forward to learning more
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  • Paladins is getting a Battlegrounds-inspired mode and it is named Paladins: Battlegrounds

  • Repsode 05/01/2018

    Its official. "Battlegrounds" is the new "Kart" Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch hits 10m sales in nine months

  • Repsode 12/12/2017

    The Switch has been my gaming highlight of 2017. A lot of the success has to come down to having a REALLY consistent schedule from Nintendo. There was something from them each month in most months. Add to that many indie titles then a small burst of third party stuff towards the end. Sure a lot of all of this first year are ports of older games but we had a year of two GOTY contenders and the portability factor should never be overlooked. The hybrid nature of the device is a revelation to me. The freedom to play anytime anywhere has meant that I have spent more time with the switch than any other machine this year, a rarity for a year one console. I've come to value this freedom so highly that Switch versions are now a default choice to be ruled out these days.

    This is a well deserved success. Nintendo firing on most cylinders. It could be better at online but I really couldn't give a toss about online games so it doesn't bother me much, and given those sales figures it doesn't seem to have put that many people off.
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  • Bayonetta 3 is coming exclusively to Switch

  • Repsode 08/12/2017

    I get that people would maybe have preferred that the series be multiplatorm but lets get real.

    While Bayonetta 1 was a critical darling it clearly had sales so disappointing on two, then very popular consoles, that not continuing with it as a franchise was a no-brainer for Sega.

    In comes Nintendo, who needs to fill some gaps in their weak WiiU line up to offer to help.

    While I have no evidence to back this up I suspect Nintendo pumped way more money into Bayonetta 2 than Sega did.

    The end result must have been a positive one for both parties, bolstered by the Smash Bros. poll later.

    Major speculation here:

    So Bayonetta 3 is at this point a thing Sega are interested in. Nintendo I assume have offered a deal similar to the Bayo 2 one. But based on relative perfomance of the franchise up to this point Sega wasn't sure whether there was an appetite for more Bayo from general audiences or just the Nintendo audience.

    In comes Bayonetta 1 on Steam.

    I'm guessing that sales for that weren't high enough for Sega to turn down Nintendo paying a huge chunk of production on a sequel.

    And so Bayo 3 is Switch exclusive.

    Also, the most important phrase is at the very end. Licensed by SEGA. Seems like they're just loaning the IP to Nintendo on this one.

    At this rate I suspect Sega will end up selling the IP, either to Nintendo or Platinum because they still seem very ambivalent on it.
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  • Square Enix speaks out on the future of Deus Ex

  • Repsode 28/11/2017

    *Blank* is a very important franchise for us is basically code for "The last game didn't make enough money but the concept still has some potential so we're putting it away for a decade then we'll dust it off, reboot the continuity and try again.

    Sleep well Deus Ex. I'll still be here when you wake up.
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  • Marvel Heroes developers say they were let go the day before Thanksgiving

  • Repsode 23/11/2017

    @George-Roper: Two times myself. Most recently only two months ago. Agreed that's it's not the end of the world in hindsight but its scary as hell in the immediate aftermath. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. Was lucky to get back on track after only 3 weeks this time but the first time took a lot longer. I'll never forget that. Hope these guys get something new as soon as I did because this really is one of the most miserable situations I've ever encountered. Reply +8
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 physical sales down 60% on Battlefront 1

  • Repsode 20/11/2017

    @FrostedSloth quite frankly Jar Jar has more of my respect at this point. Reply +2
  • CD Projekt Red: "We leave greed to others"

  • Repsode 19/11/2017

    @Binba442 while I remain cautiously optimistic one must also remember that EA was once not EA. EA was once intended to stand not for Electronic Arts but Electronic 'Artists'(until a legal concern around United Artists mixed that). It was founded under the premise that the developers or 'Software Artists' as EA preferred to call them, would be treated like rock stars. It was intended to be less of a publisher and more of a record label to the point that early releases had gatefold vinyl like packaging with photos and paragraphs on the named Dev talent. This was a practice they tried to keep on into the end of the 16 bit era even as teams grew and it became less practical. For its first 20 years It was a growing but largely benign entity. It wasn't until the ps1 era after a few years of success with the 16 bit sports games that the rot truly set in. Activision was similarly born out of the discontent of Atari engineers at their lack of recognition.

    Long story short both companies were born from a noble place. EA's journey is particularly ironic. Point is any company has the potential to turn. In most cases all it takes is one success, several in close proximity or a change in leadership. I'm not saying it's imminent in case but if it does happen it will be saddening but not surprising.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 is best-selling game of all time in US

  • Repsode 08/11/2017

    @ElMantis I see your five and raise you two. If they get away with what they're doing this year? Maybe even one. Reply 0
  • Hob and Torchlight developer Runic Games has been closed

  • Repsode 04/11/2017

    @PyD weíre seeing this already with LawBreakers. Hell. We saw this before any of this got truly started with Evolve! Itís amazing to me that the penny hasnít dropped yet that games as service isnít going to work for most.

    It like no one learned from the last gold rush like this: MMOs. How many of those came and went in the wake of WOW? This seems like history repeating itself all over again.
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  • There's a range of miniature, officially licensed arcade cabinet replicas on the way

  • Repsode 19/10/2017

    @Naetharu Well I can't speak for everyone but for me this appeals to the same impulse that the likes of toy or statue collecting does. It appeals to the kind of people that buy into collector's editions. It's a neat little item to have on a shelf that is more that just a bit of plastic with a screenshot stuck on it. The fact that it's even playable on ANY level is quite frankly just a bonus to me. The appeal to me would be to grab a few over time and leave them in a row on a shelf running in attact mode.

    I know that must sound stupid but it's just something I find nice and, to be honest, there are worse ways to spend money in this hobby.
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  • Activision patents matchmaking system designed to encourage microtransactions

  • Repsode 18/10/2017

    I am so bloody thankful that the industry is bigger than the AAA industry. Indeed the very fact that we have a term to distinguish them from other areas speaks volumes to the options I have as a gaming enthusiast today.

    If this was happening maybe 15 years ago I'd be livid but you know what? In 2017? I just can't get too riled up.

    Because I don't even need them anymore.

    Between Japanese mid-tier stuff, indies, retro and... well, esoteric(working on a Neo Geo MVS restoration), I simply neither have the time nor the money to spend to give to the big publishers anymore.

    If Nintendo counts as AAA(which it might in terms of marketing spend if not production costs), then I think that's the only big publisher I've routinely given money to in the last year. Looking back on it I haven't bought a big western AAA title since the Doom remake I think and that was on sale a few months after release.

    Judging on the form over the last few months, if you were to ask me that question in the future I'd likely give you the same answer.
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  • Here's the deal with Assassin's Creed Origins in-game loot chests

  • Repsode 09/10/2017

    The accepted existence of time-saver packs just................

    You know what? I really don't have the words quite frankly.
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  • Microsoft pulls U-turn on controversial Forza Motorsport 7 VIP changes

  • Repsode 05/10/2017

    The right decision and Iím grateful that it was made but the fact remains that they tried to pass it off in the first place and the trust is lost.

    To anyone saying ďHey they fixed it,what more do you want?Ē, Iíll tell you.

    Commitment to the fix. I want to see no erosion of this over the course of this game and I donít want to see this discussion rear itís head for Horizon 4 or Forza 8.

    Then and only then will I buy back into this franchise. Same for any other series that chooses this path, no matter how much i love it.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7 review

  • Repsode 04/10/2017

    Loot Boxes are quite frankly the biggest threat to this past time in a while. They add nothing fun to the game. Nothing. But they have the potential to affect game design for the worse. it may not come today but these companies will slowly turn the screws till the temptation gets too much. Somebody, please tell me how this actually improves Forza.

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  • Forza Motorsport 7's VIP membership has changed - for the worse

  • Repsode 02/10/2017

    I did not get into gaming for this gambling bollocks. There are so many games fighting for my attention (from big publishers, small indies, Japanese and Western, mainstream & obscure. I have eclectic tastes.) that loot box and consumable systems are the kiss of death for purchase intent. ZERO tolerance.

    Sad that now Forza has to go on the ban list. Come to think of it, sad that I even need one of those.

    Also mildly off-topic but any game that offers to speed up my progression in exchange for money basically admits to being dull long-term as far as I'm concerned. Regardless of whether that's actually true or not you've communicated to me that your game is bad/frustrating enough that I'd be prepared to spend more money than I've already spent to NOT play your game more. Which leads me to ask the question:

    Why should I be buying it in the first place?
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  • It sure is grand to have Virtual On back

  • Repsode 22/09/2017

    @slk486 it really does seem like that Amazing Sega mantra isnít just fluff. The future of the Yakuza series in the west somehow feels more secure now than its ever been. Thereís some pretty interesting things coming out of the Japanese offices. Remember when it looked like Sega Europe wasnít giving Atlusís stuff much respect. Seems like the Deep Silver deal was more about making sure those games came out close the the US. That deal wraps up soon as Sega is apparently opening a proper European base for Atlus within their London office. It really does seem like Segaís shifting the chairs here. Whether Amazing Sega actually changes things significantly, itís still too early to say. But it does seem like theyíre trying. Reply +1
  • Telltale talks The Wolf Among Us' return and Game of Thrones being "on hold"

  • Repsode 29/08/2017

    @martinsmith The lack of anything of that ilk since The Walking Dead really did reduce my interest in the company's output. Would love more zany LucasArts-y type stuff.

    "Max will forget that."

    There's the first obvious gag for them.
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  • Netflix Castlevania gets second season

  • Repsode 10/07/2017

    Absolutely fantastic show. Captured what I enjoy in Castlevania really well. Only major disappointment was the seasonís brevity. Four half hours simply isnít long enough. Was that known ahead of release? It perhaps betrays its direct to DVD movie origins.

    That said, I can think of worse problems for a show to have. Roll on the next season.
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  • Nintendo confirms full Pokťmon game in development for Switch

  • Repsode 13/06/2017

    Unless something goes horribly wrong with public perception of this franchise then this announcement has essentially sealed the Switch's ultimate fate.
    It'll end its generation as a success. How much of a success will be up in the air but I just can't see it flopping now. It's almost weird to me to say that one game has that much weight but Pokemon legitimately has that in a way not even Mario can match.
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  • Microsoft E3 2017 live report

  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Well that was.....a briefing? Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    As long as I don't have to deal with other players this game has my attention Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    And at that price we're done here. Reply +1
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Panzer Dragon Orta or GTFO Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    That was nice. Very. Very. Nice. Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    wtf. where were these all conference? Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Something to get excited about at last. Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    oh god Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    @Kami: Pretty sure all of it is. Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Last Night and Artful Escape the only games so far to excite me. Not sure if they justify this new mega console though Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    That had my attention Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Minecraft. Yay? Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    What am I watching? Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Christ! NO. MORE. ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    This sure is Assassin's Creed Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Still not sure about that name. Should have gone full palindrome. Xbox One Eno Xobx Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Ummm. Giant Snakes? Ill admit thats new for Assassin's Creed. Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Prem-here. ugh Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    Sounding more like it Reply 0
  • Repsode 11/06/2017

    I'm not sure how to feel about this yet. Reply 0
  • Next mainline Professor Layton game due in July on iOS and Android

  • Repsode 15/04/2017

    @SaddoOne I'm just speculating but I'm guessing that the mobile version is only half the game or a certain number of chapters. IAP fills in the gap. The whole game will cost the same either way. Level 5 would probably love to sell the whole thing up front. But the mobile market won't support that cause people now expect cheap. This is the balance of upfront cost/content Level 5 has settled on. It wouldn't be the first game to do it either. Final Fantasy Dimensions was a free download but you only got the first few hours then you bought the rest piecemeal. I think it was £20-30 in all. Reply 0
  • Older iPhone, iPad games now warn they'll soon become obsolete

  • Repsode 11/04/2017

    Welp, there'll go the only official english language version of Shin Megami Tensei as well as Cobra Command and Road Avenger if my list of affected apps is anything to go by. Reply 0
  • Persona 5 is series' biggest launch to date

  • Repsode 10/04/2017

    Good to see. Now just to get the same recognition to its big brother. Still waiting on that next batch of discs because of my "No preorder rule". Tried at the weekend. No luck so far but I'll get there. Reply 0
  • Snake Pass on Switch holds up nicely against PS4

  • Repsode 30/03/2017

    Recent changes in my life have meant that I have to find my gaming where I can get it. The Switch is the only console available right now that allows me to play games at any of my free moments including those rare moments in front of the TV. For that reason I am prioritising research into Switch versions. While performance issues are more likely to affect my decision articles like these are quite interesting to see how close they come to parity. In my case it's largely academic as it's fast becoming a case of Switch version or no version. Sure there will be some exceptions, Persona 5 is next on the shopping list. But given that Yakuza 0, the latest in one of my favourite series, still sits with maybe 2 hrs playtime on the clock, I question how much of it I'll get to play. I definitely think I'll be sidelining games without Switch versions in the future, more out of necessity than anything else. Wonder if I'm alone in that? Reply +3
  • Capcom remasters six classic Disney titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • Repsode 16/03/2017

    Here's a mildly interesting question. Will the collection be renamed outside America? Given that The Disney Afternoon wasn't a thing outside of America(maybe Canada too?). Given that these shows were packaged differently in different countries it may prove difficult to market. In the UK if it were renamed it would probably be named The Disney Club Collection or The Saturday Disney collection. Might not be worth it. People understand it well enough I suppose. Reply 0