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  • Phantom console was "ahead of its time"

  • RedboX 20/04/2009

    What happened to the story that NetFlix was going to being producing thier own video games console that also played movies? Reply 0
  • Riddick demo on Xbox Live now

  • RedboX 04/03/2009

    Hmm, looking at I cant seem to find it... Reply 0
  • Rolando

  • RedboX 19/01/2009

    Why are you reviewing iphone games instead of ipod games? Reply 0
  • Hated and Broken

  • RedboX 19/10/2008

    I thought Spore was on available on BitTorrent sites available to download a few days before its official release. Reply 0
  • PSP-3000 gets UK date, price

  • RedboX 02/09/2008

    I was going to buy a PSP, but now I've decided that I'm going to get a PSP slim when Im in the us, for $170, thats £95.

    Thats the price point we need.
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  • Tetris clone axed from app store

  • RedboX 26/08/2008

    A popular iPhone Tetris clone will been yanked off the Apple App Store tomorrow

    Good grief, do we not have sub editors?
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  • Eden to fix Alone in the Dark 360

  • RedboX 21/08/2008

    Waht about the PC version? Reply 0
  • Crytek drops PC exclusives

  • RedboX 30/04/2008

    I'd like to know where they get thier numbers from, sure its easy to find out how many copies you have sold, but how many pirated copes there are? how exactly did they come up with that figure? Reply 0
  • Kidman telling brain porkies

  • RedboX 03/01/2008


    Doctor Fox is not a real doctor.. He is a real Fox tho.
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  • RedboX 03/01/2008

    Not wishing to defend anyone here but the quote (as mentioned in the artical) is

    "is a great way to keep my mind feeling young."

    "feeling" and "scientifically proved fact" are two different things.

    Of course everyone knows the whole brain training thing is total mumbo jumbo, but anyone confusing Nicole Kidman and Patrick Stewart with scientists should be taken out and shot.
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  • Dragon's Lair flies to PSP

  • RedboX 03/01/2008

    If this was a "homebrew" project I might be impressed... but... really, cant they just leave it alone now Reply 0
  • Companion Cube plush toys!

  • RedboX 17/12/2007

    Have they not left it a bit late to start selling "holiday cards"? Or are they for next year? Reply 0
  • Endless Ocean

  • RedboX 23/11/2007

    (You might just manage to suspend disbelief until a polar bear magically appears on the deck of your yacht. In the South Pacific. In July.)

    Its probably escaped from the Zoo or something....
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  • 2K quiet on BioShock DLC

  • RedboX 07/09/2007

    "eagle-eyed boffins" ??

    you mean "sad geeks with no life and a hex editor". Its not rocket science to download the image and poke around it looking for text...
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • RedboX 17/08/2007

    GARLIC? BREAD? Reply 0
  • RedboX 17/08/2007

    Review? Reply 0
  • E3: Konami shows Silent Hill 5

  • RedboX 12/07/2007

    Well at least there might be a skateboard sublevel... "Pop some bitchin Grinds down Silent Hill".... Reply 0
  • Transformers: The Game

  • RedboX 06/07/2007

    I've played the DS version, and while its quite technicaly impressive in places, its a crap game. Reply 0
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2

  • RedboX 05/06/2007

    IMHO the track used for the bed wetting story is the best on in the game. And the animated story features Mario and Luigi, so it can be all bad.

    Otherwise I totaly agree with the review its a good game, more of the same, but the music is just not "as good". Shame.
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  • Gangs of London leak confirmed

  • RedboX 03/08/2006

    I'm going to assume he whould claim that anything gets on bittorrent will instantly end up burn to DVD and flogged off down a series of back alleys, the proffit from which will be instantly spent on kicking in old ladys and injecting drugs into the eyes of babys. Reply 0
  • Cartoon Network MMO coming

  • RedboX 20/07/2006

    From what I hear thier Foster's Themed Big Fat Awesome House Party online "game" is seriousaly popular, so its logical that they try and cash in on thier IP. Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1 teasers

  • RedboX 01/06/2006

    Teaser 4 is out now...

    Wonder when it will show up on
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  • Sin Episodes: Emergence

  • RedboX 18/05/2006

    If you get bored and stop paying attention (like I did) you get careless and it can take longer than 4/5 hours.

    If this was a free mod to download, it whould be the best mod ever, if it were about 4 times longer than it is, youd not feel ripped off paying £9.99 for it.

    Its part 2 that is going to be the big question, we've seen the character models, you can be sure that a lot of the textures are going to get reused. Will part2 be as as good "value for money" when your paying the full price for an engine and so many assets that you already payed for.
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  • Sony scales down PS3 specs

  • RedboX 09/05/2006

    why whould anyone want 3 ethernet ports in one console?? Reply 0
  • Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse

  • RedboX 23/12/2005

    Whens the review for the PC version due, for "balance" :) Reply 0
  • RedboX 23/12/2005

    I sort of half enjoyed it when I played it, but I'd agree with just about all the points in the review.

    Wait till its on bidget or in the bargin bins.
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  • 360 'on track' to meet forecasts

  • RedboX 22/12/2005


    They know their production capacity and therefore forecast. = on track

    if we accept that, then clearly they knew there whould be shortages, which also clearly means there are shortages on purpose.
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  • RedboX 22/12/2005

    "It's definitely not done on purpose, I can assure you of that.""

    Well of course its on purpose, at some point there will of been a analysis where someone will of said "we will only have x number of machines manufactured in time for this launch date".

    If Microsoft really did not want to have the supply problems they had, they could of held off the launch, or launched in only 1 country.

    They knew there whould be supply problems and either did'nt care, or wanted it so they could do the usual "the most in-demand item this season" sales angle.
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  • Software exec jailed for fraud

  • RedboX 07/12/2005

    Something tells me that she wont be keeping the house. Reply 0
  • RedboX 07/12/2005

    I wonder if we'll see "Putt-Putt goes to Jail" in the new year Reply 0
  • Download Nintendo ringtones

  • RedboX 02/12/2005

    Now we see why the site was down for 24 hours earlier in the week. Reply 0
  • Untested Quake 4 demo out

  • RedboX 24/11/2005

    hmm, has the full game not been out for around a month-ish now? Reply 0
  • Postal gets digital distribution

  • RedboX 24/11/2005

    The sad thing is that the sequal had some good level design in it, shame it was ruined by a plot designed to upset people, and a terrible game engine.

    I've never heard the first game described in negative terms, sure it was offensive-for-the-hell of it, but If you overlooked that it was supost to be a half decent game... I thought...
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  • Darwinia gets Steaming

  • RedboX 16/11/2005

    oh $19.95, I read that as it being £19.95... which is a simular price to Play of course.

    thats not so bad... but I'd still want a box :)
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  • RedboX 16/11/2005

    I think its an excelent game, and I dont care what RTS fans think.

    /me covers ears and sings LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-NOT-LISTENING.

    I do agree with Tyronne tho, its been out for 8 months now, it should be into the £10 price point now, surely..

    Ok I take on board its a small developer and they have to recover the costs, etc.. but theres been 2 copies of the game in my local GAME since release day, and they are priced £40.... Strange they wont shift at that price.
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  • RedboX 16/11/2005

    Darwinia is an excelent game, and nice to see its getting more publicity via Steam..

    I wonder how Steams going to cope with people who actually have a shop-bought copy.
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  • Darkwatch

  • RedboX 02/11/2005

    I think 5 is too much,

    Its boring predictable and horribly sterotypical rubbish. You get to fight the same monsters over and over again, at the bidding of a large chested leatherclad cowboy type woman, who urges you to join the darkwatch.

    After serveal levels that introduce all of about 3 different monsters with slight variations (skelingtons, skelingtons with barrels of explosvies, ghostly skelingtons, zombie cowboy, zombie cowboy with sniper rifles, floating woman) you reach the Darkwatch HQ only to be put into a Testing arena, where you have to fight nearly endless waves of the save monsters over and over and over and over.

    If you can stay awake that long you get to fight a big fat guy in a cage, then lots of skelingtons come out, then skeingtons and zombie cowboys, then skelingtons, zombie cowboys and floaty women, and repeat...

    theres very little real content in the game and to padd it out its just repeated over and over and over again.

    I took my copy back the day I bought it.
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  • Zelda III rumour put to rest

  • RedboX 31/10/2005

    Its a fake or a con, the guy who started all the hype apparently picked up a beta vesion of Zelda 3 from a flea market for £20..

    You can pick the bones of out this article.

    The guy who was orginaly selling it on ebay claimed he could'nt test it as he did'nt have a NES, despite the fact his blog linked to a IGN profile that had hundreds of NES games listed. He later posted pictures of the title screen on his (now deleted) blog having "found" a NES to test it on, someone apparently bought it from him and was going to dump the rom and spread it around the internet, but had started selling T-Shirts with a picture of the Cart on..

    It's all a big con thats turned into a Meme that storys like the above only serve to spread.
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  • Epic VP slags off Rev controller

  • RedboX 27/10/2005

    they sold more first-person shooters on consoles than anybody's ever sold on PCs

    Where does he get his facts from?
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  • Pac-Man finds his voice

  • RedboX 27/10/2005

    this will be the same voiceless Pacman who used Marty Ingels's voice in the 80's cartoon of the same name? Reply 0
  • Europe to get Electroplankton

  • RedboX 26/10/2005

    Im going to quote what was said over at 4cb..

    I think its a fairly stong business decision. Electroplankton will certainly appeal to a select group of gamers. While Iím sure some people would pick it up at the store and really enjoy it, many may not realize what they are getting and be upset that it isnít a more traditional gaming experience. Not only does selling it online hit a more focused target of people who definitely want the game, but it probably cuts costs for Nintendo.
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  • Nintendo Revolution Controller photos

  • RedboX 16/09/2005

    Djini, thats 'A' & 'B' and 'a' & 'b'

    Very different.
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  • Animal Crossing DS renamed

  • RedboX 08/09/2005

    that the train station from the GameCube game has been replaced with a large gate at the north of the village.

    Technicaly its the train station from the N64 game....
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  • PSP peripherals perpetuate pointless alliteration

  • RedboX 24/08/2005

    Unfortunalty thats the drawback with "new" consoles, theres not a lot of scope for cheat carts as makers wont want to allow that sort of access to the hardware for fear of helping evil pirates.

    That said, they managed to do it for the Gamecube, and PS2.

    I dont know why they insist on calling things that let you read/write gamesaves Action Replay tho as theres clearly no cheating going on.
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  • RedboX 24/08/2005

    Datel once more piss away the Action Replay reputation by making some sort of thing that you can download game saves from the internet with and calling an Action Replay.

    They did the same with the DS, its not big or clever, and involves very little effort on thier part.
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  • Pink DS and Blue DS on Oct 7th

  • RedboX 18/08/2005

    I really want a graphite black one, to the point I've been putting off buying a DS untill they release one in the UK.

    Sure I could get one from Play-Asia/etc but what happens is ifs got the dead pixels.

    Nintendo are missing out on at least one sale,
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  • RedboX 18/08/2005

    Bah, what about the black/white ones?

    What about a price drop?

    Oh, I forgot this is NoE we're talking about
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  • F.E.A.R. demo released

  • RedboX 08/08/2005

    The mind-killer?



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  • F.E.A.R. beta keys up for grabs

  • RedboX 02/08/2005

    Interesting concept, seeing as the game is being released early september, and the draw for the "1000 beta keys" is 7th August.

    Btw it says 1000 beta keys on the site, not 1200..
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  • Conker: Live & Reloaded

  • RedboX 27/07/2005

    only way to dispatch most enemies is the "hit, back-off, hit, back-off" technique.

    Actually if you do a hit-hit, hit they die very quickly, no backing off required, its a pain, but once you get the timing right the enemies are not an issue..

    Tho it is totaly stupid adition to game, they were not in the orignal, and part of me thinks they were just added to up the dificulty level, which has been reduced from the orignal. I found the Xbox version stupidly easy compaired to the orignal.
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