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  • Eurogamer community members running 24-hour race for charity

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 14/05/2014

    Thanks EG.

    Much appreciated.
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  • Surprise surprise: Porn on the PSP

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 22/04/2005

    /sets up a PSP screen wipes business/ Reply 0
  • Phantom Brave

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 05/02/2005

    Sales figures will be undeserverdly poor.

    For example, I asked for it in Game last night and chap behind counter said "never heard of it, are you sure you've got that right".

    "It's new out today I said"

    "?" said his face

    Then another customer told him that he did have it on the shelf and pointed out the 1 copy they had. Filed in the A-Z rack with only it's spine on show.


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  • Nintendo DS pak available through Stars Catalogue

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 28/01/2005

    Ordered one.

    Box will look nice on my shelf alongside the "busy" US one and the sleek white Jap one.

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  • PlayStation Portable

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 31/12/2004

    King of the Indies, I love both my DS & PSP and believe that both will succeed and that both deserve too. To me they offer different gaming experiences but I want both of those experiences.

    I think DS's GBA compatability will ensure it's future.

    PSP ?, simply do the coke/pespi test. People see my DS and PSP. The first one they go for is PSP. If Sony get the price right it'll be a success even if some don't think it deserves it.

    Good luck to them both.

    Oh and I'm no fanboy of either Company.

    Plus I'm available to hire if you want me to do some in store promo work ;)

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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 18/12/2004

    The button with the musical note on it appears to be a mute button - if you hold it in for a second.

    As for smudgey screens - don't touch it - it's not a DS you know.
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  • Mizuguchi to head up Bandai's new games label

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 31/12/2004

    Been playing Lumines for last couple of days and have to say that I think it's a great puzzle game but in a puzzlem-up way doesn't offer any great new advances.

    The music however, even though I don't like Techno sort of stuff, is excellent, the tunes are addictive.

    It appears that the columns of the playing area are "channels" on a graphic equaliser and as you complete a block on a specific "channel" then it ups the corresponding graphic equaliser thingy to alter the tune.

    Remember to plug your PSP into your speakers for this one.

    Also the backdrops to the game are excellent with trendy techno pop video style effects that keep catching your eye whilst playing the game. Such as the lips on "Shake Ya Body" level.

    It also has various game modes -

    1p challenge - where you unlock "skins" - levels (tunes/backdrops)

    1p single skin - where you can play your favourite "skin" (level)

    1p puzzle - complete set shapes to complete puzzle

    1p vs CPU - split screen play off where you can unlock skins

    2p WLAN - 2p split screen play off

    Puzzle mode is quite good but tough - it tells you what shape to make (i.e dog, cross) but you only get a set time limit and it's easy to cock it up. Not got past the 4x4 square yet (only about puzzle level 6 ).

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  • Ridge Racers

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 26/12/2004

    mustard-sandwich, I've just checked on my PSP for charging over USB and it does not appear to charge.

    Battery charging indicator doesn't come on, Battery Status says battery "in use", charge % decreases over time, battery life timer decreases over time.
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 24/12/2004

    I'm loving it.

    8/10 from me.

    Edit - but then I'm in the same position as Tom - posted 8/10 and then thought maybe 9 !
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  • Ridge Racers nitro meter and 'Sleep mode' details

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 23/11/2004

    Not pre-ordered one then Razz ? Reply 0
  • Watch Countdown on your Nintendo DS

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 23/11/2004

    As Dr. F says.....

    Lik-Sang warn you of the potential in-compatibility 'tween Jap / US / UK tv standards.
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  • Six golden tickets to be found in Zelda bundles

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 15/11/2004

    Got my bundle on Friday - no gold ticket though :(

    So ... "Gold has always been closely associated with The Legend of Zelda" has it.....

    Well why the feck didn't you make the game cartridge gold so it matches the bloody SP then.

    As I've said before - Words Fail Me.

    Tom, do me a favour and ask Dawn Paine to explain that idea to me.
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  • Mario Golf: Advance Tour

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 20/09/2004

    For Link-Up play also bear in mind that it works with the GBA Wireless Adapters. Although this isn't mentioned on the packaging, in the manual or even in the game.... until you plug in a wireless adapter and then another option appears in multi-player. It does work, trust me.

    Plus, it works well and signal strength / range is reasonably generous.
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  • What's New?

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 23/07/2004

    Hey, I didn't realise Otto had also done a "bored" emoticon photo.

    / right clicks - save target as.. /
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  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 16/06/2004

    Well I quite like it an get to have regular 3 player games of it as my sons both like it and between us we've got two SP's and one GBA. I already had one link cable for use on Zelda WW, got second in with FF:CC and had to buy one more for from Dixons.

    Therefore my additional outlay was minimal, but I wouldn't advise anyone getting this if they had to acquire more than one extra SP to play it on.

    Not amazing but good fun.
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  • Radica plans console-in-a-pad retro kits

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 19/02/2004

    I like these things quite a lot.

    Have bought 4 or 5 of this style already so I'll be game for more.

    The kids like them too 'cos the easily plug into the screen in the car and keep them quiet.
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  • John Lewis shifting a winning combination

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 07/11/2003

    Dr., it is RGB. I've got a couple.

    The left hand button is to switch RGB pass thru on/off. This allows you to get rid of the green effect on DVD's via a PS2.
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  • Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked & Loaded

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 24/10/2003

    R&C was good, and J&D was very good.

    J&D 2 is good and so I'm sure R&C 2 will be.

    However what I'm really looking forward to is the next evolution of the 3D platformer, the one that really pushes the PS2, yes I mean Bunkum & Hogwash, the screen shots look ace.
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  • Tetris on Freeview

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 17/10/2003

    Watch who you're threatening Alastair or you'll be as dead as that squirrel. :p Reply 0
  • ReGuRgIt8oR 17/10/2003

    Anyone ever tried playing "Real Tetris" ? No ?, just me then ?

    How you ask ? Why, you use kids coloured building blocks of course and get someone to drop them from a great height whilst you sort them all out. It's crap though.

    Oh and TipTop, there are two things you should know about the Wise Woman (your Nan). 1 - she is wise, 2 she is a woman.


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  • Cube cut to 79 in UK

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 03/10/2003

    I'd rather the console manufacturers hiked up their prices. 500 - 1,000 seems a better price point to me.

    Why ?

    Prices the 'tards out of the market then :)
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  • Soul Calibur II

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 26/09/2003

    Nice review, brave score.

    It's the score I'd like to give it but doubt I'd have been brave enough to if I were Shinji (just look at the flak).

    All I can say is that it - IN MY OPINION -

    it is without doubt the best fighting game out there and the best incarnation of the series.

    I have owned many a beat em up but the three most played/most enjoyed were the 3 of the Soul Calibur series (by a long way).

    I agree with Shinji in that you will already know if the "style" of fighting is not to your taste, if so, stay away, otherwise buy it. It's that simple.

    Despite owning the Gamecube Jap version I'm struggling to resist buying this again :(
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  • What's New?

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 26/09/2003

    Pity they missed off the last line, which was something like -

    "So come on are you a man or a mouse, order SC2 now, and don't be a mugwum all your life."


    /me ducks

    Sent same review to amazon but their site seems to be down so can't check it out.
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 26/09/2003

    Yippee. posted my "User Review" of Soul Calibur 2 on GameCube.

    It was born out of an idea from #Eurogamer on irc last night. See if you can spot the idea. :)
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  • What's New?

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 19/09/2003

    Avast yer a jolly good fellow Tricky.

    I'll be berthing my Multi-porpoise Pirate Carrier at Game wharf afore sundown then.

    On-line Light Cycles 'tis then. Ner a man to follow orders me, ('less they spewed forth from t' Cap'n's toothless gob)
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 19/09/2003

    Cheers Losty, will do so tonight.

    Since we're in Pirates mode, does anyone have an opinion to express on the Pirates of the Caribbean game that came out last week.

    Man overboard !
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 19/09/2003

    Argh, shiver me timbers.

    I forgot 'twas Pirates day.

    Losty, that's very kind. Is it in Engrish ?, you scurvy landlubber you. :)

    Pieces of eight and all that.
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 19/09/2003

    I've got cash in my pocket and I'm on the prowl.

    Not got/played GS1 Otto, will I regret it if I get/play GS2 first ?

    Tron sounds good. Can you do multiplayer Light Cycles over that Broadbeand Inter-web thingy ?
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  • DRIV3R

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 11/08/2003

    Hi guys, Reg "Gurgy" here.

    Firstly I'd like to thank the Driver 3 Dev Team for all their hard work over the last few months, these include Renzo, Pjmaybe, Wopr, LaundroMat, FWB, Daryoon, Otto (Hi boss!), mentat, Tiger, Jabba, Jiro and mal. I'm sure the Edge review will make it all worthwhile.

    We truly value the input of the genuine gamers who have contributed to these discussions and, on the suggestion of LaundroMat, we've included a couple of you guys, including Amaarss, in the end game credits under "additional input".

    This evening I've given to ok for the press release to be sent out announcing that Driver 3 will go gold by the end of August for a full retail release on 12/09/03 (do you see what we did there), and after extensive discussions with Game UK stores it is exclusively available to pre-order from all Game stores from this Wednesday (13/08/03). Store managers should be updated by 9am on Wednesday but if they haven't received their memo then please ask them (nicely mind) to pre-order it under "Promotion Code 6".

    Well thanks once again and we look forward to your input when you play the game in September.

    Reg Tavistock

    Driver 3 - Point of Sale Advisor
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  • Soul Calibur II release dates unveiled

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 12/07/2003

    Just make sure you get SC2 one way or another.

    Without doubt best fighting game I've ever played (but then I've said that about each one in the Blade/Calibur series)

    Graphically ace, sonically ace, playabally ace, controlablly ace and gameplayabally ace.

    I've got GC version and can confirm that controller is not an issue, and Link is very good, although not a character you'll end up choosing above all others.

    Multi-console owners should decide between GC and XB. XB just shades it graphically but Spawn does nothing for me.

    Eitherway buy it, thrash it and complete it.

    Gaming satisfaction on a shiny disc, and you can quote me on that.

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  • EyeToy: Play

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 05/07/2003

    Very, very funny to play and watch.

    Ace family game. You'd spend 40 taking family on a day out whereas we had 3 hours of solid fun on the first session alone. Just know the location of your nearest A&E department for the cardio-vascular attention you (I) will need.

    Buy it or miss out.
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  • Sony plans second run of EyeToy titles

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 30/06/2003

    Would work well with The Sims if you could slap your Sim around a bit when they don't behave, or you could cast spells in a game with a wand. Reply 0
  • Cube gets WrestleMania XIX exclusive

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 26/06/2003

    I share cynic's cynicism, donit like wrestling games.

    Anyway since wrestling's all staged pre-planned "fight dancing" doesn't that mean that the games decided how and who will win the game anyway. Ergo it's pointless.
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  • UK Charts 2003: Summer Report

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 11/06/2003

    I partly blame the state of the games marlet on people such as, er, us lot.

    Basically we are in the know and fussy, and 'cos we don't rush out and buy all the crap stuff we deprive the developers of their lazily earnt cash. Plus we actively try to put others off from buying the crap.

    We should all go and buy ETM now.

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  • Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 11/06/2003

    You can get FS to access live weather data over net quite easily. All the other bits sound good fun too.

    /me whistles, looks at feet and gets coat.

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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 10/06/2003

    Errm, sorry yes I did.

    It was the Severn Bridge.


    (Thanks for your concern, but it never happened. I do like FS though.)
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  • ReGuRgIt8oR 10/06/2003

    Hey, I like Flight Sims.

    Well ever since I had to give up my pilots licence after having my leg ripped off in a near fatal bunjee jump off Runcorn Bridge I've now lost my sense of balance which affects my flying.

    Although I hate new releases of FS as each time I end up not only forking out 50 odd but always have a desire to upgrade my PC too.

    I simply like to calmly cruise the skies and enjoy the views.

    Did enjoy FS2002 Pro where you could link two PC's together and have flight/training info on one and game on other.
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  • New Tides of War content available

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 06/06/2003

    Bonus :) Reply 0
  • Wario Ware, Inc.

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 30/05/2003

    Excellent game.

    Just don't play it when you've got migraine.

    Plus you can now tell the girlfriend that there's something else that only lasts for 5 seconds.
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  • What's New?

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 30/05/2003

    Anyone know if Frogger Beyond on Cube is 60hz & widescreen enabled ? Reply 0
  • Enter The Matrix goes gold

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 01/05/2003

    Steven, if you get a launch week sales related bonus then you should let us know, we could all buy it on launch day and return it to Game 10 days later. Reply 0
  • Orange GBA SP on the way for Japan

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 03/04/2003

    are selling GBA-SP Torchic Orange (110v) for 80.43.

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  • Super Monkey Ball Junior

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 02/04/2003

    Got it on order, oh how I am looking forward to holding those little monkey balls in my hands. Reply 0
  • ChampMan 4 storms to No.1

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 01/04/2003

    I am enjoying the game but I have serious doubts about it's calculations.

    After 12 games FWB would not be happy to see who's proping up the Premier League, which even I will concede isn't very realistic.

    Now I don't expect it to mimick the current actual league table but surely there are some teams that we all now roughly were they should be in the league, even after allowing for the effect a situation such as that found by Leeds.

    Surely playing the game straight out of the box the stats would be up to date and therefore the results more predictable than not. Obviously over time with people's different tactics/transfers etc then each team will alter and then the results could become somewhat different to the actual football results.

    Or am I missing the point ?

    I have listed a few odd results in the CM4 thread, but one stands out above all. 3 - 1 up after 71 minutes when my central midfielder was sent off. I then scored 5 times in last 19 mins to win 8-1.

    Scoring 5 times in 19 minutes when you are a man down ! That's the sort of thing Fifa has been criticised over for years.
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  • New BF1942 map released

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 24/03/2003

    Over the last few days I've began to realise how truly remarkable BF1942 actually is.

    It has been criticised over the TK aspect but as can be seen by recent events it depicts the true horrors of war such as being killed by your own tanks, being downed by your own prat in an a-a gun, and some idiotic bloke throwing grenades around your own base camp.

    Amazing realism.
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  • Bubble Bobble - Old & New

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 11/02/2003

    Best GBA retro pack - Game & Watch, end of discussion. Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 05/02/2003

    Warning to anyone waiting to pick this up "Pre-Owned" from Game.

    Not only do you have to check that the game's case is undamaged, the manual not ripped nor the disc sratched, you need to ensure no one has, err, "sneezed" all over the manual and disc.

    Tis good advice, heed it !
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  • Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome

  • ReGuRgIt8oR 31/01/2003

    Well I'll be getting it asap.

    It didn't really matter what the review said or score was. It's the value I give to the original game which makes it this way for me.

    I enjoy the original game enough that I want such official maps etc to enable me to play across the widest range of BF servers.

    I'll probably even get it for Xbox (if it ever arrives) simply so I can have a fix in the living room.
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