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  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles now a three-part series set in China, India, Russia

  • Razorus 01/04/2015

    I like the idea of this. Definitely not an April Fool's joke btw. In fact, I called this 5 months ago. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-10-21-more-assassins-creed-chronicles-spin-offs-planned
    Check the comments.
    I auditioned for the role of Arbaaz. I didn't get it though the final voice isn't too far off from what I was going for. Ah well. I'm sure there will be more AC games I can try for lol.
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  • More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned

  • Razorus 21/10/2014

    The second one is set in India in the 1850s. Mark my words. Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed: Identity is a 3D action-adventure game for iPad

  • Razorus 30/09/2014

    Can we please just leave Renaissance Italy alone now? Reply -1
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS review

  • Razorus 26/09/2014

    I might get roasted for this but I only read the last paragraph and I already disagree with it. Smash Bros is all about the humour? Comparing it to other fighting games is ridiculous; it's not meant to be a serious one like Tekken or Street Fighter, but I feel that the author of the article clearly doesn't "get" the game or understand the depth of the combat. It can be extremely tactical and purely skill-based. Based on the demo alone, yes, it's harder to pull off precise moves at times and the game doesn't work as well on a smaller screen but I manage to play at high level just fine, so I wouldn't call the fighting mechanics mediocre at all.

    Sorry to sound like a rabid fan boy, but there's a reason Smash Bros is as popular as it is: it's brilliant, even on a small 3DS. The score isn't that bad though.

    Edit: Ok I skimmed through the last few paragraphs.
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  • How a passion for Zelda is driving Dynasty Warriors to fresh audiences

  • Razorus 24/09/2014

    Holy shit, a Star Wars musou game makes so much sense! Reply +7
  • Assassin's Creed Unity's Season Pass includes standalone 2.5D adventure in China

  • Razorus 23/09/2014

    Assassin's Creed Chronicles will have a second episode set in India during the 1850s. You heard it here first. Reply +2
  • Super Smash Bros. character roster leaked - rumour

  • Razorus 25/08/2014

    It's a real shame Snake isn't in it, as he was genuinely one of my favourite characters from Brawl. I would have done away with Marth and replaced him with Chrom and not bothered with Lucina or Dark Pit either. Too many clone characters. Also, I hope Ganondorf's moves are different from Captain Falcon's this time, though that's wishful thinking.

    Edit: Just noticed Jigglypuff is back. I hate Jigglypuff.
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  • Pierce Brosnan plays GoldenEye 007

  • Razorus 20/08/2014

    This is the greatest thing ever. Reply +2
  • Nintendo confirms limited edition 3DS XL for Super Smash Bros. launch

  • Razorus 13/08/2014

    @pb Thank you sir! You've been very helpful. Reply 0
  • Razorus 13/08/2014

    @pb So to reiterate; I should log in to my Nintendo account on the XL to clarify I own the game first, THEN do the transfer? Reply 0
  • Razorus 13/08/2014

    @pb Well my plan is to buy the XL, transfer my crap then part exchange the original 3DS for a 2DS for my sister. I've heard the data for pre-installed games remains on the console so you simply redownload it plus I get to use my 32GB SD card with all my crap. Which leads me to wonder why I need to transfer data. I did it once from DSi to 3DS I think. Reply 0
  • Razorus 13/08/2014

    I think it looks sexy. Time to upgrade! But question: if I transfer my data from 3DS to XL, and it formats the XL, will I be able to use my SD card with all my virtual console games etc intact, and have Smash Bros still there? Know what I mean? Reply +2
  • August's free Xbox Games with Gold titles announced

  • Razorus 29/07/2014

    For fuck sake, I got Dishonored on sale a couple of months ago. Reply -2
  • Five talking points from the weekend's Destiny beta

  • Razorus 21/07/2014

    In regards to the voice acting, am I the only one who's ok with it? Peter Dinklage does a fine job. What were you expecting? A fake British accent and more excitement? He's playing an AI and his voice is smooth and pleasant.
    Lance Reddick is also in the game as is Nathan Fillion and they're both fine. The Crucible announcer is the same as the Speaker character in the Tower and while he does get slightly annoying, I'm pretty sure it's Terence Stamp doing his voice, in which case we should all kneel before Zod tbh.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • Razorus 22/03/2014

    @moroboshi I didn't say otherwise. I'm just not keen on France. The accents will annoy me very quickly and I dislike French Revolutionary period, as rich as it may be. Reply 0
  • Razorus 21/03/2014

    Ugh. France. *prepares to be negged* Reply -35
  • Hideo Kojima explains why Metal Gear's protagonist is called Solid Snake

  • Razorus 06/03/2014

    Hmm, was gonna suggest that it's too coincidental that Kurt Russel's character is called Snake and looks like Big Boss. But then again the idea that Big Boss was based on Plissken was used later as his original incarnation was meant to be based on Sean Connery (or "Sholid Shnake" if you will). Obviously Kojima used the name Plissken as a reference later, in MGS2. Reply +4
  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Razorus 21/02/2014

    The Shivering Isles expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion does it for me. It was my first real experience of an expansion pack or downloadable content to that extent. Not only did it add hours of new gameplay, missions, items and weapons (the basics, let's say), but it expanded the backstory and added a whole new region to explore. The isles themselves were distinctive and the themes of madness and duality were interesting. Let's not forget Sheogorath himself. That dude was weird. Reply -1
  • There's a new Tekken movie

  • Razorus 13/01/2014

    The best thing about the live action Tekken movie was Christie Montiero, but even she wasn't enough to make the film worth watching. Surely they realise this is futile and the money spent would be better used to save people's lives. This film may very well kill people. Reply +1
  • Rosalina and Luma make their Smash Bros. debut

  • Razorus 19/12/2013

    @Mr.Spo Truth, sir, Truth. Still, it's a little frustrating seeing people like Pichu (useless) and Fox's clones (Wolf and Falco are essentially the same,a s are Dr and Normal Mario, Ganondorf/Falcon etc). Bit more variation needed. Not sure why I got a negged for giving a valid point tbh. I love Smash Bros but they need to change a few things. Reply 0
  • Razorus 18/12/2013

    Having said that, Rosalina isn't a bad idea. As long as she isn't a clone of Peach. Reply +2
  • Razorus 18/12/2013

    I don't understand why Sakurai insists on using the same roster of characters. Surely he should update them with the times. For example, making sure Link is the most recent one, which he does, but why is it always Marth? At least make it Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening? And they really should change the move set of the clone characters. Ganondorf should be firing balls of energy and earthquake punching the ground, not being a slow Captain Falcon! And if I see Jigglypuff one more goddamn time.... Reply 0
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor announced

  • Razorus 13/11/2013

    Bring back The White Council. At least the premise sounded like it made more sense than this. A Spirit resurrects you and you get wraith powers? No. Reply +1
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection release date announced

  • Razorus 09/10/2013

    Still waiting for the DLC to be reduced WAAAAY down in price for the 360 version of LoS. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed Heritage Collection bundles five Assassin's Creed games

  • Razorus 04/10/2013

    Only problem with collections like these is you get properly bored after a while, especially if the games are generally very similar. For example, I had never played a God of War game before I purchased the legendary edition on PS3. I decided to play through GoW 1 and 2 HD before starting 3 but I was sick of the repetitive gameplay halfway through the second game.

    Still, for people who don't own the games, this is a great collection.
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  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader retrospective

  • Razorus 29/09/2013

    Ah man this takes me back! Holy shit, what a great game this was... Reply +4
  • New Assassin's Creed comic will hint at series future

  • Razorus 22/07/2013

    I've only read a few comments so forgive me if I'm late to the game. But there seems to be a lot of complaints about British being the bad guys. Well, they were. They invaded another country. I'm sure it's not going to be a massive trend though because of the AC universe explaining things their own way, but in this context, an Indian fighting against oppressive British rulers makes sense. As it did in AC3, except that wasn't fully black and white. Later AC games will surely choose someone else to vilify. Has everyone forgotten how many Arabs were killed in AC1? Even though you were playing as an Assassin who's enemies were the Templars (European Crusaders), most of the targets in that game were Arabs. Everyone gets a turn to be the baddie so stop whining. We've killed thousands of Nazis, Koreans, Chinese, Arabs and Russians in games. Reply -4
  • New Strider announced for PS4, Xbox One and current gen consoles

  • Razorus 19/07/2013

    Strider 2 on the PS1 was one of the best games ever. Really fun, and it had Strider 1 packaged with it. Feel like busting it out and playing it again but it's pretty hardcore if I remember correctly. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter 2: The Movie review

  • Razorus 28/05/2013

    I recently bought this from Amazon for £17. It came in a suspiciously thin case and there are no special features. The HD remastering of the picture quality is great but the sound mixing is off somewhat. I played the DVD and Blu-ray versions together to check and there is a noticeable dip in voice sound on the BR version. It claims to be fully uncensored but some of the minor swearing has been altered. In the Chun Li vs Vega shower scene fight for example, she knocks over the phone and Guile hears her screaming in terror on the DVD. On the BR, he hears nothing but is just as shaken and rushes to her aid. Also, Vega (he with the claws, aka Balrog in the Japanese version) calls her a bitch on the DVD. He calls her a witch on BR.
    Minor changes but it does make me wonder what the point was, considering it's meant to be uncut. Worth a rent and nothing more. Oh, and watch it in English. The Japanese audio track is horrific.
    EDIT: One more thing. The DVD version I have has 5.1 surround. The BR version is only 2.0. WTF.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Force feeding fandom

  • Razorus 11/05/2013

    I think this article is quite cynical and missing the point somewhat. In regards to 1313, I don't know about you guys, but I wasn't looking at it as a Gears of War clone with the Star Wars name branded on it. I was expecting a mature, adult-themed, technologically stunning and exciting Star Wars action game. Nothing wrong with that.

    Yes, Battlefront 3 may be more of the same, but the first 2 games were fantastic and fun and it's about time we got an updated one. With gaming technology the way it is now and where it's heading, the time is ripe. I shudder to think what a true sequel to Knights of the Old Republic will look/play like, especially if Bioware has anything to do with it.

    A sequel to Republic Commando wouldn't go amiss either. I reckon there's still room in the market for a squad-based FPS. And the story potentials of not just this but spanning the entire Star Wars chronology is almost limitless. The developers need to use a bit of imagination and stop shovelling crap like Super Bombad Racing and us Star Wars fans will be very well catered for, as we always have been.
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  • This is what top-level COD competition ****ing looks like

  • Razorus 21/03/2013

    Hahahaha! I was crying with laughter the whole time. What a bunch of tossers.
    I guess they're so aggressive because it's a sitting down "sport" so they don't have a physical outlet for their rage, but honestly, I think the language was unnecessary. There's no reason you can't be civil and just have a good game with mutual respect for skilled teams. That's true sportsmanship.

    It's like that saying. Football is a gentleman's sport played by hooligans, rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentlemen. Now you can add gaming, a geek's sport played by hooligans.
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  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay retrospective

  • Razorus 17/03/2013

    Ah, such good memories of Butcher Bay. It felt like a Riddick game, a prison escape game, a hardcore FPS, a stealth game and a mature and cleverly crafted story based action game all in one. I consider it one of my favourite games of all time. I still love the narration by Vin Diesel. "The darkness.....I can hide the bodies here." Reply +7
  • Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix is a PlayStation Vita game, another leak suggests

  • Razorus 15/03/2013

    Can't wait for Blag Flag. Reply +2
  • THQ taking bids for Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld et al from 1st April

  • Razorus 27/02/2013

    Someone needs to be smart enough to buy Darksiders and allow those talented guys to create the third one. Judging by what the creators said about their plans for it, it's gonna be immense! 4 player co-op in a Zelda-esque action RPG world? Yes please.

    Many of the other IPs they're selling may as well wither and die tbh, especially those licensed games. Costume Quest? Deepak Chopra? Dafuq?
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  • 36 recently laid off Vigil staff now at Crytek

  • Razorus 29/01/2013

    @toy_brain You bet your sweet ass you're getting negged for that! Reply -2
  • Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil dies of cancer aged 56

  • Razorus 29/01/2013

    Such a shame, I didn't know he was scoring Beyond too. Looking forward to the game even more now since I loved the Heavy Rain soundtrack. RIP Reply 0
  • HMV.com taken offline

  • Razorus 17/01/2013

    @dogmanstaruk No need to get rude, cunt. Of course I am sorry for the staff who are losing their jobs, but at the end of the day HMV as a company has screwed over a lot of people with this voucher thing and I feel screwed over too. If you don't like my opinion, that's fine, but please don't presume to speak to me like that behind your computer screen when you know you wouldn't dare voice your thoughts to my face. I'd snap you in half mate. Reply -1
  • Razorus 16/01/2013

    Couple of weeks ago I ordered 5 blu-rays for £30. I've got 3 of them. The other two said they were awaiting stock on the website a few days ago. Called them up and the guy said they should still be dispatched but beyond that, he couldn't use the system to enquire about my orders. Now I have to wait to see if they stole my money. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed retrospective

  • Razorus 28/10/2012

    This was one of my most anticipated games when I first heard of it. While it was a little disappointing and repetitive, it was very original and enjoyable for the most part. I remember critics hating the story and combat, two things I actually enjoyed, though the latter was simple. The premise of the plot is excellent, so I never understood what the harsh comments were about.

    Personally I also loved the fact that there was finally a videogame protagonist from my corner of the world (though this was slightly sullied when they decided to make him "half-Christian" which never made sense.) I also preferred the settings to Italy.

    The gameplay was excellent and I loved the fact you could plan your assassinations, even though the side-quests got boring after a while. This feature was thoroughly streamlined in later instalments; something I felt was a shame because the concept could have been expanded rather than simplified. In fact, think the actual assassinations were very linear and strongly story-based in AC2 onwards. It gave the game a faster pace and made it more enjoyable but I would have liked more variety in the kills.

    I was never a fan of Brotherhood. They could have made that as an expansion pack to AC2 IMO. Revelations was interesting with the character switch mechanic and the ending is one of my favourites of any game but I was sick of Ezio by that point. I felt like Altair hadn't been given justice. He was such a cool character but the voice actors weren't right and his story wasn't as emotional as Ezios. Having read the book "The Secret Crusade" though gave me all I needed to get my Altair fix so I recommend it if you loved the character. His story is awesome.

    Overall I love Assassin's Creed 1. But that flag finding shit can fuck off.
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  • Mass Effect movie gets new screenwriter

  • Razorus 25/10/2012

    I'd prefer it if they didn't bother with the Reaper storyline and Shepard at all. Nobody wants to watch Mass Effect The Movie of The Game We Just Played. This is too good an opportunity to miss. The movie should compliment and expand the lore of the franchise, like the comics and novels do. If it were up to me, I'd do one about the First Contact War with the Turians. It would work on SO many levels. Reply +1
  • Ace Attorney 5 to feature fully voice-acted dialogue

  • Razorus 23/10/2012

    Shouldn't be too bad. I always imagined Dick Gumshoe's voice as Patrick Warburton. He plays Joe Swanson in Family Guy if anyone didn't know. Reply 0
  • Painting on wall of Modern Warfare 2 toilet upsets some Muslims

  • Razorus 16/10/2012

    @Darksjeik LOL, are you really focusing your entire argument on grammatical semantics?
    I'll say it again, since I assume you are not a Muslim, you cannot possibly understand why this can be considered "offensive".

    I'm a fervent supporter of gaming as an innocent hobby, and have been for over 20 years. I understand that Activision probably didn't realise what they did, this happens all the time. I'm a little bit offended because it is offensive, but not overtly racist, so it's not that bad. Satisfied?
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  • Razorus 15/10/2012

    There are far too many variables in this little clusterfuck to have a right answer but I'll weigh in my point of view if you don't mind.

    First of all, I find it strange that so many of you still don't seem to understand that the views of a few do not speak for the majority. I am a Muslim, and I never noticed this picture before. Does it offend me? A little bit. Am I going to behead the nearest infidel? No. So can we please stop generalising. I bet there are very few of you who remember a time when Muslims were not the "bad guys". Did you know, English people had to deal with Irish terrorists long before anyone realised SOME Muslims hated them?

    On the other side of the coin, I must say that the minority of Muslims who do take things like this far too seriously need to calm the fuck down right now. There is no way nobody will get offended by SOMETHING in a game or film etc. Meaning there will always be something to offend someone. You can't win. Someone WILL get upset.

    However, I feel like I need to remind you lot that if you are atheist, good for you, but due to that simple fact, you cannot comprehend what it means to be offended by something to do with religion. Some of you are just as bad as fundamentalists (of any faith). If you don't care that we believe in God, fine, but stop taking the piss and leave us alone.

    I'm sure some of you dweebs will find a cheeky response or try to shoot down my argument in some way. Good for you, here's a medal, and a middle finger. I've had my say. Live and Let Live.
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  • There are 8 different Halo 4 UK pre-order deals

  • Razorus 20/09/2012

    @sanctusmortis This guy is right. I'll repeat it.

    All limited editions from any store include the 6 locked specializations, it's not a Game exclusive, despite what they say. I've ordered mine from ShopTo cos they're usually the best but HMV seem to be doing the best deal.
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  • Wii U price round-up: where's cheapest?

  • Razorus 15/09/2012

    @mrmonkey101 You're right :(
    Decided to get Premium pack with Nintendoland from Zavvi and ZombiU from ShopTo who have it cheaper than anyone else. Don't need a Pro Controller so we're looking at £312.
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  • Razorus 14/09/2012

    It's been mentioned a couple of times but I'll reiterate it.

    GAME is doing the Premium ZombiU pack for £349.99 and it lists Nintendoland as being included, PLUS a Pro Controller.
    So console, all the wires, premium thing, Nintendoland, ZombiU and Pro Controller. Sounds like the best deal to me. Unless they've made a mistake about including Nintendoland.
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  • Rhythm Thief coming to iOS this winter

  • Razorus 08/09/2012

    I swear to Norris, if I find the iOS version is like £5 and includes the entire 3DS game and features, I'm going to throw a hissy fit. Reply 0
  • Lost Humanity 11: Games TV, Again

  • Razorus 05/09/2012

    Gamesville on Sky1 was alright, no? The games guru was always high. Reply +4
  • Alleged Prince of Persia reboot screenshot doffs cap at Assassin's Creed

  • Razorus 06/08/2012

    @bumyoghurt Working WITH Israel? No thanks. Reply +3
  • Soulcalibur 5 sales are a million less than Soulcalibur 4's

  • Razorus 03/08/2012

    I've hated the story since SC3. Just bought SC5 the other day from ShopTo for £8. Can't really go wrong with that! The gameplay is still enjoyable but just like Tekken, the storyline has declined horribly since it's heyday. They should have replaced more characters. Reply +4