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  • Microsoft points to all-in-one nature of Xbox One in price debate

  • Razer 30/08/2013

    @karaokequeen3 but it's so integral to the "magical experience" of xbox one (only available in 5 countries at launch) Reply +38
  • EA: Origin now number 2 direct to consumer game service

  • Razer 08/05/2012

    Origin support is woeful, to say the least. I bought NFS Shift, through Origin, when it was £5, but can't play online with friends as my cd key is apparently already registered.

    It's been 2 months since I raised a ticket and still no further forward. They don't even bother replying now, after telling me they had escalated it to a higher tier of support. That was a month ago and they haven't got back to me. Bunch of slackers!
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  • UK Origin now grants Battlefield 3 beta

  • Razer 03/08/2011

    At £39.99 they can suck my balls. I played the Alpha, and it was good, but paying minimum £10 extra on a preorder for 2 days early Beta access ? Nice try. Reply +14
  • PSN Welcome Back content now available

  • Razer 03/06/2011

    Appeared for me, couldn't download due to errors, and now the free games have disappeared altogether :/ Reply +12
  • Tech Comparison: Modern Warfare 2 PC

  • Razer 18/11/2009

    The mp matchmaking on PC is ,quite simply, shite. Don't get me wrong, the actual mp gameplay is great and I'm thoroughly enjoying it but the way the matchmaking is handled is frustrating.

    I'm level 34 online, so I've played a fair bit over the last week and some nights IWnet is shocking. Take last night for example...

    Find game...we need 6 more players...trying to merge our lobby with another...we need 1 more player...merging lobby with another...match starting...we need 3 more players...match starting...oh,no,wait,merging lobby with another...match starting...lobby closed...rinse and repeat to fade.

    Over a 2 hour play session, I managed 3 different maps several times over, at one point is took me and a friend 20 minutes to get into a game. Various problems with 'unable to connect to host', game freezing at loading screen, being kicked back to main menu as match starts, do not a good customer experience make.

    Not that IW care. They are too busy rolling around in piles of cash and laughing to themselves.
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  • Modern Warfare 2 recalled in Russia?

  • Razer 17/11/2009

    I don't get the "1 dead USA agent at the airport means USA are obviously to blame for this attrocity" either.

    It's in an airport where there must be hundreds of CCTV cameras. Surely they might just have spotted the International terrorist Makarov and his cronies spraying bullets everywhere ? Stupid level.
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  • Modern Warfare 2 delayed on PC?

  • Razer 06/10/2009

    The cynic in me says it is so they get more people to pay the higher console prices for a couple of weeks. The piracy argument is , frankly, bollocks.

    Plus, the console pirates can still play it online, whereas pc versions will need a valid key to play on official servers (or play on private servers which tend to suck anyway)
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  • Brutal Legend demo now on Live

  • Razer 24/09/2009

    Not there on mine either... Reply +1
  • WOW patch returns Onyxia to power

  • Razer 23/09/2009

    Onyxia mount video is on this page...

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  • PS3 sales rocket 1000% on Slim release

  • Razer 07/09/2009

    It looks like a chunk of fugly rubber :/ Reply -14
  • Age of Conan giveaway download

  • Razer 11/07/2009

    I see the account management pages are as un-intuitive and clunky as ever. I've just tried re-activating my account through a 14 day trial I was sent, and it's ended up taking payment from me for it . Of course no-one is replying to any emails I sent. Seriously pissed off with this, if they haven't sorted out the account management side of things, I'm not hoping much for the game either now :( Reply 0
  • 1000 free copies of Age of Conan!

  • Razer 10/07/2009

    -5 already!

    Achievement unlocked - wind up key tards.

    /guilty laugh
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  • Razer 10/07/2009

    You won't see the link unless you have first created a forum post about it.

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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2008

  • Razer 22/12/2008

    GTA 4 in 2nd place. Christ on a bike. Saints Row 2 was far better but finds itself 20 places lower. For shame, people ! Reply 0
  • Sony impenetrable on redesigned PSP

  • Razer 14/08/2008

    "yes... yes... I'll be there soon... can you see me yet? I've got a large black oval to the side of my head...."

    An iphone ?

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  • See how Valve predicted the future of PC gaming in 2008

  • Razer 27/06/2008


    "xbox live is a fantastic service. gaming online on a large tv, combined with wireless rumble controllers is much more fun than sitting at a desk on a pc"

    I can sit on my comfy sofa playing games on a large screen TV with wireless rumble controllers on my PC. Consoles don't have a monopoly on that.

    Oh, and I didn't have to pay £40 or whatever to play my games online...
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  • Kung Fu Panda

  • Razer 27/06/2008

    Got this for my 9 year old on wednesday - he completed it in 5 hours over wednesday and thursday. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Razer 27/04/2008

    Who gives a fuck which one is slightly better ?

    Is anyone really going to be sat there with it running on both PS3 and 360, on 2 TV's, at the same time ? Going through both with a fine toooth comb saying "whoa, there was 0.005% FPS difference there when I stuck the baseball bat in that drug dealer's head" ?

    I think not. Just buy the game, play the game, and fucking enjoy it.
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  • EA Playground

  • Razer 17/11/2007

    "Slot car racing...feels like the cars are on rails"

    Er, maybe that's because they are ?
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  • Team Fortress 2

  • Razer 18/09/2007

    Hmm I played this for about an hour this morning and again for the last couple of hours. This is on Vista 64 as well, and it's not crashed once.

    I've had problems connecting to quite a few servers though :(
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  • Crackdown DLC live

  • Razer 11/05/2007

    So good that I've actually forked out for a points card for the first time. Developers take note - this is the way to do DLC. Reply 0
  • GDC: PlayStation 3 - the next level

  • Razer 07/03/2007

    I feel the same as many others. LBP sounds interesting, but the rest is neither here nor there as far as my interests go.

    Can't see myself or any of mates bothering with the virtual home thing. Achievements are one thing, a bit of an aside to maybe eek a little more play from a game. Do I really need a 3d representation of any achievements I have, so that I can sit and stare in wonder at them ? Nice for 30 seconds, then it quickly becomes very 'meh' .

    Of course, you won't be able to move for offers of various game/brand related micro-transactions to lavish upon your virtual home, but thats to be expected anyway.

    I just wonder whether the type of people that are excited by these things are the type to shell out GBP425+ for the privelege :/
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  • Revolution's real name

  • Razer 27/04/2006

    At last, I can say "I had a Wii in front of my telly last night" without drawing curious glances.

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