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  • Empire: Total War

  • Randell 04/03/2009


    Yes, you install from DVD then load via steam without needing disks.
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  • Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

  • Randell 07/01/2009

    Carried thsi and my Wii balnce board around with me from friends house to friends house over the New Year period, and hotseat mode is the great party funi. There is nothing like a slightly (or very) drunk, uncoordinated lump trying to perfect his nose grab..

    It is annoying it doesn't support two balance boards and it is annoying that in order to open up locations in versus and hotseat mode you have to complete it on co-op mode (none of which my household wants to do, as that means one of you must use the wiimote). The fact that using the wiimote is easier doesnt detract from the fun of using the balance board..and boy do your legs hurt after several hours of tucks!
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  • Left 4 Dead

  • Randell 20/11/2008

    @NickD09 - gameplay over graphics, it's as easy as that. So in their day neither TFC or Counterstrike or TF2 were worthwile games according to you as they all have 0 SP and are multiplayer only?

    Also the fact Source is only DX9 max and adaptable is key for a good MP experience for a wide range of people. My mate, who hasn't upgraded for 3 years and has a single core CPU and X800 GPU can have as good an experience as me with a more up to date computer, which is a good thing for him isn't it? Crysis and Farcry 2 wont work well on his rig, at least Valve aren't forcing him to upgrade yet, and there are many many people worldwide like him.
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  • Rise of the Argonauts

  • Randell 12/07/2008

    The Medusa screenshot that is shown in the article is gameplay footage plus some of the screenshots in the Eurogamer RotA gallery are taken from actual gameplay.

    who is being stupid here? EG or the game developers? That is a Hydra not the Medusa.
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  • Two Worlds

  • Randell 14/09/2007

    Smugglarn - it seems to me that the points from the people slating it here are more mindless than the people supporting it. Reply 0
  • Randell 13/09/2007

    Why do all the reviews say it is copying Oblivion? What is it copying? A medieval, westernised european tolkienesq setting? I hardly think Oblivion gets the origianl setting merit there. Bearing in mind I have the PC version of this, I honestly don't know why people are blind to Oblivion's gaming faults. It may be more polished than this, but the boring gate closing, no impact on the game world of the main story, auto-levelling and ridiculous loot made it lose my interest once I had done the assassin quests. At least with Two Worlds I get owned and get loot that rewards the effort.

    Plus I like the intelligent hot bar, stacking of redundant items, cheesy dialogue :)
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  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Randell 02/11/2005

    Genji has it right, the OC out of the box was poor really. The modules downloaded from places like NWNVault could be awesome. Especially played with friends. We often got together the same group from our schoolday PnP D&D days, up to 4 of us in the same online MP campaign is great fun.

    The community made NWN what it is, not what's in the box originally. A lot of people missed that point!
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  • Imperial Glory

  • Randell 06/06/2005

    It's flawed, but a bit of fun. The outcry for at least some better morale and pause/command in a patch is huge on Eidos's site. Hopefully it will happen, but not without sales :( Reply 0
  • Guild Wars

  • Randell 27/05/2005


    I love you - I've only just read the review and here I am telling everybody I know its more like NWN than WoW/EQ and your the first review I've read that says that!

    I'm not mad..

    just noticed Clive Dunn agrees with you/me :)
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  • Boiling Point: Road To Hell

  • Randell 27/05/2005

    is there an after WoW? I loved Op Flash - I wanted to love Far Cry more than I did. Can I forgive the bugginess for the ambition and scope and freeformness? Have I any time.. Reply 0