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  • Where do downloadable games go when they die?

  • Rajin 23/01/2018

    I would be really disappointed if sony turns off the ps3 store while the PS4 is in such a bad shape in terms of retrogames. Reply -1
  • Super Mario Odyssey sells 2m copies in three days

  • Rajin 31/10/2017

    was Capital a divinity 2 original sin reference? :P Reply 0
  • Square Enix's old-school RPG Lost Sphear gets a new story trailer

  • Rajin 24/10/2017

    Halve of that trailer gives me this cheap unity feel (last shot with the city background looks great however). Reply 0
  • Original Xbox Star Wars: KOTOR downloadable ahead of back-compat launch

  • Rajin 23/10/2017

    Sony could learn from this.... the barren ps2 classics, no ps1 or ps3 games on the ps4 (ignoring the streaming nonesense). Reply +21
  • The Shin Megami Tensei game that's coming to Switch is Shin Megami Tensei 5

  • Rajin 23/10/2017

    I suppose that I need to buy a switch when this is out. Massive fan of the series and have all games in my collection (including snes nes remakes in japanese). I have waited very long for a new console mainline game after 3. Replaying that now and its still amazing. Reply +6
  • As we near peak loot box, one game is cutting down on them

  • Rajin 10/10/2017


    I don't call them evil but many of them change the game design usually not in a positive manner. In my previous comment I basicly state that they are a natural development due to the stale price of AAA games while development costs have gone up.
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  • Rajin 10/10/2017

    We are still far away from peak lootbox. Publishers will continue to push for ''micro'' transactions to increase their revenue. Eurogamer is already spending a paragraph each review explaining the role of microtransactions. The only way these things will be replaced if we are willing to pay a higher price for AAA games or when people stop buying them. People need to remember however that those we spend money on this are the same people who spend a lot of money on mible games such as Game of War Clash of Titans etc.

    As mentioned above, praise those who dont resort to microtranstactions and continue to expose those that do. The worst offenders trick reviewers and put them in on release date and should get a re-review for practices like that.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first DLC detailed

  • Rajin 02/05/2017

    And still no recipe book :( Reply +13
  • A Switch is for life, not just for Zelda

  • Rajin 24/03/2017

    What about all the issues with the components? Furthermore it remains to be seen how long the hardware lasts before it breaks down. I am waiting untill the inevitable new improved version shows up 2 or 3 years down the line. Buying a Wii u with 9 clasic games for 320 euro (including the nww zelda) has proven to be a better deal. Reply +5
  • How to actually enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • Rajin 23/03/2017

    Remember similar articles on DA I, to me it just sounds like a design flaw and too much filler content. The get out of the hinterlands aricles and all the areas with only exclusively filler content (I burned out on DAI).

    I will probably buy this a year or so from now with the patches fixing bugs, framerate improved and the price at a lower point.
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  • PlayStation Plus' July Instant Game Collection revealed

  • Rajin 29/06/2016


    On Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines:

    Bought it a month ago(never thought I would see it on ps+ so quite annoyed it came this month)

    It's a fun game, beautifull graphics/style but very confusing aand badlx explained. The layout of dungeons is also generally confusing and there is no large map(only a small mini map).

    Battle system is interesting but loot is random through a slot wheel (which includes spells) and can therefore be frustating. I defeated the first boss and have fun with the game but expected a little bit more to be honest. I'd say its perfect as a PS+ game though....
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  • Hearthstone at Gamescom: a fireside chat with Blizzard

  • Rajin 07/08/2015

    What I think is necessary, is a cap on the amount of legendary's you can have in your deck. Facing off against 4-6 legendary's is a horrible experience for newcomers( I have enough dust to forge 2 now, but I am afraid of doing so in case the meta changes and I end up with something useless. I can't afford that due my limited time on my hands). Reply +2
  • Descent is being rebooted as a MOBA on Kickstarter

  • Rajin 11/03/2015

    Even worse is the fact that it actually seems like they will be funded...... Reply +2
  • Back from the Brink: the new Splash Damage

  • Rajin 22/12/2014

    Brink reminds me of the totally undeserved and horribly written 8/10 review from Eurogamer(you say it was not a bad game, but according to Eurogamer back then it was a great game). I remember that most people were none the wiser after that review Reply +18
  • Lost Ark is the best Diablo 3 clone you can't play

  • Rajin 17/11/2014

    While it looks fantastic i think that this trailer already shows that its very linear , the AI seems a bit lacking and since ts Korean i am afraid that its FTP. Reply +1
  • Video: One of Assassin's Creed Unity's time rift levels

  • Rajin 12/11/2014

    Turret section :lol:

    Its a nice idea though and looks okay.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review

  • Rajin 11/11/2014


    Still playing 13(also enjoyed 12), really could not get along with 14.
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  • Majora's Mask comparison video shows off 3DS enhancements

  • Rajin 07/11/2014


    Personally think that Ocarina of Time was more dark in its colours then Majora's Mask. The city(clocktown?) for example was always very bright coloured and would benefit from a increased palette.
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  • EA execs off the hook in Battlefield 4 'you lied to inflate share price' lawsuit

  • Rajin 22/10/2014


    Remember Eurogamer reviews ''the potential'' whenever it fits them.....

    Lately I see a bit more coherence in their review structure, but honestly eurogamer never review on the premise of potentional again when a game is unplayable.
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  • Looking for the wow factor in Warlords of Draenor

  • Rajin 13/10/2014


    I remember when they introduced the meeting stones(found them a funny albeit limited tool) then they expanded with the LFG realm wide tool, and then they extended that cross realm.

    To be honest, its not like I dislike the tool(was pretty mandatory at some point for random groups) Its just that I feel like they could have kept it at a realm level. The cross realm idea killed off any idea of community within the realm for most people. It was a even worse blow for pvp(although it did reduce the wait, playing against other realm never quite felt like it)
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  • Rajin 13/10/2014

    Building a framework for the LFG cross realm tool is far too late. Its unbelieveable that they just realized that a sense a community is what keeps a lot of people playing and that their cross-realm tool without friendlist basicly killed that off for those without a guild.

    Not sure if the fix comes in time, the last time i played dungeons in catalysm I felt a real lack of companionship and frequently got bashed for no apperent reason. The community felt more like a MOBA those days then a MMORPG.
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  • Let's have more games that show rather than tell

  • Rajin 11/10/2014


    I disagree on the first point, its very aggrevating to a gamer like me when a game uses ''hidden'' attributes. Masking attributes can make it more difficult to get a true sense of the damage increase of a item and i never liked the ambigious Elder-scroll systems which poorly explain damage increases.

    In my opinion, rpg's should give more options of turning on/off attributes for those who prefer a slick interface and those that like the statistics and want to make the most powerfull character.
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  • Kickstarter games in 2014 are making less than half what they did last year

  • Rajin 02/10/2014

    My Main gripe is that its often combined with Early Access, it turns from crowdfunding into somthing more resembling a money grab. There has also been some conflicts with early acces ''discounts''. Furthermore, rewards sometimes are worth less then a discounted early acces.(which i find ridiculous up to the point of it ruining steam sales)

    Still waiting for a article on eurogamer outlining all the alternatives for crowd funding and online stores. It would really help to create some awareness that there are other options besides steam and kickstarter.
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  • Bladestorm: Nightmare heads to Europe on PS4, Xbox One and PS3

  • Rajin 23/09/2014


    Will check out the first game on ps3, too bad that there is nothing quite like the old two kessens.
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  • Rajin 23/09/2014

    Does this play like the Kessen games of old?(ignoring the disappointing Kessen 3) Reply +2
  • Total War: Rome 2 - Emperor Edition release date announced

  • Rajin 04/09/2014

    Still can't forgive them for the shit they released in the first 6 months. Can anyone tell me if the game is finaly optimized and no longer looks worse then shogun? I could run shogun on high/very high and Rome 2 barely on low for the first 2 months. Reply +1
  • Offbeat strategy RPG Natural Doctrine slips

  • Rajin 03/09/2014

    Does this version include some of the updates/dlc of the Japanese release? Reply +1
  • Sega agrees to $1.25m settlement in Aliens: Colonial Marines case

  • Rajin 12/08/2014

    Its easy to hate gearbox and sega on this soap, but i see no mention of Dark Souls 2 false advertisment and the removed lightning system. I love From Software, but nobody seems willing to admit that they applied dodgy tactics there(steam page included screenshots with the enhanced lightning) Reply +5
  • Bitmap Brothers' Z: Steel Soldiers relaunches on PC today

  • Rajin 01/08/2014

    This game spawned a meme for me and my brothers: Who's the man of the catch?

    Z.O.D was a brilliant character, great sense of humour all throughout the original game. Zsteel was completely different from its predecessor sadly in terms of gameplay. Still defending choke points and flags was great fun in this game, also one of the best heli's in a early strategy game in my opinion.
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • Rajin 30/07/2014

    Getting malware from opening this page, does anyone have any idea why? Reply 0
  • Where literature and gaming collide

  • Rajin 27/07/2014


    Yes I think we just killed the discussion with our massive posts...
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  • Rajin 27/07/2014

    I would not say that we're near a golden age of writing of narratives that challenge the audience.

    I mentioned Spec-Ops before but even this game fails to give you a real choice, I loved the way it played out but i've seen many people critical of the enforced narrative without any freedom.

    That being said, freedom often does come at the cost of great writing(Open World games good writing is often found in some small quests not the grand narrative). The Witcher was personally a step in the right direction when it comes to RPG's, but even here you have simple themes such as discrimination/racism that are to much thrown into your face and not written as well as they could be(latests bioware games also often play the racism/discrimination theme but its too straightforward and thrown into your face)

    I dislike ''games'' like the Chinese Room because as Malek mentioned they are more of a simulator. It should not neccesarily be that great writing comes at the cost of gameplay.

    Characters are still very often not as well flashed out in games and given meaning to their actions(often a character does what it does without a fleshed out motivation)

    The more important question is: Is game writing improving? I am not so sure, I know many games and successors that are worse off then their predecessors(Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne opposed to its succesors) Planescape Torment and the old infinity rpg's.

    One issue is that modern games generally do not use a lot of text anymore because(this is once again a difficult impasse in which text or cutscenes might come at the costs of gameplay. Interactive story telling like Bastion and Dark Souls is difficult to pull off, but something we hopefully see more in the future.

    One thing that games could use is writers who are actually familiar with many literature themes, political science, psychology and such. I feel like this is generally not the case and that those who write games are not writers, but lead designers/gamers at hard writing a story for a game. This leads to the easy use of stereotypes and easy to understand themes. Being well known with some of the better fantasy series that encompass many literature themes might already improve rpg's for example.
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  • Meet the Eve Online creator who CCP left behind

  • Rajin 22/06/2014

    Great article, Interesting that he was even wiped out from any involvement with EVE.

    I was more interested in The World of Darkness then EVE itself, followed news for quite some years and was really disappointed when it was cancelled. I really want some form of succesor to Vampire: Masquarade The Bloodlines.

    EVE never interested me, i played the game in the early days and while i did like the social aspect of the whole MMO, it seemed like a bottomless pit in regards to the time i had to spent. Already in the early days it was evident that some people would have feelings of supiriority because of their ship and that a elite would dictate how the world would move(a mirror of our own world i suppose)

    Hope that this guy can put another interesting MMO out, although i fear that FTP would most likely ruin it.
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  • Pullblox World review

  • Rajin 21/06/2014


    From your Wii account to a different Wii U account?
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  • Rajin 19/06/2014


    I dislike using the store because the games I buy are almost like a temporary rent, there's no way to transfer them from your Wii account towards the Wii-U. Unless Nintendo starts integrating the seperate accounts I refrain from spending too much.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Rajin 19/06/2014

    Like others have said, women are equally sexist. I feel like this article is a missed oppertunity. The examples used could have been exchanged with better ones underlying structural sexism. Furthermore, you start a one sided dialoque without the input from female sexism and sexism in general portrayed in games.

    Bad writing is the worst culprit of this and it falls back on easy sterotypes. Improve writing in game and viola this issue will most likely solved
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  • 10-minute Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo

  • Rajin 11/06/2014

    Looks good but my trust in bioware is at a low point, hopefully this can turn it around.

    I think this is played on the consoles, switching from characters looked far from intuitive.
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  • Among the Sleep is coming to PS4 with Project Morpheus support

  • Rajin 13/05/2014

    No idea why I read the title as: Among the Sheeps Reply +2
  • Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs 100

  • Rajin 10/04/2014


    Then why, like Total annihilation, will we get them on the discount during steam sales?
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  • Peter Molyneux's Godus problem

  • Rajin 01/04/2014

    Oh Peter.....

    Glad Eurogamer finally asks some good questions in regards to Molyneux, Its incredible how much crap comes out of his mouth.

    Money first, giving Call of Duty with guns is fine because then the version with guns will be so much better? Ignoring the shop he built into the early acces version to completely rip people off(no awnser to that sadly)

    What has happened to this man? Is he purposely taking the piss out of his legacy?
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  • Game jam reality show cancelled as indies wouldn't put up with its s***

  • Rajin 01/04/2014

    I actually thought this was Eurogamer's april fool joke up till the links to other sources. Reply +1
  • Video: Let's Replay Metal Gear Solid

  • Rajin 31/03/2014


    I will always buy the next installments, but i fear that some of the more interesting elements of a character like snake(veteran soldier based on Rambo 1 with a trauma) are lost now. I loved the codex conversations and the only title coming close to that is MGS3(But i still can't get along with its gameplay)

    I hope that MGS5 will go back to those things, i have a small hope because the story does seem to show where and how Big boss became as radical as he was in Metal Gear 1,
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  • Who is DayZ creator Dean Hall?

  • Rajin 29/03/2014


    I have a lot of respect for the mod he created and how he reinvented the zombie-survival genre. What i do think however, is that you can't call that alpha he put out a game, anyone else was not allowed to get away with this but he can due the positive credit he built up with the Arma 2 mod.

    I am tired of early-access for a premium price. Its crazy that his beta will be out at the end of this year.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off next-gen world

  • Rajin 06/03/2014


    Well even most of the characters were shit compared to Dragon Age 1. There was the ever flirting pirate, the shemale, a timid stupid elf, a emo Fenrir and the only saving grace Varis.

    The worst part for me was the lack of impact of the choices, the different acts and the build up showed a lot of promise, but the conclusion is really bad.

    Combat was a mess like you said, can't believe that people think it was a huge improvement over Dragon Age 1(which has huge issues with aggro)

    No customization, RPG elements stripped away and replaced by some stupid armor upgrades.

    The worst thing was the recycled environments, i think i can count the different palets on one hand! It was such a rush job.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made

  • Rajin 05/03/2014

    Played the first level of MGS so many times when i was still a kid. Problem is, i am no longer one and i can't be kept repeating the same mission over and over again. I will probaly finish this in 2 hours, and that is simply not enough for a 30 euro game. This should have been around 15-20 euro, which it might be once the second hand copies come flooding in a day after the release.

    Feel like this is done to finance the real MGSV, which probaly has gone way past its budget.
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  • Unreal Tournament retrospective

  • Rajin 23/02/2014


    Yes i don't like all these experience based things. I do like the rank system of the old Halo, just a number and a k/d ratio without any bonusses
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  • How The Order reinvents QTEs and the cinematic game

  • Rajin 18/02/2014


    Well i think it was well balanced and honest, problem i usually had with your comment was a lack of balance and the insistence on Xboxone superiority in the feature articles(I remember Ryse being praised a bit too much)

    I don't even own a ps4, both consoles are lacking in real quality games and to be fair, i am sick and tied of ''cinematic'' experiences. Uncharted 3 already took away too much controll, i want to play a game and only watch cutscenes if the action is amazing or if it adds to the story, otherwise i rather play those moments myself.
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  • Rajin 18/02/2014


    I can't believe this! A reasonable comment from cloudskipa on Sony related articles!
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  • "It's kind of funny to be competing with my own franchise"

  • Rajin 18/02/2014


    I agree,I will wait for reviews and make up my mind afterwards like i did with Shadowrun. I do have more faith in these guys then them because they created multiple of my all time favorite games(very glad the guy from Mask Of Betrayer is on board, that was a amazing expansion)
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  • Is Bound by Flame the fantasy RPG to keep us going until Witcher 3?

  • Rajin 14/02/2014

    Soul Calibur voice during the trailer? Reply +4