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  • BioWare outlines big Dragon Age: Inquisition patch due out today

  • Radish 09/12/2014

    That's not what he's saying at all. I'm sure every developer wants to add more to their game but you have to launch it at some point. That doesn't make it unfinished.

    I'm more concerned about justifying the lack of music and banter as "intended". I can't think of any music bar the opening theme and that's because it plays when you launch the game and reminds me a lot of Game of Thrones' music. Beyond that is' all been forgettable and apparently that'd intended (30 seconds of music every now and then).
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer is a first draft with potential

  • Radish 02/10/2014

    I'm struggling to work out what the point of this preview is. It just repeated the same stuff we heard when the multiplayer was revealed several weeks ago. Why not tell us how the classes play? What abilities they have or what roles they can take? It just seemed like bullet points (e.g. no pausing, three levels, crafting is a thing), expanded into slightly longer paragraphs.

    I don't feel like I just learned anything new about the multiplayer at all. The only time an opinion was expressed was when it was described as a bit slow and clunky.

    Does the level 20 thing come from the original D&D level cap?
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  • Sorry, Microsoft, but you can't own Minecraft

  • Radish 13/09/2014

    It seems like a bit of an odd article. Can Microsoft own Minecraft? If they buy it and make Minecraft 2 an Xbox exclusive then yes, they can and will. Reply -2
  • Starcraft, Guild Wars and State of Decay designer reveals MOBA Gigantic

  • Radish 16/07/2014

    @Physically_Insane That's a bit of an odd thing to say, considering a new MOBA gives you new heroes, maps, setting/lore, items, strategies, gameplay tweaks... It's exactly the same as those different FPS games you seem to like. How is COD adding jetpacks more different to all of the aforementioned stuff?

    I've only got about 600 hours in Dota 2 (honestly, that's not much) but I'm looking forward to trying Gigantic.
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  • Radish 16/07/2014

    My initial reaction wasn't too positive (another MOBA? really?) but the video actually makes it look quite promising. A genuinely good artstyle (unlike Battleborn), third person and a twist that actually sounds like it might work (ancients that fight back). Too many times have MOBAs changed things just for a marketing bulletpoint without thinking about gameplay effect. Reply +2
  • Can Godus be fixed?

  • Radish 24/04/2014


    The key fact is they're charging for the game. It's perhaps a whole different debate about early access and what payers are entitled to, but when you charge players to play your game of course they have the right to question it.

    We only see these problems because they're charging customers to see them, not because they're being honest and being transparent about the game design before it's made available to customers - it's come up purely and simply because they're charging money for it. I think those customers are entitled to ask questions about the final products quality and where the games heading.
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  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 on PC will be "completely different", Atari promises

  • Radish 24/03/2014

    The key thing this news post seems to miss is that (according to RPS) the PC version will be online only. Reply +12
  • GOG St Patrick's Day sale revealed

  • Radish 14/03/2014

    Perhaps a bit cheeky to post this, but it's possible to find out what's inside your pots of gold before you pay. Once you've clicked checkout, right click the page and view the page source. Look for data-title and it will list the game next to it.

    I don't feel too bad about posting this because there's a lot of repetition in the games you "randomly select".
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  • Expect two SWTOR expansions in 2014

  • Radish 04/02/2014

    If you found the leveling boring then MMOs definitely aren't the thing for you. I've played a lot of them and I've never had as much fun leveling as I did in SWTOR, it's just a shame the rest of the game wasn't up to that standard. Reply +9
  • The Banner Saga: Much more than you're expecting

  • Radish 19/12/2013

    Is this still just chapter 1 of 3? 15 sounds a bit steep if it's just a third of the intended story/game. Edit: Ah, that was sort of addressed in the article. It's not a bad price but they seem to be a bit quiet about the trilogy thing on the Steam page. Think I'll pass until its either a bit cheaper or they're more sure of when parts 2 and 3 will be finished. Reply 0
  • Heroes of the Storm is the new name for Blizzard All-Stars

  • Radish 18/10/2013

    @darkmorgado And you realize that the mods development had nothing to do with Blizzard, right? Reply 0
  • XBLA champion State of Decay out on PC this year

  • Radish 17/07/2013

    Nobody "deserves" exclusives. That's the fanboy inside you talking. Reply +27
  • Etrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titan out in Europe soon

  • Radish 16/07/2013

    Oh, I thought "create your own maps" meant create your own levels (and share online). After watching the trailer that doesn't seem to be the case though :( Reply -1
  • The Last of Us spoilercast

  • Radish 20/06/2013

    Spoiler assumes you've completed the game.

    "I was disappointed that not a single black character survived to the end of the game. I mean, come on."

    Really? Why would you try and force controversy like that? It's a bit of a ridiculous complaint to make. The game should be about the story not a tick box of politically correct things it should accomplish. Why wasn't there a gay person in the game? Why do they eat dogs? Quick, let's get the animal activists on the phone.
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  • FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One uses the fancy new Ignite Engine - but the PC version doesn't

  • Radish 22/05/2013

    I don't think the Fifa versions have ever truly had parity - 12 was certainly missing features, and 13 I think is still lacking some co op online stuff (though I'm struggling to remember what that was).

    ATARI - are you an idiot? They could easily have developed a game engine that scales back the lighting, textures, crowd etc without having any effect on gameplay. Lower fps? Every PC game has that potential, the assumption is that you buy a game your pc can handle. I could play League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Counter Strike etc with low fps, that's my choice and it hasn't stopped those being the biggest esports games out there.

    But then you did say "pc fanbois" so it's obvious you're just trolling.
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  • Don't rule free-to-play MMO Neverwinter out

  • Radish 05/04/2013

    @Kikizosan The "imagine" part was meant to put it in context using other games as examples.

    Those transactions exist in game. You can earn a maximum of 25,000 Astral Diamonds a day and the max level of mount training costs 3 million.

    I edited my previous post because it was a confusing mess :D
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  • Radish 05/04/2013

    @Bertie True, I focused a lot on the negatives in my previous post but the game does play well. I played a couple of the previous beta weekends and it is a surprisingly solid MMO, especially one that is launching as f2p - they've clearly spent a lot of time and money developing it. I'll be playing it when it launches and I'm looking forward to it.

    It just definitely isn't all positive at the moment and I thought your article needed a bit of a counterbalance because it's something a lot of players on the forums seem to be concerned about (lack of class diversity, microtransactions etc). Hopefully if more people are aware of it they'll be more inclined to tweak it. It is still in beta, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what the game is like on the 30th.

    What do people think about it launching as "open beta"? Characters aren't being wiped after that and the original bonuses for founders pack listed it as early access to the full game which was later changed to early access to the open beta. I might be a bit cynical but it makes me think they'd like a convenient excuse for any bugs and flaws in the game - "It's still technically in beta".

    Also, rereading what I wrote I'm not sure if I was rude to you or not in my original post so just in case, sorry!
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  • Radish 05/04/2013

    Am I the only one that finds this to be a bit of an odd article? It's gushing of its praise for Neverwinter but unless I'm mistaken he hasn't actually played the game, it's just based off trailers and what Cryptic have said. There's no mention of actual gameplay impressions.

    The obvious bit of evidence that he hasn't played the game is when he talks about the micro transactions. They're a big concern. Imagine if you played Diablo 3 and the only way to identify all of your loot was to buy scrolls of identify with Blizzard Points (which can be earned in game, at a very reduced rate, but also bought with real money). They drop in game, but you won't find anywhere near enough to identify even items you know you can equip, let alone all the items you find. Companions and mounts cost $40 each. It takes 120 days to earn enough astral diamonds to buy JUST the highest level mount training - you can earn 25,000 Astral Diamonds a day and the training costs 3 million. Health potions don't scale well, but they sell a very good healthstone on the store for $15. You can't resurrect players unless you buy Scrolls of Resurrection - from the store. The Auction House ONLY used Astral Diamonds. What's the point of gold you ask? Good question, there isn't really any. The runestone system requires you to use Astral Diamonds to buy gems, socket them and remove them. Respeccing costs astral diamonds.

    I also can't believe that a D&D game is launching with just 5 classes, two of which are warriors (one tanks and one uses two handers) and one is a cleric that can't use melee weapons or shields.

    Edited because I said imagine too many times and not only did it confuse some people it made me sound like an idiot :D
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  • Legends of Grimrock 2 officially announced

  • Radish 22/02/2013

    Not sure how I feel about this, it's the L4D/L4D2 saga all over again. Unless it's significant improvements (which hopefully it will be) I don't see why it can't be rolled out as DLC, or an expansion. Reply -6
  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • Radish 21/02/2013

    This has pretty much killed all the hype I had for the PS4, and believe me it was a lot :( Reply 0
  • Radish 21/02/2013

    Uh, what exactly is the point in showing us this again? Reply 0
  • Radish 21/02/2013

    What exactly is the point in this? Reply 0
  • Radish 21/02/2013

    reminder: gametrailers has a stable 720p stream Reply 0
  • Radish 21/02/2013

    In other words: "we only have a small budget" Reply 0
  • Radish 21/02/2013

    I'm assuming everyone knows the intro sequence wasn't real time? The camera moving around as the "player" looked around was far too smooth and consistent. Then, when it goes in game there's a miraculous amount of fog and effects that completely hide the city. Not as impressive as they'd like us to think. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 hotfix ups Hell/Inferno high-end loot drop-rates across the board

  • Radish 29/06/2012

    It's because they didn't bother to test Inferno properly. Blizzard just proudly proclaimed "none of us can beat it!" and assumed that would create a balanced game. Shocking that it didn't, isn't it?

    Also, saying that after one playthrough you've seen 2% of the game is ridiculous. It reuses so many tiles for the random dungeons - by the time you're on Inferno you've basically seen everything and realized how much of a sham the random dungeons are. It's been a while since I've played Diablo 2 but I'm sure I remember the dungeons being far more random and varied.
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  • Error 37: The future of always-online

  • Radish 28/06/2012

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Chris Delay is wrong when he says it hasn't been pirated yet - you can download it from TPB and play it either on unofficial servers or via something like tuungle. Reply +4
  • Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

  • Radish 14/06/2012

    I don't think he's realized that the same thing applies to the PS4/720 (or whatever you want to call it). Yes, in two years time Wii U games will look nicer than they do now, but the same is true for Sony and Microsoft. It's a meaningless thing to say since it's true for all consoles. Reply +1
  • Dark Souls PC for Steam, extra content for console

  • Radish 31/05/2012

    Yeah, this article hasn't actually answered the big question. I assume the Steam version still uses GFWL as is the case with many other games featured on Steam.

    Of course, I have to assume because the Eurogamer article is completely useless and doesn't actually tell us anything.
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  • Diablo 3 accounts hacked, gold and items stolen

  • Radish 21/05/2012

    "I also want to point out that the game was running fine at that moment, so I'd really love to know WHAT THE FUCK justifies such a maintenance."

    Achievements weren't working, so that could have been part of it - although that's hardly urgent.

    Worth noting that as per usual, a lot of account hacking is probably down to the user being stupid. I wouldn't have thought D3 had any different infrastructure than SC2/WoW, given it all uses battle.net.
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  • Diablo 3: Blizzard apologises for server woe, delays real money auction house

  • Radish 17/05/2012

    Not sure if it's already been covered, but if you get disconnected you don't "lose everything". You restart at the closest checkpoint with all your gold, experience and items in tact. It's the same with MMOs, if you get dc'd you don't lose the progress you made in the last x amount of time.

    While it's completely valid to say the digital edition is overpriced (it is), don't say "I wanted to play but saw it was 45 and changed my mind". Just go buy it for 30-35 from somewhere else.
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  • Capcom "re-evaluating" on-disc DLC policy

  • Radish 15/05/2012

    Apoc, retail/downloadable games is a completely different argument surely. Reply +10
  • CA: Total War would be "really stung" by reviewers if multiplayer went

  • Radish 01/05/2012

    Am I a bit naive to think there should be more to developing games than just ticking a box for each feature? I would like some passion put into the multiplayer side of it. Reply +6
  • Torchlight 2 Steam pre-order bonus, price revealed

  • Radish 26/04/2012

    That's true yeah.. except that Diablo 2 is still playable online and that was launched 12 years ago. Blizzard support their games - say what you will about the company, that's not something in doubt. Reply 0
  • Radish 26/04/2012

    Diablo 3 is 27.

    There is literally NO benefit to buying Diablo 3 digitally, since you'll have to register your retail key with your battle net account anyway. You get the bonus of being able to install from disc though.

    Edit: I should also add that because it's an online only game, you can bet Blizzard will ship it a bit earlier to make sure people get their copies on time. It's also possible to pre-load it now, even if you haven't bought it digitally.
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  • Microsoft defends staggered, full price Games on Demand release model

  • Radish 26/04/2012

    What's depressing is that they clearly sell enough for him to be unconcerned about changing it. Reply +101
  • Major Plants vs. Zombies HD update goes live

  • Radish 19/04/2012

    How have they managed to milk this for so long? It might sound odd, but I would have loved a proper sequel by now that actually improves the game andh as meaningful new content. Reply +13
  • Firefall teaser explains staged content plan

  • Radish 19/04/2012

    Is there anyway to get this information in a less annoying way? Reply +2
  • Microsoft won't ditch Games for Windows - Live for PC Xbox Live

  • Radish 18/04/2012

    It definitely isn't fine. When it decides to actually work, it's still much more annoying and intrusive than Steam or even Origin.

    At least when EA decided to force Origin down our throats they had the good grace to just copy Steam directly. It's annoying having to use two identical programs, but at least Origin isn't shit (unlike GFWL).

    Another interview said that Dark Souls is going to be a direct port of the console version. Locked framerates and apparently resolution (surely not), no changes to the interface, no real mouse and keyboard controls (so you have to use a controller), no graphical updates.

    If they release it with those "features", it's going to bomb and then that's the last Namco game we'll see on the PC, but it will be entirely their own fault. It's just one moronic decision after another and that's what pisses off PC gamers.
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  • GOG.com: Steam sales send wrong message to gamers

  • Radish 12/04/2012

    GOG recently added the first Assassins Creed to their store. For $20. Is that your idea of good value GOG? I'll stick to Steam, thanks.

    All this article says to me is that GOG won't be the cheapest place to go for any of the newer games they're adding.
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  • Blizzard talks Diablo 3 in new developer diary

  • Radish 11/04/2012

    It is new, it was just unlocked from the Diablo 3 website. Reply +1
  • Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter funded in 28 hours

  • Radish 06/04/2012

    I'm not really surprised the Japanese RPG localisation one is stuttering - $500k just seemd a little greedy for a localisation, especially when you consider that the entirely new Shadowrun game is being budgeted at $100k less. Reply +6
  • Pre-order The Secret World, guarantee public beta access

  • Radish 03/04/2012

    Jesus, that's incredibly expensive. 40 for the game is ok (relative to buying other new games digitally), but it has a monthly fee AND a shop, so if you want more than 3 character slots you need to pay 8.49 for each additional slot.

    They have a nice cheap pack available which has a social pet and some weapons/armour, and it's only 12.49! Or the master pack for 49.99. On top of your original 40 purchase AND the monthly fee.

    I no longer have any interest in the game.
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  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition confirmed for Mac OS X

  • Radish 30/03/2012

    Quality? Not so different. Dark Alliance was a lot of fun, just with different gameplay. Reply +3
  • Why the Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition costs more outside of the US

  • Radish 30/03/2012

    Yup, the 50 standard edition is more of a rip off than the CE. That's just pure greed, and it's hilarious given the praise NCsoft usually get for it not having a monthly fee. You just pay twice as much for the game if you buy the download version, which is around 3 months fee anyway. Plus the microtransactions the game includes. Reply +6
  • Battlefield 3 patch reveals rent-a-server prices

  • Radish 27/03/2012

    How many slots is that? 20 sounds quite expensive compared to what I remember from renting PC servers. Reply +3
  • Fresh World of Darkness details revealed

  • Radish 25/03/2012

    Another character being able to inflict permadeath on me has pretty much killed any interest I had in the game - and that's coming from someone that loves MMOs. I'll wait and see how it turns out, but if there's more to it then they shouldn't have been so casual with the reveal. Reply 0
  • The Last Story: Limited Edition trailer

  • Radish 19/01/2012

    Unless I'm blind, there isn't a price mentioned in the video so the 86.93 price tag mentioned is from zavvi (who advertise at eurogamer). Unless it's exclusive to them, the price tag is surely not going to be that high. Reply +1
  • BioWare dates SWTOR patch 1.1, details future Game Updates

  • Radish 12/01/2012

    Kremlik, did you really just suggest leveling another character of the same class to 50 only with a different race? :D

    The changes to the dialogue/story are nowhere near significant enough to warrant that.
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  • Radish 12/01/2012

    Just to note Eurogamer, Karagga's Palace is in game already - they're just finishing the operation off since it was rushed out with the launch. Reply +3