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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • Radamel 18/08/2014

    Just cut the crap, guys, ffs. If you want the game, just buy the console, just like every X1 owner will have to buy a PS4 to play Silent Hills and Bloodborne (a Souls game), if they want to play those games, like myself.

    Stop being so fucking hypocritical crybabies, this is a business. If you want Rise of the Tomb Raider, just buy the console, with which you also get the chance to play other games you might like. Jesus christ.
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  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • Radamel 13/08/2014

    @Dismiss Yes, you are correct about alternative 3. But option 2 was indeed advertised. Aaron Greenberg (I think) clarified this yesterday: RotTR IS an Xbox One exclusive, not only for holiday 2015. However, whether that's a *permanent* exclusivity like the GTAIV episodes or like Conviction (truly permanent) is unclear. But, if the game was assumed as a temporary exclusive, they would also say it: "first on Xbox One", just like they do it for the indies. Reply 0
  • Radamel 13/08/2014

    @Carpetfluff Convince myself of what? I am an owner of an Xbox One, yes, but not a fanboy one, trust me - I am buying a PS4 for Bloodborne, Uncharted and Silent Hills.

    I want everyone to play this game, really really much. I'm just trying to be rational here and trying to get a paiting of what Phil's words mean. Yes, they are carefully chosen, and I tried to analyse them carefully, unlike many of you who read the "duration" word and instantly assumed the game would be temporarily exclsive for the One.
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  • Radamel 13/08/2014

    Phil did not confirm the game would be a temporary exclusive, lol. You just have to know how to read.

    He said he had a deal with SE, and that deal does have a duration, just like ANY agreement must have a catch. However, it's not known if that duration is measurable in months, years, decades or games launched. This means the deal with Square Enix could be one of the following scenarios (or others, these are mere examples):

    -a temporary exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider, either 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade or whatever

    -a definitive exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider, which implies a duration too: when Square and CD decide to make the next installment in the franchise, the deal expires and they're free to release it wherever they want

    -a temporary exclusivity of the whole Tomb Raider franchise, again, for a month, a year, a decade, three decades OR a game, two or three games OR even for as long as Tomb Raider keeps selling above Y mark


    Get over it, guys. Rise of the Tomb Raider may or may not release on PS4, it's not clear in Phil Spencer's words.
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