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  • Nintendo to focus on Nintendo Direct and social media following Official Nintendo Magazine closure

  • RFturrican 07/10/2014

    That means the only mags left with anything Ninty will be multiformat jobs like Games Master, Games TM and Edge (unless Retro gamer do something about the Virtual Console releases)

    I have been, like many, a huge fan of Nintendo for decades, but even I feel a bit sad by not only this news, but the lack of games coming out on their flagship machine.

    I never really bought the mag though, as with each passing console reincarnation things became more family orientated and the gems became less and less available.

    To me it feels like the death of the Amiga magazines all over again. Hopefully the people employed there will find another publication to work on in-house.
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  • DriveClub review

  • RFturrican 07/10/2014

    You know, there are times when you look down these "mystical comment threads of depravity" and think to yourself....

    "Why are so many people getting worked up over other people's opinions, especially over a decent looking racing game that people have had a chance to play before release?"

    As far as I can see, if you played it and liked it, buy it and if you didn't then just don't bother. On a personal level, I just wish we had some proper old school racing fun again, but most of the companies that did those have died off because the "lowered Corsa generation" want this tweaked and that with a spoiler. A lot of us more mature gamers have been asking for a new PGR or "old School" Burnout for ages. From the video footage, Driveclub looks like the closest thing we've had, with even Forza Horizon 2 giving us more stats than a Sky Sports football match.

    Let's just all wait for Project CARS, which comes out on all the now current gen consoles, so there's no major bitching.
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  • Video: Why there's no Lord of the Rings in Shadow of Mordor's title

  • RFturrican 03/10/2014

    Why ask about sequels when the game has only JUST come out? Can't we just get time to sit and enjoy this first without detracting from the popularity within 5 minutes asking about another one?

    Maybe it's just me.....
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  • Lode Runner creator Douglas E. Smith passes away at 53

  • RFturrican 16/09/2014

    It is always a sad time when a talent from the past moves on to the next level and my thoughts go out to his family.

    Please EG, could you please change all the LOAD runners to the right spelling. It just feels a bit nasty when you can't even spell the guy's game correctly.
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  • Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

  • RFturrican 28/03/2014

    Has it really gotten to the stage where we care THAT much about the graphics?

    It looks nice enough for a next gen release, but the game needs to PLAY well, doesn't it? That's more important than how it looks, in my opinion.
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  • Game publishers help man injured in riot

  • RFturrican 11/08/2011

    To all those people who are calling this a publicity stunt.....

    You guys wouldn't happen to be the same people who moaned their backsides off when they didn't get the "best games in the world" after the hacking scandal, would you?

    At the end of the day, as I've said already, it's a humane gesture and I'm sure anyone would do it if they had the power to do so, so stop picking on the folk trying to help.... there's enough arseholes in that video without adding to it.

    Minus away... couldn't care.
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  • RFturrican 11/08/2011

    It's really nice to see a lovely gesture by Namco/Bandai and Sony, seeing as how PSP's are such hot property in London at the moment....... most likely a puddle of plasma on the floor of their distribution centre.

    Sony have not had the best of years, being serious, so to be able to do this considering their situation is commendable. Well done :)
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  • What is PSN Pass?

  • RFturrican 06/07/2011


    Fair point, well made about this thing.

    As much as it pains me to say it, we should be thankful it is going down this road rather than just stumping the retail prices up. They have been at a similar price for the best part of a decade, which is great considering we were paying 50 for PSX games.

    Like most big gaming characters, we have to just suck it up and move on to the next level.
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  • RFturrican 06/07/2011

    Looks like all of the companies are going to be doing this sooner or later now, as more and more of them clamber for money.

    Am I the only person that finds this all just one big irony considering they've waited til we're all deep into the recession before charging us more money?
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  • Battlefield 3: "no supervillains"

  • RFturrican 06/07/2011

    "Bach said DICE, as a Swedish developer, is "neutral on paper"

    You know, I had no IKEA.....
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  • Rockstar's "disdain" for LA Noire dev

  • RFturrican 06/07/2011

    Is there anything to be said about getting MacNamara to answer all of these questions that have arisen about all this from the people he has allegedly tried to either slave drive or swindle, but just for authenticity have a Truth, Doubt and Lie button floating to the left of his head? Reply -1
  • First Crysis coming to consoles report

  • RFturrican 02/07/2011

    It would just be a nice change to see a Crysis in gaming that doesn't involve good companies shutting down every 5 minutes... Reply +1
  • Split/Second dev Black Rock to close

  • RFturrican 02/07/2011

    I just fear that by the same token as befell the fate of Blur and Split/Second that the new Ridge Racer next year will sadly have the same fate, even WITH the advertising money and savvy behind it.

    It just feels that complexity and originality are what people crave now, with possibly the exception of certain genres (platformers, puzzle games etc.) and the good old fashioned arcade racer just simply cannot keep up with it.

    I am and will always be a lover of retro games and deem myself one of the hardcore (as do we all) but there are less and less of us left when it comes to embracing the teachings of the old tarmac.

    If only the defunkt workers of all of these companies could get together and do something spectacular....
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  • RFturrican 01/07/2011

    This is just sad, really.

    It's a screwed up gaming world when you can have a company that can create 2 racing games of pure quality go down the river and still have some truly chronic titles scraping onto the shelves expecting to take our money.

    Maybe it is just a case that as gamers have matured over the decades we've simply grown up and prefer simulations. The kids are all playing CoD anyway, so they're not interested, which leaves the hardcore gamers who still appreciate a good arcade racer.

    My Xbox pad will be at half mast today. Good luck in finding work, folks :(
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  • Speedball 2 iPhone, iPad now free

  • RFturrican 01/06/2011

    Just hurry up and do Cannon Fodder, for God's sake...... Reply +8
  • Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops detailed

  • RFturrican 27/05/2011

    "and you hear all the stories about the eight-year-olds, 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds swearing and ruining the experience...."

    Good job it's an 18 then, isn't it? You wouldn't catch kids playing adult games these days..... good grief..
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  • PSN password reset: Sony urges patience

  • RFturrican 16/05/2011

    If this reporting on the PSN keeps up we could see a world record for the amount of seperate articles that mention this. Can we not have all of these put together in a PSN section and free up the rest of the right hand side for actual gaming news.

    I have a PS3 and am waiting like everyone else, but I don't need so much information that it looks like I'll be interested to see what it had for breakfast.
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  • Team Bondi ponders L.A. Noire DLC plans

  • RFturrican 12/05/2011

    Just put all the games back on a cartridge again. THEN see where all the DLC comes from.

    Any chance of making a good game bigger is a good thing. Also remember we're paying the same amount for games we did 10 years ago, IF NOT LESS. Bearing in mind practically everything else has went up in price we should really count ourselves lucky.

    We could always go back to the John Menzies days with C16 tapes at 2.99 if you feel it's more value for money.
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  • Is Anonymous behind PSN outage?

  • RFturrican 22/04/2011

    I think what I don't understand is why they're targeting Sony in the first place.

    They don't charge to play games online, so everyone can game with their friends for free on the net. If this is what happens when we're not charging for multiplayer, heaven only knows how many toys would be slung out the pram if they did.
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  • The Shoot developer closes down

  • RFturrican 22/04/2011

    It was an alright game, bearing in mind it was designed specifically for Move, so you can't really expect something like Grand Theft Auto V: City on Rails now, can you?

    It is always a shame when companies go under and thoughts go out to the guys who worked there. I think people should start taking a leaf out of Namco and Bandai's book and start merging together.

    As long as we get some decent content along the way it could work.
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  • Forza 4 has 500 cars, 10x better looks

  • RFturrican 24/03/2011

    If Jeremy is in this, does that mean we get a 100G achievement if we figure out who the new Stig is?

    Staying on the cautious side. I mean , look at all the hype that GT5 got....
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  • Nintendo 3DS logs flash cart use?

  • RFturrican 07/03/2011

    Nintendo have had this problem for so long that they've had to do SOMETHING about it; and I for one am glad they have.

    The only problem is that it may be too little, too late. The 59p Apple/Android brigade are proving that some games can be cheap AND cheerful, but will punters still eagerly pay 30+ for something that doesn't have Prof Layton, Mario or Pikachu stuck on the front? I hope they will, but a recession has a funny effect on people.....
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  • Pre-order pre-owned games at GAME

  • RFturrican 07/03/2011

    With this kind of nonsense, you'd be fooled for thinking they've employed Bobby Kotick as their CEO.... Reply 0
  • Alien Breed trilogy boxed for Xbox 360

  • RFturrican 26/02/2011

    At least it is a step in the right direction. They could release so many Worms titles in a collection that you'd think you had to put it in a tank full of soil rather than a console.....


    They used to say the don't make 'em like they used to.... Now they just don't make 'em!
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  • Uncut Crysis 2 single-player gameplay

  • RFturrican 24/02/2011

    "hmmm. I'm not convinced. The environment looks kind of samey. I'm sure I saw really obvious pop in too. I'm glad there's a demo"

    Isn't that a phrase we could use for MOST of the FPS games within the last 3 years?

    It looks really enjoyable and could be a really good laugh. As that's all I really look for in games, I'll be happy (not to mention we're getting Timesplitters Futurisitc Battlesuit Lite with this one as well)
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  • Why Activision closed Bizarre

  • RFturrican 24/02/2011

    I still can't understand why Microsoft didn't take them back. I can only imagine the money was just too much to buy back from "The Vision"

    Shame really, as PGR's disappearance has left a rather big gap in the first party release schedule for the 360 owners.

    Personally, I just want to see that holy grail of gaming.... Geometry Wars 4 player multiplayer :D
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  • Buggy TDU2 apologises with free DLC

  • RFturrican 23/02/2011

    @Ap3xx The problem is simple. TDU had a release date that was originally penned for 2010 and a lot of people complained because it wasn't out when it was meant to be, which is probably why it was brought out rushed. People can say they'd rather wait for the game to be completely finished and sorted, but then there would be moanings for it not being out early enough.

    The human race is never happy and that is the sad truth. Black Ops was so badly bug ridden for the PS3 that it got slated and I'm sure this is the same, but I can't gague an opinion because I don't own it. I have however, heard a lot of friends complain about the bugs, so I sympathise with all those who have this problem, but this is probably going to be a factor in terms of releases from here on in. For those who are online they will get patches and things will get better. The ones I REALLY feel sorry for are the offline people who are pretty much stuck with a broken game.

    I do feel for you all who have this in it's current state, but as I said, at least they're fixing it rather than just leaving it knackered.
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  • RFturrican 23/02/2011

    Feelin the love in the room lol

    Just go and buy Need For Speed instead if things frustrate that much. At the end of the day it is a piece of software with some bugs in it. At least the developers now know about these things and are working on it. Plus the fact they're at least giving people who own it stuff for nothing; and yet there are STILL moanings.

    What do you think this is, The Old Republic? ;)
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  • Free Super Meat Boy DLC released

  • RFturrican 23/02/2011

    Just make Cotton Alley completable for 800 points and I'll buy that haha Reply 0
  • Where is the price of COD cheapest?

  • RFturrican 08/11/2010

    I'd just love to know why the reviews are always cut off for CoD every year. Please don't tell the general public what this game is like.

    It's the only game this happens with and I just think it's a bit barmy, to be fair. I mean, I'm going to be getting it anyway, but I just want to see what people think of it.

    As for the Supermarket offers..... I wonder if I can trade in a bottle of Cravendale and get it..?
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  • Mario Kart SNES coming to US VC

  • RFturrican 24/11/2009

    Is there any reason why they couldn't charge 1000 points for it and give us 8 player online capabilities, as well as an online battle mode for this?

    They hava a chance, much like what Super Mario Bros Wii has done and inject fresh life into a classic and I'll bet you they don't bother their arse...

    Here's to another wasted opportunity Nintendo. What good is the vitality sensor when your originality contingent doesn't even have a pulse?
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  • BBC's "PS3 failure" report under fire

  • RFturrican 17/09/2009

    Well I paid 25 quid to get my Super Nintendo repaired last year and that was including the shipping costs.

    Just thought I'd get that in there.
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  • Wheelspin

  • RFturrican 13/08/2009

    Let's just give it a chance when it comes out shall we? As usual you have some people jumping down it's throat before it can breathe saying it sucks and it lacks "art direction".... This isn't an Oscar winning movie you know, it is a game from a man who knows about good, simple gameplay. I do agree it could look a little better, but the fact is that as long as it plays well and brings entertainment to us all then it can't be bad.

    Still, wouldn't mind Ninty doing an 8 player online version of the SNES Mario Kart on Virtual Console.... What say you, Nintendo?
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  • Four fresh titles for Virtual Console

  • RFturrican 11/04/2008

    well, C64 budget games were 2.99 near the end of their life, so 50p inflation over 15 years isn't bad, really. Reply 0
  • Rez HD

  • RFturrican 30/01/2008

    I personally think 10 is a tad high. Sure it is a game that helped to mould others in a unique genre and the HD revamp has helped to keep it fresh, but for all the pros and nice touches, I just feel that the replay value is not quite as there as in other games, unless of course you often go out to techno night clubs and are used to moving your fingers while a throbbing drum beat echoes through your head on a regular basis.

    An 8 or a 9 I would have said fair enough, but hey, at least it's a decent Xbox Live release for a change instead of "generic crap that noone has heard of that's ripped off something commercial and better" 5.

    Each to their own.
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