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  • PS4 software update v2.01 to tackle Rest Mode problem

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 05/11/2014

    So when can I expect a new update designed to fix the update that was designed to fix the update, thanxxx. Reply -4
  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 05/11/2014

    Yep, looks like this may have crashed VidZone. Getting only errors and app freezes. Maybe coincidence :D Reply 0
  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 20/10/2014

    Bad Internet! Look what you did! *hits with rolled up Daily Mail* Now begins an age of peace and prosperity. Reply 0
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/10/2014

    Concealed carry for attendees at large events? Great idea. Pesky femenists with their... stuff. Reply +2
  • Dark Souls 2 director aims to make sequel more "straightforward" and "understandable"

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 11/12/2012

    Mass Effect 2/3
    Dead Space 2
    Resident Evil 4 part 2 (5)
    Dark Souls 2?

    People love to fuck with a winning formula.

    In Dark Souls case, not every story needs to be happy slappy all spelled out for those with no imagination. It actually works to the detriment of viewer/player participation. This is pandering to the masses to get dat cash money$$££.
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 25/10/2012

    Respect -1, Eurogamer. You were almost real journalists for a few hours. Reply +22
  • Dudebro 2 stars Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 17/10/2012

    Haha, oh wow. Good for them. I thought the project was dead. Looking forward to it. Reply 0
  • Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to "protect" her

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/06/2012

    I'm no prude but I can't help but see this as the blatant attempt at headline grabbing that it is.

    The Tomb Raider franchise is a franchise that has long been the goto example of how industry neckbeards sexualize female leads. Lara croft is pretty much a digital sex doll and for this franchise to be the one that tackles such a sensitive issue as rape... bullshit.

    I would prefer they have an ass to mouth and bukkake scene. At least it would be more honest in its intention. Hmmm, off to xhamster :redface:
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  • Watch Dogs Preview: Placing Power in Your Palm

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 08/06/2012


    "I only just got round to watching this video, and this game looks amazing. As someone else said, its all the little details, like how he tries to hide the gun, and how his epic goat reacts to the wind. It looks beautiful as well"

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  • Silent Hill HD Collection Review

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 30/03/2012

    Meh. Will wait for it to be redone on PS4/5, Xbox720/1080. I am in no way going to support this kind of weak BS. It's a shame so many gamers don't mind getting shafted and will buy half-assed cash-ins. Lines the pockets of the purveyors of such shoddy tripe, and green lights further tripe. Reply +5
  • Skyrim patch due week beginning 28th November

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 21/11/2011

    Good news for PS3 owners. My 360 version is still sat in its plastic wrap, as it has since launch day. I'm waiting for a texture streaming patch.

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  • Digital Foundry vs. Uncharted 3

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 07/11/2011


    Yes, I did notice the slightly better lighting and the slightly less jaggy shadows. But there are jaggies everywhere else:) I would rather have a uniform quality of AA rather than great here, awful there. But I suppose its entirely to personal taste. Personally, I don't think the increased lighting detail was worth the hit, but then again I also believe that it was 3D responsible for the downgrade to the AA not the lighting/shadow detail, so it's all arbitrary with that in mind.

    I mean who would trade off anti-aliasing for slightly less jaggy shadows and slightly better lighting? Well, ND, I guess. But it makes more sense that they would make such a drastic change for the sake of something bigger, like 3D.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 07/11/2011

    I am with you, brother :p In my opinion, one of 3 things happened:

    1. Sony wanted to push their 3D TV technology like they did with blu-ray in the PS3, hence 3D in Uncharted. Even though you can turn 3D on and off, changing the Anti-aliasing from mode to mode is a problem. To get the performance ND wanted in 3D, the whole anti-aliasing solution had to be rethought to make a smaller footprint.

    It's obvious if you check a few online interviews that Naughty Dog was gently pushed to include 3D. Sure, they had to get excited about it, but it wasn't in their original plans.

    2. Maybe the line that ND said about the anti-aliasing being too costly and they had to change it to increase details elsewhere in the game (not just for 3D) is true. Whatever, I think the game looks worse overall, increased detail or not.

    3. Naughty Dog cannot see jaggies. It also seems like a lot of Uncharted fans can't see jaggies either because apart from a few posts, the horrible anti-aliasing hasn't been mentioned, even in the reviews. Maybe ND thought the anti-aliasing was amazing.

    Only a few people are cursed to notice jaggies or most people believe the increased detail/3D was worth the hit to overall image quality. I think the smooth image quality in Uncharted 2 was almost like a cartoon 95% of the time. The shimmering jagged edges on almost everything in Uncharted 3 completely removes that polished smooth look and reminds you that this is indeed a game.

    And before fanboys get their knickers in a twist, I think Uncharted 3 is awesome, but we should be allowed to discuss the games shortcomings. Enough people are already discussing its strengths.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 05/11/2011

    Uncharted 2 was the sum of its parts, and a major one of those parts was graphical finesse/attention to detail; it had been given the attention that an artist might give a painting. The moment I saw the anti-aliasing solution in the U3 multi-player beta, I was worried - half the time it just doesn't work! And the plane section in the beta; grenades disappearing when thrown into moving trucks or on the ramp - the whole thing felt shonky and still does at retail.

    Compared to the smoothness and solid feel of U2 or even U1 the new game is a step down.

    Sadly, I think ND partly lost sight of what made U2 so breathtaking - it wasn't just extreeeeeeme set pieces that made U2 special. I think the graphical trade-offs have been to the detriment of the experience in a big way. Overall the game may be doing cleverer things but it looks worse and is missing a massive amount of polish.

    EDIT: Forgot the aiming. You don't completely revise the aiming in an established franchise. It's not what core shooter fans want--and lets be honest, Uncharted is primarily a shooter. Uncharted 3 controls like a tank with a wonky turret compared to the ballerina like Drake from U2. I was one of the folks on Neogaf calling for a patch, but I think the game's problems ultimately run deeper than the aiming. Simon Parkin was right saying the game wrenches the controls away from the player too much - one minute you can only walk, can only run, cannot draw your weapon, cannot walk over there, it can be distracting in U3 and is over done. Even the gun battles are less satisfying in their stop/start staggered nature and the AI seems dumber. 8/10 is exactly right.
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  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 25/10/2011


    I know. But if you look at the context in which you (and others) use it, my point stands.

    Maybe a 'negative' term would describe it better :)
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 25/10/2011

    Sweet baby Jesus, this thread has reminded me how much I hate the term casual gamers.

    Hilarious that people are throwing it around like some passive insult. So what does that make you guys? Serious face gamers? Hardcore gamers? Pathetic imaginary elitism is what it is.

    If you love games, you love all games - not every game has to have pages of stats and upgrade trees. A real gamer can appreciate a game for what it is and how successful it is in its execution. And above all else - is it fun?
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 25/10/2011

    The review reads like it's written by someone who would rather be spending their time playing RPGs.

    The disparity in review scores on EG is laughable, and really hurts the site's credibility, imho. I love Ellie Gibson's writing, but would I ask her to review Modern Warfare 3? And would I take her opinion as an informed one from someone familiar with the genre? No. Because I know her area of knowledge and enjoyment is not the military shooter.

    And this is where EG is guilty - for whatever reasons...

    Maybe it's time to introduce a bit of quality control in the reviews and maybe review by committee, or at least have a second opinion piece from someone who has respect for the genre and doesn't see linear games as some vapid distraction from 'real' games :D.

    There is a lot riding on reviews for developers and overly harsh reviews can hurt sales. I'm not saying this is the case with Uncharted 3, but it still illustrates the high regard in which gamers hold reviews. Exercising a bit of conformity across game ratings wouldn't hurt.
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  • Dead Space 3 logo, art spotted - report

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 20/09/2011

    There were some fantastic ideas and improvements in DS2. Sadly, it felt a bit too manic and unfocused compared to the first game and was overall a bit of a disappointment for me. Still a great game, though.

    I would love it if for DS3 Visceral(?) can find a sweet spot somewhere between DS1 and DS2. Coherent, focused and less hectic narrative, plus rockety zero gravity, vacuum blowouts and all the other goodies from DS2, minus the last few chapters and end boss ;p

    Also, give me mute Isaac instead of "Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas," Isaac. After assigning my own identity to Isaac in the original game it was very jarring for him have his own personality. It's not always necessary to see the protagonist, I would rather be the protagonist.
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  • Voice actor defends Silent Hill 2 HD

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 24/08/2011

    "We all knew going in that we were going to get raised on this and people would be on both sides and be like, 'This is amazing,' or be on the polar opposite and say, 'It's the worst thing ever.'"

    Umm, no. People would either not give a shit or be WTFing. Why would anyone think 'this is amazing' because somebody is changing part of an already critically lauded game?
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  • 8 minutes of Uncharted 3 gameplay

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 20/08/2011


    Ah, I see what you mean.

    It's not uncommon to see the strings being pulled depending on your level of immersion, personal preferences and the resultant sensitivity to the flow of a game. Unless the scope and systems of a game are strictly limited (RPGs, SRPGs, SHMUPs, etc) there will always be moments where a developer has to use their best judgement to get from A to B, such as action games attempting to translate cinema style spectacle. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. It's debatable.

    You seem to be sensitive to some of these design decisions and that's fair enough. People have problems with the fire-fight to exploration ratio, the semi-automatic nature of the climbing/traversal and the lack of boss fights. These things can affect the overall enjoyment of a game depending on your expectations.

    You said that Uncharted is a bit like bubblegum, which suggests that it's not quite substantial enough for you. Or, to throw in a food metaphor, there's not enough meat on the bone. Maybe you're more attuned to games that are more skill based and where you have to think your way through parts?

    Uncharted is the video game embodiment of the summer blockbuster. It's not meant to be an incredibly deep experience, it's meant to be a jaw to the floor popcorn adventure and has to maintain a certain narrative pace where gun-play, arena style fire-fights and spectacle are foremost. All the other mechanics in the game are mostly an aid to that focus.

    Incidentally, I was impressed with the parts of the game where the control of the player was maintained, like the train journey, collapsing building, truck surfing, etc. The parts where control was taken away from the player seemed pretty inconsequential in the context of the game, imo.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 19/08/2011


    Fallout 3 is an open world RPG - the whole point of which is to build your own character, make decisions, level up and go on about 100 hours of quests. You can't really compare that to a twelve hour scripted, linear third-person shooter/action game.

    It's like comparing a six month college course on Italian Cuisine to making a Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle. Although the Uncharted series is like God's personal Pot Noodle.

    Personally, I can't think of an action game that equals the Uncharted franchise for entertainment. The strength of the game is in the combination of story, traversal, shooting, set-pieces and cut scenes. I could pick one of these aspects and probably name games that have done that thing better, but as a complete package Uncharted is pretty special.
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  • Sony announces new PSP model

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 16/08/2011

    Where the hell can I get some of what Sony is smoking? :( Reply +2
  • Sources question Vita RAM halved claim

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 29/07/2011

    Who needs RAM? I used to have great fun pushing a wooden hoop with a stick down the cobbled streets of yore.

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  • Codies: UK games industry in dire straits

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 22/07/2011

    Hello, spambot. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft confirms online pass

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 16/07/2011


    No doubt. I'm not holding any industry up as a paragon of virtue.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/07/2011


    They got payed from the initial sale of the game. If the game is any good or offers a uniqueness then it will be worth holding on to. If it isn't worth holding on to I believe it should be in the owners right to recoup as much of their outlay as possible. Especially in an age where glowing sponsored reviews are released early, bad reviews are not forgotten and release day embargoes are common place. It's not like the industry plays fair all the time. If the market is flooded with used copies of a game, that says a lot about the game, imo.

    Are used game sales diverting money from the industry? Yep. Destroying the industry? Nope. Make games that are actually worth keeping. Don't churn out cookie cutter shite and expect it to sell gangbusters and have staying power.

    I grew up exchanging Master System, Megadrive games in swap shops. That makes me a relic, and my attitude to 'owning' a game is similarly archaic. I make no apologies for it. As for my analogies being shite, I can't argue with that :)
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/07/2011

    I love games and gaming and more money for the industry is a good thing - but do they deserve it for doing fuck all? For inventing another online tax?

    Car manufacturers, book publishers, music publishers, electronics hardware manufacturers don't have the code to ensure that they get money from every physical resale of their product, and they thrive. They don't have the power to belittle the concept of ownership.

    Digital Distribution has become so widespread that publishers can't wait to take more money from us - one license, one player. Gone are the days when publishers relied on bricks and mortar to distribute and sell their product. In their eagerness to help ease us into this glorious age we get gimped physical copies that generate some tasty profit and wound used sales prices that are often used to offset the purchase of a new game.

    Never mind that with gaming it is all too easy to charge micro-transactions at every possible opportunity. Paid map packs, accessories and DLC are already bringing in money from second hand buyers, but that's not enough - they want every last penny. Plus this way they don't have to bother so much with pesky things like innovation and post release support. The money will just keep rolling in.

    So, we can look forward to a future of Digital Distribution price fixing, physical copies that can't be passed on or exchanged, shitty peer to Peer online, the endless sexing up and dumbing down of games to fit mass market models, publishers buying studios and then realising they don't have the vision to make the new acquisitions meet targets.

    I say we take to the streets! Burn our modems! Start an online petition (oh wait, my modem)! Talk utter bollocks that reeks of the fear of change and the resentment of savvy industry opportunists!

    Yeah, I'll do that last one.
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  • The EGTV Show: The Future Of PC Gaming Pt.1

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 11/07/2011

    I quite enjoyed that, even though it was stating the obvious. I've always wondered how people could even consider writing off PC gaming. It could never happen - the more likely scenario is that PCs knock consoles off the top spot or consoles become PCs.

    Also, lol@blackxino. Games is games. It is possible to own consoles and a gaming PC. Just because some people want to experience something a bit more substantial than 512MB RAM can provide and then shockingly *discuss* that experience, there's no need to get all salty ;)
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  • Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception: Beta Impressions

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 04/07/2011

    I am really enjoying the beta - but it isn't satisfying having an AI game director dishing out handicaps every 3 minutes. It's fun, but it sure isn't rewarding.

    It removes some of the skill and replaces it with luck and artificial endings. Deus ex machina is never satisfying in the long run. A lot of people probably won't notice this and U3 will take its place between Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

    However, for those few who loved the simplicity and level playing field of U2 - this is a bit of a disappointment. It is still a good game, but it doesn't have that epic feeling of a battle well fought like U2 had because of all the fluff and interference.
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  • Lionhead has "super secret second project"

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 30/06/2011

    I still love you, Molly. Reply +7
  • Wii U

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 08/06/2011

    I really like the idea of this. It opens up a lot possibilities in the way the games can be designed, I just hope that potential is fully realised.

    I'm sooo bored of generational graphical upgrades that can be emulated by a 3 year old PC. Feels like console gaming needs to reinvent itself - maybe this time Nintendo can break new(ish) ground and satisfy the 'core' gamers at the same time.

    Nintendo are the only ones going all out against the stagnancy of graphical one upmanship.
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  • Who is to blame for LA Noire crashes?

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 20/05/2011

    I blame the owner of, Chen Yaqin of Fujiansheng Province, China. The spam is blocking the blu-rays. Reply +10
  • Firmware 3.61 causing PS3s to overheat?

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 19/05/2011

    Probably the only time I've been glad of a delayed European release. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Network online in the UK

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/05/2011

    @RESIDENT_nEVILe My US account has the same problem.

    Well, goddamn. Maybe they've been hacked again ;)

    A lot of U.S on NeoGAF are saying its up again for them - for some U.S it never went down :s
    Kaz probably tripped over a patch cable.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/05/2011

    Same error.

    Sony Europe are a bit spesh. Like the lazy, unemployed, weed smoking little brother to Sony America's high flying over-achiever.

    The real laugh will be when they try and organize the free 1year Identity Theft cover in Europe. Back to jumpy spaceman on the xbox then :(
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  • How to change your PSN password

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/05/2011


    There go my 20 troll PSN accounts I've accumulated, them emails are long dead. I can't even remember which accounts I actually used to buy content and have my card details on them. Motherf#cking karma :(
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  • Pitchford hits out at "evil" PSN hackers

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/05/2011

    I'm not defending Anonymous - I just don't think they deserve to share the same descriptor as Osama Bin Laden and the IRA.

    edit edit edit
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/05/2011

    The whole precedent of the article is bollock. Not even bollocks. Technically Randy Pitchfork is spouting shite.

    Even if you want to call anonymous a group of evil cyber-terrorists - thus devaluing the word terrorism, the Playstation Network was not brought down by them.

    Sony themselves took PSN down after realising they had some pretty nice security holes in their network structure and that a theft of data had been committed by an unidentified individual/group of hacker(s). No group has come forward, no statement has been issued - it can only be classified as data theft.

    Everybody wants to throw the word terrorist about whenever they get a chance. If you go down that route then everybody is a terrorist to someone. Like the big boys who used to kick you in the head after school - they were a group, they had a particular aim and they used violence.

    So who are cyber-terrorists a terrorist to? One particular company? Sony? A group of sweaty gamers? Or do you have to be against a government or a populace to be considered a cyber-terrorist?

    S'all bollock.
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  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/05/2011

    So those protesters blocking the road to the new Tescos are 'Road Terrorists'?

    And those dodgy guys who commit identity theft are also 'Terrorists'?

    What worries me is that when I go out later I am going to have to face all those 'Pub Terrorists', who knowingly stand at the busy bar chatting, forever causing a nuisance and blocking my access.


    bring on the negs, baby. We've got a whole weekend ahead of us.
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  • PSN online gaming return imminent?

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/05/2011

    Wow, Neogaf sure hates ponies. Worse than Hitler. Reply 0
  • Resistance 3 multiplayer footage

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 07/03/2011

    Looks... competent. Hope this plays more like RFoM rather than R2. Reply +1
  • L.A. Noire video shows Naked City

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 03/03/2011

    This retailer exclusive content is getting out of hand. I could deal with it being a couple of outfits - but missions? I'm curious to know how exactly this benefits the publisher? It sure as fuck does gamers no favours because a lot of the time exclusive content doesn't even appear on GOTY editions - it just disappears into the ether. Reply +2
  • Is We Dare too raunchy for America?

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 26/02/2011

    Curb-stomping is a Constitutional right, bum fun is not. Reply +14
  • Dead Space 2

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 19/02/2011

    Oh, snap! Nice review, Kami - I approve of the score ;)

    I agree with "too keen to show everything and strip down to its birthday suit for your pleasure. It's showing off, and in that it feels like it has lost something." It's hard to quantify exactly why the game didn't win me over (unlike its predecessor) - but this is certainly a part of it.

    The satisfying bits for me were the sections that slowly built tension, allowed me time to take in the surroundings and used cunning/considered enemy placement rather than just smacking me the head with a pile of necromorphs. I keep comparing it to the Transformers movie because too much of it relies on over the top big-badda-booms and shaky cam. As you have said, it - like ever so many sequels - seems to scream, "I have a budget, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

    I tried to convince myself that I was being too harsh on the game because I certainly seem to be in the minority. I decided to give it another go (finished it last week) but the magic just wasn't there. I got kinda bored around chapter 5 and stopped playing. It is a good game... that I have no urge to replay :(

    There are some moments that stick in my mind: lugging Howard Phillips about :D, all the tense fights against the raptor things, getting completely trolled by Visceral aboard the derelict Ishimura, the zero-gravity sections - but much of the game is like white noise to me.
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  • Report: PlayStation tablet detailed

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 17/02/2011

    Hard to swallow at that price. Reply +1
  • Leaks could force console-only Crysis 3

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 15/02/2011

    Sure, people dling new games are a bit cnutish - but really the industry should be hitting themselves in the face, aswell as hitting out at pirates. Is enough being done to find and prosecute those who leak a pre-release game? Are the punishments harsh enough? What part of the process is failing?

    DRM is a waste of time - like the unskippable F.A.C.T sequence at the start of DVDs - the bootleg versions of the media will have all this removed, meaning the only group affected by such things will be legitimate buyers, lol. Pirates will pirate - consumers will consume and there isn't as big an overlap as the industry would like to think. Better process security and harsher punishments seem the most sensible action.
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  • PS3 hacker Geohot raps against Sony

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 14/02/2011

    This is brilliant - I demand a rap battle between Geo and Joaquin Phoenix! Reply +1
  • Dead Space 2

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 13/02/2011

    Thanks for reading :) Reply 0
  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 12/02/2011

    Cheers for the positive feedback.

    True about the amateur storytelling in the first DS. I've seen so many budget sci-fi flicks that my brain has developed a blind-spot to some stuff :p I can get past a little simplicity and was able to enjoy it as a simple but affective b-movie romp.

    The storytelling in DS2 is about on par with the first, but with added hyperactivity and schizophrenia. There's a lot more action in DS2; some of it works and some of it fails miserably - although how miserably is dependant on how high a threshold you have regarding enemy spamming.

    The core game-play has improved a lot and, as I said, there are moments of brilliance - it's without doubt worth a purchase. Don't let my review put you off, as I seem to be in minority :)
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  • New Dead Space 2 MP suits this weekend

  • RESIDENT_nEVILe 12/02/2011

    I must remember to ask Isaac where he gets his suits. Very dapper. Reply 0