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  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Review

  • RCrucial 17/05/2012

    @cloudskipa Hmm, I did quite enjoy Sonic 4.1 so maybe you have persuaded me that I should get the whole game. Its a shame i got the first one on wii as I'd like the bonus content.

    While Mario and Sonic games were very different and Mario was superior for exploration and challenge, I think quality wise the Sonics were at the same level, since sonic was a more exciting experience to play.

    I think 'Sonic 4' should be at least as enjoyable as the 2D parts of Sonic Colours/Generations and 2D graphics would give it more of a visual identity. I guess also I still think the Sonic character used before Sonic 3 is the coolest sprite artwork ever drawn and the newer designs just cant't touch its timeless style

    Sonic CD I love because its so different from the other Sonics and has an almost Dark souls level of frustration/reward if you try and totally complete it (maybe an exaggeration..).

    Looking forward to seeing what they come up with for Sonic Dimensions on Wii U
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  • RCrucial 17/05/2012

    @cloudskipa I've got to disagree with you there. I really enjoyed the Sonics in the first place and in my opinion the things that made them were two vital things. The whole sensory experience of colourful fast graphics and bouncy uptempo music and the sense of movement. Since Sonic 4 is meant to be a continuation it should have those things and I don't feel the current Sonic Team are really capturing that.

    I think high-def 2D sprites for 2D games would capture these things more than the current 3D graphics. I think it worked for NSMB because graphics were never as important for Mario games and it still had continuity with the old games as they still retained the same run-and bop gameplay feel.

    I think you're right that maybe the MD games should just be left alone as they really were products of their time but then Sega named the games Sonic 4... Also I love Sonic Colours Wii and think it has come closest to capturing the essence of the Sonic greatness.

    People nitpick so much because in their day Sonic games held their own against Mario games and its a shame to see the relative fall in standards.

    Finally you are still wrong about the Sonic 4 music-its boring! But then I have just been enjoying the tribal rave brilliance of Sonic CD Jap soundtrack!
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  • RCrucial 17/05/2012

    After spending last night thoroughly enjoying getting all the good futures in Sonic CD and then having a quick blast on Sonic 2 to compare them I saw that Sonic 4.2 was out and downloaded the demo.

    I have to say coming onto it directly after the two best original Sonics was very disapointing. The originals honestly looked, played and sounded better and I really don't believe it is just my sad fanboy nostalgia goggles. The first early sonics just got the combination of eye-popping sprite graphics and manic catchy tunes spot-on. And just moving sonic is a pleasure even without having any particular goal (as in the best Nintendo games).

    The new sonic looks less appealing and the music is just dreary. And i don't understand why the original physics could not be replicated.

    I think a return to 2d (possibly sprite graphics) as some one said may be the way forward..
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  • The Rise and Fall of Sega Enterprises

  • RCrucial 22/02/2012

    I used to be the ultimate sega fanboy in my school days, having long playground arguments about why sonic was better than mario and streets of rage 2 better than street fighter 2 (until we got the HYPER edition! and those amazing 6 button pads).

    But now to my slight shame, I now an ultimate Nintendo fanboy-I think of them as continuing the true console tradition and proper video games companies need our support over an operating system company and consumer electronics company.

    However, as perfectly formed as Nintendo games are, they still don't have craziness and cool of SEGA at its best.
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  • The Last Stories

  • RCrucial 16/01/2012

    I'd really like a release of Excitebots Reply +1
  • Netflix launched in UK and Ireland, pricing confirmed

  • RCrucial 10/01/2012

    Downloaded this for Wii, as don't have xbox live gold and its brilliant!

    No stuttering and good selection I think - loving Breaking Bad. Plus wii pointer controls always improves these things.

    Will cancel lovefilm now I think.
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  • If I Had One Wish…

  • RCrucial 13/08/2010

    I think people are missing the actual point of games when they say need to have better story or acting to give an emotional resonance. The USP of games is their interactivity, so they don't need to attempt to copy passive artforms such as books or films.

    For example the most powerful emotional experience I've had recently in a game was in super mario galaxy 2, on that late underwater level where you're going through long underwater tunnels with little air and then suddenly emerge to a beautiful sunlit plain on the over side to retrieve a star. I got a real feeling of first claustrophobia and then relief and joy at completing the level and arriving at a beautiful area. These are real universal themes that can also be related in novels for instance but are achieved here, through guiding the player through the experience with out the need for conventional storytelling.

    Also there is that wonderful boo moon level which has a brilliant playful artistry, where your perceptions of the levels are played with (such as by landing on supposedly far away moon in the background). This seems to me the perfect example of video games as a really creative and unique artform.
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  • Spector was asked to "reinvent" Mickey

  • RCrucial 26/10/2009

    Wouldn't it be good if they released all the retro disney classics on VC as promotion for this game... castle of illusion, duckhunt, world of illusion, Alladin and the nintendo equivilents I never played...

    maybe there's a chance seeing how the Star wars came have now been released.
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  • Virtual Console: The Most Wanted

  • RCrucial 05/11/2008

    Agree we need the megadrive EA games and the disney games if possible. plus MD micromachines games and virtua racing and how about mega CD and 32x games like sonic CD and chaotix (never played but always wanted to) and sega arcade conversions. Reply 0