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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • QotSAfan 30/11/2016

    Could it be a lack of effective marketing? I know for me, that I haven't seen any adverts for these games, let alone others in quite some time. Dishonoured 2 which was my most anticipated game, I didn't even know it's release date. Reply -5
  • Burnout Paradise is gaming perfection

  • QotSAfan 27/11/2016

    Paradise took time to love. I spent my first ten hours getting frustrated by the open world, getting my shortcuts wrong or missing my turns. Once you got to know the city though, it really was great. And then, you had the true crowning point of the game for me: Showtime. Bouncing your car downtown while trying to hit as many buses as possible. Brilliant! Reply +1
  • BioShock's fascinating but inescapable failure

  • QotSAfan 16/09/2016

    Everyone gets lost in the whole "Would You Kindly" reveal and it's implications about player agency, yet, they fail to recognise that when you're free from brainwashing, the story continues much the same. Bioshock then, isn't really a statement about player agency in videogames and being a slave to the designer but rather it is a broader statement about determinism as a whole. Our environment and all that is in it, will drive the roles we inhibit but our limited agency dictates how we carry out the actions of our role and the enjoyment we receive from it. Videogames and other forms of fiction are just a smaller representation of this. Reply +1
  • Verdun review

  • QotSAfan 02/09/2016

    I usually come to Eurogamer because the reviews tend to be coherent and insightful. I felt the review here wasn't. Instead of taking the game on its own merits, it seems the reviewer took issue that it wasn't another shooter. It's like complaining about Dark Souls not being Vanquish; baffling!

    Instead of complaining about the lack of killcam or other intended features, perhaps explaining that the game doesn't explain its mechanisms clearly for a new player and that this leads to frustration would be the more insightful critique.
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  • Watch: Seven games that made you look like a complete and utter badass

  • QotSAfan 05/06/2016

    Asuras Wrath , Mirrors Edge and Dynasty Warriors have all lent themselves to some incredible badass gaming moments for me. Especially Asuras Wrath. Reply 0
  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • QotSAfan 14/07/2015

    Konami, just what the hell are you thinking?! Reply +20
  • Back from the Brink: the new Splash Damage

  • QotSAfan 22/12/2014

    It's sad that Splash Damage get the brunt of the blame for Brinks failings. I'm not absolving them of blame but the publisher was Bethesda. Who are one of the worst publishers around. When are we going to get any real journalism on their shameful practices? Reply +8
  • In search of the perfect bug

  • QotSAfan 10/04/2014

    The best bugs as features were all those in Halo 2. From BxR all the way to breaking out of every map. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: IP Freely?

  • QotSAfan 18/05/2013

    IP rights are a minefield of issues. But for me, creators should have the right to their IP, publishers should just be exactly that. A business partner who invests and publishes the creators work.

    Take Call of Duty, if West and Zampella had owned that, Activision wouldn't have had the opportunity to run the creative soul of the franchise into the ground, as West and Zampella would have went to EA or whoever would have bid highest on the rights to publish.

    IP rights are one of the few areas where I agree with a more free market policy to how business should be implemented.
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  • The Club retrospective

  • QotSAfan 14/04/2013

    The slow gameplay and its aesthetics really killed this off for me. Compare it to the more arcade feel and giddiness of Vanquish for example and it really falls short on a great idea. Reply +6
  • Lost Planet 3 out in Europe on 28th June

  • QotSAfan 06/03/2013

    Looks alright. Reply +1
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay demoed live on US TV

  • QotSAfan 22/02/2013

    Herman handled that well! Reply 0
  • "Real gamer" Duncan Jones to helm 2015 Warcraft movie

  • QotSAfan 01/02/2013

    Scott Pilgrim is pretty much a video game film. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions for buying better weapons

  • QotSAfan 22/01/2013

    Get ready to see more things like this with game development costs on the up. I can't say I blame developers for stuff like this (they are in the business of making money after all) as long as it doesn't impact significantly on the overall game design and is intelligently done. Reply -2
  • EA eyes THQ's game IP as struggling publisher goes to auction

  • QotSAfan 08/01/2013

    @darkmorgado Yes because that was a very well executed piece of art that stayed true to its source material.

    The right team and support behind a 40k FPS would be perfect. Those factors just haven't come together yet. Space Marine was a decent attempt at a 3rd person action game but like with most new IP's it needed a second game to iron out its flaws.

    Peoples absolute penchant for pessimism in big business is unbelievable. These are some of the biggest gaming publishers in the world with some very talented teams at their disposal, they all could offer the right resources for such a 40k FPS to take off.

    Not to mention, Games Workshop take exceptional care in how their IP is treated in the virtual arena (a policy mostly based on reception of the Firewarrior game).
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  • QotSAfan 08/01/2013

    An EA backed Dawn of War FPS does sound mighty appealing though. 40K in the latest Frostbite engine. Holy shit, sign me up!

    Just let Relic do what Relic does though. That would be the biggest sticking point.
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  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • QotSAfan 03/10/2012

    I think the argument here shouldn't be, are we objectifying or empowering women with Booth Babes but rather, why is sexuality required at a video games convention where sexuality is not a major part of its theme. Reply +7
  • Saturday Soapbox: Magical Manuals

  • QotSAfan 30/06/2012

    I used to love manuals. All the little bits of extra world and character history just really added to the immersion of a fully realised game. Plus the excitement of learning of the movesets that would become available to you later in the game.

    My favourite manual has to be Killzone's. Presented as an extended news report on the war unfolding around you. Loved it.

    Also, special mention to RTS manuals. Having all your units and abilities set out before you in a list was very handy.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Majesty of Menus

  • QotSAfan 23/06/2012

    For me, menu screens and how memorable they are tend to tie in with whatever background music and audio ques are encoded with it. The aesthetics may be great but a great soundtrack seals it.

    My favourite recent example of this is Deus Ex: HR. On the attract screen, that que when you hit the start button is joy incarnate. Not to mention the lovely score accompanying the whole game.

    Menu's that have impressed me from the past would be the Metal Gear Solid series.
    From the black screen and opening motif of the first game and the sudden rush of the menu, to the distorted and interactive attract of the second and right up to the graveyard of number four. They have always fitted the tone and the themes of each game.

    The Killzone series also has great menus. The rain soaked character of the first game, the jilty, gritty atmospheric screen of the second (with the bouncing menu scroll!) have stuck in my head. Not to mention the fantastic soundtrack on the second games main menu theme.

    Warhawk had a gorgeous flying through sky animation behind its white minimal aesthetic and the marching band drums were exquisite

    The Dawn of War series has also really impressed, that bombastic score with an ingame character model standing in a rubbled battlefield with a red sky above him. Also from Relic, the slow motion fighting menu of 40K: Space Marine impressed me as well. Gave a real sense of the visceral action going on. I winched when he smashed some of those Orks.

    Finally, for a menu system that captures a game in perfect harmony with what it is about. Big shout out to the Dynasty Warrior series. The cheesy power metal guitar, the quick, arcadey swipe of the menus with accompanying whirlwind sounding ques and then the ridiculous cut to the opening cinematic if it is left alone for more than thirty seconds. Truely great.
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-inspired Crysis mod becomes full game

  • QotSAfan 17/05/2012

    'borrowing story elements from Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's Roadside Picnic' Fixed that for you! Reply +14
  • Zampella, West now want over $1 billion in damages from Activision

  • QotSAfan 17/05/2012

    Holy Shit! Reply +13
  • Epic unveils Unreal Engine 4 with stunning in-game screens

  • QotSAfan 17/05/2012

    I'm no expert on games engines at all but I could swear I have heard of dynamic lighting being used in other games engines before. Are Epic a bit behind the pack so?

    Someone clueless looking for an honest answer here.
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  • BioWare asks fans to help brainstorm Dragon Age's future

  • QotSAfan 16/05/2012

    My idea: More of DA2, less of Origins! Reply -10
  • The Last of Us trailer reveals Ellie redesign

  • QotSAfan 16/05/2012

    Always found the Ellen Page lookalike to be grating to my experience, ruined some of the immersion of the setting. That said, I really liked the freckles, sad to see them go :( Reply 0
  • Dishonored release date announced

  • QotSAfan 10/05/2012

    I quite like the box art. Reply 0
  • New Assassin's Creed 3 in-game footage

  • QotSAfan 10/05/2012

    With the amount of Brit killing in that, I reckon the trailer is aimed for the American audience. Reply +10
  • Microsoft vs Motorola legal row gets nasty

  • QotSAfan 08/05/2012

    How does a US judge put a restraining order on a German court ruling?! Reply +14
  • Take-Two boss: "THQ won't be around in six months"

  • QotSAfan 06/04/2012

    Swings and roundabouts, only idiots boast when they are on top. Reply +1
  • EA brushes off "worst company in America" award

  • QotSAfan 05/04/2012

    "Ask Valve, Nintendo, Blizzard, Double Fine, Firaxis, CDProjekt, how much popularity and money you can get just being nice, fair, and smart."

    The Valve that is now in a trademark dispute with Blizzard (who is so nice and fair is still charging subscription fees, even though other MMO's have gone freemium) over a community established name and game.

    How about the Nintendo who publically declared they didn't need all the 'hardcore' gamers because the casual gamers were giving them money, only to come crawling back with the Wii U, as the attach rate is too low on the Wii.

    Or the CDProjekt that were hunting piracy down by using a system where innocent people could and have been charged.

    I haven't heard anything too bad about Double Fine or Firaxis but rest assured all these companies are not nice or fair. They are very smart about their publicity and how they get your money.
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  • Ubisoft: WW2, Japan and Egypt would make dismal Assassin's Creed locations

  • QotSAfan 05/04/2012

    His statements really show the limit of his imagination. The settings aren't boring in themselves, it is what you bring to them that is. Reply +4
  • Firaxis: XCOM is a "very, very big budget game"

  • QotSAfan 06/03/2012

    I have never played the original X-com(unfortunate as I hear it's great) but it reminds me a bit of Dawn of War 2's single player. I'm looking forward to this though. Hopefully it can kickstart a strategy game boom on the consoles. Reply 0
  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • QotSAfan 28/02/2012

    I like the way the article says if HMV go under, don't worry folks, it will. Probably this year as well. Rather unfortunate for me, as my local HMV stocks a huge range of stuff with regards to all sorts of content bar PC games. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed 3, Splinter Cell: Retribution coming this year?

  • QotSAfan 14/02/2012

    Cannot wait for Far Cry 3. That trailer and the villain look so promising. Reply +3
  • Darksiders 2 Preview: Looting the Classics

  • QotSAfan 24/01/2012

    @Shikasama Relic would like a word with you! Reply +3
  • Veni, Vidi, Vita

  • QotSAfan 07/01/2012

    Expect Vita sales to rocket when the Vita Dynasty Warriors game comes out. Personally I think for once Sony are prioritising the Western market over the Japanese. The games lined up for launch point to that. Reply +2
  • Meet the Griefers

  • QotSAfan 04/01/2012

    I love all the discrimination against 'griefers' in the comments section. Just because we are more creative in the way we get fun from games, doesn't mean you guys have to get jealous and hate us. It's okay to not like things but don't be mean about it. Reply -35
  • Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

  • QotSAfan 07/12/2011

    Fully agree with the article. The world of Skyrim is built upon what you don't see. All that lore is there to prop up an otherwise bland world that you actually cannot really interact with.

    I have completed all the Thieves Guild, Companion and Mages missions and I am the respective head of all of the above. I have not come back to them since. I just feel like another soldier in the ranks. Sure, in the next TES game, something may be written about the dragon born being all of those things and wielding great power but the problem is, I am never let be that person. I am always the underdog, relying on NPC's to give me quest and with no real freedom.

    Think bigger next time Bethesda!
    Reply +4
  • Saturday Soapbox: Past Remasters

  • QotSAfan 26/11/2011

    Remakes generally don't affect the originals as long as the originals are preserved. Arguing against remakes is generally utterly pointless and the domain of the fanboys. Any universe or story can be reshaped to how another person sees fit, most of the time the result is "worse" but sometimes it may equal or surpass the original itself.

    If anything, remakes generally interest people in the original work itself(which they may not have had an interest in before), which can only be a good thing.
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  • Brendan McNamara is making the video game of "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century"

  • QotSAfan 09/11/2011

    It is World War 2, isn't it?! Reply +5
  • Hollywood: Assassin's Creed movie deal "ridiculous"

  • QotSAfan 04/11/2011

    Hollywood is fucking clueless when it comes to making movies, they need to start giving back control to directors like it was in the 70's. Also, it is very telling that Kubrick lived and filmed in England for a good part of his life. Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • QotSAfan 11/10/2011

    Ezio, hmmm, I was never convinced of him as a character. He felt very one dimensional in Assassains Creed 2(have yet to play any of the expansions mind you!). I always preferred Altair myself. A very well realised and well rounded character who goes from surly, arrogant teenager to mature, level headed adult is a very rare feat of character development seen in the gaming world. Reply -1
  • Ninja Theory: marketing let Enslaved down

  • QotSAfan 06/10/2011

    I loved Enslaved personally. I thought it was right up there with Uncharted in terms of character and story. The gameplay a lot of people felt was terrible but I loved it myself, not so much a button combo game(which I flatout despise) but a more strategic type of "swordplay". I thought that as a first game, its sequel should have been allowed to evolve naturally and fix its many faults. It worked for Assassains Creed, why not this? New IP's need time to mature before you can get money back from them. Fair play to EA with persisting with Dead Space and showing how you should do it. Reply +1
  • Ninja Theory rules out Enslaved 2

  • QotSAfan 22/09/2011

    Really loved Enslaved. I could put its flaws aside to just concentrate on the characters and collecting the orbs was always fun. It is a pity that publishers seem to think that your first franchise game has to be massive. The first franchise game should always be viewed as a stepping stone to bigger success. I'm sure second hand sales and word of mouth would have lead to an Enslaved sequel selling a lot more than the original. Same can be said of Mirrors Edge! Reply +2
  • Dead Island

  • QotSAfan 05/09/2011

    It isn't just the bugs marking down the review score, it is the eccentric game design. The level ten gunplay, the random spawning, too many escort missions and the limitations imposed on a single player playthrough by too much emphasis on co-op.

    Say what you will about Fallout 3's bugs but it's game design and the way its narrative was structured around it was extremely well done.
    Reply +12
  • Notch: Bethesda Scrolls claim is "bogus"

  • QotSAfan 19/08/2011

    Looks more like a clever marketing ploy by Bethesda to me. Stir up some controversy but nothing that will get people to boycott your game and drawing attention to your biggest game of the year. Get lots of news coverage for practically nothing. Then when it all settles, blame it on some slow legal department problems, as we are all aware how "slow the legal system is and we had to assess our options and so on and so forth with the bullshit". Reply -2
  • Sony: No PS4 for "quite some time"

  • QotSAfan 17/06/2011

    Gamers reading quotes made for investors. Let the hilarity commence! Reply +4
  • New Devil May Cry gameplay trailer

  • QotSAfan 09/06/2011

    Love people complaining about the emo Dante. You guys have played the Devil May Cry series before, right?! Reply -2
  • Wii U ports to be "minimally successful"

  • QotSAfan 09/06/2011

    I had trouble with the original Xbox controllers size, I'm going to have trouble with this. Reply +4
  • Action-packed Uncharted 3 trailer

  • QotSAfan 07/06/2011

    Not sure what you are on about RobotRocker. Drake isn't a suburbanite living a nice clean eco friendly life or anything. He is a rogue mercenery living a very shady life. Also, most psycopaths tend to be extremely charming. Double also, its a fucking videogame..... Reply 0
  • A trio of new BioShock: Infinite pics

  • QotSAfan 07/06/2011

    Did you just punch a crow in one of the above screenshots? Insta-buy! Reply 0