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  • The Orange Box

  • Qbert2k 14/12/2007

    "its time for the cocksucking sony morons to finally admit that the ps3 is an underpowered, overhyped turd. its so funny that the pc-in-a-box 360 pisses all over the supposed mighty cell lol

    sony - the ps1 was great, the ps2 was pig ugly but had a good choice of playable games...the p3s is not quite so ugly, but underpowered and has no good exclusive games - where did it all go wrong you stupid jap bastards.

    sort it for the ps4 or we'll nuke you all over again so you get the message you fuckwits. we have the bomb, you dont, and we WILL use it on you if you fuck us around with the next-next gen machine.

    you've been warned you little cunts. "

    Not bad at all. It just needed a few racist jabs like 'nip' or 'chink' or something.
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  • Killzone 2 shots 'touched up'

  • Qbert2k 10/12/2007

    You copy/pasted a load of fanboy drivel taken from the system wars forum on gamespot, and expect people to take you seriously? Reply 0
  • Tretton on PS3's first year

  • Qbert2k 04/12/2007

    "but all these tools coming out making endless excuses for Sony's astonishing parade of boneheaded cock-ups make me want to be a diehard MS/Nintendo fanboy."

    Well, what's stopping you then? Time to come out of the closet and don your "Fanboy and proud" t-shirt.
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  • Qbert2k 04/12/2007

    Did Sony skip their payments this month or something? Reply 0
  • Beowulf

  • Qbert2k 27/11/2007

    "Don't forget to save a picture for posterity, you don't see a bad 360 game every year."

    Really? You must have uber low standards then.
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  • Home delay "disappointing" - MS

  • Qbert2k 21/09/2007

    ""Good thing MS didn't rush any aspect of THEIR hardware... "

    They didn't rush it, it's a really well designed machine. Sloppy bloody testing though."

    That's generally called rushing it. They didn't allow enough time for it to be properly tested.
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  • TGS: Dynasty Warriors dev salutes DualShock 3

  • Qbert2k 21/09/2007

    /facepalms Reply 0
  • MS talks Halo 3 telly advert

  • Qbert2k 14/09/2007

    Halo is the definitive proof that people are easily to manipulate with clever, big budget marketing. Reply 0
  • Too Human demo soon - Dyack

  • Qbert2k 20/08/2007

    $80M? Pffft, yeah right... Reply 0
  • Blu-ray was worth it - Sony

  • Qbert2k 01/08/2007

    "Rockstar haven't"

    Actually that's wrong, have a look at this quote from Dan Houser in 2004.

    "The danger is currently the storage medium (DVD), and one we thing we’re all praying for in the next round of hardware is that they don’t just go, ‘It’s DVD again’."

    You can see that Rockstar were hoping for a next-gen disc format in both consoles.
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  • Qbert2k 01/08/2007

    It's a shame Bizzare decided to stuff PGR4 with all those CGI cutscenes. Reply 0
  • Folklore

  • Qbert2k 27/07/2007


    Why would you spend Ł425 on a console and sell it after 3-4 months (assuming you bought it at launch)?
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  • Christmas 07 not critical - Reeves

  • Qbert2k 23/07/2007


    Yes. I'm waiting for the Xbox 720. Aren't you?"

    Nah, I'm waiting for the Xbox 1440.
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  • Qbert2k 23/07/2007

    "There's a limit until how long people are prepeared to wait."

    Good things come to those who wait.
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  • GI.biz: Microsoft - The Moore Years

  • Qbert2k 22/07/2007

    "There's also not enough RAM in the PS3, and the Blu-ray data transfer rate is much too slow. They put it in there for movies."

    PS3 and Xbox 360 have the same amount of RAM. Also, despite what MS wants us to believe some developers are constrained by dvd. Rockstar, Epic, Bioware, Tecmo etc have all made comments on dvd size being a limitation for this gen. I think both are great consoles, and I own a 360, but I'm not pretending the 360 doesn't have it's own share of faults, just because it's the only one I own.
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  • E3: David Reeves Talks PS3

  • Qbert2k 13/07/2007

    "the PS2 has been around for 8 years for one reason
    because Sony wants it to be that way
    not for any other reason "
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  • GTA IV episodic content confirmed as exclusive to 360

  • Qbert2k 17/06/2007

    @Xerxes: Multi-disc only works for linear type games. Open ended games like GTA can't really use it, unless you don't mind swapping discs every time you go from end of the city to the other. Reply 0
  • Namco quiet on Katamari rumours

  • Qbert2k 15/06/2007

    "Maybe they want to sell to real gamers this time too."

    No point selling it to imaginary ones.
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  • PS3 "not hard" to develop for

  • Qbert2k 15/06/2007

    MS's response:

    "Sony is facing the fact the Xbox 360 (thanks to being available a year earlier) is the default development platform for almost every game studio and publisher in the industry. It’s been built into the tool chain and processes, and primary development is happening on the Xbox 360 for almost every game you can find.

    There’s a reason why the Xbox 360 version is almost always the version shown to press and analysts for new titles – often, the PS3 version isn’t even started yet, or is well behind in development."
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  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Qbert2k 08/06/2007

    "I'm not going to spin it, just come out with the truth, I was a PS1 and PS2 owner who felt that Sony took the piss with the PS3. I can afford most things but PS3 has no reason to be 400 quid, games don't warrant it so why should I support them this time?. I own a Wii and 360 and it covers every fucking base when it comes to console gaming. PS3 needs to go the way of the Dreamcast fast so we can keep console gaming cheap and for the masses like it's always been. "
    That's quite funny. You think any company with a monopoly (Nintendo is not aiming for the same market as ms/sony imho) especially MS, is not going to exploit that, no competition, charge whatever you like, release shoddy products, that would be great. Your thinking is short-sighted. If gaming is going to stay cheap we need competition.
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  • Cooking Mama: Cook Off

  • Qbert2k 10/05/2007

    "Hang on.. all this hate back at me is coming because i said halo 2 was shite isnt it?

    hahaha. Gears of war wasnt great either."

    No, it's because you're a hypocrite.
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  • Judge PS3 in 2009, says EA

  • Qbert2k 25/04/2007

    If waiting bothers you, you're in the wrong hobby. Reply 0
  • Qbert2k 25/04/2007

    "All nice and fair but in two years time I will be looking out for the next generation. :/"

    I don't think there'll be a next-generation tbh.
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  • Microsoft gaming a "disaster"

  • Qbert2k 20/04/2007

    Wonga wrote :"Yes but the xbox came out what, 5 years ago? It's made HUGE losses. It'll have to do a MAJOR turn around to start bringing in profits, so maybe 10 years into the future with the xbox 5 - everyone will have one... It then might start going into profit "

    That's just how much it costs to launch into the console business against Sony, who were in their prime. It was never going to be easy, but they've got the metal to go through it. Quitting the games industry now when things are improving for them would be dumb, that would just be throwing all of that money away. Instead, They can see it through until it becomes profitable, there's not many companies who can take that, but Microsoft are not like most companies are they?

    Yes, I agree. That's why I laugh when people talk about Apple or Sega re-entering the console market. MS are probably the only company with the vested interest and enough billions in cash reserves to seriously contend with Sony and that was for last gen. What it would cost to try and enter at this stage? Much more than $4billion I bet.
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  • flOw

  • Qbert2k 01/04/2007

    mike_mgoblue: "People in Europe paid $1,000 to be able to play this game...a game that looks like an Atari 2600 game...a game that is one of the top-rated Playstation 3 games...


    Sony's Playstation 3 really is even worse in Europe than it is in North America or Japan."

    Yeah because they all bought a PS3 just to play flow and nothing else. Just like everyone bought a 360 just to play geometry wars.
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  • MotorStorm

  • Qbert2k 27/03/2007

    Let the battle commence! Reply 0
  • Virgin invites PS3 buyers to camp out in-store

  • Qbert2k 20/03/2007

    "Well considering most people on forums are only interested in which machine is better than which and what one machine can do better than the other, etc. One can only presume that modern games are shite as otherwise they'd spend their energy talking about them instead. "

    Definitely. It seems like the console wars have become more important than the games.
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  • Qbert2k 20/03/2007

    By Jove! Is this what passes for gaming news these days?! Is it really that bad? Reply 0
  • Nintendo boss says Xbox 360 isn't performing in Europe

  • Qbert2k 19/03/2007

    "While that may be true, I know which console has more qulatiy releases week in, week out. Talk about making a rod for your own back Reggie. And YES I own both consoles."

    Is it the PS3?
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  • Sony is 'still the one to beat', says Epic Games boss

  • Qbert2k 14/03/2007

    Oh look. Another article related to the PS3 leads to predictably dull comments thread. Reply 0
  • PS3 multimedia details

  • Qbert2k 19/10/2006

    Interesting. I wonder if MS will drop those stupid arbitrary restrictions on the 360's multimedia abilities now. Reply 0
  • Free Linux on PS3 this year

  • Qbert2k 18/10/2006

    "Qbert2K there are already millions of potential linux machines in everones homes they are called PC's"

    I would say that there is a difference here between an open format like the PC with endless different configurations and a closed format like the ps3. If the PS3 linux is user friendly enough and doesn't require you to install thousands of drivers, codecs etc just to get things to run, then a lot more people would be inclined to try it. If this is the only and official ps3 distro then it would also have the plus of having a large userbase and hence more support for it, unlike the PC where you have about a million different distros each with their own loyal fanbase.
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  • Qbert2k 18/10/2006

    Isn't this MS's worst nightmare? I mean, having millions of potential linux boxes sitting in people's homes. Reply 0
  • Caesar IV

  • Qbert2k 16/10/2006

    O tempora! Reply 0
  • Sony prices PS3 launch titles

  • Qbert2k 09/10/2006

    "Yes, because everybody on the net actually played it and they are all unbiassed. "

    Most ironic statement I've seen in about...a week.
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  • Alan Wake

  • Qbert2k 07/10/2006

    KillahSouljah youre so obviously a fake fanboy it's not even funny. Reply 0
  • Spanish Inquisition

  • Qbert2k 29/09/2006

    "So if you take the model that you still need bits of plastic for data and streaming, using your words, fine. I don't think that's the model going forward. It's our view right now - consumers are telling us more and more as memory is becoming cheaper and HDDs are becoming bigger and the ability to store things... I have what I think is the optimal set-up. I have a Media Centre PC with a 250Gb hard drive connected to my Xbox 360. If you think you have to have huge optical disc storage formats, fine."

    See, this just affirms to me what I said in the other thread about MS not really being committed to hd-dvd. They see all media in the future being stored on hdd and streamed from Windows (vista, xpmc etc) to the console in the living room, it's a win-win situation for them.
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  • Canis Canem Edit

  • Qbert2k 29/09/2006

    Xbox version was canned. Reply 0
  • Halo Wars and exclusive deals blitz X06

  • Qbert2k 27/09/2006

    "with Moore calling the peripheral "the perfect compliment to your gaming experience"

    So if I'm reading that correctly that means we'll see hd-dvd games at some point?
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  • No denial from Xbox Japan boss stokes Resi 5 exclusivity chatter

  • Qbert2k 26/09/2006

    If this turns out to be true. It'll just confirm in my mind what I've suspected. That the games industry is on life-support, and the Xbox 360 is not designed for the future, just for the sole purpose of killing off the competition. I mean if MS were serious about the console business they'd try to win the minds of gamers with original and interesting franchises but assuming this is true, then there basically just trying to brute force a win by using their enormous cashpile to buy all the big name franchises. Reply 0
  • No US PS3 price drop

  • Qbert2k 22/09/2006

    "Can EG confirm that you can retrofit any bog standard hard drive? Pity the WiFi isn't a retro fit option, else the 20gb would be a definite buy now."

    20GB PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable, says Sony
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  • Qbert2k 22/09/2006

    Iirc the ps3 uses a standard ide interface, so you can stick a bigger hard drive (i.e 200Gb) if you wanted. Reply 0
  • Changing Times

  • Qbert2k 16/08/2006

    What games has Ian Livingston designed? I've never heard of him up to now. Reply 0
  • BioShock dev slams EA

  • Qbert2k 01/08/2006

    "To be fair to EA, they have their fair share of "gameplay" games. It's mostly the output of Maxis/Will Wright, but it's there. Do you think Spore would get the green light from any other publisher? A project with so much tech risk? Procedural animation on its own is a helluva task, not to mention the incredible customisation of the game world *and* making the game look so fun. "

    They did actuallly try to cancel the Sims several times before it came out, but Will Wright stood his ground and it eventually got released.
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  • Top developers slam PS3 'broken' allegations

  • Qbert2k 08/06/2006

    "Something would be wrong if Microsoft weren't better at supplying SDK's and documenting features. After all they are the foremost software company in the world. You don't get there by being lazy."

    Microsft didn't get to the top by being the best. It's just that there isn't a proper alternative to using windows when 99% of software is written exclusively for that platform. It's a self-enforcing monopoly.
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  • EGTV: 'Blu-Ray is key for games'

  • Qbert2k 24/05/2006

    "The average game size on xbox was approx 4 gb, the average increase in game sizes from generation to generation is 77%...
    Well... Looks like sony is serving more bullshit"

    Where did they get that figure from? If the average last-gen game (say PS1 or Saturn) was around 400-500Mb (~x3 for an square-enix rpg) and the average xbox is around 4gb then that's an 800% increase right there. Considering that these next-gen consoles are making the leap to HD It's possible the jump in size will be comparable.
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  • Qbert2k 23/05/2006

    "Unreal Tournament was 6GB compressed. Next Generation games are going
    to be 20GB plus, and how we're going to fit them on DVD9's I don't
    know, they'll probably be a few of them. On the PS3, we're going to be
    using the majority of the space on those Blu-ray disks."

    Quote from Mark Rein (VP of Epic) there.
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  • Nintendo UK boss has a pop at Sony about PS3 tilt sensor

  • Qbert2k 22/05/2006

    "With Nintendo, I'm trying to think of anything we've copied... but I can't.""
    Not like Nintendo didn't copy the whole games console idea from Atari then? Omg Nintendo ripped-off Atari!!!
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  • Eidos talks Fear Effect 3

  • Qbert2k 20/05/2006

    At least Uwe Boll's not directing this one anymore. Reply 0
  • PS3 could have rumble - Immersion president

  • Qbert2k 19/05/2006

    "As for Nintendo owning that chunk of Immersion... any evidence? Don't make me go looking for evidence!"

    They don't. Immersion haven't tried to sue Nintendo because they use a different type of technology for their rumble devices.

    Immersion vs Sony
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