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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter review

  • Pumpatron 25/10/2012


    I think you need to get over it. You like the game, great, Iím happy for you, really. But maybe you donít have a particularly high quality threshold, reviewers have to have higher standards.

    Just because you like the game it doesnít mean the game is good, this review is wrong, or that the reviewer has marked it down because the review copy was late arriving.

    All the reviews seem to be in agreement so far, and from the gameplay Iíve watched and beta I played Iím inclined to agree with them. The game looks completely average, with a dull and predictable copy & paste 5 hour campaign. Itís a linear and formulaic pop up shooting gallery with bad AI, too much hand holding and scripting. This game seems encapsulate everything that is bad about FPS campaigns.

    But if you like it, who cares. Have fun with it.
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  • So, what's the Covenant doing in Halo 4?

  • Pumpatron 27/09/2012


    Of course itís going to have gameplay similar to previous Haloís, which is a good thing. But exactly the same? There are new enemies, weapons and armour abilities, (and thats what we know about so far) all these things have potential to change the gameplay. Not in a radical way, yes - but an evolution which is what I want from a sequel.

    Also, what made Halo great for me was the wonderful AI, the combat, the vehicles, not the cartoonish feel as you put it. Iím glad itís taking its self more seriously. Iíve always wanted a more mature, grittier Halo.
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  • 343: Halo 4 Spartan Ops season longer than Halo 3: ODST

  • Pumpatron 24/08/2012

    I liked ODST, it has one of the strongest campaigns in my view. I actually thought 3 was one of the weakest campaign wise, maybe I was expecting too much, but I just found it to be a bit of let down. Reply +1
  • Far Cry 3 co-op includes unique areas, characters, story

  • Pumpatron 01/08/2012

    Can't wait for this. Don't really care about the co-op though, it's all about the single player for me. Reply +4
  • Take-Two: Sales were "lower-than-anticipated" for Max Payne and Spec Ops

  • Pumpatron 01/08/2012

    I'm kinda surprised the love Spec Ops gets, and I'm going to get negged for this.

    But the demo made it seem a very average, by the numbers shooter. The combat was ok but nothing to get excited about, the level design was restrictive and linear, it was also a bit too staged and scripted for my taste. And It's quite short from what I've heard at only 5-6 hrs.

    I assuming the story must be amazing, and/or the demo doesn't do it justiceÖ. or it is just average and you're all mental ;-) Ö. or I'm mental :eek:
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the 60FPS Challenge

  • Pumpatron 30/06/2012


    There's nothing wrong with some action set pieces and scripted moments. But call of duty relies on them way too much for my taste. If they're over used it makes for an experience the feels more like an interactive movie than game. It also dilutes their impact as there's so many of them.

    I'd rather have the occasional set piece and clever AI that has freedom and reacts to what you do, rather than scripted AI and huge set pieces every 10 minutes.
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  • New Halo 4 info spills from retailer quiz

  • Pumpatron 27/06/2012


    Of course it's going to have similar gameplay to previous Halo's, it's a Halo game.

    You say Halo 4 will just be more of the same, but then say it will have new weapons, vehicles, enemies and updated visuals. Well those things along with a new setting and story (which Halo 4 has) are what I want from a sequel. I'm not sure what your point is.

    As for going downhill after Halo 2, you're entitled to your opinion. I personally thought Reach had the best campaign since Halo CE.
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  • Spec Ops: The Line Review

  • Pumpatron 26/06/2012

    I didn't expect this to get an 8. I tried the demo and thought it seemed very ordinary, maybe the demo doesn't do it justice. It just felt like another by the numbers shooter to me, too orchestrated and very predictable. Reply +1
  • Far Cry 3 pushed back to November

  • Pumpatron 25/06/2012

    Poop. Really looking forward to this, but adding a bit of extra polish is a good reason to delay I suppose.

    This is now coming out in the same month as Halo 4, which is the only other FPS I care about. It's a shame so many games release so close to each other, I can see this hurting FC3's sales unfortunately.
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  • Halo 4 Spartan Ops gameplay video

  • Pumpatron 06/06/2012

    Looks great. I'm really liking the sound effects to. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 3 ditches Dead Space 2's competitive multiplayer

  • Pumpatron 04/06/2012

    Less linear and side missions is good imo. I'd like a bit of exploration. In the early Resident Evil games I felt like I was exploring and discovering things, if this can capture that kind of vibe then great.

    I won't be touching the co-op in this though, didn't bother with the mp in DS2 either.
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  • New Gears of War confirmed

  • Pumpatron 02/06/2012

    Cole Train is the single most annoying character in any game I've played. Ever. I'd rather eat my own poo than hear "Woo it's the Cole Train baby" again. Reply +4
  • THQ hopes to rekindle memories of Half-Life 2 with Metro: Last Light

  • Pumpatron 30/05/2012

    This sounds promising, never played the first one. Might have to pick it up, I reckon it'd be pretty cheap now.

    @bad09 I've got to agree on HL2's story. I enjoyed the game, but the story didn't seem to be told very well.

    Maybe I missed something, but there seemed to be virtually no continuation from HL1. Who are the Combine and where did they come from?... they weren't mentioned in HL1 but now I'm fighting them? err ok, why, who are they, what happened to the world? What happened to the aliens I was fighting in HL1, are they on my side now? what the fuck is going on???.

    None of that was explained, you're just straight into the game without any explanation, nor do you get one. All I knew was I had to shoot the Combine, thats about it. Did I miss something? Help me jebus.
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  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

  • Pumpatron 22/05/2012

    'the campaign's substantial length'

    So how long is it?

    It's a shame it borrows so much from COD etc. Though it sounds like it betters COD by giving you decent sized levels and letting you take the lead, it's nice to hear the 'follow the NPC' bullshit is keep to a minimum. I hate that crap.
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  • More Halo 4 multiplayer details revealed

  • Pumpatron 16/05/2012


    I'm sure I've read somewhere they are free, and you can play them solo if you want.
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  • Halo 4 box art pieced together by fans

  • Pumpatron 15/05/2012

    Great artwork, they have some talented artists at 343. Though I expect the final box art will be a more 'impactful' version of this with the chief and halo 4 logo bigger, and the logo probably moved to the top. Reply -1
  • Jade's Empire

  • Pumpatron 11/05/2012

    Hello. I'm an idiot. Reply -6
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal trailer

  • Pumpatron 02/05/2012

    I was quick to right this off. But the fact that they are adding some player choice to the campaign can only be a good thing, though how well handled it will be remains to be seen. I remember Gears of War having branching paths and it still felt a very restricted and controlled experience. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 announced

  • Pumpatron 01/05/2012


    Maybe I'm just sick of COD type campaigns. But I thought it was poor.

    I seemed to spend most of the game following a friendly AI, there was no chance to play the game how you wanted, you had to follow the AI. The level design offered no freedom. Everything was dictated by the game, you as the player had zero choice.

    The enemies would continue to respawn until you crossed an invisible line, this was't even hidden very well, at times it was obvious where you had to get to, then magic, no more enemies. There wasn't any AI, it felt like a pop up shooting range, so fire fights became boring and predictable.

    It was very short, but in Black Ops case this was a plus point. I did quite like the idea behind the story but I don't think it was handled very well.
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  • Pumpatron 01/05/2012

    I thought the Black Ops campaign was bad even by COD standards. I know all COD campaigns are linear shooting galleries, overly reliant on set pieces with zero AI. But Black Ops took it to new levels of shitness, I may as well of watched a crappy action film instead. Reply 0
  • Crytek has DX11 graphics running in Crysis 3 on PS3, Xbox 360

  • Pumpatron 24/04/2012

    I played Crysis 2 on 360, loved it, and didn't experience many framerate issues at all. Maybe I was lucky, but it generally seemed fine to me. Reply +4
  • First Crysis 3 gameplay trailer revealed

  • Pumpatron 24/04/2012

    I really liked both 1 and 2, and this sounds like it could be good to. The different environments within the dome sounds interesting.

    But I can't help feeling they're a bit early with this, it's too far away for me to get excited.
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  • Crysis 3 confirmed, set in New York, first story details

  • Pumpatron 16/04/2012

    I like the idea of a city/jungle environment, yes it's New York again which is a bit of a shame. But as long as it feels new and different with the whole jungle thing then I'm fine with NY again.

    Couldn't give a shit about the multiplayer though.
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  • Crysis 3 announcement inbound, Swedish magazine suggests

  • Pumpatron 11/04/2012

    Both crysis 1 and 2 were great. 2 wasn't as open as 1, but it sill offered more freedom than a lot of shooters. It still let you control the pace and gave you options on how to deal with situations, I personally really enjoyed it. It did have some nasty glitches though. Reply +5
  • id Software responds to Doom 4 art leak

  • Pumpatron 02/03/2012

    So people were panicking over nothing? There's a surprise. ;-) Reply +6
  • More Doom 4 art surfaces - report

  • Pumpatron 29/02/2012

    Is that Gene Hackman in pic 7?... anyway, this doesn't look very doomy to me, but I'm not gonna write if off from just a few early images. I'm still interested to see how this turns out. Reply +9
  • 5 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

  • Pumpatron 20/02/2012

    Man, some people sure are quick to write a game off aren't they. :rolleyes:

    I think it looks good.

    They've said in interviews you'll be able to go in stealthy, snipe from a distance etc, and mix-up how you play.
    That play-through shows a run and gun approach, played on a very easy setting! Plus the game is still in development.
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  • Full-length Far Cry 3 cinematic trailer

  • Pumpatron 15/02/2012

    Good trailer. Really looking forward to this. Reply +1
  • Rebellion: gamers are ready for WWII revival

  • Pumpatron 24/01/2012

    For me it's not really that there are too many modern military shooters, it's that there are too many doing a very similar thing. I'd happily buy a modern or WW2 FPS if it was more single player focused, with a campaign that had a good length, good AI, and had a decent amount of freedom and replay value.

    If this turns out to be another game in COD template, then just setting it in WW2 won't give it a breath of fresh air.
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  • Megaupload founder among world's top Modern Warfare 3 players

  • Pumpatron 23/01/2012

    I wish I was as cool as him. Reply +6
  • Capcom announces Resident Evil 6

  • Pumpatron 20/01/2012

    Hmmm, not really impressed by that. Looks like it wants to be Uncharted, which isn't what I want from a Resident Evil game. I want fewer enemies, more tension and atmosphere. And absolutely no AI companions. Reply +4
  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition trailer

  • Pumpatron 19/01/2012

    I'm currently playing my way through Fallout 3, I have the GOTY edition. Which is ace, I'm having a great time with it. Will definitely be getting this at some point. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3 trailer details voice acting

  • Pumpatron 09/01/2012

    Is there any new gameplay in this, or is it just that beardy twat talking? Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Far Cry 2

  • Pumpatron 09/01/2012

    Judging from the comments it's clearly a game that divides opinion, I can see both sides. I personally enjoyed the game, I finished it twice sinking many hours into both playthroughs.

    The game world is so immersive, mostly due to the weather and day & night cycle, the world just feels alive. Calmly walking through some grassland could suddenly become very ominous just due to the wind picking up and it starting to rain, even more so at night. The game world was brilliant, as was the freedom it gave you.

    However is also has it's problems, most are well documented. But my main issue was the gunplay. Imo, it's clunky awkward and made combat a chore. But I stuck with it, and the atmosphere of the world kept me playing. I spent most of my time sniping as that seemed less clunky, and the snipers were much more reliable in how many bullets it took to kill, something the assault rifles were horrible for.

    I can totally see why someone wouldn't like the game, I can also see why some here love it.
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  • Pumpatron 08/01/2012

    @schachmatt, yeah I never felt any connection with the buddies, or any of the characters really. For me they were one of the weaker elements of the game.

    It was almost a great game though. I loved the freedom and atmosphere, the world really sucked me in. My main gripe was the awkward clunky gunplay, If that had been better I wouldn't have cared about the magic respawning roadblocks etc.
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  • Interesting Sequels of 2012

  • Pumpatron 06/01/2012

    I'm more interested in Far Cry 3 and Halo 4 than most of thoes on the list. Reply -2
  • 12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

  • Pumpatron 22/12/2011

    Poo! so I haven't won then. The last thing I won was a knobbly knees contest when I was 10. :cry: Reply +6
  • Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War future, would love to "reboot" Unreal

  • Pumpatron 12/12/2011

    "I've had all sorts of crazy ideas. I think it would be amazing to reboot the original Unreal with a Fallout/Skyrim vibe, where it's more about exploration than it is about action, and more RPG elements.

    Sounds like a great idea to me.
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  • The Lag Effect: PSN and Xbox Live Analysed

  • Pumpatron 06/12/2011

    This is why I generally don't play multiplayer shooters, and it's their biggest problem. The only one I do play regularly is Halo, as connection speed doesn't seem to be as critical, maybe partly because of the longer kill times.

    Call of Duty is nasty for lag, always has been. I don't play it anymore but when I did I was normally on 3 bars, maybe 4 now and then. Being on the wrong end of lag was just a regular part of CoD mp, and my internet speed is average.

    And people wonder why people camp. Lag combined with quick kill times is why, that's why I camped and was generally a sneaky fucker, I wouldn't have stood a chance in a lot of games if I hadn't played that way.
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  • Wii going for £89 at Asda

  • Pumpatron 07/11/2011

    Nope, my flatmate has one. But even if he didn't I still wouldn't be tempted. Maybe at £40, if I was board, and my 360 was broken. Reply 0
  • EA: multiplayer now an "expectation"

  • Pumpatron 04/11/2011

    "Right now you sit in your living room and you're playing a game by yourself - we call it the sp mission or the single-player campaign," he said. "In a world with Facebook I just don't think that's going to last."

    Fuck off! Just fuck off! not everyone wants or needs to be connected to other people when playing games, some games just don't need that shit. What is wrong with sitting in your living room and playing a game by yourself?
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  • Rainbow Six: Patriots revealed by registrations

  • Pumpatron 31/10/2011

    I thought vegas 1 was great, but found 2 to be a massive let down. I was really looking forward to it to, the campaign was really short and the story was a mess. It felt really half-arsed compared to vegas 1.

    And as others have said I just hope it doesn't go all COD on us.
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  • Welcome to the new Eurogamer

  • Pumpatron 23/10/2011

    My initial reaction was fear, I don't like change. Then that subsided and I'm now feeling hungry... although this may have nothing to do with the design change. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: Crysis

  • Pumpatron 15/10/2011


    Keep playing! it really is worth it. Crysis 2's walk speed is faster. It's slower in 1 due to how the suit powers have been re-arranged I think.

    You can kinda get round it by putting Armor on and running - that gives you a decent run speed, it also doesn't drain power as fast as full sprint. But yeah, I'm surprised they didn't up the base speed to Crysis 2's level, as that felt right. Great game though.
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  • DICE: BF3 is "very different" to MW3

  • Pumpatron 11/10/2011

    Really? Because from what I've seen it looks very similar to a standard CoD campaign.

    The footage I've watched seems to use the standard 'follow the friendly AI through the level' approach sadly. It also looks like it'll be very scripted. So far, so CoD.
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  • Rage video talkthrough

  • Pumpatron 05/10/2011

    Looks really good, once I've finished Crysis I'll be all over this. Reply 0
  • EG Expo Behind Closed Doors: Tim Willits

  • Pumpatron 27/09/2011

    Chicken biscuits??? Reply 0
  • Crytek developing Homefront 2

  • Pumpatron 20/09/2011

    "With more polish, bit more meat on the campaign it could be a very good series indeed."

    It's going to need a lot more than a 'bit' more meat on the campaign to make me interested.
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  • Gears of War 3

  • Pumpatron 15/09/2011

    I own the first 2 gears games, but I won't be picking this up (well, maybe when it's nice an cheap). They're solid, well made shooters, but nothing amazing in my opinion, maybe I just don't 'get' them.

    For me the Gears campaigns have always felt restricting and overly formulaic. A while back I started a re-run of Gears 2, I quit after about 3 levels in, everything about the gameplay experience felt too orchestrated and controlled, with pacing and level design that didn't allow or encourage players to experiment.
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  • Starbreeze defends new Syndicate FPS

  • Pumpatron 13/09/2011


    I agree. There are too many FPS's doing the same, or a very similar thing. It's a shame so many follow the scripted COD style corridor route. FPS campaigns can be sooooo much more than that.
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