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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • Psiloc 21/12/2014

    I don't think I get the point of this article (or it's too early on a Sunday morning). Are you saying that as tasks starts to depend more on the GPU instead of the CPU the X1 might start to get left behind on the gameplay front? And that's what's important rather than say 900p vs. 1080p?

    That's where I thought it was going but then it just ends. The article felt like one big setup with no conclusion to me.
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  • CVG to close

  • Psiloc 19/12/2014

    :'( Reply +6
  • Ubisoft delays Assassin's Creed: Unity's next major patch

  • Psiloc 16/12/2014

    "Rigorous quality control is of paramount importance to us."

    It really fucking isn't.
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • Psiloc 15/12/2014

    You can get on Eurogamer at work but not Twitter? Reply +17
  • Digital Foundry vs Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  • Psiloc 13/12/2014

    There's no fluff here, just gameplay backed up with perfect performance and beautiful visuals.
    Why I love Nintendo, right here.
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  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • Psiloc 13/12/2014

    I've personally always liked GTAs overt silliness; it ensures that anything you could think to do in the sandbox fits tonally within its world. I think it is totally a conscious decision on Rockstar's part. Reply +6
  • Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD Remaster coming to PS4

  • Psiloc 09/12/2014

    @Malek86 In 1080p mode the PS3 version runs without any anti aliasing and arguably looks a bit worse than the 720p mode. I think the game 'prefers' 720p if both 1080 and 720 are enabled in the PS3 display settings too.

    This is according to Digital Foundry anyway but I think that particular article was contested.

    So a tiny bit of room for improvement potentially but I have little doubt this is just for PS4 gamers who were 360 last gen.
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  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Psiloc 08/12/2014

    Most of what he said is perfectly reasonable, but honestly every fighting game fan in the world just burst out laughing at that Street Fighter/Killer Instinct comparison. Reply +123
  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • Psiloc 05/12/2014

    @Retro2DaMax I think you misunderstand me. I'm not ignoring past censorship, I'm saying that having (ignorant) retailers doing their thing instead of it happening on a government level is still progress. Reply 0
  • Psiloc 03/12/2014

    Anthropology can be interesting sometimes. This is identical to the Manhunt thing in the UK 10 or 11 years ago when retailers took it upon themselves to refuse to carry the game, Australians are just behind the curve a bit because this is their first exposure to something like this. It will blow over one day, if that helps. Having one or two stores take the high and mighty approach is definitely a step up from government censorship, so try not to ignore the progress here :)

    You guys will be at the minor "tabloid shit stirring" stage soon enough which is easy enough to ignore. Hopefully the stage after that is people getting the fuck over themselves.
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  • For the first time, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available as a download

  • Psiloc 03/12/2014

    Kept us waiting, huh. Reply +31
  • The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

  • Psiloc 29/11/2014

    At the moment: best current gen console by far. Reply +7
  • Black Friday deals for PlayStation 4, PS3 and Vita

  • Psiloc 28/11/2014

    I don't think Alien is the great deal everyone thinks it is - don't get me wrong the game is totally worth that price but I don't think that deal undercuts the physical copy by much.

    Moto GP for 16 (with plus) seems like the star of the show to me?
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  • WWE 2K15 review

  • Psiloc 27/11/2014 Reply +2
  • Sony doubles down on PlayStation 4 as TV and smartphones falter

  • Psiloc 26/11/2014

    Sony's problem is that they sell everything at high-end prices but in reality their products are honestly not that much better than the mid-range of their respective markets. Nothing sums that up that aspect better than their former Vaio division in my opinion but the same can be said for their smartphones and to a lesser extent their TVs. For what they offer everything is overpriced (due to the strong Yen, or so I hear) and it just doesn't fly with today's economy.

    The exception is their PlayStation division which is selling a lovely bit of premium kit for a reasonable price and look, it's selling like hot cakes. I guess this is why they're shoehorning PS Now into everything they sell from now on to try to spread the love but I dunno, I see them shedding some more of their businesses sooner rather than later.

    It might actually be good for gamers for Sony to become more and more a "videogame company" as their focus will be laser sharp, but I'm sure Sony would miss ruling the technological world.
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  • Face-Off: Far Cry 4

  • Psiloc 25/11/2014

    @IronSoldier The answers to your questions are pretty obvious. Ubisoft like every other publisher send out the best versions for review. It's not like they're unaware the X1 version runs at a lower resolution so why would they present that version for review? It would be completely illogical.

    The reason EG and other sites started to actually note which version they tested is because they were always sent the 360 versions last gen, the implication being the PS3 version could be inferior at least to some extent. You can't in all fairness expect the publisher to spell it out in black and white.

    As for EG's part, this is exactly what face-offs are for surely?

    I don't want to look like I'm defending Ubisoft here but the questions you asked apply to nearly every game ever.
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • Psiloc 22/11/2014

    A massive turnaround for sure, but I hope for their sake they haven't run out of ideas. Sony clawed back and eventually overtook MS's lead last time thanks to an undeniable string of quality exclusives, which can and will work again this gen. But MS's previous talent, being the third party machine of choice, has completely evaporated and in most cases they're actually worse than their competitor. An aspect of the Tomb Raider thing the article overlooked is that it was taken as a sign that MS didn't have anything left in the oven and was going to throw money at third parties for last minute exclusivity.

    It's doubtful they've truly run out of real exclusives but they need to be on fire with them for the foreseeable future or it's going to be hard to convince people to bite long term.

    Good luck to them anyway.
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  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    So it's the same as RDR, PS3 GPU had a lower fillrate.
    Quite, I thought the same thing when all this came out. However RDR PS3 had missing foliage, a lower framerate AND a sub-HD resolution, I know this because it's the version I had to use.

    I would take this kind of disparity over the early-days PS3/360 differences any day.
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  • Far Cry 4 PC users accidentally reveal they pirated the game

  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    @Peterski The tweet in question was actually sent to TotalBiscuit, the sender is definitely not playing a preview copy. Reply +1
  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    Ugh, that "Oh Good Lord" comment. You've got to be a special kind of prick to have such a sanctimonious attitude about something you stole. Reply +184
  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn hit by DDOS attack

  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    Cue a thousand negative comments about Square's server security, completely oblivious to what a DDoS attack actually is. Reply +21
  • Assassins Creed Unity's creepy "no face" bug fixed

  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    My only question leading on from that is what did you do back in the bad old days of the Dreamcast, Xbox, Ps2 and Gamecube where you didn't have the luxury of a post release patch?
    That can be explained by the fact that firmware changed far less frequently if ever on older consoles. If they did change such as with a model revision the manufacturer themselves would take great pains to ensure compatibility with older titles.

    Not defending day one patches per se, but I think that's the answer to your question.
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  • Psiloc 19/11/2014

    @LordDemigod Holy shit. I'm fairly sure you've just managed to explain day one patches in a way that makes some actual sense. Reply +22
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Psiloc 18/11/2014

    @Psiloc Hate it? Don't fucking play it.
    And here I was thinking "I hate this game, I better go play it".
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  • Psiloc 17/11/2014

    Fuck this game. Reply +232
  • Atari ET game landfill spoils fetch $37,000 on eBay

  • Psiloc 17/11/2014

    Funds raised from the auction will go towards the cost of the initial excavation - some $50k. Presumably sales of the remaining 700 cartridges will make up the difference.
    Oh. I assumed Microsoft had paid for the excavation?
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  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed: Unity patch

  • Psiloc 17/11/2014

    Ubisoft has faced intense criticism from fans over the release quality of Assassin's Creed: Unity since it launched last week.
    Broken record here but it was literally your actual jobs, as critics, to be doing this for us. What's the point of you any more if we now do all the criticism ourselves after we've bought the product on your good word and found it to be literally unfinished?

    It's like if film critics gave four out of five stars to a rough cut of something with missing CGI, placeholder storyboards, and scenes of the cast rehearsing with the script in their hands.
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  • PlayStation TV review

  • Psiloc 16/11/2014

    @Caribou No, you can't use "RAM" to mean "non-volatile RAM" so he's still wrong. RAM is volatile and NVRAM by definition isn't, that's the entire difference that everyone is referring to (whether they used the actual terms or not). Reply +4
  • Psiloc 16/11/2014

    @Asintador Fair points, I think essentially I disagree with the review on what constitutes value for money. The way I see it 85 for a consolised Vita is good value, whereas the review makes it out to be poor value because it doesn't have Netflix et al and only supports Sony's premium media services. Like I say I can see the problem as Sony called it "PlayStation TV" for a start which immediately creates comparisons to Apple TV and Now TV etc. and looks expensive as a result. "Vita TV" on the other hand sounds like a Vita you play on your TV.

    I dunno, for me this review was pretty far off the mark talking about Now TV, second hand PS3s and Windows tablets as they don't even try to accomplish what a PSTV is built for. You want to play Vita games on your TV and stream PS4 gameplay around the house? I'd say a PSTV is a better fit than Now TV or a Windows 8 tablet, even if those things are cheaper. This is on top of the technical errors too as others have pointed out, the reviewer demonstrated three times in a row he doesn't quite understand what RAM is. I just don't get the impression he was very well informed, though of course these things are opinion pieces and he's entitled to his. I just disagree.
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  • Psiloc 16/11/2014

    I understand this is reviewed as a counterpoint to its marketing as a streaming device, what with its slim flash memory and extortionate store prices, but as a non-portable home console version of Vita (using the official cartridges rather than the store) that can also placeshift your PS4, 85 isn't too bad is it? Netflix would be nice for sure but does it really influence console purchases?

    I think Sony screwed up when the removed "Vita" from the western name. People seem to be looking at it as an overpriced Now TV alike instead of a pretty cheap little console.

    One last thing, I don't particularly see the relevance of the "it's almost as expensive as a second-hand PS3 or Windows tablet" comment, since (rather obviously) neither of them play Vita games or stream PS4 gameplay, the two things you'd want a PSTV for.

    Does anyone know if this can remote play a PS3 by the way? I've got a friend who's interested in one.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Psiloc 15/11/2014

    @Darksjeik On a technical level it's the X1 whose colours are wrong - they are TOO saturated. If you've calibrated your TV to the X1 the PS4 looks washed out because it's outputting colours correctly.

    Calibrate your TV to your PS4.
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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • Psiloc 14/11/2014

    @vert1go Careful, I don't think the "better than Halo" meme is well understood by these young 'uns. Reply +1
  • Psiloc 14/11/2014

    Not quite as good as Halo then?

    EDIT: Pff, it's an obscure reference I admit. The old guard might get it. Rest assured, I'm being flippant.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • Psiloc 10/11/2014

    Is it due to "copyright" (if you like) of the charts that means you can't reprint them here? If so can you not just link us to where we can see them, with an explanation?

    On the other hand if there is no legal or technical reason, then seriously. I want to see how Bayonetta is doing.
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  • Which PS4 games block Share Play?

  • Psiloc 07/11/2014

    Activision's line for blocking Share Play is just insulting. Reply +13
  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Psiloc 07/11/2014

    I don't see why they don't enable the dynamic framebuffer on the PS4 version too. You'd barely notice it making up those few frames in campaign mode.

    EDIT: Actually after re-reading this:

    But after sampling as many static shots we could find, we've yet to encounter any horizontal pixel-counts in between 1360 and 1920
    Then I'm glad they didn't. Dropping all the way to 1360 under load seems a bit all-or-nothing.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection's massive day one update shrinks to 15GB

  • Psiloc 06/11/2014

    Ha-ha. My CPU costs way more than his elite console. Peasant.
    Remember this the next time you claim PC gaming is cheaper because the games cost 10 less.
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  • Super bank breakers

  • Psiloc 02/11/2014

    The only valuable game I have that is still my personal original copy is MGS The Twin Snakes. The legalities preventing a rerelease have meant that the game has never really sold below its RRP, and is now actually going higher than that at about the 50 mark.

    As for bargains, I scored a complete in box PAL Sega 32x for 40. They're worth about 200 I think on eBay. What's interesting about that is that the Americans see the 32x as a piece of shit that's worth 10 tops since their region is where all the stock went.
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  • Psiloc 02/11/2014

    Nothing compared to MrTomFTW's story, but I once traded in a complete copy of Tombi for 2 >.<

    Rarest game I own is Snatcher on the Mega CD. I own it because I wanted to play a cracking game though (which I did, to completion). Collecting crazy expensive games for the sake of it goes over my head a little bit, though if you're lucky some can prove to be good investments.
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  • Death to the mini-map

  • Psiloc 01/11/2014

    freshly minted Fiesta complete with a whopping three cylinder, 1.0 engine complemented by Ford's EcoBoost turbo technology
    My car! No road tax FTW.

    An important point about all this is that Sega have that patent on the simple concept of a floating arrow telling you where to go, and they have successfully sued on the strength of it too. I dunno how many options you have left after that other than letting the player get completely and utterly lost.
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  • PlayStation 4 sales help Sony's game division to profit

  • Psiloc 31/10/2014

    I'm glad I picked a winner as it bodes well for the future, but I could really do with some games I want to play in the near term. My Wii U, which lets face it I bought on a whim, has seen much, much, much more play time. Reply +17
  • Project Spark is pulling in two directions at once

  • Psiloc 31/10/2014

    @RedSparrows Changed it to "pack" as you were writing that. It's still damn close to the price of a full game and "starter" pack suggests there's going to be several. Reply +4
  • Psiloc 31/10/2014

    I don't understand the hatred of the F2P model. For starters you get a chunk of it for nothing. You then get to choose what you want to pay for, rather than paying for everything, regardless of whether you want it, which is essentially what happens with a retail release.
    But a full retail release only costs a little bit more than what this game charges for a single new pack (31.99) of which there's undoubtedly going to be several. Surely that's the problem.
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  • GTA: San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 is a mobile port

  • Psiloc 30/10/2014

    However, [the PS2 version] also has its own sunny bloom effect not found in any of the other versions we tested.
    Even if the other versions were perfect, I would still really miss this.
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  • What's new in PlayStation 4's firmware update 2.0?

  • Psiloc 28/10/2014

    @theone2014 Nice misquote, bless you :) Reply 0
  • Psiloc 28/10/2014

    "Suddenly 720p is fine now,PS4 owners never seize to amaze me."

    720p compressed for internet streaming vs. 720p native because that's the best your console hardware can do. If you can't see the big difference here then Jesus Christ.

    You also mean "cease", by the way.
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  • Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 enters UK chart in seventh

  • Psiloc 27/10/2014

    @PSfourskin Just to throw it out there, I'm a Wii U owner who agrees with you on the Game Pad. If I could have bought a SKU without it I would have.

    It's very nice but "optional" sums it up quite well IMO. So far of the few games that demand you use it even fewer absolutely could not work with a normal controller.
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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • Psiloc 22/10/2014

    He's getting what he deserves IMO. In a way I'm quite pleased that the gamer community is getting to see the consequences of being a dick on social media. Reply +28
  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Psiloc 20/10/2014

    For someone who's not going to blow smoke he's sure blowing a fuck load of smoke. Reply +139
  • DriveClub review

  • Psiloc 07/10/2014

    Ouch... I suppose the reason for the long delay is now apparent. Reply +57