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  • Road Not Taken review

  • Prodigy_BE 08/08/2014

    Also, why hate on the fact that PS4 has a slew of indies bringing variation to the platform. Isn't diversification a good thing? It's not that this stuff is the reason the platform is lacking big triple A titles (which is normal, early in a console's lifespan). If it wasn't for indies, there would be even less to play on PS4. If you don't like those types of games, that's ok, but the whole 'this needs to stay on iPad, where it belongs' is similar to the narrow minded thinking of religion. Reply 0
  • Prodigy_BE 08/08/2014

    @Kremlik I second that. Yes, it ramps up in difficulty pretty fast, which none of us are still used to (our hand have been held way too much in the past). So you get a "wtf is the point to this, I'm frustrated" feel. But that's not the final stage. There's goodness beyond that. But you have to not physically play, stare at your screen and let your brain play for a while, before you start moving towards a solution. I like that kind of stuff. Not that all games should be like this, but I need this as much as I do my action stuff or story-heavy stuff. Reply 0
  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • Prodigy_BE 14/04/2014

    So, they called the Eurogamer offices, saying: "Hey, we're getting a lot of heat here. You gotta help us out". To which Eurogamer can't object, as King are advertisers. And big ones as well. I get that, press works that way. And Eurogamer counts in it's readers to be the judge for them (which, looking at these comments, they are).

    Seriously, guys who buy patents of earlier games, just so they can then take down a guy who made a very similar game that was released way before them. That stuff is just evil. I can understand if trademark your game, to protect it. But at least give it an original name then.So your trademark does not hurt others.

    Bunch of wankers, that's what they are.
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  • Console developers need to look at Dungeon Keeper and learn

  • Prodigy_BE 08/02/2014

    There are good ways and bad ways to do F2P. Good ways are often done by independent developers, bad ways are done by publishers who have to recoup huge overheads of their bloated corporation.

    Stop writing about these guys, and start writing about the many small cool games out there. Toast Time, Threes! ... there's lots of them. But telling people to back away from Mobile and NOT play games on it anymore nothing more than chickening out and fleeing the battle.

    Gaming press is the only line of defence gamers have. If anything, you should be pushing great mobile games each day, to give them the oxygen to beat Dungeon Keeper and similar crap in the charts. If you don't, and Mobile gets dominated by bad F2P even more, then publishers will move that practice to consoles (which they are already starting to do.

    You're gonna have to take a stand sooner or later. Beter start doing it now.
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  • Divinity: Dragon Commander review

  • Prodigy_BE 22/08/2013

    Games made from the Heart, and brought to the market without a publisher (they would push it towards being more like game X or Y). You gotta love the balls on the Larian guys. Reply +4
  • Deus Ex: The Fall review

  • Prodigy_BE 11/07/2013

    @HotCoffee Zzz... Why hate a platform. There are numerous games in iOS that offer deep experiences. From Swords & Sworcery, Hero Academy, Outwitters, Real Racing 3, Walking Dead, Kingdom Rush, Plants vs Zombies and numerous adventure and puzzle games. All at no more than a few pounds max. Look at Limbo, which plays amazingly well, and has grossed more in one week on iOS, than on 2 years of all other platforms combined. You're right that it's shit at FPS games. But hey, a console is shit at puzzle games (because touch screens work much faster and allow varied multitouch gameplay concepts).

    Neg me all you want, but the numbers show you're wrong. Sad you just don't see it. Because if you'd open your mind to it, you'd like it.
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  • Ouya or ou-nah?

  • Prodigy_BE 28/06/2013

    @mashk Yes, you can. As well as a PS3 controller. so the whole 'shoddy controller' comment is of no importance.

    Way to much hate towards Ouya. Indie devs see it as their own little playground. As a no limitations step into the console world. So I'm expecting lots of indies to get their best stuff to the Ouya.
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  • PopCap reveals a release date for the now free-to-play Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

  • Prodigy_BE 03/06/2013

    I'm okay with FTP. I played Real Racing 3 for 45 hours. If I spend 10 euro's on that, that's still a lot cheaper than a PS3 game (and RR3 is really fun).
    I don't get the hate for the Free To Play business model. If it's done well, it really works. I prefer it to the PS3 business model, where you have to pay 50 euro's first, to then find out if a game is good or not. And the publisher tries to influence gaming press as much as possible (one example, Ni No Kuni, which story and fighting mechanic was so bad I stopped playing after 10 hours. But I did pay 50 euro's and since I downloaded the game, I can't even sell it).

    Only a minority of Free To Play games are good. But that's also the case with console games. And if the game itself is good (Real Racing 3, Kingdom Rush, Outwitters, Bejeweled Blitz...), then you get lots of gaming fun for what you spend. And you never waste money (since you only start spending after you know the game is worth it)
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  • Sony: "Unlike PS3, we are not planning a major loss to be incurred with the launch of PS4"

  • Prodigy_BE 09/05/2013

    $500 million in profit last fiscal year.
    You might want to add that they sold their US HQ for 1 billion, and are now facing monthly rent charges. They sold off ownership in a big marketing & advertisement concern too. If they didn't do that, they would have made a 1 billion loss.

    I still predict a bleak future for Sony. Hope the console is good though.
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  • Machinarium on Vita is set for release next week in Europe

  • Prodigy_BE 24/04/2013

    One of the best games I played the last couple of years. Reply +6
  • Advance Wars retrospective

  • Prodigy_BE 21/04/2013

    Man, I loved Advance Wars.
    And also: if you liked Advance wars, check Outwitters on iOS. Been playing that for hundreds of hours.
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  • EA dismisses Real Racing 3 micro-transactions furore, declares "the market has spoken"

  • Prodigy_BE 18/03/2013

    @rob76 Nothing, if you invest more time, and don't mind waiting quite a bit. Reply +1
  • Prodigy_BE 18/03/2013

    @apoc_reg Do not agree. I'm having a blast with RR3, and haven't spent a dime. Perfect for short burst, and the waiting for repairs to be done is covered by a bunch of other games I play. Free to play suits certain types of game, paid games suit other types of games. I really don't see why having free access to a game with this high a production value can be a negative. Free to play is like basic cable. Sometimes it drives on Ads that interrupt you, sometimes you have to wait, or pay to play it faster. How is that any different from looking at a TV series on telly and being tempted to download through video on demand. Reply 0
  • Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar: multiplayer explained, Dragonlance author Tracy Hickman added

  • Prodigy_BE 18/03/2013

    @firstarioch Well, then all the other big names on Kickstarter can be blamed for that too. You are right though. A shame to see an indie lifeline like Kickstarter being taken over by corporate guys who can also get their cash elsewhere. Reply +3
  • Real Racing 3 review

  • Prodigy_BE 03/03/2013

    @aros speak for yourself there buddy. If free to play is done well, then I like it more that the old full price business model. I can't remember how many times I've been burned by a game (dishonored, ni no kuni) after paying full price, just to notice how none of the websites dared to be honest about it's flaws because they don't want to lose advertisement income.

    I've been playing RR3 off and on all weekend, had quite a bit of fun and didn't pay anything yet (the multiple cars thing works). And if I really want to play lots in a short time, I can shell out some cash and continue playing.

    But from the looks of it (i'm also playing Outwitters and Hero Academy), I'll never have to pay and will have enjoyed a big budget game, for free.

    So you don't hear me complaining.

    (Honestly, I think EA would have earned more if they just charged 5$ for this, as all of my mates are playing it, and no one is paying)
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  • Sony admits Vita is "a little behind the numbers we originally pictured"

  • Prodigy_BE 20/02/2013

    DENIAL! Reply -1
  • Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming

  • Prodigy_BE 27/01/2013

    @anomagnus i agree. You can't feel bad for yet another dev studio that closes, while burning these effort to the ground. The console market is in decline, so something is got to give. And it needs to be a big change, or it won't be enough to lead to four-five years of big profit (like the PS2 age, which led to cool companies making amazing games because they had the freedom to take risks)
    I'm hoping it will be dropping the physical versions of games alltogether, which fixes the used games thing and doubles the profit. They can even cut prices by 10 to 15% accross the board if they do that. So gamers win, devs got room to be creative again, publisher control goes down... And unfortunately, gamesstores are no longer needed.
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  • Trends of 2013: The last console generation

  • Prodigy_BE 09/01/2013

    @Resurrected-X460 euhm, I got all consoles, but the most hours of gaming are spent on my iPad. Not fps (controls suck), but arcade, puzzle, adventure, platform and strategy are amazing... And cheap... Be openminded man, stuff like Outwitters is among the best stuff I've played in years. Reply -2
  • Canabalt and Solipskier devs' new puzzler Hundreds launches on iOS today

  • Prodigy_BE 04/01/2013

    @captainCandy Name pleaze (is it as good as 6th Planet?) Reply 0
  • Double Fine's accidentally-released iOS game now officially available

  • Prodigy_BE 15/12/2012

    Having played it over half an hour, I'm bored. It's routine humor and standard gameplay, not witty humor and stuff that's fun to play. Reply -1
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

  • Prodigy_BE 05/12/2012

    Can you guys please add Outwitters, the iOS strategy game which truely rocks. Reply +2
  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition review

  • Prodigy_BE 03/12/2012

    @D00M2 looks like people don't really get your witty comment :-) Reply 0
  • How the Sex Pistols, Fight Club and James Dean made the new Dante

  • Prodigy_BE 01/11/2012

    Ninja Theory's games never dissapointed me in the past. And I want this one to do well. But I'm afraid the series is dead. Just like RE6. Reply 0
  • A dip in PlayStation sales but also a dip in Sony's losses

  • Prodigy_BE 01/11/2012

    To successfull launch the PS4, they need a big team full of creative people, lots of cash to make killer launch games and even more cash for marketing. They have none of that. They don't even have top of the line R&D anymore. I don't see it ending well. Reply -3
  • Okami HD review

  • Prodigy_BE 31/10/2012

    PSN store still not up. Come on Sony. ff's sake. Reply 0
  • Prodigy_BE 31/10/2012

    @cukydoh dude, you're in for one hell of a ride. It'll probably be your goty. Reply 0
  • Brenda Romero's Ghost Recon Commander cancelled, several staff laid off

  • Prodigy_BE 30/10/2012

    @dogmanstaruk The story is more complicated than that. On order to succeed in the big league of gaming, you have to suck up to a bunch of assholes. And John isn't that kind of guy, so he keeps on trying on his own. You can say what you want about him, but do know that most big time game guru's are on a tight corporate leash, and their "I'm a high roller" attitude is just an act. Only a few have real power (Newell, Mallat, Perry, Blezinski...), the rest are employees. So I don't respect this guy any less. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Store relaunch now postponed for UK

  • Prodigy_BE 18/10/2012

    Another sign of Sony being in a shitload of financial troubles. They got a big ship to sail, and way too few sailors to do it with. They can't fix any crisis situations (Counter Strike being a good example). Being a Sony fan, it's a sad thing to see this giant on it's knees. Oh how far we've come since the days of FFVII, Gran Turismo and RE2 on PSX. Reply -12
  • What if people don't like Jon Hare's first original game since Sensible Software?

  • Prodigy_BE 16/10/2012

    Sensible Soccer. In my memory, it is still the Nr 1 footie of all time. Funny what some well olaced pixels and a lot of imagination can do. Reply +1
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown review

  • Prodigy_BE 13/10/2012

    I'm playing this on Classic, and while it is a fun game, the reduced depth (only 6 units max, rules on how to spend time points, enemies that spawn before you, the ability to save and load while in a level, narrow and linear maps, only 1 base, fewerbase rules.) makes it only a shadow of the original.
    I also hoped they would have included a better story (which the original also lacked). A good story can make any game better (6th Planet on iPhone proves that point)

    The game still takes up all my time though. But I'll be playing Xenonauts later for my real UFO fix.
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  • Heavenly Sword 2 concept art leaked

  • Prodigy_BE 23/08/2012

    @Sir_Brightington_III Primal. That brings back memories. That game has style a plenty. Reply 0
  • Sony's Jack Tretton deems Vita sales "acceptable"

  • Prodigy_BE 12/08/2012

    You can vote negative on the harsh comments all you want, but they're telling the truth. Sony is in trouble. They don't have the money to spend on Vita games to get the platform up to speed, nor the money to advertise for it.

    Right now, they are focussed on stopping the company from making imense losses. Their share price went from 38$ to 16$ in a year (at the end of march, which also closes their fiscal year), and are now down to 12$ a share. If they go sub-10 (single digit, as the money boys call it), people will start dumping them by the boatload, and it is game over.

    On the bright side, lets hope that Samsung buys them and the merge into one big powerhouse. Then they have phones and tv's to battle Apple. They're gonna need it.

    But face it, the future of consoles will be different that we all hope it will be.
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  • Sony sales highlight PlayStation Vita's struggle

  • Prodigy_BE 04/08/2012

    @verynaughtyboy : being an iOS developer, and ex PlayStation games journalist, I can honestly say that Sony needs to really start changing their attitude towards devs, or they will never turn this around. And they need to. Once their share goes singe digits, people will start dumping it by the boatloads, and the are open to being bought by other giants (Samsung?). Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble with Ouya

  • Prodigy_BE 14/07/2012

    @sanctusmortis Not true. Lots of engines run on both iOS and Android and porting is like a days work. If your statement where true, then there would not be an Android Market and Android phones would not sell. You do make money of the Android market. Just not as much. But the cost of doing an Android port is very low in lots of cases. Saying that they will only get stuff that's been successful on iOS or Steam, would probably be more accurate. They will get lots of great games which don't thrive on ads or IAP's, just because the owners of those devs are OK with making smaller amounts of profit too, and in the meantime get their brand out there. Reply +8
  • Prodigy_BE 14/07/2012

    I don't agree. With an industry in this much turmoil, who can predict the future. It will get tons of games just because iit is easy to port iOS games to (who already recouped investment on the apple market) and is in range as a cool gift to give a gaming friend.

    Being a mobile dev that has NOT participated (we could have, but we like to focus on a few things, instead of doing every good idea that comes up), I agree that this could fail. But so can Sony.

    So lets give these guys a chance.
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview: First Contact

  • Prodigy_BE 27/05/2012

    Four to six soldiers?! F that. The tactical genius of a latter X-Com mission was in part brought on by the 12 piece squad. Its like reducing the number of pieces on a chess board. Whats next, an easy 'load last save' button?

    No, no... I'm not happy with this.
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  • The Cave Preview: Double Fine's New Game for Sega

  • Prodigy_BE 24/05/2012

    Sounds like a great game, but not the classic adventure I was hoping for. I can get this puzzle stuff and platforming crap everywhere. I was hoping for a pure adventure :-( Reply 0
  • App of the Day: Pandemic 2.5

  • Prodigy_BE 19/05/2012

    Still no love for 6th Planet (cool iOS game, which is free this weekend) Reply +2
  • Would an Apple TV kill the console business?

  • Prodigy_BE 19/05/2012

    @DDevil the thing is: apple's tech is much easier to work with when making games, and theiir business model is way more lucrative. And Nintendo Sony and MS can switch overnight because they've got huge overhead costs. So lots of good devs will jump ship.

    The Aple TV will probably be both full tv's with the tech in them, as well as a souped up current apple tv model. It's all about software for gamers. If apples tech has the best FPS, tons will migrate.
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  • Prodigy_BE 19/05/2012

    That's what phone manufacturers thought when apple announced the iPhone, or Microsoft thought when they announced the iPad ... Or the music biz thought when they announced iTunes. As a mobile dev myself, all things point to yes. And the rest will have to up their game or suffer. And Sony (my favorite consolemaker, by the way) is already in the ropes. I still know people high up at Sony UK. Believe me when I say, they see even darker clouds ahead. Reply +15
  • Retrospective: Second Sight

  • Prodigy_BE 06/05/2012

    Massively underrated, this one. Better plot than Killzone, Halo and Call of Duty combined. and then some. Reply +9
  • App of the Day: Hero Academy

  • Prodigy_BE 14/04/2012

    Come at me bro:

    Ero Academy name: Monkube
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  • Sony US boss Tretton downplays PS4 2012 announcement

  • Prodigy_BE 17/02/2012

    With 4 years of losses and a stock price that went from 36$ to 16$ in less than a year, Sony won't survive a PS4 launch. The can create the hardware, but have no cash to put it into production, nor to market it and have it gather momentum.

    I used to work at PlayStation Magazine, so I'm kind of a PS believer, but with Apple on the rise (thei business model is WAY better for devs), I see dark clouds ahead for Sony.
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  • Why a team of ex-Sony developers left PlayStation to go indie

  • Prodigy_BE 17/02/2012

    Hm... looking down upon mobile gaming is not nice. The App Store and Unity make game dev fun, instead of being hard because one mistake (or a less commercial game) can make you go bankrupt. Apple saved Indie development, by making it something you can earn money on (instead of wasting a few years of your spare time on).
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  • Hirai: Sony could be facing "serious trouble"

  • Prodigy_BE 04/02/2012

    @el_pollo_diablo Apple is the technical leader now. If they move in to the TV business its game over for them, and they will have to merge. Samsung looks like the company most fitted to join forces. Reply 0
  • Kristen Schaal plays PES 2012 on Xperia Play

  • Prodigy_BE 19/01/2012

    Everyone saw it, everyone is talking about it. Mission accomplished. Reply 0
  • First XCOM: Enemy Unknown screens, details

  • Prodigy_BE 10/01/2012

    Finally! My prayers have been answered! Reply 0
  • Michel Ancel in Rayman Origins trailer

  • Prodigy_BE 20/10/2011

    For those who ever met him, Ancel is a real shy and down to earth type of person. I'm kind of amazed that he pulled this off so well.Got nothing but respect for that guy. He makes games straight from the heart. Reply 0
  • New XIII game incoming

  • Prodigy_BE 17/10/2011

    Euhm... Hello... Bourne Identity-esque??
    Bourne Identity was a XIII-esque movie, as they stole the whole set-up. The original comic book was created a long time ago.

    And yes, I'm Belgian.
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  • PSN freebies could hurt new games

  • Prodigy_BE 20/05/2011

    Well, I for one will be buying Outland the day te store comes back online. SSHD and Dead Nation where just too good, so a team that does those has my attention... And money Reply -1