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  • Final Fantasy 6 is heading to iOS and Android this winter

  • Prehensile_Plant 10/10/2013

    I remember having to upgrade the RAM in my dad's PC to run final fantasy 7. I had to double it from 16 to 32 megabytes. The same machine ran FF6, albeit slowly and with some sound and graphics issues (though they were mainly the emulator), on an old version of snes9x.

    My current smartphone has a quadcore processor and 2 gigabytes of ram. How times change.

    I own the android ports of ff3 and 4, though I bought both when they were on sale. Both would benefit hugely from a cloud saving facility, as losing the save on those games would suck. As someone who regularly flashes new roms on her phone, this would help lots. I see lots of people asking for controller support too. The high price of these releases means asking for these features isn't unreasonable.

    How about fixing the problems with android Chrono Trigger and releasing Secret of Mana while you're at it, Square?
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  • Tesco claims it's "The Home of Gaming" in new ad

  • Prehensile_Plant 30/03/2012

    I buy games from Tesco. My non gamer boyfriend buys his food there, and every so often they send him money off vouchers from Clubcard in the post. I nick them and use them towards any new-release games I want that I know Tesco will stock. I got LA Noire and Ass:Bro that way. It was most satisfying. Reply +2
  • Sony: "We have to do better" in UK

  • Prehensile_Plant 25/08/2011

    Hello Sony. I will buy one when you make it play PS2 games. I'd even pay more than you've dropped the price to for that privilege. I don't think you will consider this though, because selling the titles through PSN probably makes more sense to you. That's what made me not buy one after owning the last two generations of Playstations. Let it play PS2 titles and you'll sell more. Reply +2
  • Skyrim Collector's Edition detailed

  • Prehensile_Plant 06/08/2011

    I bought the Oblivion collector's edition with the septim coin, but the price of this is way too high. I watched the making of DVD that came with that once, but it wasn't remarkable and all of its on youtube now anyway. Reply +1
  • Tactics Ogre gets EU release date

  • Prehensile_Plant 12/01/2011

    I realise that Japan loves the PSP, but I do wish Square would remember that the rest of us really don't care too much. Would love to play this game. I feel like its on PSP because its easy for Square. Reply -5
  • PS2: The Insiders' Story

  • Prehensile_Plant 24/11/2010

    I bought one the first Christmas after it went to £199. That unit lasted me until 2007 - the second day of me running the thing all day as Final Fantasy 12 came out and it broke on me. Replacement unit is still happily sitting next to my 360, where it will remain until you can buy a PS3 that can play my large collection of obscure RPG PS2 games and costs £199. Reply +2
  • Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIV's future

  • Prehensile_Plant 15/11/2010

    You are proud of the fact that you made it good for casual players as well and hardcore? Er, no you didn't. You cannot play this game on a casual basis, say with two hours a night after work. It takes you two hours to pick up your levequests, run out to the camp to start them off, and then get frustrated because they are too for you to solo, even on one star difficulty. You must then run to a new town to repeat the process. Yes, you can teleport, but the anima regeneration is so pitifully show you'll run out in a few days and your mates can't afford to come help you. Even if you manage that, you don't get them useful gear rewards from quest you did in beta, and you don't have time to put into crafting to make them, and with no auction house you can't get hold of gear as you level easily. It's a lovely world you've created, but them NPCs have no quests to give it life and backstory. I want to love this game very much, but there's far too much wrong with it, even on levels that have not been acknowledged by the developers. Unsubscribed with no intention of resubbing. Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy XIV beta delayed

  • Prehensile_Plant 02/09/2010

    Keep trying through the 'applications are temporarily closed' screens. That's how I got my key Reply 0
  • Prehensile_Plant 02/09/2010

    I got up at 3 am just for the hysteria I knew would happen. Was a lot of swearing going on in my linkshell voice chat. Went to bed when it got boring.

    Got my key at 9 am ;)
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  • Prehensile_Plant 01/09/2010

    You have to go get a code after 2 am, we assume. Then use this code in your Square Enix account, then log in the launcher to play. Reply 0
  • Prehensile_Plant 01/09/2010

    I think that Benchmark is a bit pants really. Download the beta and try it as I know people who've been playing with less than minimum setups and been fine. They are working on a new benchmark, I'm sure I saw a comment in some interview somewhere. Reply +1
  • Prehensile_Plant 01/09/2010

    Back on again for 2 am tonight. Thanks EG ;)

    "FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test Will Start on Sep. 2!

    We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update regarding FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which was announced to be postponed on Aug. 31, 2010.

    Along with the completion on investigation and correction of the critical issue, we have decided to begin FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test on Sep. 2, 2010 at 02:00 (GMT).

    Starting on Sep. 2, 2010 at 02:00 (GMT), acquisition of registration code required for FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test will become available.

    We are looking forward to your participation in FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test!"
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  • Final Fantasy XIV Online

  • Prehensile_Plant 01/09/2010

    Nice article.
    If you could get some info on the beta delay we'd all be much obliged.
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  • Final Fantasy XIV open beta tomorrow

  • Prehensile_Plant 31/08/2010

    Can get the client here:
    Yes it is very slow. Took me 6 hours yesterday for the latest 1.2 gig patch.
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  • FFXIV limits XP earning after eight hours

  • Prehensile_Plant 26/08/2010

    So glad to see other people who don't think this is the end of the world. My old 11 linkshell was starting to come back together for this game, which was really great to see. Now I've got my hands full of Americans with cancelled pre order threats who think this is the end of the world. I'm more like 'I had to stop playing 11 when I got a full time job that required I keep a UK timezome because I couldn't keep up with you lot, and I'm supposed to hate a system that ensures I CAN?'

    I think SE will scale it back (and prolly should), but I hope they have the guts to stick with the general idea.
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  • DDO to go free-to-play in Europe

  • Prehensile_Plant 20/07/2010

    How odd. With LOTRO apparently staying with Codies in Europe. Mmm. Reply 0
  • LOTRO to relaunch as free-to-play

  • Prehensile_Plant 04/06/2010

    The benefits of my lotro still means you'll get more for your money/points/£100 you paid years ago/£75 you paid last week if you have a Turbine account rather than an EU one.
    - My biggest problem is THE FUTURE. Yes, we keep our toon slots. Yes, we don't need to buy quest packs to get to areas we've been playing in for three years. But what about the NEXT content?
    I can see it now in Kin chat:
    "Let's go explore the WONDERFUL new content, O-Fellow Kinmates! Let us rid the pass of orcs and spread the glory of the kinship throughout the land!"
    "Er, sorry, we just spent our monthly 500 allocation on the pretty new dresses."
    "All mine went on a new toon slot. Because I love my RK so much I wanted two."
    "I spent all mine on the extended shared storage slots. I'm stuffed til next month. And the 500 point limit isn't enough anyway. Er, maybe I can just max out the credit card some more...."
    I don't care as much as I should about this F2P malarky. What I care about is giving us meaningful UPDATES as frequently as they USED to appear. Ideally that us saps who have a subscription/lifetime won't have to reach for the credit card to enjoy, whilst still being able to buy the storage space and a couple of pretty dresses.
    I don't think it's going to happen.
    And why the hell are we left with running SG/BG until the bloody AUTUMN? Come on Turbine!
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  • PS3 Slim in September, price cut now

  • Prehensile_Plant 18/08/2009

    Look at the bottom

    Note: This product is not compatible with PlayStation 2 games.

    No longer interested
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  • New Xbox Experience: DVD vs. Hard Disk Face-Off

  • Prehensile_Plant 11/11/2008

    Nice article, but I'm curious about Lost odyssey. Obviously it won't all fit on a 20 GB hard disc, but will it let you install one disc at once? Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy comes to 360

  • Prehensile_Plant 15/07/2008

    This will make it the first Final Fantasy game to be released on an Xbox
    I thought you were into MMOs Oli? FFXI?

    Edit: amended!
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  • Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360

  • Prehensile_Plant 14/07/2008

    The Final Fantasy series will never be the same without Sakaguchi Noboru Uematsu anyway.

    Who, coincidentally, are developing for 360 with Mistwalker. Which er, is a 360 exclusive studio.
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  • Civ IV to get Colonization expansion

  • Prehensile_Plant 10/06/2008

    I loved Colonisation on my Amiga 1200 :D Reply 0
  • Squenix eyes western expansion

  • Prehensile_Plant 08/01/2008

    Every year Squenix make some statment about how important they think Europe is and how they plan to expand here. And every year we European RPG geeks go "Woo!" and hope for good things.

    Well, the PAL optimization is better and the fact that they're publishing Odin Sphere is good news.
    *Taps Foot*

    More action less words please.
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  • Euro LOTRO trial tomorrow

  • Prehensile_Plant 31/08/2007

    @TheUnionFrag: Read what I posted about the last update. It sorted the crafting situation. It also added a lot more stuff for higher levels to do; though I understand many have concerns about the new reputation system being rather WoWish. I couldn't tell you, as I haven't put in a great deal of play since the update. That and I never played wow. Been busy. My kinship has reported good things about it and the new quests in Annuminas tho.
    Monsterplay has had a few sweeping changes to make it more interesting, and you can play as a chicken in the main world, should you feel the need for a bit of a diversion. Each class is slowly getting new 40+ skills (at a rate of 2 classes per update). I think 40+ will be the focus of the devs for a bit.
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  • Prehensile_Plant 30/08/2007

    You were on a quiet server? Try Snowborn and Evernight. They're the most populated. I play on Evernight myself, in a kinship of over 25 year olds only. Reply 0
  • Prehensile_Plant 30/08/2007

    I do hope you can look past the first instance at the start. They really do just serve as an introduction, and some of them are superb. There's one for each race, and it means that making new toons is less of a chore really, as there's a new bit of story to uncover.
    Plus, after you get out of it, you end up in a 'newbie area' where you can meet up with others of your race who have also just started (dwarves and elves end up in the same one, Hobbits and men the other). Its actually quite nice to be out of the way of more expereinced players; I found it nice to be in a bit of a calmer area for the first 6 levels. Once you ding level 6 and finish the quest line, that's it, you're in the wider world and you can go wherever you like. Wander up to Angmar if you fancy it.

    Afterwards was Meh? You didn't try delivering the post for the hobbits in the Shire or unlocking the Dwarvern puzzle Vault then? Or pie-rustling in the shire? I'd love to see you come up against a Nazgul and the Dread/Fear system.

    Speaking as someone who still has the battered paperback edition of Lord of the Rings my Mum got me for my 9th birthday (I am now pushing 30), I adore the game. Its full of little touches that show it was made by people who love the books. What inspires me with more confidence is the way the devs actually address gameplay problems. My mates and I were really pissed off with people camping rare mobs: they dropped trophies used for crafting, and I'm sure anyone who's played a MMO at all knows how these things are camped. Last week's patch totally revamped the way rare items drop for crafting in a way that eliminated the need to hunt Snowback the Snowbeast in the misty mountains for 6 hours. Hooray. Anyway, having devs who are prepared to revise game systems when it becomes apparent that things aren't fun makes me love this game a little bit more. That's just one example, mind.

    Going back to my 50 hunter and 42 Burglar now.
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  • EA boss slates yearly updates

  • Prehensile_Plant 09/07/2007

    Indeed. Do look closer to home before you open your mouth please, EA... Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy VI Advance

  • Prehensile_Plant 06/03/2007

    I wish this review would have contained some comments about how (if any) the GBA version differs from the SNES or even PS1 version. Anything changed at all? Reply 0
  • Three Steps Back

  • Prehensile_Plant 02/03/2007

    all they have to do is decide that the price is wrong, and stick to their PS2s for the medium term.

    I love this comment -- writer, you got it in one.

    This just so happens to be the standpoint I've decided to occupy myself -- too many dark clouds, too expensive and not enough nice looking games (ok, RPGs) to make me want a PS3. I have a collection of well loved PS1 classics, like Grandia, Suikoden 1 and 2, Vagrant Story that I must be able to play on a new Playstation before I'll save up for one. The backward compatiblity announcment was the seal upon the fact that PS3 does not feature at all in my list of things I wouldnt mind accquiring.

    I'll stick with my trusty PS2 for a while until something happens to shake up this generation's console war a little more (and bring that bloody price down).
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  • Final Fantasy III

  • Prehensile_Plant 14/12/2006

    I actually agree with pretty much everything this article says. Bloody good review, Mr Parkin.

    I imported it excitedly when it first came out, and wanted to cry with disapointment. It's a step on the evolutionary ladder of RPGs (maybe even videogames), but I don't think it's one that was worth revisiting.
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  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Knights of the Nine

  • Prehensile_Plant 27/11/2006

    Bit misleading re PC owners, I think. You can go out and buy it in a shop now with all the other dowloads for £14.99. Or buy it for $9.99 off on its own on December 4th.

    'Sup to you which you prefer. Many of the other official mods are.... not really worth it, but Mehrune's Razor and the house mods are lovely. So if you don't have those, The Plant recomends you buy the lot in a shop.

    PC owners needs to beware the DRM protection on downloads from the official site. I have to do some serious and unecessary fiddling to make mine work.

    And yes. KoTN is a nice DLC. More nice DLCs (and an upgraded construction set, and a MAX exporter) please Bethesda.
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  • The 12 Games of Xbox

  • Prehensile_Plant 15/11/2006

    Oh fer god's sake Eurogamer. Stop it with the atractive girl with the console photos in your articles please. We all get the E3 booth babe jokes, yes, very funny. Please do remember that not all your readers are red blooded (teenage) males.

    How about a Johnny Depp lookalike in the next one? /hopeful
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  • Cannon Fodder returns for PSP

  • Prehensile_Plant 29/08/2006

    Loved this on Amiga but..... Groan. It would be so much better on DS. Reply 0
  • FFXI for X360 gets an update

  • Prehensile_Plant 25/07/2006

    Indeed all the smelly dirty cheats who got banned I know of used PC. One had 5 level 75 jobs, 100 Blacksmithing skill and had played since US Release. And there is still the smug player in a Wedding Dress standing in Batillia Downs offering to sell me Byakko Trousers for 20 Million gil. /sigh

    The unfriendly people I know of are Japanese, tbh, I speak as a PC player who played before EU release. Another friend invited a Japanese player to a party we were making the other week, and the response was {No Thanks} {English} {meat Dishes} {see you again!} I'll log on tonight, and my group will go HNM camping. And the same Japanese group will be there, camping at 5 am their time. /sigh indeed.
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  • Prehensile_Plant 25/07/2006

    *shakes fist at Eurogamer* I realise that having X Box 360 in the title will draw traffic, but the update content is the same for PC and PS2 and 360 - aside from the map tweak and 'achievments' thing.

    Still, I should be glad of any news on my beloves MMORPG on EG.

    What about the mission update and Chocobo Breeding that are due out later this week(ish)?

    Third Party tools & Gil sellers: This is the same argument of 'buying pirate DVDs supports international crime syndicates and drug smuggling." Those who were banned used speed hacks to make themselves run faster, not to farm gil.
    Ban the gil farmers instead, ffs.
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  • Lady gamers get voice changer

  • Prehensile_Plant 07/07/2006

    Oh bloody hell. As a female gamer who uses voice chat with my Final Fantasy XI linkshell, this makes me feel slightly sick. In my experience, we take the piss out of eachother's accents rather than the fact that I'm a girl. Besides, hearing them all go silent in confusion when you say the word "bollocks" is great.
    Be your-bloody-self, says I, and if you find gamers who intimidate you for being a girl, prove you're better than them at the game or something. Besides, my mates can always hear me over the din of male droning American voices, when I'm shouting at them to do something when we're about to wipe on some monster-or-other. Having a girly voice is far better.

    Male only game indeed. I'll tkae my double level 75 character and shove it up your voice changer.
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  • Oblivion horse for PC gamers

  • Prehensile_Plant 05/04/2006

    Has anyone bought this bloody thing and got it working? See, myself and some others witn a none-us install of the game are having the same installer error. If Bethesda released it for US version only but let everyoen spend money on it, I;m going to be annoyed. Reply 0
  • FFXI 360 beta on cover disk

  • Prehensile_Plant 12/12/2005

    If you've never cast thunder IV on Nidhogg for 1.5k damage you've never lived. :) Reply 0
  • WOW Christmas is coming

  • Prehensile_Plant 07/12/2005

    FFXI had decorations, Christmas music, a quest and characters running around in Santa hats last year. Expect they'll do it this year too Reply 0