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  • Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 28

  • Praetorianer 18/12/2010

    Another Xbox360 victory :) Reply -48
  • Ex-Capcom boss starts new company

  • Praetorianer 15/12/2010


    I highly doubt that. Inafune is imo not on the same level of creators/directors like Miyamoto, but behaves like that (INAFKING...tsts), although he's "only" a producer. Now that he's on his own, he will have to back his big words with a product of AAA quality and AAA success...or at least surpass Capcom's/any Japanese developer's last products. I think he's going to fail to do that.
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  • Quake 3 Arena

  • Praetorianer 11/12/2010

    What? No 10/10? Sheeeesh... Reply 0
  • Kinect Roundup

  • Praetorianer 08/12/2010

    Nice lineup! Reply 0
  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • Praetorianer 15/11/2010

    I want the Extended Edition Blu-Rays :( Reply +5
  • New Bulletstorm trailer tiptoes in

  • Praetorianer 15/11/2010

    I like the kill-with-skill-attitude...otherwise, consider me not impressed. Reply 0
  • Guwange

  • Praetorianer 12/11/2010

    Super-awesome game. I loved playing it on MAME, and when I finally got to play it in a Japanese arcade, it felt like a perfect moment of videogame happiness. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Wii and DS sales down

  • Praetorianer 29/10/2010

    Thanks for posting that, elvenearth. It was exactly what I was thinking of.

    In my opinion it's really bad journalism to not shed some light on how the figures given in this article even came into existence.
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  • 3DS out in Europe and US in March

  • Praetorianer 29/09/2010

    Ouch. That's 100$ more than I expected...or wanted it to be. I can only hope that there'll be a price drop soon, but then's Ninty. I just hope that they won't fail with such a pricey product like Sony did initially with the PSP. Its price tag was just too high for the crowd it was aimed at. Reply +1
  • Featherweight Champion

  • Praetorianer 27/09/2010

    The point is, that Nintendo already won the arms race on the technical side in this generation, too. People tend to forget, that a new controller scheme is a technical innovation, too. Now Sony and M$ come up with movement based control schemes, too. They copied Nintendo, not vice versa.

    The same goes for 3D without glasses, too. With the new 3D technology, games will offer a new gaming experience. I think the current generation proved that the arms race for more powerful systems has proven to be wrong. If Sony will price the PSP2 as high as its predecessor, they will face the same problems again. Nintendo provided new and very good gaming experiences on seasoned, reliable (lots of people seem to forget the hardware problems - a result Sony and M$ faced due to a misconception of processing power, design, cost reduction) yet innovative hardware, with which they already made profit at launch, even though it was considerably cheaper than the competitor's (heavily subsidized) systems (not to mention the additional hardware required to get the most out of the systems, i.e. expensive TV and stereo systems, 3D glasses etc.).
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  • Shantae sequel dated for DSiWare

  • Praetorianer 23/09/2010

    Hüh? How did I miss this back then?

    Looks awesome!
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  • Facebook claims 200 million gamers

  • Praetorianer 22/09/2010

    Gamers or lamers? Reply +5
  • MJ MMO: "No doubt" people will joke

  • Praetorianer 21/09/2010

    I've never read about anything else, of which I was SO sure, that it's going to be such a massive fail. Reply +1
  • Sonic Free Riders

  • Praetorianer 21/09/2010

    Haerger: "Why am I not surprised?"

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  • Setting Sun?

  • Praetorianer 18/09/2010

    @Argentlupine and Silent-Hal

    I think that the Japanese market is a very special one and the problem of the Japanese games industry, or of the whole games industry, is the cost and associated risk with AAA titles. Japanese developers can't afford to develop AAA titles, that cater only/mainly to the Japanese market. Such titles have to be developed with a global market in mind. Thus the "wackyness" or unique "Japanese-ness" in AAA titles seems to be in decline, as the games are developed with the mainstream (global market) in mind. Maybe that's why people/media come to the conclusion, that the Japanese games industry is dying. Still there are lots of games, like it has been written in the article, that western media or gamers never hear of.
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  • Praetorianer 18/09/2010

    As far as the dropping of names are forgot that in movie trailers nowadays people get mentioned the following way "From the director of movie xy and xz" and "The producer of movie yz and zz" comes the new blabla...because seemingly the audience is either considered to be too dumb/uninterested to remember the names of the people behind the camera, or it really is.

    Aside from that, dropping names as a "seal of quality" (depending on the track record of a given director/producer) can easily be limited to a few names in the games business.

    As far as the Japanese games industry is concerned, I thinks it's pretty much like Fahey said. One thing: where is the dizzying array of platforms nowadays? In 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-64-bit and 6th Generation consoles, there have been more systems competing against each other.
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  • MOH "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda"

  • Praetorianer 16/09/2010

    Of course nearly everything is about money, but if a game's Producer tries to tell me, that the game is about honouring a specific group of people, and someone like Riccitiello tries to tell people, that he is surprised by such a reaction by the media (which are hypocritical too, of course)...*puke*. Reply 0
  • Praetorianer 16/09/2010

    1. Commercial games are about honouring money.
    2. EA is more about honouring the money above any other aspect that may be a motivation in making a game.
    3. PR is about honouring the shallow word and hypocrisy.

    But does anyone really care or intend to not buy that game because of that? Don't think so.
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  • EA: No consumer backlash to Online Pass

  • Praetorianer 15/09/2010

    Maybe the 2nd hand market will be history sooner than later, at least in the US. From what I got, depending on the terms of the EULA, 2nd hand sales could be prohibited, if the end user is stated to be a licensee, rather than an owner of a given software.
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  • Final Fantasy XIV opening cinematic

  • Praetorianer 14/09/2010

    I wonder who still extrapolates from an impressive trailer/intro to the actual game nowadays...good looking trailer, nice, albeit somehow default design, but still only a CGI movie. Reply +1
  • Capcom showcases Resi 3DS tech

  • Praetorianer 13/09/2010

    I'm pretty convinced that the 3DS will dominate the handheld gaming market at will, if they get the price right. In addition, I just hope that the battery life will be good. Everything I've read about the 3DS so far has been very impressive! Reply 0
  • Relic dev died saving wife and child

  • Praetorianer 08/09/2010

    I immediately browsed to the last page of comments on this article, just in an experiment to extrapolate, and from what I've read here, I concluded it must have been the same shit as ever before. Cold hearted bastards, people sinping from moral high ground, and the usual assholes (probably)...I guess that's what the net is all about.

    Sad stuff....
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  • Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever alive

  • Praetorianer 03/09/2010

    The livestream looked ok, but the camerawork and the woman moderating where SO annoying...unbearable to watch. Reply +3
  • Project Sword wows on iOS devices

  • Praetorianer 03/09/2010

    Ok one last try. I am not bitching, I am stating my opinion and I made myself clear about how I came to that opinion. A graphically impressive demo is still only a graphically impressive demo, not an impressive game. I thought that especially the current generation of video game consoles should have proven that point. I said that I don't like the controls and that the control scheme limits the iPhone in its possibilities in general, as well as the short battery life as a mobile gaming device in particular. I am not the only one with that opinion, not even in this thread. In my opinion the Apple iPhone is overpriced, but it's not a bad device in general, I never said that. What I say is that I'll stick to another phone and use a DS for my portable gaming needs, and that's just my opinion. I'm not a fanboy, nor a hater...did I make a flame comment like "OMG APPLE SUX0RZ!" without making my point clear? Because that is what haters or fanboys do.

    @ Pac-man

    I never said that the iPhone doesn't offer any good games. I am really not into sports games, so for me those don't add any value to the iPhone as gaming device. Broken Sword is an awesome game, but I played it years ago, as well as Beneath A Steel Sky. I even played them years ago on my first PDA with ScummVM again. Yes, they are that good. Rock Band, I play that with my friends on PS2, and I'd prefer that over the iPhone anytime. Like you said, you get a couple of hours of fun out of those games, and then you move on. But what about the deeper gaming experiences? Where are the great RPGs? Jump'n'runs? Metroidvania titles? The ones you put lots of hours into, that stay with you? And...most important: What about Mario Kart? ;) I'd have serious problems to choose between all those awesome DS and GBA titles and reduce them to a group of 50 titles. Do you think you'd have the same problem on the iPhone?


    I didn't mean to come across like an arrogant prick and there was no "I am superior with my gaming taste/device" intention in my statement, I just meant that if you really prefer the iPhone games and if the great ones really give you the same amount of fun and the same experience as the great DS/GBA/PSP titles, then of course the iPhone can be the gaming device of your choice. For me, it just doesn't do it...I don't get enough out of the games I played so far. As a nice distraction, yes maybe, but not as a "serious" (hopefully you know what I mean) gaming device.
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  • Praetorianer 03/09/2010


    No matter how often you say "shut up", and even if you use caps-lock all the time, it won't give your "arguments" more weight or make them any more relevant. I pointed out the weaknesses of the Apple devices and you just can't talk them away, no matter how much you want to. If that is whining to you, fine, be it that way. Nice comparison btw. between the "50 best iPhone" and "50 best DS/PSP" games. If you really think that the value you get out of those games (whatever those may be) can be compared, then the iPhone might really be the gaming device of your choice.
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  • Praetorianer 03/09/2010


    No, they are not pure gaming devices, but we're talking about gaming here, as this is a website about gaming. While it might be impressive what Epic's guys can show off on the devices - as well as id with the Rage demo - it's potential to make a good game out of that in the end is rather small, due to the limitations of the devices, that are:

    - bad controls (while some games work better, others clearly don't - without proper sticks or control schemes, it just won't do it for me, and I'm not alone with that opinion)
    - very short battery life

    Those two limitations doom the i-devices to run games that telboy007 described fittingly as "nice distractions", hence the cheap prices of the games. People just won't pay more for those nice distractions (I don't want to start a discussion about digital distribution of games here - clearly that has an influence on the prices as well, but no nice package etc.). Having said that, you don't expect the prices for i-devices apps/games to not rise in the future, do you? If game creators have to buy licenses for the middleware, the costs will rise, the risk will rise -> prices will rise. As soon as you have to invest more manpower, time and money into developing a game that is not "a nice distraction" (I'm talking about a difference between AAA titles and Indie games here, and that refers only to the amount of money and work that goes into the development of a game, which not quite necessarily equals the actual quality of the game in the end), prices will rise for sure.

    I don't know which kind of games you play, but I don't see where the iPhone games catalogue "of late" is any more interesting than that of either the DS or PSP, not to forget the KILLER back catalogue, especially that of the DS (if you'd include that of the GBA...come on, the iPhone/Pad catalogue pales into nothingness).

    So imo gaming is so limited on i-devices, that from a certain point it makes no sense to me, because IF I play those kind of games on let's say the iPhone, I will quickly render its other functions useless, e.g. playing ESPGaluda while I am on the train, draining the battery very quickly, leaving me without a phone after a 1,5 hour trip, or forcing me to recharge. Not to mention that the controls just don't work that well.

    And yes, almost every Apple (hardware) product is overpriced. (please note that I wrote ALMOST)

    Anyways, feel free to insult me more. I got used to it since I started surfing the net over a decade ago.
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  • Praetorianer 02/09/2010

    The comments can basically be closed, as telboy007, clearblue and abigsmurf already noted all the most striking downsides of the iPhone/iPad as a regular gaming device.

    As a pure gaming device, all of Apple's models are too expensive, too limited and as a nice distraction, they're even greatly overpriced.
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  • Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

  • Praetorianer 29/08/2010

    Without reading article/comments:

    Company X urges Y to buy X/Z's products.

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  • Metroid: Other M

  • Praetorianer 28/08/2010

    Ouch. Guess what? That hurt, but I survived.

    But ONLY to see another Metroid installment on the 3DS, hopefully in 2D glory. Does that make sense? Yes.
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  • Praetorianer 28/08/2010

    WHAT NO 10/10?

    *jumps off next building*
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  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift trailer

  • Praetorianer 25/08/2010

    Wow. Stunning, supercool design! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. PSJailbreak

  • Praetorianer 21/08/2010


    You're wrong. The software itself is already widely available and it does nothing on non-dev/debug versions of the PS3. Get your facts straight before you talk big.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Praetorianer 20/08/2010

    @Red Moose. Nice trolling attempt.


    Hype levels rising.
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  • Hackers may have cracked PS3

  • Praetorianer 19/08/2010

    psx-scene suffers:


    Due to the fact that PSjailbreak works!

    We now have over 40,000 members posting, and viewing threads at ONCE!

    With over 100,000 users browsing the forums.

    I am in 911 mode, and moving the site to a new 12-core server,
    with 16gigs of RAM, and 1terabyte of monthly bandwidth.

    This hopefully we be enough.

    In the meantime, just keep checking, the 403 and 500 errors will go away soon!

    Sorry for the site problems, but that what happens when you have a real PS3 breakthough that works, not some stupid "fake" thing like Geohot, etc.

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  • Praetorianer 19/08/2010


    I don't think so. What about PS2, GBA, DS, Wii, Xbox, Xbox360, all of which could be easily modded/used for playing pirated games? Did their sales figures suffer? The problem of the PS3 was its price tag in the beginning. The PSP suffered from a mixture of high prices and hardware design faults (short battery life, too big) and weak software palette. Bad games don't sell. Niche games don't sell (most of the time), even if they're very good. PSP had terrible marketing, PSPGo was a bad move overall. I'm not rooting for piracy, but people shouldn't blame everything on it. The main problem of the video games industry is elsewhere to seek.
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  • Praetorianer 19/08/2010

    That should boost PS3 sales figures. Good thing Sony is making money out of the hardware now :) Reply +20
  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Praetorianer 17/08/2010

    Only good thing about this game (or its reviews) so far: it reminded me of Dog Days by Fear Factory

    So I gave it a spin again...after blowing the dust off.
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  • Praetorianer 17/08/2010

    Planet Xbox 360 08/17/10 Review 7.7 out of 10
    1UP 08/17/10 Review B-
    joystiq 08/17/10 Review 2.5 out of 5

    Averaging 65 score at Metacritic.

    From what I've read so far I can conclude, that the time I've spent in order to make an educated opinion about this game, was probably wasted time. Bargain bin, at best.
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  • Rage

  • Praetorianer 16/08/2010

    Hey photoboy, I am #2! Who's the third one? Reply +1
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer

  • Praetorianer 13/08/2010

    Can. Not. Wait. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's Q1 DS sales down 44 per cent

  • Praetorianer 29/07/2010

    via gamesindustry:

    "Nintendo took a one time $794 million foreign exchange loss which is what resulted in the overall $288 million loss.

    This is only the second time in company history to have a quarterly loss and both were for the exact same reason."

    So, although the market may be saturated and all that, they're still making lots profit. I think the 3DS will make get a pre-xmas launch in Japan and from that point on they'll be printing money again, just like when the DS took off.
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  • Retrospective: Mario Golf Advance Tour

  • Praetorianer 25/07/2010


    When I first played Everybody's Golf at the PSP launch during the Games Convention, me and my friends were immediately hooked by it...we couldn't stop playing for over an hour. It's my favorite golf game for sure.
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  • Praetorianer 25/07/2010

    Loved it and the same goes for Mario Tennis Power Tour. Reply +2
  • Junction Point's Warren Spector

  • Praetorianer 25/07/2010

    Cool guy. I agree with pretty much everything he said - and the way he said it. Reply +5
  • The Future of PlayStation Move

  • Praetorianer 24/07/2010

    Wow, really impressive. The only downside will be the price...two controllers and the camera, the PS3 and a game = huge hole in my wallet. Reply +3