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  • Sony: Don't call the PS3 a "game machine"

  • PondScum 31/03/2011

    Pretentious twat.

    If I want to call it an overpriced time-suck that seems to need updating every time I switch it on, which requires scrolling through page after page of EULA and is incapable of delivering delta patches rather than bloated full updates, I bloody well will.
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  • Breaking Up

  • PondScum 10/10/2010

    Interesting stuff, and very insightful from the author - Microsoft indeed does see itself as one of the few vendors that can bridge the gap between consumer and enterprise. Where GS seem to be getting it wrong is in presuming that MS want to be solely like an Oracle or a VMware, a pure enterprise software play. One of the strengths of MS is the integration possible - for example, the true strength is in seeing Windows Phone 7 have both the Xbox Live integration (consumer) and the Sharepoint integration (business). No other software company comes close - there's no reason for Microsoft to spin off one of the main parts of its consumer business at the key time when it all finally comes together... Reply +2
  • Microsoft treats heading to EG Expo

  • PondScum 14/08/2009

    It's REDMOND, not Redwood. Reply 0
  • I Ball

  • PondScum 01/11/2007

    Brilliant little game - I remember not believing what I'd got for my pocket money, with best music and speech synthesis I'd heard :-) Reply 0
  • Burnout gets official title

  • PondScum 30/04/2007

    Really bored of this franchise now - it really seems like a reheating year after year. And the takedowns on Revenge on 360 felt weak and based on luck rather than skill :-( Burnout 3 FTW!

    In fact, crack on with Black 2 instead.
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  • X360 camera to ship with game

  • PondScum 17/08/2006

    People don't have to be on your friends list for them to see you (see Uno where some players have cameras) but they can't see your gamertag picture taken with the camera unless they're on your friends list. To stop pictures of arses as gamertag pictures, I believe... Reply 0
  • Eidos working on PS3, Xbox 2, PSP

  • PondScum 15/09/2004

    Yay for another Freedom Fighters! Top game - even EA couldn't ruin it ;-) Reply 0
  • C&VG faces suspension as Future buys Dennis' mags

  • PondScum 23/08/2004

    Doesn't this pretty much give them a monopoly on Uk games magazines? Who else is left?? Reply 0
  • Blinx 2: Masters Of Time

  • PondScum 17/06/2004

    Oh God no.... First one wasn't so much bad (although IMHO it was that as well) it was just the huge amounts of hype....the first one was a real disappointment, and I doubt I'd invest in this one Reply 0
  • Fourth Oddworld title nearing completion

  • PondScum 16/06/2004

    Think I'm probably alone in this, but I actually really enjoyed Munch's Odyssey - thought the graphics were great (especially in cutscenes) and it was one of the few titles I actually finished! Any screenies of this anywhere? Reply 0
  • EA to publish Burnout 3

  • PondScum 19/01/2004

    Couldn't agree with nick_f less. Apparently EA won't support Live as they want to stop you playing "last year's" version of the game as soon as the next cycle is released. So you wouldn't be able to play Burnout 2004 as soon as Burnout 2005 is released, forcing you to get the new version if you want to play online.

    I think MS is doing the right thing here by standing its ground - although that's fine in principle but ultimately it is us gamers who lose out :-(
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  • MS pushes Media Center through Xbox

  • PondScum 08/01/2004

    I'm not sure why you think convergence will have an adverse effect on the games, Blerk - the next version of Xbox is likely to be developed by the Xbox team, but will just use the API set to tie it into the Media Centre suite. Does it matter if the same console stands alone or is part of a suite? Reply 0
  • UK Hardware: Christmas console sales drop

  • PondScum 06/01/2004

    Did anyone see last month's GamesTM where they visited high street retailers to see which console their staff would recommend? Xbox was recommended by every single one...it wasn't exhaustive and they didn't visit very many, but perhaps shows that peer pressure is all, and the PS2 'brand' is extremely powerful... Reply 0
  • UK Hardware: PS2 triumphs again

  • PondScum 09/12/2003

    Umm, thanks for that, charmingly-named Muh-fucker... Ever thought that my tongue might be firmly in my cheek and designed to highlight the rampant fanboism that was Malloc's comment (interesting how it's ok to be a Cubie fanboi, but not an Xbox fanboi). Don't expect you to understand that though - to you tongue in cheek is just something you get in all the gay porn you beat off to.

    Glad to see your reasoned, mature argument doesn't give any fuel to the (stupid) argument that the Cube is for kids. Christ, how did you slip through the net and find your way to this normally sensible site?
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  • PondScum 09/12/2003

    Well, bugger me! How come I know hardly anyone who confesses to actually owning a PS2??!

    Great to see Xbox still outselling the Cube - people understanding that the Cube is just for kids
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  • Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

  • PondScum 27/11/2003

    This article reminds me of why I read this site..

    Top marks!

    Erm, for the review, not the shite game.
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  • Nintendo resumes Cube production

  • PondScum 06/11/2003

    I think the Xbox is suffering in retail space too though.. There are tonnes of games for it in my local HMV, but all with only their spines showing, weighing down a couple of shelves. I think it's shrunk over the last 12 months TBH. PS2 is being promoted heavily instead. Anyone looking at it would think that PS2s were the only thing they were shifting... N and XBox fanboys should get together, as really they're both being ignored! Reply 0
  • Halo

  • PondScum 19/08/2003

    I presume this is a straight port and they haven't sorted out the steep decline into repetition and copy and paste level design for the second half of the game?...

    And 'scuse my ignorance but what's the big deal with no Linux server? They probably wanted cracking server performance, and that means Windows.

    /runs away
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  • Games that went ignored

  • PondScum 01/08/2003

    Kung Fu Chaos is great fun, and the wisecracking is actually funny rather than cheesy.. The only problem for me was its longevity - I played it constantly for about 3 weeks then haven't gone back to it since.. Still, better than Brute Force...

    And aren't you missing DOAX?

    No, seriously!
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  • Half-Life 2 Tunnels vid released

  • PondScum 01/08/2003

    OK - fair enough.. It's just that nowhere seems to have any info on it and we're desparate for nuggets...erm, well I am... Reply 0
  • PondScum 01/08/2003

    Why does EG only ever concentrate on the PC version of HL2? When is the Xbox version due? Will it slip as well etc. etc.? Yes I know it won't be as good blah blah blah, but some weird people like to game in their living room on a console Reply 0
  • Midtown Madness 3

  • PondScum 04/07/2003

    Looks good... Is there a review of Midnight Club II on Xbox yet?

    My only concern is that there is such a concentration on Live that the single player is still worthwhile, as some of us don't live in Broandband enabled areas... Is it better than MC2 for single player?
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  • Yamauchi on PSP, the NES, industry mergers, more

  • PondScum 04/07/2003

    I think there are 2 aspects - one is obviously the poor marketing of Nintendo in Europe (although they seem to have a fair old budget, just not using it wisely), but I do also think that he has a fair point with the violent types of games being more popular in the West. But here's where I disagree with many of the posters here - I do consider myself a hardcore gamer, I am not an EA-franchise sucker, but the Gamecube games just do not appeal to me. I would much rather play Vice City or Halo than cel-shaded Zelda, or a game like Pimkin.. They just look and feel like they were designed for children. I think Nintendo's problem in Europe and NA is essentially that they are trying to be all things to all men (and women), whereas Sony and MS have a range much more targeted at the more mature gamer.

    Donning asbestos suit for criticising Zelda, Pimikin, and actually Mario!
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