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  • Bus driver fired for playing PSP

  • Polyphonic 20/03/2006

    The town where I live is on Eurogamer FTW! :D

    /should not have mentioned where he lives for fear of being persecuted as a...I can't say it..a..a...chav
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  • Call of Duty 2 demo out

  • Polyphonic 27/09/2005

    What a strange game.

    It's honestly as if the developers couldn't make their minds up as to whether it was going to be a 'next-gen' game or not.

    I've just played the demo and a few things stood out for me. The smoke was absolutely fantastic, along with the soundtrack and the sense of immersion (rather overwhelmingly), yet the graphics were rather poor as the textures were low quality. The environment didn't seem to be interactive (perhaps no bad thing but it does stand out) and the physics were noticeably absent.

    I cannot make my mind up as to whether the demo suffers from the lack of physics (rag doll etc) or whether the immersive gameplay makes up for it; it's an odd one.

    Still, I don't think I'll get it.
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  • New Metal Gear 4 details

  • Polyphonic 15/09/2005

    It's not entirely legal (or legal at all) to show scans due to copyright laws. EG's a proper company so I don't think they want the risk of a laywer phoning up..

    (Google is your friend!)
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  • Chromehounds

  • Polyphonic 15/09/2005

    LOL Razz!

    I've been saying that all day but I think I'm losing the battle... ;_;

    /checks bank account


    /wonders if anybody owes him a financial favour
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  • Test Drive Unlimited

  • Polyphonic 15/09/2005

    I have to agree with you, Lou. There's something more real about this, I'm really looking forward to it.

    One part of my brain however is saying "wait for the PS3, compare it to the 360 and then buy one or the other". The other is saying "OMG360ROXXORZ look at Test Drive!" and...stuff.
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  • UK online retailers break street date on GTA

  • Polyphonic 28/10/2004

    I have a trade account at Gem. Why didn't I think of buying the game for myself early?

    /is slow
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