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  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • PlugMonkey 20/09/2017

    Everything wrong with video gaming culture in a nutshell. The review bombing twunts complaining about 'butt hurt cry babies ' is just, well, what can you say? Reply +1
  • Celebrating Devrim Kay, Destiny's first gay character

  • PlugMonkey 13/09/2017


    I haven't played it. Are you saying that no other character in Destiny's universe has a back story featuring a romantic partner?
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  • Star Citizen 3.0 update "akin to Early Access" launch

  • PlugMonkey 13/09/2017


    Fun is no more elusive than designing…an effective lawn mower - we just sometimes use that as an excuse for a lack of method.
    I disagree. And also agree. I think fun is more elusive than designing an effective lawn mower. Firstly it is a lot harder to define. How do we know if our lawn mower is effective? Well, is the grass shorter than it was before? Then it’s an effective lawn mower.

    How effective is it, exactly? Well, can our competitors make this much grass this much shorter this quickly? Then our lawn mower is more effective than their lawn mowers. We could probably even pinpoint why. Our hopper is bigger. You don’t have to empty it as often. That means more time spent making grass shorter. I mean, sure, there are some other considerations. A few bugs to iron out. It would be nice if it didn’t deafen you and you could operate it without limb loss, but basically we fully understand the problem we are trying to solve: making grass shorter. Our metrics for success are clear.

    How do we know if our game is fun? Is it more fun than their game? What makes it more fun? What is fun anyway? If ‘fun’ is no more elusive than ‘short grass’, why are there so many more and longer books offering competing theories on the former than the latter? I mean, you’re an expert in game development, and I don’t even own a lawn mower. Can you define a fun game more easily and thoroughly than I can define an effective mower? I bet you can’t. I couldn’t. There’s your elusiveness.

    And then people use that as an excuse for a lack of method. It’s actually the reason we need a hell of a lot more method, to help us define what it is we’re trying to do and how we’ll know when we’re doing it.

    Great to shoot the breeze with you again, BTW.
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  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    Ah, yes. The ancient, internet tradition of agreeing from opposite sides of the argument. :D

    I never intended it as an excuse for games being years late - which I don't think SC is yet, btw - but as a reason why games are less predictable than more staid forms of industrial development where fun isn't remotely a factor.

    You must at some point have worked on a project where some feature or other - or possibly an entire game - has delivered every possible technical component required to be called complete, apart from it being no fun.

    Probably because of an earlier self-imposed time limit on pre-production. :P
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  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    Yes, it was a simplification of the overall process. You would do this many times in a project, not once, but the same applies to a prototype.

    The point was to highlight the bits of the process that can be scheduled accurately - constructing the components that make up your prototype - and the bit that can't be scheduled accurately at all - making that prototype fun.

    Most industries only have to do the first part. The safe and easy way to do the second part is to find something that's already fun and copy it, but SC can't really do that.

    These core mechanics of yours. Can you put a time frame on 'establishing that they are fun'?
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  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    You know I said you couldn’t possibly believe a development team size is arbitrary? Well, I take it back.

    Because you also couldn’t possibly believe my post suggested a 2/3rds team sits idle until it is a full team, but there you go! You're like a Kinder egg. A surprise every time.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    You can't possibly believe that the number of people in a game development team is 'arbitrary'.

    How many people do they have now? Is it more than 268? If so, what are the additional bodies bringing to the already "fully staffed" team? Other than a lot of coffee, obvs.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    Ah, the 'Two Wrongs' hypothesis.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    GTA5 took 6 years to make and no-one was asked to spend money on it before it existed.
    I'm pretty sure someone was. Shareholders, ultimately, in this instance I suppose. I can't imagine Take2 need venture capital.

    Crowdsourced or not, someone spends money on it before it exists or it doesn't exist.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    Nothing suggests a sound mental state like a 1200 word comment.

    SC wasn't even what you would call fully staffed until the end of 2015. It's not easy to hire 400 professionals.
    I hadn't even thought of that. That's an impossible task on its own.

    This whole damn project is impossible, which is why I'll never regret backing it. Now more than ever this industry needs people to attempt the impossible, to see how close they get. I look forward to seeing how close that is.

    jcrg99 would call that 'anti-consumer'.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    The reason for that, as Roberts mentions above, is that normally a game this ambitious would be in development for years without you hearing about it. Then it would pop up out of nowhere already three or four years old, and you would follow the last two or three years of development. Not that I can think of many games this ambitious.

    A bit of trivia, just because it's on my brain: did you know that Limbo took seven years to make?

    Three and a half hours of side scrolling puzzle platforming.

    Seven years.

    Then Inside came out six years after that. O_O

    Boggles my brain.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    You think the late comers should pay the same as the early adopters, who shouldered the risk to make all this happen in the first place?


    I can see there being no possible backlash to that.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    Welcome to EG! In my experience, people tend to mutely downvote things that are true but they don't like being true. ;)
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    That's not even the biggest challenge. Lots of other industries have a bug fixing phase.

    The problem unique to game development is that the nature of ‘fun’ is quite inscrutable. You can schedule how long to model the space ships, you can schedule how long to build your physics model and set up all the handling, and you can schedule how long to plan and author all the weapons. These, as in alevan’s example, might have a 200% margin for error already, so we’ll be sure to make our estimates generous.

    Then you put them all together...and it’s no fun. Which one do you change? The handling? The weapons? Something else? The audio or GUI that gives you feedback on what’s going on? The context that gives it all meaning? Add more depth? Simplify what you have? What?

    If anyone has a system for reliably estimating this, there’s a multi-billion dollar industry that will pay a lot of money if you to explain it to them. A LOT of money.

    Most industries just have to make something that works, not something that works and also spontaneously generates joy.

    Edit: Yay! My fans are back! By all means, neg me for suggesting that generating the joy you feel when playing your favourite games might be a difficult thing to achieve, and everyone not negging me can just sit there and appreciate the source of my frustration at the current generation of video game 'enthusiasts'.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    But either this guy is one of the worst manager I have known, or there are internal problems hidden from the backers.
    Or game development is even more unpredictable than whatever it is that you do.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    Early backers already have a copy. They've had access to them for years. I chose to wait until it was more polished, but I could be playing it right now.

    I suspect that's one of the main reasons for the price raise, tbh. The only thing that would be weird is if the late comers ended up paying the same or less than the early adopters.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    I would be staggered if they do, but I'll never regret backing it to give them a punt at it.

    Edit: Ha ha. Someone disagrees that I don't regret giving them a punt. Stay classy, EG.
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  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017


    A meaningless number.

    "0.3.0". There. 'Fixed' it.
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  • PewDiePie apologises for racial slur

  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    Personally, I suspect he isn't a racist.

    I suspect he's probably just lazy and ignorant, and so said something racist out of ignorance and laziness. Hence him apologising for exactly that.
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  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017

    He said: "What a f***ing n*****! Geez! Oh my god! What the f***? Sorry, but what the f***?"
    Really? Is that what he said? Bit of a mouthful.

    There's an uncensored video clip two paragraphs later for f***ing f***s sake. Quote it or don't quote it, but that just looks f***ing stupid!
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  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Switch from as low as £255 this week

  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    As a reference data point, how many 3DSs would you estimate seeing on the same journey?
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  • Please Knock on My Door review

  • PlugMonkey 12/09/2017


    Not trite at all. Excellent advice.
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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017

    So, in summary of 200 odd posts (and some of them really were odd) I would say the consensus answer is that it is acceptable to say ‘nigger’ in certain circumstances, but none of those circumstances arise when using it as a general insult in a public broadcast. Reply +9
  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • PlugMonkey 11/09/2017

    I'm sure the rise of digital is a factor, but each incremental entry in a franchise doing less business than its predecessor is the rule, not the exception.

    Destiny 2 doing less well than Destiny is normal. Destiny 3 will also likely do less well than Destiny 2. That's why reboots happen. Something like GTA is an exception, Destiny is following the rule.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds surpasses one million concurrent Steam players

  • PlugMonkey 09/09/2017


    I've been playing for more than 25 years and I do agree pubg is a mess that doesnt justify all this success.
    See that's fine.

    If you think it does, you have no idea about what a great game is.
    And there are your downvotes.

    I know what a great game is. Me and all the people I'm playing it with have been playing games for just as long as you. We are just as well informed as you. PUGB can not be your cup of tea. You can be baffled by it, but don't try and parlay that into some kind of gaming superiority. Not all of 10,000,000 gamers can simply be inherently inferior to you.
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  • PlugMonkey 09/09/2017


    if you like or even love this shitty game you can do so and i don't have anything against it but it doesn't change the fact that pubg
    Zoom in.

    this shitty game you can do so and i don't have anything against it

    this shitty game
    i don't have anything against

    i don't have anything against this shitty game
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  • PlugMonkey 08/09/2017


    I played WoT for years and this is the first thing since to scratch the same itch. It's all about positioning, and shooting isn't always the best option.
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  • Is there a "right" or "wrong" way to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

  • PlugMonkey 06/09/2017


    To me, it sounds like you are agreeing with 'captain skill'. Someone relying on both skill and luck will likely triumph over someone relying solely on luck.

    This is because the most skill in the world won't stop to dying to a shotgun blast when you have no weapon, but it will stop you dying in a 50/50 against another player with a shotgun who doesn't know one end of it from the other.

    I started diving into combat zones specifically to practice those 50/50s, so that the next time I got into one for all the chips I'd be better at it. I'm improving much faster than I was when I only got into a gunfight once every 30 minutes, usually on the losing end of it.
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  • PlugMonkey 06/09/2017


    I think camping is an entirely legit tactic, myself. The streamer in the article even knew it was a mistake as he did it. If you're down to a late game circle and there's a building in that circle, throw a grenade in the building.

    Throw all your grenades in the building.

    There is someone in that building.
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  • PlugMonkey 06/09/2017

    I don't know about the 'right' way to play, but on Monday my team switched from trying to find uninhabited loot locations to diving straight down onto somewhere directly on the plane's flightpath and having a bloody great shoot-out. Occasionally a punch up. That's definitely the fun way to play. I've also got much better at shooting people, which will no doubt stand me in good stead.

    I like the blue ring of death in general, but I find it ramps up too fast. I don't think there's any need for the interval between it shrinking to keep getting so much shorter. That's what causes us to abandon tactics, and often firefights altogether, just to keep up with it. It's a shame, because I like the pace of the main game a lot more than the endgame, which just feels like a bit of a lottery.

    It's like poker tournament where the blind levels go up too fast and everyone is suddenly all-in every hand.
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  • Balancing FIFA 18 sounds like a living nightmare

  • PlugMonkey 05/09/2017

    Sometimes it just takes a few tries.
    Wrong sport. Jesus, if they don't even know that.
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  • Holy macaroni PUBG just had more players on Steam than Dota 2

  • PlugMonkey 30/08/2017


    There are no 'rules' of Early Access. You don't stop selling a game as soon as the project is 'funded'. You aren't barred from introducing your secondary funding pipeline until a game is 'finished'. You simply sell a game that is still in development to people who are happy to play it in that state. That's it. It's a period where you do things like introduce premium loot crates, and if they tank, you take them out. If people like them, you leave them in. That kind of thing. 'Game development', I believe it's called.

    Someone already explained all of this in the video you posted. Jim Sterling sneered over it.

    Early Access is an arbitrary flag. They could throw the switch now, it would make fuck all difference. These are 'rules' of yours have no grounding in logic or reality.

    Yes, I'm sure they'll pay the money from these MTs into a special bank account that's meant to support the game once it is finished.
    Um, no, they will simply keep supporting it for longer if it's making them money. In order for it to keep making them money. Do you see?

    This is a concept called 'business'.

    And it doesn't cost me, personally, anything or degrade my experience in any way. The developers get money, the tat lovers get tat, I get my cheap game supported. Who loses out? Show me one party that is losing out here? Preferably without mentioning dicks or asses. Because this situation causing you to IMAGINE anal rape is not a legitimate complaint.

    Bringing us neatly on to:

    You enjoy anal rape, but then that's you.

    I point out that your metaphor is palpably absurd, so what do you do?

    You claim your absurd metaphor is literally true. I swear, I couldn't make this up.

    There are no dicks or asses in this equation. You really need to understand this, because you seem to have a bit of a dick in ass obsession, to be frank. You see dicks going into asses where no dicks or asses are in any way involved. There are, both literally and figuratively, zero dicks in my ass.

    It's a fantasy.

    It's your fantasy.

    It is something you have made up.
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  • PlugMonkey 29/08/2017


    If the items from those boxes are purely cosmetic and don't affect the game at all, why are they locked away behind a paywall?
    Well, I've already answered that, but I can copy and paste if it helps.

    There is one 'excuse' for these trivial, cosmetic microtransactions. It's the only one that is ever needed, and it is this: people like them.
    Having loot crates in the game, like the one I unlocked yesterday, is fun. Woo! My own pair of fingerless gloves!

    Having extra loot crates that you can pay to unlock is also fun, to some people at least.

    If it wasn't fun then people simply wouldn't buy them. There is no benefit to buying them. Would they find it more fun to just grind for the next free crate instead? Obviously not, or that's what they'd do. That's what I do.

    So, there you go. Some people like to spend the price of a half of lager as a bit of fun to see if they get a silly hat or a cool coat they can show to their friends.

    I'm not one of them, but I don't begrudge them their bit of fun, or the makers of the genuinely fantastic and excellent value game I'm loving a few extra quid. It just means they will support the game I'm loving better and for longer and at no cost to myself.

    This seems mutually beneficial to me, but then that's me. You see an anal rape, but then that's you.
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  • PlugMonkey 29/08/2017


    PUBG is the best multi-player shooter I've played since Left4Dead, and at £26.99 the best value game I've bought all year.

    How someone can parlay that experience into a "huge, leaking, swollen dick" in my ass says more about you than it does about them.

    The problem here is the massive difference between what the developer says and what the ‘fans’ hear. For e.g., the developer says “We have no plans to introduce this minor cosmetic feature until we’re out of Early Access.” Then they organise an event and realise that this would be a really good opportunity to move the feature forward, and they don’t really think about it too much because it’s just a minor cosmetic feature after all.

    Trouble is what the ‘fans’ heard was “We have no plans to jam a huge, leaking, swollen dick into everyone’s asses until we’re out of Early Access.”

    And that's how we arrive here.

    And only one of those is a massive betrayal.

    Aaand it’s the one that’s completely made up, isn’t it?

    There is one 'excuse' for these trivial, cosmetic microtransactions. It's the only one that is ever needed, and it is this: people like them.
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  • PlugMonkey 29/08/2017


    Jim Sterling talking total shite is hardly 'news'.

    If you don't want to pay for the entirely cosmetic items, then don't. Maybe just sell the boxes on to people who do. Colleague of mine just bought the new Quake with the proceeds of playing PUBG.
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  • Forget VOIP, Star Citizen has FOIP that maps your face's movements onto a character in real-time

  • PlugMonkey 28/08/2017

    Personally, having precisely zero knowledge or understanding of video games, video game developers, or video game development, I am outraged that this hugely ambitious game has taken an unprecedented five years to develop. Outraged, I say. Reply -2
  • Sony apparently "won't allow" Ark: Survival Evolved PS4-Xbox One cross-play

  • PlugMonkey 20/08/2017


    Yes, because MS want to merge Xbox and PC into one brand rather than two pieces of hardware, and and cross platform play works towards that end.

    Also, Sony's position is completely self defeating and does absolutely nothing to keep them 'on top'. Any multi-platform owners would be crazy to get this game on PS4, where the player pool will be far smaller and the game will die much sooner.
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  • Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?

  • PlugMonkey 12/08/2017


    They were beyond dire.
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  • PlugMonkey 12/08/2017


    You are Tim Vine, and I claim my five pounds.
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  • Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times

  • PlugMonkey 10/08/2017


    No-o, but what if hard mode is already better? Don't you want people to play it that way?

    Put it this way: if Dark Souls had an easy mode option, one of the greatest gaming experiences of a generation would have been lost to the millions of players who switched to it. So why let them?

    The creators of Dark Souls want you to be patient, cautious, and shit a brick every time you hear a noise you don't recognise. And with good reason, because it's an amazing experience once you adjust to it. So why put in an easy mode that leaves half your audience button mashing their way through a shite version of God of War instead?
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  • PlugMonkey 09/08/2017


    I like it sometimes but depends on the game.
    And the people who made this game think its one of those games.

    Anyway - Why block off an audience for no reason?
    To ensure the rest of the audience have the experience the creators intended.
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  • Square Enix really wants you to know Ashly Burch is involved with Life is Strange: Before the Storm

  • PlugMonkey 19/07/2017


    Live actors routinely receive royalties based on the performance of the property they are in, but live actors generally commit a lot more time to those projects.

    In the queue for royalty recognition, should the voice actor who devotes a few days in a recording studio really be ahead of the designers, programmers and artists who devote a few years?

    Also, I'm not sure where you get the idea that a voice actor's vocal chords disintegrate after a decade.

    Edit: Good to know at least one informed reader of a specialist gaming site values the input of the voice actors over the combined effort of the art, code, design and production teams.

    I'd like to say I'm surprised...
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  • PlugMonkey 19/07/2017


    Same question to you: who plays Max?
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  • PlugMonkey 18/07/2017


    Exactly. Even if you wanted to, you might not be eligible yet, or you might not be able to afford to.

    SAG-AFTRA costs $3,000. For a struggling actor, that's a lot of tips.
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  • PlugMonkey 18/07/2017


    Without looking it up: who played Max?

    Personally, I have no idea. The point being that I suspect if Ashley Burch wasn't mildly famous, no-one would give a crap. Assuming they even noticed, which they probably wouldn't have done.

    A good actor brings these characters to life, but I think to say the character is built around and defined by the actors is overstating it a bit.
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  • Hitman's final Elusive Target premieres Friday

  • PlugMonkey 13/07/2017


    You've missed the live events, yes.
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  • Riot blames Brexit for 20% League of Legends in-game currency price hike

  • PlugMonkey 05/07/2017


    Pro-brexit customers would be pissed off that someone pointed out that brexit has hit the value of the pound?


    Surely they all accept that this widely predicted result is a price worth paying?
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  • Square Enix willing to give up Hitman rights to ensure series future

  • PlugMonkey 30/05/2017


    There's no pop ups, no audio. The rev content ads are tacky, but small and unobtrusive. Yes, how dare EG try and safeguard their revenue.

    It's like pirates bitching their pirated game doesn't work.

    That happens more than you'd think too.
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  • PlugMonkey 30/05/2017

    Back on topic, this news has done little to calm my concerns. I don't know what the rules on redundancies in Denmark are, but over here there's a limit to how many people you can bin in one go without the consultancy period getting a lot longer, and therefore a lot more expensive.

    That means if you want to make a large studio redundant as cheaply as possible you bin off one bunch and then 'look for a buyer' until the appropriate time period has elapsed and you can bin off everyone else as a separate redundancy.

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  • PlugMonkey 30/05/2017


    No he doesn't. I've never had a problem with EG's ads. If me taking a tenth of a second to scroll past a bunch of Revcontent shit to get to the comments is what keeps EG in business, I can just about cope with that.
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