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  • UK Resistance: The War is Over

  • Pike 04/05/2011

    So, a three page eulogy over a dull little website that no one will miss?

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  • Black Ops is best selling game ever in US

  • Pike 11/03/2011

    Why is the 360 selling so well all of a sudden? Is it the Kinect that has taken off? Reply 0
  • Are pre-owned sales killing gaming?

  • Pike 06/12/2010

    "don't give the consumer the fair value of their game", she told me. "When you have traded a game with a high street retailer, they then sell that game on for a large profit, which shows the game is worth more than what they give to the consumer who has traded the game in."

    This quote only illustrates that she doesn't understand the concept of value. The reason a retailer like GAME can charge such a discrepancy between purchase price and re-sale price of used games is that they provide a service, by lowering transactions costs, for both sellers and buyers of used games and the discrepancy in price is what they charge for that service.

    The service they provide to sellers is that they decrease the time looking for a customer, you'll get your money, or store credit, straight away without a need to find a buyer on ebay or similar. They also remove the risk of having a potential buyer not transfering payment after recieving a game or removing the cost of insuring against such fradulent behaviour.

    The service they provide to the buyer is quality control. A person buying a used game from a high street retailer generally has a much easier time ensuring that the game they buy is in acceptable condition and, unlike when you buy online from another consumer there is very little risk that you will be stuck with an unusable copy that you paid good money for. This means a buyer who buys his game from say GAME will be prepared to pay more for the same game when buing at GAME compared to buying from some stranger online. So the potential profit margin for someone who sells their games privately will not be comparable to what GAME can charge.

    In short, Ratcliffe doesn't understand that value isn't objective or at least pretends to, to promote her business concept.
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  • Dragon Age 2

  • Pike 26/08/2010

    UL: It's hard to judge the changes without actually playing the new game, something I eagerly look forward to, however even if the camera can be moved a fair bit in DA:O it is still locked and can't be moved completely freely. Personally I never felt that it was to much of an issue. It almost never prevented me from taking a planned action, but I guess others found it to be more of an issue. Reply 0
  • Pike 25/08/2010

    I didn't really understand this paragraph - the camera wasn't locked to your character in the original was it? And stamina (presumably you meant health here) and mana potions didn't take up a number slot, you could put them anywhere you wanted.

    The camera was locked to the character you were currently controlling in DA:O. I assume that what the potion thing means they will have a separate dedicated slot, outside of the quickbar.
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  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Pike 17/08/2010

    Hmm, shame. I kind of enjoyed the demo.

    But then Mafia II is just around the corner, so I'll save my money for that instead.
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  • Homefront

  • Pike 14/06/2010

    Are you saying that South Korea, a rich prosperous west friendly democracy suddenly becomes an militaristic expansionist power after uniting with their dirt poor northern neighbour, for no reason?

    Mmmkay. That sure sounds more plausible.
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  • Eurogamer expands into Sweden

  • Pike 05/05/2010

    Goddamn foregin journalists coming here stealing the jobs and women of honest hard working Swedish game writers! Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Pike 19/10/2009

    tldr Reply -27
  • E3: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

  • Pike 04/06/2009

    2D or 3D. Doesn't matter. As long as I get the choice to slaughter tree hugging hippies, even if they are blue aliens, I'm sold. Reply +1
  • Editor's blog: Darkfall aftermath

  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Well, it was fun for a while, but could the Darkfall fanboys please go back to pissing in bottles in front of PCs in their parent's basments now, please? Reply 0
  • Pike 06/05/2009

    I reaqd that list, Silver. It's just some bulletpoints with things theat particular fanboy disagreed with. It doesn't specify in which way the review is actually factually incorrect.

    The points about how the combat system is bad are just matters of opinions, for instance. There is no objective measure to determine wether or not a control system is floaty. That is just an opinion.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    So far no one has managed to point out any factual errors in the review, besides some possible misunderstandings regarding running and performing actions at the same time. Reply 0
  • Pike 06/05/2009

    I can't, Barton! I spent all my money on shiny clothes for my pixie in FreeRealms! Reply 0
  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Then why the fuck are they charging money to play the damned thing, if it's not even finished? Reply 0
  • Pike 06/05/2009

    This isn't the one and only review of Darkfall.

    Actually, so far, it is.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Those casino sites only cater to carebears though.

    True hardcore gamers only use online casinos that steal your identity.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    A quick check in Alexa shows EG's traffic rank to be 5533. out of all websites in the world. In the gaming category it ranks as 120. In that category the only review sites above it are Gamespot, Gamespy, 1UP and IGN. I'd say that's fairly profilic.

    Most other sites on the top 100 list for gaming related sites are WoW related.
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  • Darkfall Online

  • Pike 06/05/2009

    I know I'm being controversial here, but I just have to point this out.

    Worse than Halo.

    Better than Killzone 2 though.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    its still in its infantile stages

    No shit, Wally. I hadn't figured that out by the game's fanbase already.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Fucking 300k+ UID carebears coming in here acting as if their opinions matter when they didn't post here during the Halo - 8/10 controversy. Reply 0
  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Good luck aventurine, you have ennemies ... you're in the truth !

    People who don't like unpolished garbage are the enemies of truth now?

    Good one.
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  • Pike 06/05/2009

    Well, Darkfall fans, seems a fair amount of people who played the game agree with the review.

    So, who to believe, the raving loons, or the game's detractors?
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  • Pike 05/05/2009

    Well, sweatshop78, balanced comments on the review. Sadly I suspect those will be drowned out by the fanboy shitstorm we'll start seeing coming in now.

    Now personally the "hardcore" playstyle Darkfall does't appeal to me in the slightest. However if the main portion of the games fanbase had been reasonable, like you, it would have been sad to see reviews like this of a dedicated niche title. However, since the majority of the fanbase seems to consist of raving douchebags I find it merely amusing.
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  • Pike 05/05/2009

    I'd imagine proper hit detection and fluid controls are rather essential parts of a good PvP game. What else is there to discuss in that regard? Reply 0
  • Pike 05/05/2009

    Worst article ever.. Doesnt even begin to describe what playing Darkfall is like..

    Erm, it describes vividly what plaing Darkfall is like and it sounds like it is about as enjoyable as pulling out your fingernails. That is also, most likely, why the game's fanbase seems to consist soley of nerd raging 14-30 year old males who mostly equal fun with ganking and quality with a small userbase.
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  • No homosexuality in Star Wars - BioWare

  • Pike 28/04/2009

    Its a forum about a Star Wars MMO not about sexuality. Why oh why do people have to make a big song and dance about sexuality in a GAME ffs.

    Because it's a goddamned MMORPG aimed at adults, to a large extent,, you muppet. People often play those to ROLE play. Sometimes that involves sexuality. Just because most of us play MMO's to kill monsters and get loot that doesn't mean the roleplayers are some insignificant part of the userbase. It should be natural for an MMO developers to be prepared for discussions about gender roles , sexuality or similar issues from that part of their userbase. Outright banning all such discussions, even if they aren't hateful or abusive, is massively bad PR. Sure it's Bioware's forum, so no one should be able to force them to allow discussions they don't want there. However i this case you can bet your ass that their PR department is filled with people cursing this community manage.
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  • Pike 28/04/2009

    I bet some PR persons at Bioware feel their ulcers acting up right now. Reply 0
  • The Secret World

  • Pike 07/04/2009

    Well, ok, orcs and elves in a medival setting then. Reply 0
  • Pike 07/04/2009

    Sounds intriguing. Hopefully it delivers a more polished experience than games like Tabula rasa, which also showed promise, but in the end underdelivered.

    It would be nice with a great MMO without elves and orcs.
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  • Gold Trading Exposed: Introduction

  • Pike 20/03/2009

    So, "criminalising" a behaviour deemed immoral but which doesn't involve actual fraud or coercion leads to a rise of a black market that bring with it a rise in actual fraud. What a surprise. Surely this has never happened when otther forms of consensual activities between adults deemed immoral have been outlawed.

    The game companies could actually take a good look at the prohibition of alcohol, drugs and prostitution throughout history and what effect those prohibitions hav had on the rise of criminal syndicates. The similarities to gold selling are rather telling.
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  • Resident Evil 5

  • Pike 09/03/2009

    Well, the demo was awful and the text of part of the review reads like the full game is pretty awful as well. I can only conclude that this 7 is a result of bribery, when an honest score would have landed at about 2 or 3 out of 10.

    Shameful really. I don't think I'm overstating my case when I claim that this is probably one of the most troubling examples of corruption of the media since the invention of the printing press. The government should take action.
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  • Dante: from text to TV

  • Pike 24/02/2009

    I see Dante's paradise as being a DOAX knockoff, where you get to kill God, maybe in a minigame. Reply 0
  • Pike 24/02/2009

    I hope the sequel, Dante's Heaven, let's me kill God. Reply 0
  • Dante's Inferno

  • Pike 24/02/2009

    I must say that I find the idea of a game making a mockery of a central christian work of literature highly amusing.

    If it turns out to be a decent game as well that's just a bonus.
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  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

  • Pike 04/02/2009

    Reply 0
  • Coming Attractions: Fighting & Strategy

  • Pike 15/01/2009

    What about WiC: Soviet Assault? Is that still caught in develpoment hell? Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Naxxramas Raid Guide

  • Pike 19/12/2008

    Good grief, this sounds like a chore. I wouldn't last five seconds. o_o .....when will we get solo instances, a la City of Heroes? :D

    Well, there is this thing called single player games...
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Pike 19/11/2008

    Well, judging by the demo the mechanics did feel decidedly conservative, albeit polished. Playing it right after the Mirror's Edge demo sure made it feel a bit archaic. A polished but slightly uninspired game was the impression I got, so the 7 doesn't really surprise me. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 2

  • Pike 03/11/2008

    A 9?? This is an outrage. EG's bias towards their favourite console is painfully obvious!!1 Reply 0
  • Mythic "flattered" by WOW's PVP changes

  • Pike 21/10/2008

    A lot of rivalry nonsense spouted by WoW, and WAR players alike. It is obvious that Blizzard are reacting to competition by trying to implement popular features of their rivals, just as Mythic are trying to implement WoW's popular concepts. That is what competition brings. In the end both WoW and WAR players will benefit.

    This Mythic persons comment seemed straightforward and uncontroversial to me, who has never even considered leaving WoW for WAR.
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  • Critics trash Max Payne film

  • Pike 20/10/2008

    Max Payne, style over substance? Hardly. The second game was not only a rock solid shooter but also had one of the best narratives ever in the history of video games. It was a clever andsophisticated noir story that managed to both parody and celebrate the genre. It was full of brilliant little touches, like all the meta commentaries in the TV shows. Story wise it was far ahead of the majority of action movies that are released by hollywood today.

    That doesn't mean the movie was any good though. I suspect it missed all clever subtleties of thee games and is just a gloomy action movie.
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  • WOW still aiming for annual expansions

  • Pike 14/10/2008


    If you were still into WoW and had to listen to endless whines about lack of content your opinion about what Blizzard meant by htese comments might have been different.;)
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  • Pike 14/10/2008

    Has that been confirmed? I'm not doubting you but I haven't seen anything that says that. Good work Blizzard if it is, though!

    Yes. That has been confirmed. It is also as it was back at the TBC launch. You pay for access the level cap raise and new areas. Gameplay changes introduced will apply to all players.

    And to say that yearly expansions are cash ins, when in this case Blizzard are trying to explain to players why they won't get them for some time, despite the players wishes, is missing the mark a bit. If Blizz were to start charging for content that would normaly be a regular patch then you'd have a point. But at this point in time nothing is pointing in that direction. They are simply saying that theey are aiming for delivering the type of expansions we've seen so far once a year, but that they still haven't been able to deliver sufficient value in time.
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  • Pike 14/10/2008

    Well, normally, especially with such things as sport titles, the yearly cosmetic change smacks of cash ins. However in this case it feels more like a developer apologising for not fullfilling promises to consumers. After all they promised yearly expansions at the release of TBC, and have fought off accusations of a lack of content updates ever since, and now they are lowering customer expectations regarding when the next one arrives, to deflect further criticism. So I don't think thee complaint about production line development really applies her.

    What should and shouldn't be in a expansion instead of a content patch is a little beside the point.
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  • Pike 14/10/2008

    I must say I find the comparison to Sims expansions, by previous posters, to be a bit misguided. WoW is an MMO. Those need regular content updates, in the form of minor patches and larger expansions. That is how you keep your playerbase paying subscription fees. It's not really comparable to additions to a single player game. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge

  • Pike 08/10/2008

    Absolutely. Allegedly, first-person melee doesn't work, either. Until people play Dark Messiah.

    I played it, and it didn't convince about FPM at all. Riddick however really did.

    Now as for Mirror's Edge, it still looks spectacular and it seems as if DICE have got the control issues down, judging by previews.
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  • Mirror's Edge gets release date

  • Pike 18/09/2008

    So, PC version delayed to sometime not right before the WoW expansion then. Kind of makes sense, from a business standpoint, I'd say. Reply 0
  • Afrika

  • Pike 18/09/2008

    Sounds like it would have been a better game with contempt456 in charge, if you ask me. Reply -1
  • Lich King Collector's Edition details

  • Pike 15/09/2008

    A frost Wyrm is an undead dragon, not a worm, n00bs.

    I wonder if it's good or bad that I knew this...
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