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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Pie0hPah 17/10/2011

    Jury is still out for me.
    If I'm going to invest time in learning to cook I would rather eat the results rather than slightly modify some statistics somewhere.
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  • LittleBigPlanet - CES footage

  • Pie0hPah 12/01/2008

    I wonder how long that would take in real time? Reply 0
  • The History of Zelda - Part 1

  • Pie0hPah 28/11/2006

    Oot made me a gamer all over again,

    I can't see any game ever been so superior than its peers ever again.
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  • Lost Planet MP demo dated

  • Pie0hPah 10/11/2006

    Got to say the muitplayer looks excellent.
    Combination of foot soldier with grappling hooks vs mechs which can have their weapons ripped off could be highly amusing.

    - hopes they include some sort of sticky explosive device-
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  • Harrison declines to confirm March launch date for PS3

  • Pie0hPah 10/11/2006

    Release in Europe could well depend on how sales go in the other areas.

    America such a massive market it can't be ignored but the take up of the 360 has been pretty good so Sony can't afford to let them get too well established, so if take up is good they will throw most of the stock at it.

    I can't imagine the japanese will be too happy with there allocation at launch but you can't give away a 360 over there, so Sony market dominance is pretty much a certainty, but they won't be able to leave their home territory short for long.

    Europe, is an after thought really, they take their market dominance as granted and as long as people are prepared to accept getting shafted it will continue.
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