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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • Phreak_UK 11/10/2014


    'By contrast, the 360 has some incredible games, but technically? The 360 was pure garbage. Noisy, unreliable, garbage.'

    Even as a victim of a launch unit red ringer, I'd be inclined to disagree. Sure, the early unit's were put together with cheese string and paper plates and many believe MS knew the failure rate would be so high. But time moves on. For the vast majority of us, the greatest inconvenience was a week without a 360 while it got replaced.

    Add to that the sublime 360S (which is about as quiet and reliable as any console I've ever owned) and how gracefully the hardware has aged, I think you can probably make the case for 360 being the best designed hardware of its generation. MS certainly believed it. It's why there's parallels in the chipset of the One, for better or (ultimately) worse.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    But it's not total exclusivity. It's timed exclusivity, as has been stated by the parties involved on multiple occasions. Oli gives it six months before the game comes to other platforms and I agree with him.

    And there have been TR games released for singular platforms. The GBC and GBA games were entirely exclusive. My point was that TR was for a time exclusive to one console format, which is perhaps even worse than the ROTR situation. People may not recall, but it was a big deal that there was never a Saturn port of TR II or III as previously Core had a long standing relationship with Sega.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    And subsequent games i.e. II and III appeared on PC and Playstation, hence TR was a console exclusive on PS1 for a period of time.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    I know, that's why I used the term 'console exclusive'. However, I've overlooked the DC versions of Last Revelation and Chronicles. It is a series that has fundamental ties to Sony platforms, especially in Europe.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    I think the larger precedent is that TR was a Playstation console exclusive for seven years (barring the initial, original Saturn version).
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  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    ''I don't give a shit if timed exclusives and DLCs and what not are part of the industry for years. They are shitty part of the industry, and up until now CDP steared clear of this. So it makes sense that people get angry at them for suddenly changing, for the worse.'

    What are you talking about? The Witcher 2 was an Xbox 360 console exclusive, by hook or by crook. Gasp, perhaps CDP has been suckling at the M$ teat forever?!?

    Or perhaps it's just business. Seriously boys, take off the tinfoil hats. PlugMonkey is entirely right about the situation and frankly it's embarrassing to be wading through another ROTR style witcher (tee hee) hunt thread.

    A great man one said 'Buy the ticket, take the ride'. So PS4 owners miss out on a pack of cards and a cloth map. Boo fucking hoo. If it's that important to you, I suggest you go and buy an Xbox One. If that's not a palatable solution, then sorry to say it but you bought the wrong ticket. No good bitching at the carny (or Cerny as the case may be) now that the other rides look better.
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  • NES Remix 1 and 2 getting disc-based compilation

  • Phreak_UK 28/07/2014


    NES Remix 2 is even better to my mind, purely on game selection alone.
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  • These new The Last of Us Remastered screens sure are purdy

  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    indeed, it's a fantastic game. And if you want to replay it, you can. Like, now, if you want. For less money.

    I see my comment about Remasters has been negged, no doubt by early adopters desperate to play something 'new'. Well, what if the 'new' games were actually new. That would be nice, wouldn't it? That obviously applies to all next-gen platforms, with Nintendo leading the charge in games that are entirely new products. Well, of a sort anyway.
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  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    'Not all people who have a PS4 had a PS3, so no...not everybody played it.'

    Not everyone, no, but surely the vast majority of posters on Eurogamer did? In any case, these Redux games are not making a particularly strong case for jumping on the PS4 bandwagon. Not when you can get largely the same experience on a last gen platform for less than half the price.
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  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    No, because:

    1) We've already played it.
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  • Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop

  • Phreak_UK 19/05/2014

    At Xbox, our goal is to constantly create new fun, social and interactive entertainment experiences.
    Here's a novel idea: don't.

    Make. Video. Games.
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  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • Phreak_UK 13/05/2014

    Interesting. By which I mean, fucking hilarious. Reply +94
  • Ex-Microsoft director Adam Orth discusses Xbox One #dealwithit controversy

  • Phreak_UK 07/11/2013

    I wish I were a creative director director... Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo 5 retrospective

  • Phreak_UK 12/05/2013

    GT5 gets a bad rap as being broken, staid or even backward. As a love letter to automobiles, it's peerless to my mind. Sure, there are more accurate simulations available on other platforms and the crash damage is piecemeal in the face of even lighter fare (the awesome Grid, for example), but GT5 favours aesthetic perfection above the grim realities of racing. It's more about sunlight dancing across the bonnet than the fumes from the exhaust. And what's so bad about that? Reply +13
  • Thief 4 hero Garrett less "gothic", more "mainstream"

  • Phreak_UK 14/03/2013

    Eidos. Out of touch with their customer base since ooooooohh... forever? Reply +5
  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • Phreak_UK 05/06/2012

    @WadiumArcadium Couldn't possibly be as pointless as Home. Nothing is. Reply 0
  • Phreak_UK 05/06/2012

    Ah, he didn't bring games. He brought Just Dance 4 instead. Reply 0
  • Phreak_UK 05/06/2012

  • Phreak_UK 05/06/2012

    Anyone in the audience down for some Wii Fit U? Anyone?

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  • Phreak_UK 05/06/2012

    As much as I love Arkham City, should this 'new' version really be front and centre? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2011

  • Phreak_UK 02/01/2012

    I'm not surprised that Skyrim has been so divisive. That Bethesda flavour is a distinctly acquired taste and had it not been for recent reconsideration of New Vegas (and to a lesser extent Fallout 3 and Oblivion), I myself would have been on a Dovahkiin downer. Simply put, until one of them clicks, you've very little chance of enjoying any of them. Fortunately, Skyrim is easily the most accessible of the lot. As for bugs, I've encountered a few. Certainly not enough to hamper progress or diminish Bethesda's achievement. Reply +1
  • The Super Mario Bros. Story

  • Phreak_UK 15/11/2009

    Hey Ol, no flutter jump for Yoshi in SMW. Think that debuted in the sequel. Reply +5
  • Sign up to test XBL autumn dash update

  • Phreak_UK 22/07/2009

    Well, they've made it as difficult as they can for anyone using anything other than IE, so F.O. M.S. Reply 0
  • Harmonix sues over Rock Revolution

  • Phreak_UK 16/02/2009

    If GF were that bad then it wouldn't have spawned the sequels it did in the far east.

    Since when has quality been a determining factor in the production of sequels?
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