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  • Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve

  • Phreak_UK 17/02/2017

    White Toblerone and Writers Tears. God fucken bless you man. Reply +8
  • What works and what doesn't with PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Phreak_UK 11/12/2016

    Mid-range displays like the Sony KS7000/KS8000 can provide a nice HDR image, but let's be clear here: it's nowhere near as good as the full-fat HDR experience provided by the top-tier screens on the market today.
    Speaking as the owner of a Samsung 75KS8000, I'm reasonably certain it's anything but mid-range.
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  • Dishonored 2 review

  • Phreak_UK 16/11/2016


    Why not play the first one first? The Definitive Edition is cheap as chips and by the time you're finished, the sequel will be £30.
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  • Game Genie declassified: That summer I played 230 Game Boy games

  • Phreak_UK 24/09/2016

    My old school friend Jon Cartwright, with whom I used to make Dragon 32 games (that's another story) just happened to be working at a small development studio called Big Red Software, based up the road in Leamington.
    Oh man, developers of the incredible Big Red Racing. Loved that game. It never really got the attention it deserved IMO. Probably because everyone was wetting themselves over Screamer at the time.
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  • Watch: 5 crappy Spectrum games based on classic British game shows

  • Phreak_UK 17/09/2016

    Leonard Rossiter's Full House more like.

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  • Forza Horizon 3: still the only racing game for everyone

  • Phreak_UK 12/09/2016

    'World of Carcraft'
    Hah. I prefer Carssassins Creed.
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  • Doom 3 BFG Edition and Monaco playable on Xbox One

  • Phreak_UK 15/04/2016

    @MrTomFTW I've been sticking 360 games on the local drive and Bone games on the external, what with the potential implications on performance. A happy byproduct is that you can filter generationally. Reply +1
  • Microsoft to let Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks

  • Phreak_UK 14/03/2016

    @Kory To be fair, the technological differences between their two main platforms i.e. PC/X86 and 360/PowerPC may have put paid to that idea.

    Regardless, a good idea is a good idea and giving the thought more press and exposure can only benefit.
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  • How Microsoft's most-hated employee found hope in galactic disaster

  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016

    History is replete with premature predictions about the obsolescence of supposedly outmoded technologies - TV superceding radio, CD superceding vinyl, mobile phones wiping out the landline, and yes - digital supposedly superceding physical.
    But most of those predictions haven't been incorrect or premature. Television has dwarfed radio in popularity since the 1950's. CD superseded vinyl to the point where the latter became marginalised within dance music and has now become a luxury or novelty item, rather than a sensible means of distribution. CD was so popular and all encompassing that it's form factor was the basis for many other successful formats, including DVD and Blu-Ray. As for mobile phones wiping out the landline, I don't see why not. BT sucks and the only reason why I have the copper is for data. Pretty sure that's the case for many other people too.

    But fundamentally, digital has supplanted analog in all walks of life and it's been heading that way for 40 years now. We have been through a technical revolution that we are all enjoying the benefits of, whether you realise it or not. Getting itchy feet about the means of distribution really isn't going to stop the march of progress.
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016

    Really? Because the facts were actually pretty clear to all concerned:
    Really? Is this why, to this day, MS's initial strategy has been described as vague and confused? Why the gaming press required verbal confirmation from Mattrick et al on several key features including DRM and game trading after the MS presentation and even then struggled to obtain any concrete answers about its implementation? And how those vague answers kept changing on an hourly and daily basis depending on which way the wind was blowing? Nothing was clear cut about how it was going to work, the idea was shot to pieces before anyone could explain.

    * The Xbox One would have to log on via an internet connection to Microsoft's servers once every 24 hours.
    Correct, and totally not the end of the world for most people.

    * Microsoft and its publishing partners would have ultimate control over the ability to transfer physically purchased games to another account.
    So, MS and the naughty publishers are going to come silently in the night and transfer your right to use purchased software to another user not covered by their own EULA? Ridiculous. They'd be in breach of the agreement and your rights. This is why we have software licenses and this is the general misconception about them. You don't own shit. Ownership remains with the publisher, always. They give you the right to use that software and that is it. And to be honest, even if you have the physical disc, MS can totally nerf it whenever they wanted to. One dashboard update later and that whole physical collection is looking less like a libertarian dream and more like a thousand coasters. And I speak as someone who likes the physical product, obsessively. They don't. They won't. It is bad business to do so.

    * Subject to publisher specifications, games could also be "lent out" to other accounts.
    Much like a standard EULA then i.e. number of installs etc. Actually, we still have that now in a much reduced form. Home Xbox means anything purchased on my sons Xbox is available to install and play under any account on the main Xbox in the lounge. It's neat, it works and dare I say, it's generous.

    Your arrogance in assuming that Joe Public is too stupid to understand the above is astonishing.
    Well, given that you seem to be misunderstanding the issue at hand, is it?

    Yes, for which I barely buy any games and is really only used for the backlog of stuff that I blah blah blah
    And what licensed operating system is it using I wonder?

    See the pattern?
    That your existence seems to be conveniently tailored to your argument? Mmm-hmm.
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    'If it affected preorders, it was because people disagreed with the policy. Forum dwellers are but a small part of the gaming community.'

    My turn to call bullshit. If it affected preorders, it was due to the negative press caused the furore surrounding that 'silent majority' of forum dwellers. And no informed decision was made in the end, just a u-turn based on said negative press. No op-in, no consultation with the audience, just a straight panic attack thanks Neogaf.

    'And I can tell you from my end that if Microsoft had persisted with this harebrained scheme, I wouldn't have had an XO in my living room right now.'

    But you have a gaming PC, right?
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    'LOL where to start..'

    I dunno. Anyone want him to? Guys?
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    'It's where these services convey an illusionary sense of long-term ownership that the problems begin, because people end up believing that they have indefinite on-demand access to their content that is entirely out of their control (unless you're looking at entirely DRM-free services like GOG).'

    People have been buying music and movies through iTunes for more than a decade. Has Apple ever rescinded those rights or removed access to specific albums or tracks from the respective purchasers? No, they have not. And the reason? Because that's when the real public backlash occurs, not the tinfoil hat tussle that MS had to deal with.
    A great deal of the 'criticism' seems to stem from a deep-seated mistrust of MS's intentions with DRM. Which is, y'know, funny on the one-hand because there aren't many people who haven't stolen something from MS, past and present. It's a crying shame on the other, because it's conviction before the crime.

    Edit: Negs? JFC, this fucking place. Tell you what, what happens in the unlikely event of CD Projekt hitting the wall and GOG imploding? How is a lack of DRM going to help you access your GOG library? Anything can happen, good and bad, so why try to shape the future based on assumption and fear? Do you cross the street thinking you're going to be run over?
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    'Their current sales are not to be sniffed at, but they wouldn't of gotten those sales without those changes.'

    I respectfully disagree. Xbox One sales have come from diehards like me who embraced the plans whole heartedly and people who didn't know or didn't care much about or for the controversy anyway. The only people who really listened were MS, which is regrettable. More knee-jerk than Moulin Rouge.
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016

    @Dilemmas I agree with that. It shouldn't have been in the box. But to be fair, Xbox required a differentiator. It couldn't be the forward looking box that was all about building a library and having it everywhere anymore, so I guess Kinect was Plan B. Reply -1
  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    Okay, let's just wind it back for a second.

    'Er, no. It can be always on, but when your internet or Xbox Live conks out (and both have done on several occasions for me), the offline mode is absolutely essential.'

    I think you've taken my point the wrong way. Yes, it still works, but it's not how it's meant to work. It is still meant to have a persistent connection to the internet. The front end has been completely tailored to reflect this, more so since NXE. Moreover, it is entirely less useful as a gaming device without a data connection. For example, I flip between it and my 360 Elite upstairs (LTD Ed FF13 natch) when it comes to back compat games. All of my saves are in the cloud. There's reassurance and convenience in that.

    'Really? Because I've been quite happily playing Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Rare Replay, Forza Horizon 2, the Halo MCC and Screamride on my XO.

    I have Live Gold, but I've barely touched multiplayer since I have it. I only use it for GwG.'

    Quite, if you are going to purely use an Xbox One in an offline state to play awesome games (DR3), arguably neutered persistent games (FH2) and the single player campaigns without co-op of ostensibly multiplayer games (MCC), then you should be fine. Gaming's a bit bigger than that though, yeah?
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  • Phreak_UK 09/03/2016


    'Can you imagine the sales if the original ideas had never changed?'

    Putting sales figures to one side for a second, can you imagine how much better the Xbox would be right now if they had followed through? Obviously, some features should never have left the drawing board, but the reactionary response from some quarters has left us with an Xbox feature set that is half-baked.

    For example, it's still always on. Always was really. 24 hour check-in is a myth. There's very little to do on a 21st century Xbox when your internet drops because most banner games put the online multiplayer component front and centre and all the other services (even the front end) are reliant on connectivity. The end result is empty icons and a litany of error messages.

    Then there's the second hand games brouhaha. I have no interest in selling games, I just buy them. I can understand people's concerns if that's how you move from one game to the next, but the mess that has been left behind thanks to DRM scaremongers is intolerable. Mandatory installs AND you still have to put the disc in the tray? This is surely not how it was meant to work people.

    Lastly, Kinect has been killed. Yes yes, very good, cheer all you want, but my children have spent quite a few happy hours with Happy Time Theater and Joy Ride. We've had one good game on Kinect 2.0 and part of me thinks that's due to the very visible resentment of even the idea of Kinect, based on preconceptions of the original hardware and the fact that most of the criticism comes from people who are not Kinect's intended audience at all.

    Basically, well done all. The tribal nature of certain sectors of the gaming community robbed Microsoft of it's greatest asset: the means to differentiate through software. Now all that is left is a less powerful, me-too box and a Microsoft that's running scared, back homeward to the PC. Disappointing. It all could have been so different.
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  • The best Zelda games: Readers' choice

  • Phreak_UK 25/02/2016

    Don't take this the wrong way, Phreak, but who doesn't want to live in a tippy tappy go-go world?
    Pretty sure I'm going to take that the wrong way.
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  • The Fallout Pip-Boy app is out

  • Phreak_UK 05/11/2015

    See Also: Laser Musket.

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  • Phreak_UK 05/11/2015

    The app mentions Classical Radio and Diamond City Radio. Is this news?

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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate has an achievement for shooting horses

  • Phreak_UK 23/09/2015

    Man, Ubisoft messed up real bad. The achievement should have been called 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' Reply +1
  • We need to talk about emulation

  • Phreak_UK 31/05/2015


    Compare that to games. Earthbound is on the Virtual Console now, but before that it was extremely rare cart, possibly with a dying or dead battery, with fewer than 10,000 copies in circulation and Nintendo not eager to make any money off it.
    Nintendo were more than eager to make money off of it when it came to VC though. If memory serves, they sold it for a higher price than other SNES games on the store, thus trading on the original games scarcity.
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  • Phreak_UK 31/05/2015


    There are genuine issues here with industry behaviour that the article chooses to ignore.
    Quite. The tone appears to condemn archivers and users of archives as out and out pirates, much like ESA.

    Hacking Equals Piracy

    The thing is, if software developers and publishers were truly interested in keeping gaming' history intact, it would be reflected in the choice available to consumers. The sad fact is that what we are offered seriously over-values the commercial worth of decades old games. I'm more than happy to pay for my games, especially old ones, but I will always turn to the physical, original product in almost every instance because in my eyes, they represent better value, even (ironically) when they may be a tad more expensive. In short, why would I pay £5 for a Virtual Console NES game when I can go out and buy the cart for a tenner? And why on earth would I pay again when the platform is superceded? It's absurd, but no more absurd than Sony's pricing plans forPSNow.

    Personally, I believe that by maintaining retro gamings image as a niche interest through hostile pricing, 'selective' curation and technical shortcomings (seriously Nintendo, letter boxing and 50hz is not indicative of nostalgia) keeps the industry focussed on the new, which is the only way it's ever known. I do wonder how well the new would thrive if they were presented alongside an affordable, accessible range of out and out classics.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • Phreak_UK 21/12/2014


    You are correct in one sense. All big corporations have profit as their number one concern. But there are other considerations too.
    Sony have a proven track record in the following areas:
    Consumer electronics
    The music business & concerts
    The movie business & home entertainment
    Videogames since the early nineties
    Promotion and sponsorship of artistic and sporting events worldwide
    All in all a good company with employees who love film, games, music, art and technology.
    You forgot 'Capitulating to terrorist threats', 'Keeping user data in an Excel spreadsheet' and 'Getting hacked to fuckery every month or so'.

    Seriously though, I don't think you can make the argument that Sony at a corporate level is some sort of creative benefactor to the human race. It's an electronics firm that diversified when it needed to for financial gain, not because it suddenly wanted to produce great artworks. Fucking hell, great artworks. Look at SP's output for the last 30 years. Certainly the worst of any major studio.

    In addition, Microsoft was producing games back in the 80's. Not that it matters, but they've got ten-fifteen years on Sony at any rate.
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  • Phreak_UK 21/12/2014

    Hmm. I'm not sure that DF can effectively tackle this thorny issue. It's not really a question of tech. Comparative performance across both major platforms for multi platform games? Who saw that coming? And yet the argument is made that no major breakthroughs in gameplay have happened while ignoring the titles that are specifically tailored to their respective platform? I would posit that exclusive games are exactly where new ground is being broken. Yes, on the whole they've been an extension of what's gone before, but larger, more diverse, more interactive at a base level. Surely that counts for something?

    Someone further up said that 2014 has been Nintendo's year, which seems like a bit of a double standard if we're talking about offering fresh new experiences. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii U as much as the next Nintendo fan, but the games of 2014 were safe bets; sequels and franchises to build up the user base.

    To my mind, MS has had a pretty good year, simply by virtue of having some very playable exclusives. This all seems to be forgotten in the face of the MCC stumble and fanboys appropriating DF's findings as being the gold standard for which platform is teh bests. Sony, less so. Less exclusives all round, but with the definitive editions of so many 3rd party games, does that really matter?

    So I guess the argument should be 'exclusives vs 3rd party' really and on that score, Nintendo and MS seem to be ahead, at least until next year.
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • Phreak_UK 22/11/2014


    Or perhaps opinions differ according to the person writing the article?

    Bylines. Not just interesting, but pretty indicative of what the fuck is happening.
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  • Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Phreak_UK 05/11/2014


    Finally, some truth in an otherwise classic Eurotrash thread. Not sure I agree with you on Wipeout though. Gah, that port was choppy.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive

  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    I could go the other way around too:
    1st rule of PS fanatics: When there is criticism about an exclusive, mention Ryse or a lack of Pees.
    I really don't give a sh*t, it's all petty.
    Gentlemen, please. All the next gen consoles are utterly shit in one way or another. One doesn't have any decent games and the other can't run games and the other is some sort of Gameboy with a pointless box tethered to it. Or something.

    Edit: Yes, that's right. Neg what's obviously a joke...
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    I thought tearing had become a thing of the past for the majority of new releases?
    I take it you haven't been playing Titanfall/DR3/AC4 on your XBO, right?
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    It's again diverting the actual case in point, that we've got yet another XBO game that's sitting well under what people may have been expecting.
    From where I'm sitting, I don't think many people were expecting Sunset Overdrive to run at 1080p, given the E3 build and the general 900p benchmark for XBO open worlders.

    And let me be clear, I'm not making excuses, this is the way things are for the vast majority of games, exclusive or multiplatform. Look at Ubisoft. Screen tear was basically their hallmark for the last two generations. It didn't stop Sands of Time or Beyond Good and Evil being masterpieces. Their recent works are similarly affected and while I wouldn't touch Watchdogs with yours, people seemed to enjoy it despite it being actively hobbled by the developers for whatever reason.

    That is to say, I'm not actively overlooking technical shortcomings of games, I'm too aware of them. But exclusivity and being a great game helps the medicine go down. It's disappointing, not unforgivable.
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    TBF, I think my original comment here, the one that's been negged into oblivion still has merit. What's 'very good' about the results of this article?

    Bearing in mind, we're not talking about the game, we're talking about resolution, fidelity and performance.
    It holds its own amongst it's peers i.e. other Xbox exclusives. I guess that's the fundamental point of the article.
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    I guess the relevance stems from what people consider to be technically sub-par i.e. the blemished but entertaining or the pretty but dull (or, in the instance of Driveclub, unready)

    True, this is a technical discussion about an Xbox exclusive and, as time and tide have proven, 900p and 30fps seems to be the norm for the platform. Whether this is a technical limitation of the platform or Insomniac's own shortcomings, it shouldn't come as any surprise. Some people can live with that. Others, including yourself, can't. But guess what, there's no other way to play Sunset Overdrive now or in the immediate future (or possibly forever) except on an Xbox One, for better or worse. If that is unacceptable to you, then go and play something else.
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    1º Rule of Driveclub: don't talk about Driveclub.
    2º Rule of Driveclub: say 1080p 60fps at least once every hour
    3º Rule of Driveclub: hijack every Xbox thread with negative comments
    To be fair, I think that's Sony's in-house policy too.
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    Sometimes they do. Not often. I mean, Forza's never made the leap and with good reason. It would probably be decimated by the proper PC-centric sims. And one Halo game in 13 years does not constitute a pattern. It's an anomaly.
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  • Phreak_UK 28/10/2014


    Unless you can tell me how I can can get rid of all the superflous non-game shit at the start of the bar, that is?
    Buy a console that isn't so reliant on superfluous non-game shit as a distraction?

    I jest.

    I would be interested to hear what people think of the current Driveclub situation. I mean, surely that's a technically beleaguered game in a sense? 1080p up the wahzoo, but rather crippled (even in its current patched state) and very average to play IMO. Certainly not a patch on FH2 by any measure. And yet, the PS4 community has been rather anxious not to make any direct comparisons (technical or otherwise) between the two, despite their obvious similarities.

    It appears that both communities have different rules as to what is acceptable. Personally I'll take a little dip in framerate and resolution if the game is fun and unique. Banal 1080p shooters/racing games/neon-laced (or piratey) po-faced angsty-bro open worlders are soon 2013. But what do I know? I'm playing Twilight Princess at the moment.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • Phreak_UK 11/10/2014


    'By contrast, the 360 has some incredible games, but technically? The 360 was pure garbage. Noisy, unreliable, garbage.'

    Even as a victim of a launch unit red ringer, I'd be inclined to disagree. Sure, the early unit's were put together with cheese string and paper plates and many believe MS knew the failure rate would be so high. But time moves on. For the vast majority of us, the greatest inconvenience was a week without a 360 while it got replaced.

    Add to that the sublime 360S (which is about as quiet and reliable as any console I've ever owned) and how gracefully the hardware has aged, I think you can probably make the case for 360 being the best designed hardware of its generation. MS certainly believed it. It's why there's parallels in the chipset of the One, for better or (ultimately) worse.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    But it's not total exclusivity. It's timed exclusivity, as has been stated by the parties involved on multiple occasions. Oli gives it six months before the game comes to other platforms and I agree with him.

    And there have been TR games released for singular platforms. The GBC and GBA games were entirely exclusive. My point was that TR was for a time exclusive to one console format, which is perhaps even worse than the ROTR situation. People may not recall, but it was a big deal that there was never a Saturn port of TR II or III as previously Core had a long standing relationship with Sega.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    Reply -3
  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    And subsequent games i.e. II and III appeared on PC and Playstation, hence TR was a console exclusive on PS1 for a period of time.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    I know, that's why I used the term 'console exclusive'. However, I've overlooked the DC versions of Last Revelation and Chronicles. It is a series that has fundamental ties to Sony platforms, especially in Europe.
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  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    I think the larger precedent is that TR was a Playstation console exclusive for seven years (barring the initial, original Saturn version).
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  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • Phreak_UK 16/08/2014


    ''I don't give a shit if timed exclusives and DLCs and what not are part of the industry for years. They are shitty part of the industry, and up until now CDP steared clear of this. So it makes sense that people get angry at them for suddenly changing, for the worse.'

    What are you talking about? The Witcher 2 was an Xbox 360 console exclusive, by hook or by crook. Gasp, perhaps CDP has been suckling at the M$ teat forever?!?

    Or perhaps it's just business. Seriously boys, take off the tinfoil hats. PlugMonkey is entirely right about the situation and frankly it's embarrassing to be wading through another ROTR style witcher (tee hee) hunt thread.

    A great man one said 'Buy the ticket, take the ride'. So PS4 owners miss out on a pack of cards and a cloth map. Boo fucking hoo. If it's that important to you, I suggest you go and buy an Xbox One. If that's not a palatable solution, then sorry to say it but you bought the wrong ticket. No good bitching at the carny (or Cerny as the case may be) now that the other rides look better.
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  • NES Remix 1 and 2 getting disc-based compilation

  • Phreak_UK 28/07/2014


    NES Remix 2 is even better to my mind, purely on game selection alone.
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  • These new The Last of Us Remastered screens sure are purdy

  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    indeed, it's a fantastic game. And if you want to replay it, you can. Like, now, if you want. For less money.

    I see my comment about Remasters has been negged, no doubt by early adopters desperate to play something 'new'. Well, what if the 'new' games were actually new. That would be nice, wouldn't it? That obviously applies to all next-gen platforms, with Nintendo leading the charge in games that are entirely new products. Well, of a sort anyway.
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  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    'Not all people who have a PS4 had a PS3, so no...not everybody played it.'

    Not everyone, no, but surely the vast majority of posters on Eurogamer did? In any case, these Redux games are not making a particularly strong case for jumping on the PS4 bandwagon. Not when you can get largely the same experience on a last gen platform for less than half the price.
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  • Phreak_UK 24/07/2014


    No, because:

    1) We've already played it.
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  • Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop

  • Phreak_UK 19/05/2014

    At Xbox, our goal is to constantly create new fun, social and interactive entertainment experiences.
    Here's a novel idea: don't.

    Make. Video. Games.
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  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • Phreak_UK 13/05/2014

    Interesting. By which I mean, fucking hilarious. Reply +94
  • Ex-Microsoft director Adam Orth discusses Xbox One #dealwithit controversy

  • Phreak_UK 07/11/2013

    I wish I were a creative director director... Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo 5 retrospective

  • Phreak_UK 12/05/2013

    GT5 gets a bad rap as being broken, staid or even backward. As a love letter to automobiles, it's peerless to my mind. Sure, there are more accurate simulations available on other platforms and the crash damage is piecemeal in the face of even lighter fare (the awesome Grid, for example), but GT5 favours aesthetic perfection above the grim realities of racing. It's more about sunlight dancing across the bonnet than the fumes from the exhaust. And what's so bad about that? Reply +13