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  • CEX stops selling PSPs

  • Phat Mackerel 12/07/2005

    Oh come on guys. What console/handheld you buy is a 'lifestyle choice'. You don't still buy these things for the 'games' do you? How 20th century! Reply 0
  • GDC: Xbox 2's High Def future trumpeted

  • Phat Mackerel 10/03/2005

    Are games (which is why I buy consoles) gonna run the same on the XB2 without the hard drive as one with a hard drive? Are we all going to have to buy add-on hard drives just to be able to run the games that are being developed 6 months into the XB2's lifetime?

    /smells a rat
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  • Fable

  • Phat Mackerel 18/10/2004

    I agree with BoilingPointuk. I heard nothing of the original hype; only what I had read on various forums about what was promised. Initially wasn't going to buy the game but, thanks largely to Nemises' thread in the forum decided that it sounded fun.

    I bought it at the weekend's Monday. I've put about 13 hours in so far but have spent loads of time dawdling and looking around. I have no idea have close I am to completion and, frankly, don't care. It's a beautiful-looking game, the soundtrack is phenomenal and the game world is excellently realised.

    I just don't understand the difficulty gripe. I want a game to be fun and create a few hours diversion...not want to make me contemplate damaging my personal property (Ninja Gaiden stand up).

    The only criticisms I would have is that I have felt pressured into progressing the story via the Gold Quest cards (alright Mr Guildmaster, I know that there's a bloody card waiting!), which is strange considering the 'freeform' allusions of the game. Secondly, it is a bit of a shame that the Arena is closed after you complete it. Still, pretty minor stuff.

    /whispers - I'm enjoying this more that KOTOR

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