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  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • Petrarch 29/02/2012

    Amazon now sold out of the 360 collectors edition. Reply 0
  • Petrarch 29/02/2012

    Just as a heads up, was just over at Amazon again and they still have stock of all 3 versions (I assume due to their size they've got the lion's share of the UK allocation) so if you're still after a replacement, the means is still available. now only have the PS3 version still up for pre-order.
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  • Petrarch 29/02/2012

    Amazon still appear to have stock as the pre-orders are still being taken. £55 for the PC and £65 for the consoles. Reply 0
  • Petrarch 29/02/2012

    Got a new ME 3 order thrown in over at Play, though Amazon doesn't have it listed as yet. Reply +1
  • GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

  • Petrarch 22/02/2012

    As Game were and still are the only UK source for the ME 3 collectors I'd like to think EA will make sure that launch goes through otherwise that's the market screwed for launch.

    I suspect once the launch is done and out of the way however, that EA will be telling Game that they won't be getting anymore exclusive deals for collector editions so well hopefully see things appearing on Amazon and the like for future titles rather than an all in approach.
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  • Mass Effect 3 multiplayer pass spotted

  • Petrarch 03/10/2011

    Mass Effect has always been presented very much with the vibes of "Your Shepard, Your story" - I really do hope it is simply an online pass akin to the Cerberus Network as cramming in multiplayer to the last chapter of the story flies in the face of all that, especially when the opinion seems to be heavily against needing it from the community. Even if it was done in the style of Dead Space 2 with being totally separate, no achievements tied in etc and the single player unaffected, it would still be received negatively I suspect and be perceived as little more than a waste of time & resources.

    If they want it, save it for a spin off and leave the trilogy alone.
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  • Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

  • Petrarch 22/10/2010

    Something doesn't add up. The mere fact they've just admitted that showing anything will help the case against them is far from encouraging. I'd not be too surprised now if the court orders them to produce what they don't want anyone seeing. Reply +3
  • More Fallout Online art dribbles out

  • Petrarch 21/09/2010

    It's difficult to not get the impression that Interplay are worried as what we've seen so far just seems to be them trying to convince they are working away at it. I wouldn't be too surprised if it transpired that there's no actual game assets so far.

    It just sort of seems like they're trying to hide something both from Bethesda and us.
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  • BioWare explains Mass Effect save usage

  • Petrarch 24/07/2009

    I've got full confidence in Bioware for this one, it looks to be shaping up for another asbsolute stunner from the little we know so far. I just watched the E3 video fully and it's made the wait for release day that much harder now. Reply 0
  • EA confirms C&C4 only for PC

  • Petrarch 09/07/2009

    The screenshot that was floating around had a few nice looking units on it. One in particular was the unit in the bottom right corner that looked a lot like the old Mammoth Mk II - hopefully it's the Mammoth Mk IV. While it's just a guess, energy weapons seem to be the order of the day all around this time as the GDI units seemed to be firing some sort of pulse weapon.

    I'm looking forward to it - whereas Red Alert goes down the B-Movie tounge in cheek path, the Tiberian series plays it straighter but without taking itself too seriously, makes for a nice contrast between the 2.

    Plus it more than makes up for the scrapping of Tiberium which was looking good.
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  • Free Saints Row 2 fashion DLC today

  • Petrarch 12/06/2009


    I foolishly tried the 2nd pack (against my better judgement) as I had some spare points. It's very nearly as woeful as the first one. The difference separating the 2 is so slight it's not even worth mentioning.

    Very shoddy efforts. They might have got away with if it was early 2008, but in the wake of Fallout 3 and GTA IV, much higher standards of DLC are expected these days.
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  • Tabula Rasa free for all until death

  • Petrarch 31/12/2008

    Garriott was gone before the shutdown was announced, but I suspect he saw it coming.

    The development costs of TR were huge and the released product hasn't even come close to recouping them. It was released too early and even 6 months later it was suffering from the same problems. A very common complaint was that high level and end game content was virtually non-existant, yet rather than fix this, they pushed a lot of stuff onto the back burner (like the PAUs which had been promised since beta) in favour of introducing a new PvP system - which went against their previous promise that PvE would be the priority.

    Simply put it was all about the potential, but it's turned out to be a case of too little, too late. I'm sorry to see it go (even met Garriott in-game once, albeit for about 2 minutes as part of a competition) but I can't help but think if they did 6 months ago what they're doing now then the game may have had a future. Unlike SOE however, NCsoft aren't afraid to can a game if it's not doing well.
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  • Bungie hints at E3 announcement

  • Petrarch 08/07/2008

    I don't think Bungie owns the Oni IP anymore, last I heard that's in Take 2's pocket.

    Perhaps they're going to do something with Marathon?
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  • Microsoft won't ever cancel games

  • Petrarch 12/06/2008

    Vanguard wasn't cancelled by MS, but they did back out of publishing it. The story from an ex-employee of Sigil goes that MS started to get suspicious over what Sigil management was telling them and cut their losses.

    As it turned out, a rather smart move on Microsoft's part.
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  • Fallout 3 special edition only for US

  • Petrarch 09/06/2008

    To the best of my knowledge the collectors edition that's available for pre-order over here contains the steel box, the bobble-head, an artwork book and of course the game itself. So while the clock is quite nice and I'd like to see them offer it this side of the pond too, at least we can still get the vault boy figure if they decide to keep the survivial edition US only. Reply 0
  • Age of Conan pricing confirmed

  • Petrarch 01/05/2008

    32GB is huge - that's more than my program files and Windows folder combined... Reply 0
  • Tabula Rasa

  • Petrarch 21/04/2008

    I was playing this but threw the towel in back in Feb - the devs seem hellbent on making the game as frustrating as possible as mobs all got a health boost a few patches back while damage nerfs to the player classes followed. Blue and purple based items available as quest rewards got removed almost across the board and these were the weapons that give the edge against the mobs, and I hear now they're virtually non-existant amongst the players. Latest changes are the snipers unique rifles getting about 60% of their damage wiped out and engineers appear to be next in line for getting kicked in the teeth.

    The combat was fun, and there was huge potential for this - but they slowed the pace of the game too much and with the recent announcement that much of the items promised even before release such as the PAU's are now delayed, a lot of said potential has been poured down the drain. Sadly I think the devs have pandered to the PvP crowd when it's the PvE side of things that needs swift major attention. It doesn't matter how many people say they want PvP, you can't ignore PvE as there's always at least the same amount of people that don't want to engage in being ganked by someone 30 levels higher than they are.

    To be honest, I have to wonder how much say Richard Garriott still has over this game, because I have trouble believing he'd allow what's going on to continue.
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  • Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

  • Petrarch 03/04/2008

    Indeed they both do, but Park's role is somewhat small so you find yourself sometimes wondering why they bothered having her there at all. Reply 0
  • No Haze for Xbox 360 or PC

  • Petrarch 17/03/2008

    Haze being good or bad remains to be seen - the proof is in the pudding as it were. What I do have a bad feeling about is what'll happen to it if it goes in to bat against GTA IV or MGS4, as that may well spell commerical suicide.

    They might be better off sitting on it until the coast is clear or it runs the risk of quietly slipping away. Though if asked is this one of the big ones for the year for the PS3, I'd say no it's not, that's Metal Gear Solid 4 terrority that, just as in the same way I'd consider Fable 2 to be among the big guns for the 360.
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  • Mass Effect DLC on Live today

  • Petrarch 10/03/2008

    Got this downloading atm - anything Mass Effect gets my money without a second thought.

    Yes, the game has some graphical glitches, but none of that takes away from the atmosphere or fun factor at all.
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  • European Xbox 360 price cut is official

  • Petrarch 10/03/2008

    Good news indeed for the market - the price of the arcade unit in perticular will probably sway quite a few people that were undecided.

    For the folks saying about a re-designed mobo/CPU - by now, barring any old stock retailers have, all 360's should have the 65nm Falcon setup.
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  • Console Accessories Roundup

  • Petrarch 21/12/2007

    I like the Joytech hub there - I've got one of the older silver models from a few years back and it's an ace piece of kit. Reply 0
  • Bungie focusing on Xbox 360

  • Petrarch 07/12/2007

    And before Oni, they developed the Myth series and of course, the Marathon Trilogy.

    Marathon in perticular is held in extremely high regard.
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  • Mass Effect

  • Petrarch 19/11/2007

    Can live with the graphical oddities here and there, hasn't bothered me with anything I've seen it in previously and I'm not the sort of person that goes foamy mouthed with the blood vessels straining in the temples if the FPS drops under 30 at any stage.

    Mass Effect was and still is on the to buy list, really looking forward to it, though I am having a spot of trouble tracking a collectors edition down. Still, no big deal if I have to settle for the standard version, the game's the same.
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  • Tabula Rasa

  • Petrarch 16/11/2007

    Well, we're 2 weeks in now (and a bit for us pre-order types) and I think it's fair to say the launch has been relatively successful. Always plenty of people about, the recent patch has wiped out a lot of the technical and lag problems the game was having and from what's been said by the dev team, it's gathered that the take up of the game has been higher than they expected, perticularly in the EU.

    While I realise based on the track record of the comment threads it often seems to be considered the norm to slag a game off, I don't think TR is being given a fair shake by the community. If you don't like it, fine, but at least be objective and fair in your critical voicing of the game, don't just stick the knife in for the mere sake of it.
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  • Petrarch 15/11/2007

    I was in the beta test for this, a pre-order costumer and now I'm in the live servers blasting away the bane with much glee. I think calling it a marmite game is fair, you'll either love it or hate it, there's not a lot of middle ground at the moment.

    For me personally, the game is a breath of fresh air in the MMO market that seems to be dominated by mages and dragons fantasy type affairs, it's just nice to have a new sci-fi themed one to tinker around with. The crafting system is quite weak yes, they're still working on a number of the end game contents such as PAU's and the Military Surplus, which is the auction house they're referring to - the buildings are there but not active yet. It's a solid base with a lot of potential and I do see a future for the game, but yes, it's quite fair to point out that as it stands now it's by no means perfect.

    As stated, there was lag issues for the first while - the instance maps in perticular where *very* laggy until later in the evening in the higher zones and last week lag was creeping into various world zones, but the first big patch that went live yesterday seems to have eradicated the vast majority of it overnight. Areas that were borderline unplayable 2 days ago at peak times are now running smoothly without issue. One zone known as the Mires isn't quite right yet though, but much improved from what it was.

    I believe they're starting up their "refer a rookie" program shortly, so if you've not tried the game out I'd encourage folks to have a look.
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  • EA working on new C&C Red Alert game

  • Petrarch 09/12/2004

    The infantry models in Generals were absolutely terrible. Tanks and that were ok (for the most part) but the whole thing was ruined by the 5 polygon (if that) troopers.

    Best thing they can do is either go back to the Red Alert 2 engine and use it, or, to keep it in 3D by throwing the Generals engine in the bin and using the Ground Control 2 one. Just look at the detail of infantry in that one.
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  • Halo 2 Single Player

  • Petrarch 08/11/2004

    Enjoyed the review, and feel that the 9 is well deserved.

    On the topic of a 10, I'm of the opinion that no game ever deserves that, purely on the reason that nothing is perfect. I'm expecting Half Life 2 to score highly as well across the board, but is it a 10? I don't think so. Is Halo 2 a 10? Again no. After all, there's always some imperfection in games that denies them from attaining that perfect score if you're logical and practical about assessing them.
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  • Half-Life 2 DVD-only in the UK?

  • Petrarch 07/10/2004

    DVD drives have been standard kit on most if not all off the shelf machines for what, 5 or 6 years now?

    Anyone that thinks there's no good reason to own a DVD drive is a nutter considering they cost next to nothing. (Didn't iD decide that a DVD version of Doom 3 wasn't viable? Still can't get over that one.) And I bet the majority of the ones that won't fork out £15 for one are the same people that forked over hundreds for a CD-Burner when they first came out.

    I've both a DVD-ROM & DVD-RAM drive - go back to a CD-ROM? No thanks.
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  • Ninja Gaiden stripped of decapitations

  • Petrarch 21/04/2004

    I'm still getting the game, I'm just annoyed at the fact MS have bowed to the censors for a lower rating rather than just sticking to an uncut version.

    I'm the same with DVDs - I want the films uncut and unedited.
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  • Petrarch 21/04/2004

    It's probably down to Germany this - after all, they banned Far Cry there and it's not featuring limbs being gibbed off everywhere.

    This does however beg the question: Why can't we just get an intact 18 version in the UK and give the mainland the cut version? Wouldn't that please everyone involved? If the UK versions are already different it wouldn't be that hard to change them.
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  • Halo sales top four million

  • Petrarch 27/01/2004

    Is that figure a complete total including copies bundled with the system or is based solely on off the shelf figures? Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • Petrarch 23/01/2004

    I'm slogging away at Project Zero (Xbox) too - about half of the way into the 2nd night right now. Would have been further but I lost track of what I was doing and felt I'd used too many supplies so I started over.

    Oh and I just got Battle Engine Aquila cheap yesterday too, have to give that one a whirl...
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  • EA to publish Burnout 3

  • Petrarch 20/01/2004

    "EA doesn't think you should have to pay the console manufacturer again, in order to play an EA game."

    No, they think you should pay EA again.

    As I understand it, when a game is played on Live, the publisher of the game doesn't get paid for it. EA want a cut of the Live revenues, thus meaning they would get paid for it.
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  • Halo 2 could slip

  • Petrarch 11/01/2004

    Personally I lean more towards the new plasma rifle side of things.

    Halo was originally supposed to have something called a "Gravity Rifle" (but I don't know what it was exactly, it was dumped before I started following the games development) - so I guess another option is that this one could be it making it into the universe.

    Or, since they appear to be on another Halo in that shot, a newly designed weapon to specifically combat the flood?...
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  • Petrarch 11/01/2004


    I don't think anyone's quite sure what that weapon is yet. The buzz was either a new type of plasma rifle (much like how the AR is replaced by the battle rifle as the main marine weapon) or a type of covenant sniper rifle.
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  • Petrarch 11/01/2004

    That was the reason why the pistol was dumped and evolved into the Battle Rifle wasn't it? It was far too accurate and powerful so they changed it to a rifle so it made it more realistic.

    I'm looking forward to using the MAC Warthog....
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  • Konami confirms MGS3 for E3

  • Petrarch 11/01/2004

    So what was the deal in MGS2? Snake dies in the opening 10 minutes and you play the rest of the game as someone else? Someone tell me what all the fuss was about. Yeah I know - I'm out of touch but believe me it wasn't always that way.

    As I recall they realised that the entire thing was a setup so Snake escaped but they faked his death (there was some line about how Snake's DNA is identical to someone elses) to divert attention away from them and tip the advantage back in their favour. Snake reappears shortly after the game starts proper (I think that section is set 2 or 4 years after the tanker) although it takes a while for the other characters to figure out who he is.

    EDIT: Whoops! I forgot to check the dates on this thing, sorry about that.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil

  • Petrarch 09/01/2004

    In that case, if they did do that, I think the game is doomed. Nobody is going to be daft enough to pay £40 for something on one platform when they're selling the same thing for half that on another.

    In other words, charging full price for Xbox/Cube users is going to mean suffering even more losses.
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  • Petrarch 09/01/2004

    "Jesus.. what the hell has a thread about Beyond Good and Evil got to do with the top selling games in Japan??? rattustherat you really need to get a life, and if youre that obsessed with sales figures why not find out the ones from Europe or the US which are far more relevant to people who read these posts."

    Ever noticed that the die-hard Nintendo fans always seem to use only the figures from Japan to support their case or a few isolated weekly sales figures rather than an all encompassing one?

    Anyway, back on topic - I'll check BG&E out when it arrives for the box but only if it's discounted. I can't see why it wouldn't be - given the poor sales so far I doubt Ubisoft would expect the other 2 platform holders to pay twice the price for it.
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  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

  • Petrarch 03/12/2003

    Paramount just wouldn't let it lie. They couldn't just leave a fantastic series alone and let its legend rest in peace. They had to go the whole hog and exhume the Terminator cash cow

    Wasn't T3 done by Universal?

    Edit: Krudster - Even IMDB can't shed any light on it. It's Intermedia, Warners, C2 pictures, and god knows who else. I've changed the wording to cover my confused arse.
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