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  • PGR3 to miss 360 launch?

  • Peekaboo 06/09/2005

    ""As for MS, they 'never' respond to rumours apparently. Well so says Gamespots coverage of same rumour. "

    Please go and look up the word "speculation" in the dictionary."

    Yay I'm being heckled by a text speak troll !!!!!

    Hate to break this to you but all I was doing was pointing out that Gamespot have run the story (So it's not just Eurogamer that are scrapping the bottom of the journalistic barrel) and that MS don't comment on rumour as a rule, hence giving an answer as too why EG didn't bother confirming with MS......Jeez, this PSP thing has really pissed off a lot of people hasn't it..........
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  • Peekaboo 06/09/2005

    Ooo I was right, some silly text/Leet thing going on.

    As for MS, they 'never' respond to rumours apparently. Well so says Gamespots coverage of same rumour.
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  • Peekaboo 06/09/2005

    Petay -You know sometimes when reading your comments I think, "Guy might almost, maybe, one day, eventually, have a valid and well made point"

    Other days I think you perhaps have a thing for Tengu.

    Other days I think lou might be Tengu having a laugh.

    But it must be said, thank god for the ignore button.

    What is it with all of the XB fanboys flocking together today, and where have all of the Sony fanboys gone ???

    /Ah, now I see, they are too busy playing on their PSP's ;-)
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  • Games industry chips in

  • Peekaboo 05/09/2005

    "Sheesh dude, just wanted to make my opinion known on a comments thread where the submit button reads "Speak your brain". Didnt read anything in the rules about having to be constructive and avoid making political statements."

    Fair enough man, I just see it as lacking in basic human decency to use something like this as a tool to get your 'message' across with a smug style "Isnt this ironic' attitude. Note -Not a cheap shot aimed at you, just the sniping brigade in general.
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  • Peekaboo 05/09/2005

    "It's not a lack of compassion for from us for the suffering people that I'm talking about but the lack of compassion from their own government."

    Be that as it may my friend, the number of people quick to jump in with snide remarks is pretty shocking, even your own initial comment is in absolutely awful taste when you consider the loss of life, (yet my own comment about the death of one man a while back was derided for bad taste.......). Problems with their government ? Fine we all do but try to be constructive here, I doubt this is the time or the place to make a political statement.
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  • Peekaboo 05/09/2005

    Anyone else see the picture in the paper the other day of the young lass lying face down in the water amid all the devastation in the city ? Pretty powerful imagery.......Oh sorry, forgot, just an amercian, I'll see if I can therefore inject some cynicisim into this post. Please do ignore me while I put my 'heartless bastard (TM)' hat on ;-) Reply 0
  • More PS2 Resi Evil 4 extras

  • Peekaboo 29/08/2005

    New vids on IGN, looking superb and running fast and smooth. Good job Capcom !! Reply 0
  • Peekaboo 26/08/2005

    RD -Actually Vertical Stand has a very good point, Extermination was a very good game for it's time and a nice departure for the Survival Horror theme, some good ideas, shame that about 2 people bought it thus Resi4 borrowing quite heavily from it seems to have gone unnoticed, much like Halo and Future Shock really....... ;-)

    Edit -Oh and for the record, anyone picked up PSM2 this month ? (I know shit mag, but it had a Resi 4 feature), remember EG mentioned something a bit back about the Rags getting previews of the PS2 version first ? Well good article in there, comparison shots, details about the enhanced Ada side quest etc. Must be said the PS2 version is looking very, very good in comparison to the Cube version, I reckon it'll silence a lot of the fanboys with their "low rez textures LOL !' pish.
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  • No PS2 price cut in 2005

  • Peekaboo 26/08/2005

    You'd also have to remember to include the following 'words'

    ROXXORS !!!!


    SUXXX !!!!
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  • Peekaboo 26/08/2005

    Why a mistake ? If the XB360 stock shortage pans out then when Joe Bloggs goes to get his new console for Xmas and finds there ain't no XB360's he's probably going to ask, 'Well what else do you have ?' salesperson then points out PS2, and theres a tidy chance that those people are going to pick up PS2's. So, why reduce the price when theres a good chance they can still make a killing from MS's rushed global launch ? If the stock shortage turns out to not be a problem then like EG says, expect a drop in price. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360: Full console and accessory pricing

  • Peekaboo 18/08/2005

    One thing that some people seem to have missed is the fact that MS said all XB360's would ship with a 20Gb HDD as standard......

    Now if Sony had done such a thing...... ;-)

    /Just yanking peoples chains btw
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  • Peekaboo 18/08/2005

    "No console game to date significantly uses a hard drive to enhance gameplay, let alone requires one (I await the exception that proves the rule with anticipation)."

    Ralph -Ok, perhaps this boils down to ones interpretation of enhancing gameplay but I'd love to see if Halo worked as well as it did without HDD caching of GFX and levels. By giving the impression of highly detailed huge immersive environments without load times the enjoyment and immersion factor where increased thus improving the gameplay........

    Or am I talking out of my arse

    I guess what I'm saying is that the HDD was essential for some games, or they would never have been what they where......

    Anyone read Blerks link yet ?
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  • Peekaboo 18/08/2005

    "seriously utilised them in the current xbox"

    "Depends which area you are looking at. Most XB games use cacheing, and I think you would notice its absence."

    Not that I'm entering this argument on any sides here but didn't Halo use the HDD to pull it's bump maps on the fly (Cached from HDD to mem when required) and doesn't Doom 3 use it in sorta the same manner ? Now without the HDD would that level of GFX'cal lovliness still have been possible ?

    Note -Could be talking out of my arse here......

    Still, all the Ł209 price point does is allow them a marketing soundbite, in all honesty you should forget the Ł209 pack exists, it's there to wow the 'TV advert' buyers.

    Decent pricing for the full flavoured one, although the online gubbins and remote mean fuck all to me.
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  • MGS4 among big TGS line-up

  • Peekaboo 11/08/2005

    Deaner -He also said the same thing after MGS2 (Which was part of it's overall message -The whole passing something onto others and letting them continue the fight thing). Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 PS2 dates set

  • Peekaboo 05/08/2005

    Wasp -You mean 43 as opposed to 40.

    48 ?? Where did you go to school young man ??!! ;-)
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  • Peekaboo 05/08/2005

    Wasp -No it doesn't, it has 24Mb of main ram (1T-Sram) and 16 Mb of back up Dram used for caching, with something like 3 Mb (2 for frame buffering and 1 for texture caching)embedded ram (again 1T -Sram I think) on the GFX/Sound/IO chip (Flipper ? or the other one with the silly name ?).

    Incidently look here if you don't believe me
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  • Peekaboo 05/08/2005

    Just to throw my tuppenece worth in again but in Edge Equip they had several interviews with several devs, the same thing seemed to arise, the PS2 in raw terms is more powerful than the cube and has more main ram than the cube (None of this 4Mb vram pish as they just stream straight from the 32Mb these days I'm led to believe (Tekken 4 interview from a while back on Gamespot)), where the cube makes it up however is the S3TC texture compression and the abiltiy to do serveral funky effects in hardware that if done on the PS2 would need to be done in software.

    There was also the IGN head to head thing from a while back with Rubin and one of the Factor 5 guys crowing on about power etc. Again, same sort of conclusion. Also, the Red Faction 2 devs, Volition, where quoted as having probs working round the smaller main ram and less ommph of the cube while porting RF2. Another interesting one was Criterion who where quoted as saying that due to the way in which the PS2 displays it's GFX the PS2 version of Black would be the better 'looking' now I don't know what was meant but there you go regardless.

    Now I'm not saying I'm an expert, far from it, but I'll believe real world devs with games on the shelves before I believe any random dude on a forum spouting nonsense like he understands it ;-)

    With Res Evil 4, the PS2's problem, as I understand it, will be in pushing the same quality of textures as the Cube and maintaining the framerate, thus you'll have slightly less quality textures and a bit of Aliasing but hopefully a comparable framerate with all the lighting and particle effects intact, if they can reproduce some of the hardware based GC effects that is without too big a hit. You never know, if the code is re-written well enough for the PS2 then we may see some improvements in certain areas.......

    Note -The last paragraph is purely speculation on my very loose understanding of how these things work, and, more importantly, it's more than likely weeeellllllll of the mark ;-)
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  • Peekaboo 04/08/2005

    "Peekaboo thats youre opinion , i loved all th RE games but thought this was the most fun to play and by far best to look at ( thats my opinion and alot of other ppls too i think) Alot of ppl were glad not to have the puzzles forcing you to retrace youre steps for hours,lots of ppl loved the more action style gameplay, thats all just down to opinion."

    Exactly, but I back up my opinion mate, many could learn from that, for the record I adore the Res franchise but however I think you and a lot of others are way off on the assesment of Resi 4 (Just IMHO off course), some people like meat, some people like potatoes, I prefer meat AND potatoes on my plate, and thus for me Resi 4 was inferior to say Resi 1 or Resi 2 (best in the series by a country mile). If anything it also felt much like the survival aspect had all but upped and left town.......

    But thats the beauty of gaming, one mans uber brilliant game is another mans Monkey Ball (A game I royally cannot stand).

    Edited by me because quite simply that didn't read right before.......although it might not be any better now.......
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  • Peekaboo 04/08/2005

    "peekaboo im not being funny but RE is predominantly set in a mansion, and you didnt expect a "compartmentalised" game ? In that respect atleast RE4 improves on previous efforts a bit i feel. "

    Perhaps the wrong word (And I disagree that it improves on that aspect over the others), it just seemed that each area was box, tunnel/corridor, box, tunnel/corridor, box all in a nice straight line led by the hand progression. In other words, I expected 'compartmentalisation just not to the extreme it appears in this title, exploration and puzzle solving is limited and certainly watered down. As I said on another forum it could have easily have been "generic action franchise no1547" rather than a Res Evil game, it felt at times as if the Res Evil things where thrown in simply to advantage of the franchise name. Don't get me wrong (And why is it people always do), I'm NOT saying it's a bad game, I'm NOT saying it's a bad looking game, all I AM saying is that it's not as nice looking or perhaps as good as people seem to go on about (Certainly feels a bit 'lite' compared to Old School Resi stuff). Sometimes I think the fact it hit a Ninty machine first clouds peoples judgement, I believe Uncle Clive covered this terrible afflication a while back ;-)

    I repeat, once more for the bleachers, it IS a good and nice looking game, just not the be all and end all people seem to think, and as such, having seen the pics and trailers I feel it's premature and downright mindnumbing silly for people to be automatically writing the PS2 version off and especially spouting silly statements such as 'Jerko-Vision' and '16 colours' etc.
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  • Peekaboo 04/08/2005

    Blerk -Understood mate, thats pretty much how I felt about it as well, nice little neat touches, however some people/reviews seem to think thats its the Graphical 2nd coming. It IS nice, very nice in places, but I was a bit disappointed with how......... compartmentalised it all felt.

    Trailer should be on IGN btw.
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  • Peekaboo 04/08/2005

    Played the GC version it's nice, not as nice (certainly not the GFX splendour I was expecting having read various reviews etc) as some of the fanboys and 'me toos' apparently contributing to this thread would have you believe. The shots of the PS2 version look good, however I think it's Mike D thats fond of saying you get a better impression of looks when the thing is running and if the PS2 trailer is anything to go by then Capcom have pulled off an admirable feat, it looks great and very close to the Cube version.

    Looking forward to actually seeing and playing the finished version and deciding for myself.
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  • FFXII producer leaves

  • Peekaboo 02/08/2005

    That ignore poster button is really handy ;-) Reply 0
  • Another World coming to mobile phones

  • Peekaboo 06/07/2005

    Erm, in the ending I remember your mate saves your ass and picks your mortally wounded body up and carries you onto a flying beastie that takes you away to the cancelled sequel....... Reply 0
  • UK man convicted for chipping

  • Peekaboo 06/07/2005


    "Although the defendant in this case was clearly engaged in piracy - as the pre-installation of games on the Xbox hard drive shows - Big important bit- it's worth noting that the EUCD also makes mod chipping for the purposes of playing import games or homebrew software illegal, a fact which has provoked a significant backlash from consumers.

    The legislation is also not restricted to those who modify consoles and sell them on, but also renders it illegal for console owners to modify their own hardware.-End of big important bit
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  • Chrome Hounds From SEGA

  • Peekaboo 19/05/2005

    Jeez........This is becoming sadder and sadder, mind you fantastic work from Eurogamer, haven't seen the comments boxes or forums so alive in ages, must do wonders for the old hit ratios especially with all the ads, anyway, back to my original point, why don't you all come down from your ever so important high horses and get a life..........

    /Awaits the barrage of "i have a right to voice my concern" coupled with "Sony Fanboi !!!" rants.......

    Bloody 2nd time I've felt the need to come out of exile..........Idiots.........
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  • Editorial: Reaction, Not Bias

  • Peekaboo 18/05/2005

    This is all too funny.........Bunch of guys that love games experience something that makes them sit up and go "ooooooo" and genuinely gives them hope for their hobby and it's future and all the that the people, sat at home not there, not experiencing it, can do is be cynical/critical to an obsessive level........."I expect better from EG" lol !!! EG has always been about these guys and their opinions, christ look at the "Halo only an 8 !!!" outcry...........

    Seriously, there are bigger issues in the world to get rabid about than whether or not some blokes writing about video games have sold out. On another point though, some of the vitriol and abuse directed towards them and their integrity is well out of line. Grow up.

    /Wanders back into the desert to his Net isolated retreat..........
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  • Republic Commands Ash's attention

  • Peekaboo 31/03/2005

    What about Shaun of the Dead, eh? You had your music in that. That was better than either of the Star Wars prequels by itself.

    They had music in Angus, a Jackie Chan flick and a Life Less Ordinary before then as well you know.......

    The fact that Mark eats, sleeps and drinks SW might be something to do with their excitement though ;-)
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  • God Of War

  • Peekaboo 31/03/2005

    Going with feanor and Krud on this one, I recall it being heavily pimped at last years E3, as I recall IGN did quite a bit of coverage on it....... Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur III: first details

  • Peekaboo 24/03/2005

    The new shots and trailer on look quite nice actually. Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur III PS2 exclusive?

  • Peekaboo 23/03/2005

    " .... so what could they do with even more?"

    Have a look at the Tekken 5 arcade machine ;-)

    And then wonder how they squeezed it all into the PS2.
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  • Peekaboo 23/03/2005

    " The PS2 didn't suddenly grow some new texture memory though"

    No it didn't but Namcos knowledge of how to use what is there more effectively has increased.
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  • Ubisoft unveils 05-06 line-up

  • Peekaboo 18/03/2005

    Sorry, I disagree mate, your missing the obvious, or just trying to glorify the "lets mock Ubi for chaving up PoP2" movement. It's not to everyones taste, but it worked. Reply 0
  • Peekaboo 17/03/2005

    "IT IS A SEQUEL TO A GOOD GAME. In an age of sequelitis, what the fuck else do you expect to happen to a sequel?"

    Considering the first did fuck all despite it's goodness thats a strange statement to make, I'd wager large amounts of cash the dark/teeny/rawk angle made it more sales than the number 2 on it's box and good reviews of the first did. You just have to look at the charts every now and again to see that either rawking something up or chaving it up = Bumper sales.
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  • Billy 'Wicked' Wilson passes away

  • Peekaboo 16/03/2005

    "(I bet most of you aren't signed up - do it NOW!)"

    Erm, no, with all I drink I doubt they'd be much use anyway and I rather prefer to keep myself to myself barring any horrible milk float related accidents.
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  • Star Trek legal dispute settled

  • Peekaboo 14/03/2005

    The writer was talking about it in an IGN interview last week, it will be set in a pre kirk era with a brand new cast...... Reply 0
  • GDC: Nintendo announces DS online, first Revolution details

  • Peekaboo 11/03/2005

    "Guess what? You just got your ass kicked over the internet."

    Can I just say that there is a whole world outside your front door waiting to be explored, they even have real women in it too mand you don't have to pay for their time. God that last line of yours sounds so pathetic it's unbelievable...........
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  • Internal Sony PS3 briefing next week

  • Peekaboo 08/03/2005

    Was just about to say the same thing, go play MGS3 and then go play Tekken 1........... Reply 0
  • Euro DOAU tourney 'will not happen'

  • Peekaboo 01/03/2005

    Is the game actually playable online against US opponents ? I read that the lag was chronic........ Reply 0
  • Itagaki rants at Tekken

  • Peekaboo 01/03/2005

    Wonder how anyone could make out what he was saying through that mouthful of sour grapes he was choking on......... Reply 0
  • Xbox 2 set to feature removable hard drive - reports

  • Peekaboo 24/02/2005

    Didn't DOA do ok ? Reply 0
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando

  • Peekaboo 23/02/2005

    Liked the PC demo so will pick it up for that methinks, fingers crossed I'll have found the time to finish KOTOR2 before then though. Reply 0
  • Killer 7 set for summer launch worldwide?

  • Peekaboo 23/02/2005

    Pres -The police say you can have your lighter back mate ;-) Reply 0
  • Masters of the Universe He-Man: Defender of Grayskull

  • Peekaboo 23/02/2005

    Hmmm, that isn't based on the original series, not with Beast Man looking the way he does and the Sword being that shape..........But I actually quite enjoyed the new series, specially the Snake Men season, in a sad geeky way of course.......... Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • Peekaboo 11/02/2005

    Peej -It's a trial version Reply 0
  • TimeSplitters Future Perfect

  • Peekaboo 11/02/2005

    I thought the TS1 and TS2 controls where not bad, but was quite happy to find a more 'normal' setup in TS3 Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R delayed again

  • Peekaboo 09/02/2005

    From what I played at the EIGF........This won't set the heather alight, but I try not too comment on clearly unfinished games.

    Although I do it all the time off course.
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  • PlayStation 3 set to make its debut ahead of E3

  • Peekaboo 09/02/2005

    02/03/99 -Idiots taken in by hype -We will never forget ;-) Reply 0
  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus

  • Peekaboo 08/02/2005

    Just to comment further on the Sonic CD thing, wasn't done by Mr Naka and thus he treats it like the black sheap of the sonic family. Reply 0
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

  • Peekaboo 01/02/2005

    Krud -Fair enough, just saying that once I found your 'style' quirky and witty, now it just seems to irritate much like targeting the 15 year old US demographic. ;-p

    Has been perhaps flogged to death and back again.
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  • Peekaboo 01/02/2005

    "Dante's character change is pretty radical thing time, though. He made the odd aside before, but in the cut scenes he's completely full of it. The comparisons with the POP1/POP2 change are very evident here too. It's all about appealing to US teenagers, basically."

    My point entirely, but instead you write the article in such a way as to come across as either ignorant or having a supposedly humourous dig. I'd far rather have the facts and just the facts without the comical embellishment.

    Just a personal preference though.
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