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  • App of the Day: Jetset: A Game For Airports

  • Pedantic 30/05/2012

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  • Resistance: Burning Skies Review

  • Pedantic 30/05/2012

    lol fanboys
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  • Pedantic 30/05/2012

    What professional site is that? lol

    @the review
    Why the soapbox crap? Shouldn't a game be reviewed on it's own merit?
    What difference does it make who developed it?

    Just review the game please - i deliberately avoid crap like the soapbox and DF because i couldn't care less about some random reviewers personal opinion on the market as a whole or a poorly veiled attempt at inciting console wars
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  • App of the Day: Rocket Fox

  • Pedantic 29/05/2012

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  • Blizzard address Diablo 3 community concerns

  • Pedantic 29/05/2012

    What glaring security issues?

    As far as i am aware not a single account with an authenticator was hacked or do you have proof otherwise?
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  • Pedantic 29/05/2012

    So how about designing encounters that doesn't require you to kite kite kite?'s hard to feel like a bad ass when all you're doing essentially is throw a punch and then run away

    At the moment my wizard can manage act 2 on inferno without huge issues except of course the odd elite pack with the wrong combo but still running all the freaking time is just lame

    Here is hoping Torclight 2 will have better encounters or maybe the genre just isn't for me...
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  • Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event date, details

  • Pedantic 29/05/2012

    Launch date please

    I desperately need a good mmo to hold me over while waiting on MoP
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  • App of the Day: Score! Classic Goals

  • Pedantic 28/05/2012

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  • App of the Day: Saturday Morning RPG

  • Pedantic 27/05/2012

    Yup, nice to see they are indeed nothing but slaves to the money Apple throws at them

    Nothing worse than corporate journalism and the sheeps who love it:)

    By the way

    Pocketgamer is the place to go for real mobile reviews - not the hipster crap here. Hey EG, i think they have a former editor of yours over there, maybe he can link you some android games? Or are they not cool enough for playing while drinking starbucks?
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  • App of the Day: Penny Time

  • Pedantic 26/05/2012


    Yea i read that, just an elaborate way of saying we love Apple

    There are lots of multiplatform mobile titles and even some Android exclusives yet they always seem to feature IOS exclusives. Also, failing to research if a featured game is also on Android (as has happened on several occasions) just shows a complete lack of interest in non IOS mobile games

    Heck, at one point they even claimed it was our, the readers, fault for not alerting them to Android games! That's just so ridiculous i'm at a complete loss. If you make a section dedicated to mobile gaming and you're getting paid to do so you should be expected to do your own research

    Imagine if they had done the same with xbox or ps3 - i doubt people would accept that

    Finally, if they stand by the opinionated piece you linked they should at least have the decency to declare this an IOS section because that's what it is
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  • Pedantic 26/05/2012

    Fallacies much?

    If you bothered to read and understand my reply i have this game and since it's on IOS only i also have an IOS device, derp

    That's not the point at all skippy

    The point is there is a section which claims to feature games on Android/IOS/Winphone yet almost every single game here is IOS only and on several occasions they weren't even aware when a game was also on Android. It's simply poor journalism
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  • Pedantic 26/05/2012

    Great game, well worth it but seriously...

    This section is a complete joke

    When did you last have an Android/Winphone game of the day?

    Just rename it already and stop pretending it's not almost exclusively IOS games or at the very least remove the quite stupid description at the bottom of the articles
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