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  • Aston Villa Supporters Union

    Feeling like those long years of hurt might finally pay off? 22 Members

  • Boobies

    We love 'em! 583 Members

  • Grumpy Gamers

    The place to moan about the games everybody else likes. 46 Members

  • JRPG Otaku

    221 Members

  • Left 4 Dead

    For L4D1 & L4D2. 393 Members

  • Let's count to a million!

    we like to count, and somethimes with some odd lines behind the
    number 33 Members

  • LittleBigPlanet Level Makers

    The aim of this group is to collect gamers from EG who share the
    goal of creating levels in LittleBigPlanet (by Media Molecule)
    and providing a single area for… 5789 Members

  • Metal Appreciation Society

    Death Mage Rebel 89 Members

  • Nintendo Wii

    Wii will rock your socks off! 154 Members

  • Nippon Ichi

    Number One in Japan... i think. 5 Members

  • Red Dwarf Appreciation Society

    Trouble with your groinal attachment? Want to Holly-hop?
    Power-up your lightbee and jump on in. 59 Members

  • Resident Evil

    For anything and everything Resident Evil/Biohazard. Talking
    about the movies is forbidden. :D 53 Members

  • Some like it RARE

    For the advancement of the science of making time seem short, a
    group for worshippers of the developers formally (and fondly)
    known as Ultimate Play The Game.… 5 Members

  • Star Wars

    A long time ago on a forum far, far, away... 2961 Members

  • Trials HD

    Vroom vroom! I'm ready to go! Time to let the muh muh muh muh
    monday night-ro! 178 Members