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  • The game developer, the CIA, and the sculpture driving them crazy

  • Paullicino 08/06/2014

    What a fantastic feature and fascinating subject. This is one of the most interesting things I've ever read on Eurogamer or, indeed, any place that covers games. Reply +1
  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Paullicino 02/09/2013

    @Water1111 Your homework tonight is I, Claudius. Reply +3
  • Marvel Heroes review

  • Paullicino 20/06/2013

    Just to clarify, much as there's lots of comic potential in this particular score, I didn't award a four for that reason!

    Marvel Heroes is definitely "below average," as Eurogamer defines 4/10, but it's not awful. It's just not very exciting or very inspired. If the (ridiculous) pricing model was tied to your advancement or success (such as in the horrible Real Racing 3), I'd have awarded it lower. It is, at least, a free game.
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  • Dust 514 review

  • Paullicino 24/05/2013

    @Spekingur Hello! Thanks for reading. Paul started playing the DUST 514 beta a couple of months back and last played it on Thursday morning, before submitting this review. It's changed quite a bit in that time and this is why I'm cautiously optimistic for its future. Reply +1
  • Games of 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Paullicino 22/12/2012

    @Notez Sorry Notez, I should clarify this. I mean if they're taken out of action, not if they're nicked. Conscious soldiers can use their equipment on themselves, but the moment they're knocked down all their gear becomes untouchable. Reply +3
  • Valkyria Chronicles is one of the finest games of its generation

  • Paullicino 16/12/2012

    @GelatinousDude Hah, funny you say that. Those were the first two games I grabbed the moment I got my PS3. Reply 0
  • Dishonored review

  • Paullicino 08/10/2012

    Absolutely the right score. This is a fine game with some wonderful design and clever ideas, but it's just a little hamstrung and not quite a classic. Still well worth getting, mind. Reply +2
  • Let's go Outside (let's go Outside)

  • Paullicino 21/08/2012

    I'm glad that I had Faith. Reply +3
  • Total War: Rome 2 Preview: Turning It Up to XI

  • Paullicino 03/07/2012

    @Davemanz It might be! It's certainly looking impressive. It's ambitious, too, but sometimes ambitions fail, though I like that they're striking out, putting brave feet forward and trying to stretch themselves. We shall see how it turns out! Reply 0
  • Paullicino 03/07/2012

    @Davemanz Oh I see! Apologies if I was a bit quick off the mark there in my response to defend myself.

    I think perhaps we were both told similar things about the game, perhaps asked some similar questions and, maybe most of all, had the same frames of reference in our heads. SPR and GoT are both well known enough that I think they'd come to mind for quite a few people. I believe someone said to me on the day that the demo was a bit SPR-y, while I compared Roman affairs to GoT while talking with James and Al.
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  • Paullicino 02/07/2012

    @ExplodingClown Whoops, that was a silly error. I did indeed mean legionary, my mistake. Although a Roman century wasn't necessarily a hundred soldiers and might be smaller or larger.

    @Davemanz Timestamps show that both previews went live at exactly the same time, 2pm BST, so it would quite an impressive act of parroting.
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  • Spelunky Review

  • Paullicino 02/07/2012

    I'm delighted to see this finally released. It was an excellent and very canny game on PC and I can't believe it was completely free. Mr Yu deserves to make a ton of money from this. Reply +4
  • The Cunning Stunts of Stainless

  • Paullicino 01/06/2012

    This is a great story, although it's a shame it's also another tale of a developer falling foul of a disingenuous publisher.

    Also, every development team should recruit a pig.
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  • Doom retrospective

  • Paullicino 16/01/2012

    @Obli You're quite right, there was so much I didn't have the space to include in this feature. As well as being an astonishing game, it also had a pretty fascinating development. Thanks for including the link. Reply +1
  • Paullicino 16/01/2012

    @datta Thanks so much for the clarification, and thanks for reading too. Oh, and while you're here, thanks for also making Doom available that night! Reply +3
  • Paullicino 16/01/2012

    @wizlon Awesome, thank you for linking that. I can't believe I forgot to mention that one, even though I know the film so well. Kudos. Reply +1
  • World of Tanks Review

  • Paullicino 29/11/2011

    @phanteh I've been playing for almost a year, I'd say, and I wouldn't dare to review a game I'd not played much. (Please don't take this as an assumption that I play all games for a year before reviewing them, mind.)

    The secondary crew skills are useful, but I don't feel that retraining is big enough of an advantage, or that the developers have given players enough of an initiative to do so. Of course, this is still version 0.7, so things can only get beta and beta.

    It's a personal preference thing, but I've not wanted to spend much gold on ammo and prefer trying to drive up behind heavier tanks instead. And as for grinding? Well, it depends on how much you consider achieving higher tiers/bigger tanks more of an objective than winning matches or achieving medals. I still keep some of my lower tier tanks simply because I enjoy playing those vehicles at those levels.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments and please don't get fired!

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  • Paullicino 29/11/2011

    @asphaltcowboy Word. Reply -1