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  • Sky Movies and Sky Sports on PS3 with Now TV app

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 05/07/2013

    I got a deal for Now TV for 6 months at £2.99 and I've found a surprising number of good films on there, especially if you mine the Indie and Classic sections.

    However I still don't think it's worth £15 a month.
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  • Face-Off: Netflix vs. Lovefilm

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/04/2013

    I'm surprised that Now TV wasn't included as it's an okay service, albeit one that is quite expensive.

    I'm not sure it holds up to the 'Only Hollywood dross' argument - I did a month's free trial and watched Martha Marcy May Marlene, Another Earth, Take Shelter, Margaret, Margin Call and Win Win - all very good, independently-minded films.

    Looking at the latest offerings they've just added Moonrise Kingdom, Summer Wars and Thin Red Line too.

    However it is much more limited range than offered by Netflix and the TV series swung it for me so that's the service I went with.
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  • "Why should we ask how long a game is?"

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 13/03/2013

    I think it deserves a repost of this which I made in response to complaints about Portal 2's length (all figures were correct when I posted it 2 years ago):


    The average movie length in the 2000s was 129 mins (according to the IMDB Movie Length Project) and the average ticket price is £5.40 (according to the Cinema Exhibitors Association - much more if you live in a city).

    There seems to be a consensus that Portal 2 last about 600 mins (10 hours in total; 6 hours SP, 4 hours Co-op - it took me longer but what the hey) and it costs £24.99 on PC (from or £32.99 for 360 (from


    Movies cost 4.19p per min (rounded to 2 decimal places, I hope that's okay).
    Portal 2 costs 4.17p per min on PC and 5.5p per min on 360.

    So if you are playing Portal 2 on PC is actually is better value than going to the cinema, but it is at least 1.31p per min MORE EXPENSIVE to play Portal 2 on a 360 than going to the movies (however if you adjust the movie prices to, say, Central London prices I imagine it works out substantially less good value for money).


    I've done the maths. Now what? Can we work out how much fun the game was?
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  • Ubisoft "hurt" seeing Rayman Legends Wii U fans upset at delay, extends new olive branch

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 19/02/2013

    It's really simple.

    Release the Wii U version now with the Challange Mode as a Wii exclusive and make boatloads of cash, then release the PS3/360 version in 6 months but use some of that cash to make some groovy exclusive thingymajig (such as the original Rayman 2 re-visioned into lush 2D using Legends assets).

    Then, over time, you can bring all versions in line with each through free DLC so everyone ends up same stuff but all feel like special snowflakes.
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  • There's a Tomb Raider-themed Xbox 360 controller inspired by Lara's tourniquets and axe

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 11/01/2013

    @happyhammer81 But you can pick up a black controller for £25, so essentially you are paying £15 to have your controller look like shit. Reply +11
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 11/01/2013

    Who buys this tat? Reply +31
  • UK tabloids single out Call of Duty, Dynasty Warriors in coverage of Sandy Hook school massacre

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 18/12/2012

    I wonder how much advertising revenue the videogames industry put into News International and the like, and whether a boycott of NI papers would have an effect? Reply +4
  • iPhone 5 pre-orders top 2 million in just 24 hours

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 17/09/2012

    As someone who is old enough to remember the horrific C64 vs. Spectrum Wars I'm said to see that today's youth drawn into another terrible conflict. I can't pretend that, in my day, I didn't have platform leanings... but trust and old man when he says "Live and let live". Get the phone you want, that best suits your needs and life and let those that choose a different path to walk beside you, happy that we can all now check facebook on the bog. Reply +9
  • Revolution announces Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/08/2012

    @dogmanstaruk I think it's a matter of perspective.

    You seem to view backing a kickstarter project as akin to a random person walking up to you in the street and asking for £10 and, in return, delivering something unknown some time in the future.

    In reality the projects often are often from people with respected reputations in game industry who will want to preserve those reputations by delivering the best product they can, who realise that a great product will allow them to continue to produce work independently.

    Backers support projects for a number of reasons; nostaliga, wanting to support independent game development, access to behind the scenes work etc. They aren't sheep, they are making a calculated judgement based on what is being asked for versus potential outcome.
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  • ZombiU Preview: Wii U's Surprise Package?

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 12/06/2012

    @drhickman1983 The best selling console of this generation is called 'Wii' - I don't think the public give a feck. Reply +8
  • App of the Day: Score! Classic Goals

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 28/05/2012

    @Pedantic Why don't you post a handful of titles that you feel have been overlooked? Reply +6
  • App of the Day: Angry Birds Space

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012

    @darc I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be discussion of differing viewpoints, critiques of the article, discussions of the merits of the game, however there are a few commentators who enter these threads tp spill bile, decry AB (or whatever game) as something they HATE and generally behave like idiots. This thread has thankfully be quite muted in that regard but take a look at "Angry Birds Space won't release on Windows Phone" thread for some prime idoicy.

    I just honestly don't understand why.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012

    @miiiguel Angry Birds was launched in December 2009 so I'm not sure where the 9 years comment comes from. Before that Rovio have created many other tiles.

    They aren't say they ARE going to be bigger then Disney, the are saying they WANT to be as big - it's a subtle but important difference. One is arrogance, the other aspiration.

    It's interesting that you refer to Disney. He created Mickey in the 1928 and the company has merrily used him across media ever since - he's probably the most 'milked' character of all time. Other famous Disney characters weren't created until a few years later such Pluto in 1930, Goofy in 1932 and Donald in 1934. It wasn't until the creation of Snow White in 1937 that Disney made is first feature and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Every company has to start somewhere and you seem to be furious that Rovio have been hugely succesful off the back of game launched just over 2 years ago and that they aspire to build on that success.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012


    Was Disney was born fully formed as huge multi-national corporation? No, it built itself up, success upon success and Rovio are attempting to emulate that success (currently they are doing this by extending the brand to AB products, other media, theme parks etc). They are starting with one brand which hit the mark, but you can be sure they'll be using some of their resources on the next (and the next...)

    Rovio created a number of games before Angry Birds and the story behind how Angry Birds came into being shows that the creators are intelligent developers who used their experience to craft a compelling, mass market game.

    As developers they constantly updated the AB suite of games, providing new content for free, and have positioned AB as 'must download' game for new mass-market smartphone users.

    That they have sustained Angry Birds position in a market place which is saturated by cheap alternatives is no small feat - 2 years in "App World" is a lifetime and how many other apps, download or box titles can claim such longevity in our disposable culture? - and as developers of one of the most succesful apps in the world they'll obviously have views that may contradict the status quo or put the noses out of more traditional gamers and publishers.

    However, and this is the most important point, it's not a binary world. We don't have to have Mass Effect 3 OR Angry Birds Space. As gamers we can enjoy both, or ignore both.

    I'm fascinated by the rise and pitfalls of app gaming and AB offers a fascinating case study, however I do wonder what people who are so vehemently opposed to app gaming, Rovio or AB are doing in articles and comment sections like this.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012

    @wizlon Everyday EG reviews a different app, many from indie developers. Should they ignore a sequel to one on the biggest accessible gaming franchises in the world today? Reply +13
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012

    @chaywa if it's anything like the previous games, and to stretch and analogy to breaking point:

    It's like a can of coke that will, periodically, get refilled for free and people on this forum will still moan incessantly about it. ;)
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 23/03/2012

    Sounds like it's a nice evolution of the core concept and is a welcome change from the reskins that were Seasons and Rio. Reply +6
  • App of the Day: Mass Effect: Infiltrator

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 13/03/2012

    @ronecvan_is_here it's not installed base that's the necessarily the most important factor, it's purchasing habits and (from what I understand) iOS users buy many more apps then Android users. For a high-profile tie-in like this it makes sense to launch on iOS (although if I was EA I'd just do both!). Reply 0
  • Angry Birds Space release date

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 08/03/2012

    Complaining that Rovio are making a new version of the same game is a bit rich considering the rich heritage of gaming companies milking franchises to death.

    And while it may not be your cup of tea, Angry Birds is most definitely a game, it's hugely successful and it's constantly updated by a dedicated developer. Reason alone why it deserves coverage on this site.
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  • From Dust gets Google Chrome launch trailer

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/03/2012

    I remember when I was thrilled I could play Pac-man in my browser... Reply 0
  • Angry Birds Space teaser trailer

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 24/02/2012

    /adopts hunched and brooding posture

    God damn those successful indie developers! God damn their on-going support for an accessible and enjoyable game (especially when I DON'T LIKE IT)!! How dare they make a viable income stream from one core idea!!! One day all these SHEEP will wake up and then the money'll dry up and HOW I'LL RUB MY HANDS WITH GLEE!!!!! BWAH HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!
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  • Apple sells 37m iPhones, 15m iPads in three months

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 25/01/2012

    @MattRobson It's one of leading platforms for independent game development and has seen a range of interesting titles released to acclaim and commercial success.

    It's really quite simple if you think about it.
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  • Mole Kart iPhone trailer looks familiar

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 13/01/2012

    Is it any good? Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Review

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 10/11/2011

    Can anyone tell me if this game is, in any way, accessible to a newbie like myself? I've dabbled with RPGs in the past but haven't played one for years (and then it was the more esoteric Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door which doesn't really count).

    This sounds such an amazing world that I'm tempted to give it a go...
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  • Angry Birds downloaded 500 million times

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 03/11/2011

    So much vitriol for a enjoyable, bite-sized game that has been supported non-stop since release by a clearly committed developer and costs less than a can of coke.

    As for accusations of lack of originality/stealing - c'mon, this is the games industry where ideas are taken, honed and recycled often to great ends. What 'hardcore' games are original nowadays? Halo? Street Fighter? CoD? GoW?
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  • 3DS worldwide sales total 6.68 million

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/10/2011

    There will always be genres and titles that are the strong points of any device, however iOS really does have deep 'real' games that deliver a 'proper' gaming experience. However I'd argue that the format is also great at doing what the other portables don't which is bite-sized snippets of gaming-crack that fit with your life. Reply +3
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/10/2011


    You can get a iPhone 3GS (which will play the vast majority of iPhone games) on contract for £20 a month. Admittedly it's not £12 a month, but it's not far off.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/10/2011


    I tend to find it's the fanboys who dismiss iPhone gaming whereas those of us who are into games in general, rather than platforms, who realise that iOS has a huge and varied library.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/10/2011


    I'm a long-term Nintendo fan since the SNES games and been a happy owner of a Gameboy SP and a DS yet I've decided not to bother with a 3DS largely because of my iPhone.

    I'm a older gamer - mid-30s - but can still play a great deal on my 360 and those games that do grab my attention get a lot of time devoted to them and usually get completed (RDR, Portal 2 and currently Arkham City at full price; Limbo, Costume Quest and Braid on XBLA).

    My iPhone has the right balance of pick-up-and-play and 'hardcore' (I hate the term) games at a excellent price that mean I don't need a 3DS. Obviously Zelda and Mario are drawing my attention, but the outlay and game cost don't justify the price imho.

    So I'm one of those people who, in the past, would've happily picked up a 3DS. Now I don't currently see the need.
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  • The Luddite Game Maker

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/09/2011


    Must be shit then if you've not heard of him - thanks for the heads-up.
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  • Angry Birds dev Rovio aims for $1.2bn

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 12/08/2011

    @tjtjHence why I said 'founded'. Reply -1
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 12/08/2011

    Surely loads of business have been founded on one successful product? Dyson springs to mind as a recent one, Ford as an older one.

    Rovio will have to prove that they can diversify and develop, but they really couldn't have had a better start.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 12/08/2011

    I'm not sure that the hype is overblown - it's arguably most successful casual game in the world alongside farmville - that's no mean feat. It deserves coverage for the mere fact that it's huge success will shape the industry going forward.

    As for not building a billion pound business out of 99cent game, I think we are seeing that all the time through the recent purchases of facebook/flash/'casual' developers. Overvalued? Perhaps, but it's a very real market with very real cash to be made.

    Rovio may only have one IP, but when that IP has made them over $70m as of March 2011 according to some sources, and is making $1m a month from the free Android version alone from an initial investment of €100,000. It may be a 'bubble' but it's a hugely profitable one, backed by real cash and profits, that doesn't show any signs of slowing anytime soon.

    Obviously Peter Vesterbackas is a provocateur a headline grabber, but that's his job after all. It makes business sense for him to talk up their field of development and talk down 'traditional' game developers. As with any business quote, it should just be taken with a pinch of salt.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 12/08/2011

    It's amazing how patronising gamers. Rovio have crafted a successful brand that they are keeping current with updates, extensions and developing it's mass appeal. It's pick-up-and-play with a satisfying mechanic and tons of content for a very small price. Yes they've built their reputations on one central IP, but then so have many developers.

    If Tetris were launched today I'd imagine it'd get the same treatment by the 'hardcore' - a label which implies a serious gamer, but in actual fact indicates a gamer with a limited palate and a strong reaction against anything that doesn't fit their narrow constraints of what a real 'game' is.

    Wired did an interesting piece on Rovio which helps dispell the myth that they were just lucky, it's worth a read if you've got time:
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  • Words With Friends coming to Facebook

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 02/08/2011


    That's because zaire is also the currency. Just like you can have dollar but not America, or pound but not Britain.
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  • Ocarina of Time first 3DS million seller

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 29/07/2011

    Super Mario 3d Land? Does that sound stupid? Why not Super Mario Land 3d?

    sup3r mario lanD
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 29/07/2011

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell

    Thanks for the personal attack - I've often thought your iOS points were quite interesting and wasn't sure why people thought you were such an arse. Now I begin to understand why.

    If I need to justify myself then I've always had a soft spot for Nintendo since the heady days when I first bought a SNES and that affection still runs deep. I missed the N64, but had a GameCube and and Wii, plus each generation of Nintendo handhelds.

    So a platform that offers me a chance to play a remake of one of the only Zelda's I've never played, a new core Mario game (always something I look forward too), a sequel to one of the GC launch titles I found most charming and the chance to again get obsessed sending letters around a village full of animals is appealing.

    Yes Nintendo relies heavily on it's old IP but, every 5 years or so, I tend to go back to them and always enjoy them. The cost is getting hard to justify, hence why I've held out and am still holding out until these titles land.

    I'm the first to admit that I think the boxed game model is broken but there's still a tug of nostalgia of titles I hold dear.

    Or maybe I've just got low standards.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 29/07/2011

    I've not been sold on the 3DS before - too much money for too few games - however with the price cut and that release list I can feel my will beginning to waver... Reply +5
  • Free-to-play on Xbox 360 "inevitable"

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 29/07/2011


    That's just bad game design! ;)

    The models that seem to work best in iOS land (the only platform I've experience 'freemium' models) are the ones that allows players to accelerate their progress (i.e. buying more in-game currency so they can build things quicker), 'cheat' modes that provide a solution to a level players are stuck on or personalisation items.

    Walled off content or unbalanced upgrades (giving players an advantage if they pay) doesn't seem to work too well - it just pisses off the one person the developer most wants to keep playing; the gamer.

    Hopefully developers working on free-to-play on games on XBLA will take note and learn the lessons.
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  • Mobile tech to overtake PS3, 360 soon

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 08/07/2011


    There are quite a few - the best known examples are the MMORPG Order & Chaos and the FPS Archetype.
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  • More iPhone 5 rumours emerge

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 05/07/2011

    If they were talking about adding additonal game functionality or 3d games or better graphics then cool.

    It will have significantly improved graphics if the A5 rumours turn out to be true.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 05/07/2011

    What do you moaners expect when you click on an article called "More iPhone 5 rumours emerge" with the sub-heading "Sep 2011 release, no 'major update'."?

    If you aren't interested in Apple or iOS, are so 'core' that you can't contemplate playing a game on anything but a joypad or are happy to disregard a platform with over 1.5 billion games sold on it then just ignore it and go about your business safe in the knowledge that those of us who are interested are stupid sheep.
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  • What Developers Think of Wii U

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 28/06/2011

    So this is a console that's comparable in performance to the 360 and PS3, so will therefore have all the cross platform games that those enjoy.

    It's also got the potential to be in the marketplace 1-2 years before the next-gen consoles from MS and Sony.

    It's also got Nintendo games on it.

    I can also play it on the couch while my missus watches something on the tele.

    I can't really see what there is to moan about.
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/06/2011

    The 'core gamer' - as conservative and unimaginative as they come!As for your question earlier I found Warpgate, Choas Rings and BaSS Remastered to be hugely involving games. But you'll reject them as suggestions I'm sure. I think the difference between you and me is that I love games in all forms, whatever the platform and seek then out. Whereas you seen convinced a particular platform isn't 'proper' because it doesn't have buttons. Did you never play a purely stylus controlled game like Layton on the DS? Reply 0
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/06/2011

    There are games on the App Store that offer experiences of depth and quality akin to Zelda and GoW so I'm still struggling to see your point other than an unhealthy obsession with buttons. Reply 0
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/06/2011

    Do you often carry a PC around in your pocket? Reply +3
  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 27/06/2011


    There are lots of games that offer better experiences on the iPhone then equivalent titles on other mobile platforms - Plants vs. Zombies, Beneath A Steel Sky, Puzzle Agent, Let's Golf, Sword & Poker, Game Dev Story, Space Invaders Infinity Gene all spring immediately to mind. None are compromises, they are tailored to the platform and work brilliantly.

    And so what if 90% (or 99.9%) of the games are crap? There's so much on there that there are still hundreds of great gaming experiences, all priced at affordable levels and, as a gamer, easy to find by perusing websites such as this. Never understood this stupid, stupid argument.
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  • Wii U

  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/06/2011

    I'm not the one who couldn't work out the words 'New Console' meant 'New Console'.

    Here, have my set of crayons.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/06/2011


    Why? To show me that loads of retards will jump the gun, start typing shit on the internet without waiting for all the information to be revealed and without paying attention to the exact thing being shown to them?

    No thanks and not sure how that's relevant to the facts.
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  • Pac-man-ate-my-wife 07/06/2011


    I honestly don't know what you are asking me.

    I saw them demo the new controller, then watched lots of devs talk about the new console. I'm no detective but that pretty much said to me "new console".
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