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  • Eurogamer's game of the year 2016

  • PES_Fanboy 31/12/2016

    @Rodimus-Prime do you mean Stephen's Sausage Watch Reply +44
  • Microsoft announces official Xbox Onesie

  • PES_Fanboy 25/08/2016

    @neilka you can roll the arms and legs up on this garment, which reminds me of Steven's Sausage Roll, an excellent game which Eurogamer has not yet reviewed Reply -1
  • How do our gaming habits change as we grow up?

  • PES_Fanboy 11/02/2016

    In other news, 'Quantic Foundry' have just won a grant to prove the theory that water works best when it is wet Reply +1
  • Sony unlocks more CPU power for PS4 game developers

  • PES_Fanboy 30/11/2015

    Does this unlock BC Reply -2
  • LA Cops Early Access review

  • PES_Fanboy 08/08/2014

    Classic Kowalski Reply +12
  • Saturday Soapbox: Christopher Nolan has ruined video games

  • PES_Fanboy 16/03/2013

    In the case of Video Games vs. Film, I hereby find in Film favour, and Video Games are advised to stay no closer than 500 metres from any Film.


    Jesus Christ; are we going to really argue that video games are being ruined by film?

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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2011

    Semper fidelis - always faithful. Don't they teach ANYTHING at games journalism school? Reply +2
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

  • PES_Fanboy 08/05/2008

    What's it like on the Wii? Reply 0
  • TNA iMPACT's Kurt Angle

  • PES_Fanboy 19/02/2008

    I thought he left the WWE because he was hooked on painkillers and competing, to the point at which they thought he'd kill himself in the ring.

    But I'm sure there were also 'direction' issues.
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  • Rock Band gets track list

  • PES_Fanboy 30/10/2007

    Creep is going to fuck a lot of strum bars up. Reply 0
  • 'I'm a little bored of movies' - Peter Jackson

  • PES_Fanboy 28/09/2006

    I hope he's a better games designer than Hideo Kojima is a film director.

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  • GTA creator questions Sony

  • PES_Fanboy 07/09/2006

    Why are you all taking a murder simulator inventor's word seriously?

    Ban this sick filth.
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  • Da Vinci Code game planned

  • PES_Fanboy 02/11/2005

    That's as equally stupid as the blind hatred of anything successful in this country.

    Build them up....then take them down. Why are we like this?
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  • 360 pod problems for Wal-Mart

  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    I was asking if I'd missed the previews, or there was a reason why they hadn't shown up - there is a reason why (thanks for explaining rauper, sorry I didn't read up on the other thread), hence my question is answered.

    PS can I have one of your X360s. Can't wait for the previews, I can't remember a games console launch I've been more excited about, and I'm getting Really Old.
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  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    Hey, calm down, it's only the internet. Perhaps my 'negative stories' comment was a bit out of line though, I'm just bored of people slagging off consoles that haven't been released (in the comments sections - nobody forces me to read these, either, do they?), so apologies to EG for that.

    I know nobody forces me to read EG, and I do love it here, I really do - which is why the few things that I think would genuinely improve the site, I've mentioned.

    Were Xbox-Scene at X05? If so, then they're as guilty for not previewing the games. I don't visit that site so I can't comment, all I do comment on is the one and only site I go to for games information - EG - who I thought went to X05 - and the fact I think it's odd that there's no previews.

    If they didn't go to X05, or they can't be arsed to do previews for games, or whatever, I don't care - but there are LOADS of preview videos around, if you dig about, for games, and the games were there to play, so I merely asked if they had done the previews and I missed them.

    I don't have the luxury of time to buy / read magazines or other websites, so I was hoping EG would provide my lust and the money burning a hole in my pocket, as I've ordered an X360 but without any games, as I'm still deciding which of the likely launch games to pre-order.
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  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    360s give you cancer, too. Why so many (perceivably) 'negative' stories about Microsoft, and no previews?

    Did EG not attend X05? Or did they put all their impressions of the games into a single report and I missed it?
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  • The Warriors

  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    I wouldnt be suprised to see a certain senator in a lot of ROCKSTAR games !!

    Are we still talking JT? Cos he ain't a senator, thank God, unless something happened I didn't know about. He has to pander to Lieberman and Clinton (female) to do his lobbying-by-proxy.
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  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    How'dya do that, then? Reply 0
  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    I'm assuming the European version has 720p support?

    PAL XBOXes can't support 720p...
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  • PS3 parental controls outlined

  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    I'm gonna steal Matt_John's ATM card tonight. Reply 0
  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    Of course all of this depends on whether the parents will actually ever use the console.

    Sony / MS don't give a damn about this, it's merely 'in place', which will help absolve them from legal issues, and place 'blame' back where it belongs, with the parents.
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  • Halo even better on 360?

  • PES_Fanboy 25/10/2005

    Okay, starting to get a little bit worried about this, I just want them to do straight ports in the emulation - not add any bits that'll clutter up my HDD.

    Although hi-res PES would of course kick arse.
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  • Kojima's blog now in English

  • PES_Fanboy 24/10/2005

    "If our children today don't have any dreams, we creators are guilty for not giving them dreams. We are culpable. We must create a dream to leave behind for the sake of our children,"

    God almighty, I know you can't translate Japanese to English exactly, but he's as up his own bum as I imagined he is...

    I wonder if he's ever sat back at night, wondering why, if he's such an ace director, mulling over camera shots and the like, that Uwe Boll et al direct those films based on games, yet he has only been asked to direct games based on films (albeit amalgamously)?

    Save for the (admittedly quite brilliant) Psycho Mantis scene in the first MGS, I'm struggling to think of any 'set piece' direction that has occurred in subsequent Kojima games that has been notable. Did he use up all his ideas in the first MGS?

    The idea that a game has a 'director' does, to me anyway, dictate a linear style of play - or at least, one with a finite amount of scenes / outcomes. In the next gen, with free-roaming etc becoming more and more popular, will this be a thing of the past? I'm hoping the MGS style, play-a-level-then-the-guardian approach will be a thing of the past in the next gen. By all means there is nothing wrong with the basic premise, but open it up a little!
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  • Watch banned PES5 advert

  • PES_Fanboy 24/10/2005

    John Terry is actually the looker in his family, his bruv (I think he plays for Yeovil?) is an even bigger minger.

    Anyway, advert and commentary on PES is crap, but the game is sublime. I'm really impressed with the amount of tweaking that has 'saved' the game from the Winning Eleven incarnation only a few months ago, which even I was mildly skeptical over (too many fouls etc).

    With the invention of the 'middle shoot' function though, the XBOX controls become even more unwieldly. Bring on the X360 controller - yes, I'm sad enough to play an old XBOX game on my brand-new next-gen console - with the white and black buttons by the triggers.
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  • New Tenchu DS details

  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    I heard there was a Tengu game in development, but early betas proved annoying, as the game continually remarked your console was better / inferior to others ;o)

    I was excited when the EG tagline said "Make your own shurikens" - I thought, wow, what an ace idea, you draw out the design of the shurikens with the stylus, and then 'make' them to use, and their range / deadliness etc depended on the shape you'd drawn.

    Someone sign me up for games ideas, NOW. I can come up with any number of implausible and un-implementable ideas for games ;o)
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  • X360 pods appear in Wal-Mart

  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    Wink has disappeared from this thread? Reply 0
  • BBC Scotland to broadcast new games show

  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    Dexter Fletcher was a much better GamesMaster presenter than Dominik Diamond!

    /Ducks for cover

    Interesting story time....ish.

    Back in the day - that is, the day that DF was the GM presenter - I went to the opening of an HMV, along with one of my bestest journo mates, who worked on GamesMaster as a commentator (and I think did that Sky One show, which I never saw as I didn't have SKY at the time).

    The grand opening was to be done by Dex, and he rolled up with a dolly bird on his arm, all very 'bored with this menial shit' attitude.

    Anyway, just before the opening, an eagle-eyed security guard noticed that there were a number of things missing from shelves. Clearly being more intelligent than most strategically-shaved baboon security guards, he realised this should not compute, as the store hadn't opened.

    Cue a half hour of *very* embarrassing drama, as it turned out that DF (or his girlfriend, it was never really disclosed) had nicked the stuff.

    Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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  • PES_Fanboy 20/10/2005

    ...but not produced by the BBC, that was the point.

    I hope they finally produce a games television format that isn't patronising.

    Dominik Diamond for teh = presenting job
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5

  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    Thing is, whats wrong with practice? If I had spent months getting good at a driving game, I'd hate not to be able to compete with someone who held a driving licence. Its a game, if you only want to be able to use your football brain/skills to win, might I suggest real football?

    Ah, but we've all got too fat / lazy / old to play anything more taxing than Sunday pub leagues.

    Thing is, the remit from Seabass was always to create the football simulator. I could score 40 yarders in *other football games* after ten minutes of play - that's fab, nice and easy to pick up.

    It took me a while to score a decent-looking goal against decent CPU competition in PES 5. When it did come, it was delicious, and all the more delectable due to the time and effort I'd put into it, along with the knowledge that it was *earned* with practice.

    The practice itself was great fun. Which was the better 40 investment? The answer to that question, I believe relies on the following:

    a) how much time you have to invest;
    b) how much you enjoy football (to what level, fanatic etc)

    Oh, and off topic - I got noticeably worse at driving games once I got my driving licence. And worse still after I got my racing licence. How does that work???
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  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    had pro evo 5 for a couple of days has anybody noticed crowed disapear during gameplay and return on set pieces free kicks penaltys etc. or have i just got a dodgy copy cause apart from that its the greatest footy game ever

    Sounds like you've got the beta, not the finished game? There are lag / presentation issues with the early beta that was leaked onto the torrents sites a few weeks back.
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  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    also, i swear i've heard the crowd cheer consecutive passes after a bit of keep-ball.

    Yep, they definitely do that. I was playing my bruv at this last night and, for once, was winning comfortably (most of our games are so tight we go to penalties), and so did a bit of Liverpool-80s-era 'keep ball', and my home fans were cheering every pass.

    Until he intercepted, and they booed.

    It's SUCH an improvement over Winning Eleven 9. I love this game, much more than I even thought I would.

    As for the 'casual gamer' argument - it used to wind me up that someone with no knowledge of the game could come and give me a close game even after my 6 months invested gaming. Now that's less of an issue. Game in 'rewarding players for playing it' shocker!

    The new players are only disadvantaged if they play experienced gamers - surely that's how it should be?
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  • Gates on Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

  • PES_Fanboy 21/10/2005

    And with BT witching to the 21st Century Network which is all IP based rather than exchanges and the Internet 2 where you can download an movie in 30seconds...

    Hmm, I wouldn't hold your breath for this.

    - Former 21CN Technical Solutions Architect
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  • Thompson calls the police

  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005

    I wonder where the man gets money from? Surely nobody that's seen his insane rants would hire him as a lawyer?

    The families of dead / incarcerated persons, who, not wanting to accept any responsibility for the actions of dead / imprisoned brethren, receive a visitor from a 'high public profile' (which includes negative press) lawyer.

    Said lawyer promises 'big cash settlements' from the media corporations who, at best tenuously, 'inspired' the murderer to commit these acts.

    Families, desperately clasping at their last two straws of sanity, see a fabulous chance to:

    Blame someone other than themselves, whilst;
    Getting a Big Cash Settlement
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  • DOOM movie sequel?

  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005

    Aight, is UGC (rebranded now to Cineworld). They're complete bastards though, they now apparently 'have the power to search your bags' lest you DARE bring in food / drink not purchased on the premises. Reply 0
  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005


    I enjoyed XxX, on an ironic level

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  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005

    I'll concede, The Rock's movies are better than Hulk Hogan's were.

    WtTJ was mmkay, but nothing I'd pay to see. I guess you have to be in the mood, don't get me wrong, I *like* mindless flicks sometimes, but his are so asinine that, unlike other movies, I couldn't even appreciate it on camp values..
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  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005

    Ahhh, first and true love. Why can't you get on with my mistress, games?

    This one is really up against it. I've seen the trailers during my (at least thrice weekly - yes, I have a problem!) visits to the cinema, and frankly I'm at a loss to wonder why:

    A) This game was picked to make a game from, given the TINY scope and story potential;
    B) They chose The Rock, a man with a proven track record of ONLY making terrible movies

    I'll watch it, cos I watch pretty much all new releases (10.99 a month for unlimited cinema card), again, like EG, not on the release date as I'll be all 360ed up, but the Farce is strong in this one...
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  • New Sony DVR supports PSP

  • PES_Fanboy 19/10/2005

    Oh yeah, the PSX. Whatever happened to that, it was going to revolutionise my living room. Reply 0
  • Modder apologises for DS virus

  • PES_Fanboy 18/10/2005

    "Trust is a relative thing, but I would not put harmful programs on my site. I could have stayed anonymously with the bricker, you know."

    Erm, dude, you're still anonymous as you 'owned up' with your internet '1337 haxx0r' nickname, not your real name!
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  • Thompson refuses to make $10k donation to charity

  • PES_Fanboy 18/10/2005

    And guys, how about dropping the 'retard' comments. Not exactly a very nice term is it - how would you feel if a family member was one?

    Yeah guys, knock it off, you never know whose family you're offending.

    -Jack Thompson jr
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  • X360 update for Windows

  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    Every time is see this, I am thinking about some fat bloke with a penguin t-shirt eating pizza and playing DnD.

    In the basement of momma's house ;o) Spot on though, made me chuckle. I wonder if we can set up a filter to get rid of 'M$' - it's grating on me far more than the Crazy Frog ever did.

    /cue lots of 'M$' posts, to push me over the edge
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  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    >external DVD changers

    WTF is that? Like a CD changer? Never seen one of these before....

    Indeed, I'm at a loss to find a replacement DVD changer in the UK from my Canadian model which has since bit the dust after 5 years.

    It's just a big movie jukebox. Mine had 250 of my favourite movies in when it bit the dust. Getting up out of your chair should only really be done in a dire emergency...
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  • MS to sue over X360 devkits?

  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    Ahaha, I'm on an ignore list of a troll. Praise from Caesar? Reply 0
  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    Actually no it isn't. Because the earth spins, the equator is pushed outwards and the poles are pulled inwards. This effect can be viewed by spinning a wheel really quickly - the rubber will expand in height but contract in width.

    As has been mentioned, self-p//n@93 there. Anyway, at only 20kms difference, on an earth with a circumference of 40,000, it can hardly be called ellipsoidal, unless you're a complete anal reten.....oh, yeah, sorry...
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  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    Unless of course you want to call anyone who says the world is round a foolish kid?

    No, I didn't think so.

    You're a foolish kid, cos it's spherical.


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  • Oblivion 360 confusion sorted

  • PES_Fanboy 17/10/2005

    Seems like those folks angling after a proper next-gen high-res console experience are going to have to factor in for a HDTV, as Unclelou suggests. Doesn't seem so cheap now, does it?

    Correct, as are those that are angling after a proper next-gen SKY experience in 2006. It's not like you can only use an HDTV for the consoles, I for one bought my HDTV waaaaay before any details on the XBOX 360 / PS3 high-res came out.

    Never used the HD option - but as I was out for a new telly, what on earth would the point be of buying one that doesn't do high-res?
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  • Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance

  • PES_Fanboy 14/10/2005

    God, three times shitter than Conker. Reply 0
  • Bully under fire once again

  • PES_Fanboy 14/10/2005

    I don't even know what it is, but this game sickens me ;o)

    /goes back to Battle Raper 2
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  • Thompson's idea for a game

  • PES_Fanboy 12/10/2005

    he urinates onto the severed brain stems of the Eibel family victims, just as you do on the decapitated cops in the real video game Postal 2.

    Erm, I never did this? I think Jack's the real sicko here, you don't *have* to 'urinate on the decapitated cops' to progress in the game, so lets pretend he's done this in the game, shall we? Because he's over a barrel on that one, as he'd either have to admit his gaming 'knowledge' was in fact hearsay, or admit that he'd pissed on a cop's brains in the game just for giggles.

    Ban this sick lawyer.
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  • FIFA Street 2 announced

  • PES_Fanboy 11/10/2005

    Definitely, and while we're at it, why wasn't anyone that is an expert at monkeys in a plastic ball reviewing Super Monkey Ball?

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