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  • Uncharted 4 director Justin Richmond leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games

  • Otis_Inf 27/03/2014

    Uncharted 4's game director, Justin Richmond, ...
    That wasn't stated anywhere, or did I miss something? It might very well be someone else is directing Uncharted 4 and Richmond and Hennig didn't like that direction and left. C'est la vie.
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  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • Otis_Inf 14/03/2014

    What's so ironic with the whole MS sping about this is that at this moment, the PS4 is at no 1 in the Amazon.com's best selling list for gaming: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/videogames/ref=sr_bs_1, while the xbox one bundle for titanfall is at 10. This while Titanfall has shipped and apparently can't stop people from buying 'that other console'.

    Competition is good, no question about that, but I can't help but grin about how Microsoft gets their ass handed to them on their home turf, after they've been so cocky about how they were going to 'kill' Sony with the XBox One.
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  • Titanfall tech interview

  • Otis_Inf 13/03/2014

    Another article about Titanfall... ? This overexposure is a bit obvious, guys... What is especially silly is that although there apparently has been some conversation about the 360 version, the EG journalist lets it slide... no tough questions for EA/Respawn, as if all agreed to not spoil the XBox One promo tour. Why wasn't there more questioning about why there's no 360 footage? Reply +13
  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • Otis_Inf 11/03/2014

    The slowest component in a PC is the HDD, even an SSD is utterly slow compared to memory (which is in turn very slow compared to the CPU). So to trade CPU time for HDD space makes no sense because more data (and that means a LOT more data) has to be read from the HDD, which takes more time than when one would have used e.g. ogg or MP3. A lot more time. It will take so much more time compared to reading an mp3/ogg file, that it's clearly not meant to make the game run faster, as it will often be the case that the game has to wait (in theory) for the audio file to be read. So one wants to cache it in memory. Which is a problem because the amount is massive.

    The one thing one wants to avoid is that the game has to load a lot of audio and a lot of texture data at the same time, as the HDD is slow compared to memory.

    But what they've done is effectively increase the load on the HDD, making IO take longer and overall performance likely will suffer from this. For no reason really, mixing mp3 / ogg files is easy, takes little CPU and overall is not noticeable in the grand scheme of things. I.o.w.: bullshit reason, OR they have no idea what they're doing.
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  • Microsoft bosses still "extremely committed" to Xbox

  • Otis_Inf 10/03/2014

    "Xbox is a really critical brand for us as a company as Microsoft; when you think about consumers, what they love about our company, Xbox is one of the most beloved brands that the company has," Spencer continued.
    Erm... I've been writing software for the microsoft platform now for over 20 years and have been to the MS campus to talk to their teams several times, and my overall impression is that the above remark from mr. Spencer about XBox being a critical brand is just hot air and not true at all. There's nothing critical about the XBox brand for MS, on the contrary. Their battle is with Google and Apple on the consumer front and with Amazon (for their cloud services) / Linux and software running on these platforms on the server front. Xbox is 'yet another product' like they have so many. To put it in perspective: Windows phone and their tablet offering is far more critical for MS than XBox will ever be.

    I'm sure mr. Spencer wants to believe his job and what he's doing is critical for the well being of the company he works for, but let's not kid ourselves: MS makes its money elsewhere and since its inception, XBox hasn't delivered what the board had in mind: become the center of the living room in case the 'pc' doesn't succeed in that. It's a nice gaming platform which has a reasonable large following, but if Xbox fails entirely won't put a single dent in MS' financial charts.
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  • Xbox One: six things the March update doesn't fix

  • Otis_Inf 08/03/2014

    @Rev0Knuckle thanks for the info. :) I didn't know they were mostly an external source. To me it seems they're part of eurogamer, so IMHO as a visitor of this site, it looks like eurogamer does extra for xbox, which is a bit odd, but as said, it's a left over of another show. Perhaps they can transform it into a general show about multiple console platforms (e.g. including nintendo stuff as well) Reply +8
  • Otis_Inf 08/03/2014

    The thing I wonder is, why isn't there an 'outside playstation' article series here on Eurogamer? I mean, there are a few people in Europe who, you know, own a playstation, not an xbox... Reply +82
  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at 19.99

  • Otis_Inf 06/03/2014

    As the new maps are added to the rotation on the servers and as EA controls the servers, it's likely that one needs these mappacks to be able to play in a few months time or switch to a server which doesn't have the map currently running. I.o.w.: it will likely force people to buy the mappacks which means the game actually costs 85$, not 60$. Sad. Reply +2
  • Banished review

  • Otis_Inf 28/02/2014

    Hey Paul, perhaps it was worth mentioning that *everything* in the game is made by just ONE (1) guy in over 3 years of hard work. It also doesn't cost as much as a full fledged PC title (but just $20).

    That you wanted 'more' is OK, though that you expect a game that's created by one guy and costs half of a normal PC title to give you that 'more' is IMHO unfair, to say the least.

    That you wrote a review to dismiss this guy's hard work in likely the same time he mixed off one of the nice soundtracks he created for his game with just '6/10' also suggests you have no clue whatsoever what on earth you were reviewing. This isn't a game with millions of dollars in budget, a large team and a big marketing department, it's one (1) guy.

    Please take that into account next time you review a game, ok? great.

    (edit). I press this point because if it's not taken into account it is otherwise not doable for indies to make a name for themselves. They can't compete with production values (although this game has high production values IMHO) with large teams and large budgets. That a reviewer demands more from an indie team, left alone a single guy, is sad.
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  • Rambo: The Video Game review

  • Otis_Inf 21/02/2014

    Visually, it looks like the sort of game that would have been very impressive in 1995, with bloated sausage-like character models, weird faces and awkward animation
    Dunno, when I look at the screenshot in the review with the bow and the bridge exploding, it looks pretty OK to me, definitely not 1995 material, a year where most games still used integer-based software texturing engines.
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  • inFamous: Second Son will require a 24GB install

  • Otis_Inf 20/02/2014

    On XBox One, each game also requires a full install, however in all the large pile of Titanfall infomercials I haven't seen a single one how big the install of Titanfall is. As if it's not important on that side of the fence. But ironically, it actually is, as with a PS4 you can add a bigger HDD without much hassle, but in the XBox One... no such thing. Reply 0
  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • Otis_Inf 19/02/2014

    And again an ad / pr piece about Titanfall brought like it is news. As if nothing else happens in game land. Reply -4
  • Has Microsoft fixed the Xbox One scaler?

  • Otis_Inf 17/02/2014

    The hardware scaler used is still the same, as it's part of the GPU hardware pipeline so that can't be changed by an update. What can be changed is the configurations used by the low-level system drivers, and that has changed in this update: devs using predefined scaler settings now get a better image as the configuration of the scaler in the GPU is now differently. AMD scalers come with a set of functions / modes one can use and it looks like Microsoft picked a different one as default in this update. Reply +4
  • Tomb Raider finally achieved profitability "by the end of last year"

  • Otis_Inf 18/01/2014

    Almost done with the Tomb Raider game on PC and I can't help but make the comparison with Uncharted on PS3: uncharted has a bit more shooting and easier climbing/puzzles perhaps, but for the rest, it really looks like crystal dynamix tried to create a game which contains all the things the uncharted games improved over the original tomb raider games. I think they succeeded, the game rocks.

    Small anecdote: Jurjen Katsman ('Nix' from the demoscene group The Black Lotus) who owns Nixxes wrote the original software 3D renderer of the original tomb raider back in the days.

    Btw, Nixxes does way more than just ports, they are one of those studios who work on AAA games together with the main studios who are credited to creating the actual game, but often outsource important work to side studios like Nixxes.
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  • In praise of early adopters

  • Otis_Inf 07/12/2013

    Interesting that this article sports xbox images but is meant to be about early adopters, which are also the ones buying the PS4. Or are these not 'early adopters' enough for mr. Donlan? Reply 0
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts dev Infinity Ward responds

  • Otis_Inf 04/11/2013

    Well, there's always hope of course, but I fear for the XBox One, 1080p with deferred lighting/shading (the preferred choice of doing rendering these days) will be hard. The thing is that if you want 1080p with deferred lighting/shading, your framebuffer + depth/other buffer data will be larger than 32MB and thus doesn't fit in the ESRAM block and has to be either split up or moved as a whole to the 8GB DDR3 ram. This is a problem that can only be solved using non-deferred rendering (so e.g. use limited lights, but this is likely going to show as the results achievable with deferred rendering are often better looking), or accept it's slower (so 30fps, as the DDR3 ram is slow)

    Another thing about this article: it sounds like IW's devs never heard of a memory allocation unit and allocating memory using non-hardcoded constants. Console development often uses fixed memory allocations, which means memory blocks are defined on fixed addresses and sizes, however the places where they're located shouldn't be defined using hardcoded values directly in the code and preferably allocated using a subsystem which allows you to move blocks around if requirements change (and they change all the time, as 'memory budgets' for various parts like sound, textures, model vertex data and animation data change often during development), so code targeting these blocks of memory can work with the fact they're allocated on fixed boundaries but where these boundaries are is defined by the subsystem. What Rubin describes suggests they had to change lots of code because some buffer was suddenly required to be 1MB bigger. It could be the result of countless long hours to meet the deadline, but with some less chaos they would have had it a lot easier.
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • Otis_Inf 13/06/2013

    Microsoft's tactic of running games off a Virtual Machine within Xbox One suggests it could deploy a new, more powerful Xbox One whenever it feels like without making any changes that would break compatibility with existing games. Like iPhones and iPads, it could simply phase out the weaker Xbox One systems, while new games could carry an iTunes-style specification that they only work with the latest version of the platform.
    Sorry, but that's not going to work. The VM in the Xbox One isn't one like the old VMWare Workstation versions which emulated the underlying hardware. The VM is a hypervisor. This means it switches the hardware between OS-es on top of it. This is a feature introduced in x86 processors some time ago, and it allows multiple OS-es to run on the same CPU/Ram/GPU without a lot of performance loss as there's no emulation, just switching. The switching is still going to cost some performance (state changes, cache invalidations etc.) but not as much as an emulated HW layer.

    What you describe can only be done with an emulated HW layer: only then you can pick a VM and run it on any hardware the vm emulator engine runs on (as the hardware is abstracted away). With XBox One this isn't the case: all games, all software is compiled to x86-64bit, so the VM won't run on a CPU which doesn't understand x86 instructions, as the hw isn't emulated, it's switched.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • Otis_Inf 07/06/2013

    For all the people who need to defend Microsoft on this, ask yourself this simple question:

    "Microsoft wants me to buy their product, but when I do that, I have to agree to a list of limitations which limit my usage of the product. Why would I agree with that?"

    Mind you: you are giving them money, they try to sell something to you. If you are willing to buy a product which comes with a lot of limitations, fine, but frankly, it's rather odd that a company tries to sell a product which limits the usage of it in a lot of artificial ways, solely for the benefits of the company, not the user.

    Why would you accept the limitations? Why not say "Fuck you with your limitations"? Why the list of excuses that this is acceptable and OK?
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  • Intel Core i7 4770K review

  • Otis_Inf 02/06/2013

    Wouldn't it be nice if Intel shipped a physics library with the proc which utilizes the on-die GPU if there's another GPU in the PC (PCIe slot)? The GPU is there, but is now not utilized if you use a 3rd party gfx card, which is a bit sad, considering it can be a great helper in games. Reply +3
  • In Theory: Can the Xbox One cloud transform next-gen gaming?

  • Otis_Inf 28/05/2013

    You missed one important aspect: massive requests for power of said cloud by gamers. Say, MS sells 50 million of these Xbox One devices: to offload calculations to the cloud is only efficient, if the calculations locally take more time. The machine itself is pretty capable of doing calculations locally, so the calculations by servers online must be much more complex (otherwise, why bother). These 50 million people will demand calculations to be done by the cloud. Say 10% of these 50 million people will play a game which uses the mentioned 'cloud' to do calculations which are too complex to do locally. That's 5 million people. Azure is big, but those 5 million people will need a lot of power available to them (otherwise, why bother, locally is a LOT of power available). This means you can't just have 5 million physical servers laying around to do the jobs, as these 'blades' likely will be less powerful than the GPU+CPU of the xbox locally.

    I.o.w.: it's bullshit. Offloading calculations to the cloud is nonsense. The examples Microsoft gives are nonsense too: they don't give examples why the console can't compute these jobs locally, e.g. during a video playback which takes less CPU/GPU time, or e.g. when assets are streamed from disk.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • Otis_Inf 24/05/2013

    @dancingrob Why does the cut for publishers/MS sound realistic? If you sell your car to some bloke down the street, do you find it realistic the maker of said car takes a cut of the money said bloke paid for your car? Reply +3
  • Microsoft registers Kinect One and Kinect Fitness domains

  • Otis_Inf 23/05/2013

    You can also go outside for a walk, costs nothing, and you might even get a tan or see something. Yeah, I don't get these fitness-games, perhaps I should have a deep conversation with the kinect sensor, I hear it's a great listener. Reply +2
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox One

  • Otis_Inf 22/05/2013

    You mentioned it briefly, but glanced over it, which is IMHO a bit of a missed chance: XBox one has a hypervisor based OS, i.o.w: it's a VM running the game. PS4 has no such thing, its OS is a thin wrapper around the hardware, letting the game developer get as close to the metal as possible. The hypervisor in the XBox one can't do that, at least not to the extend of the PS4: every state switch between the OS-es causes a major pain point if you want to get as close to the metal as you theoretically can, especially in the memory department: a chunk of that 8GB memory is for 'the other OS' that's running in parallel of the game OS and which runs the apps, kinect and makes sure that if you say something to the kinect, it can pick it up: it's not dormant when the game is playing.

    So the memory this OS is granted can't be mixed and matched with the game OS, as there's no virtual memory. Rumors suggest it's around 3GB that's consumed by the non-Game OS. That's a serious disadvantage over the PS4, next to the fact a game running on the XBox 1 can and will run into state changes of the hardware so the 'other OS' can run too.
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  • Face-Off: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

  • Otis_Inf 01/05/2013

    Still odd that EG gave it a 9/10 while there are apparently massive performance issues on the 360 (the version tested in the review). Reply 0
  • Next Xbox games run from hard drive, discs not supported post-install - report

  • Otis_Inf 20/03/2013

    You can't sell the games you bought on Steam as well

    It's well known that Microsoft wants to get rid of physical media for game consoles in the (near) future. This is the first step: in the end they want everyone to buy the games in an online store, similar to Steam.

    I don't like always-connected, but not for the 2nd hand games, but for privacy. With always-connected devices, the platform holder can monitor at will what you're doing with the console. I'm not sure I'd like that.

    What I find a little surprising in this thread and elsewhere is the anger against this with respect to 2nd hand games, while Steam for example never gets the same treatment. Which is odd, considering that in Steam, you can't sell your games to some other person as a 2nd hand game. You can only do that with codes to games you haven't activated yourself.

    The MS system looks very similar to this and I doubt they'll change it before release.
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  • SimCity: Maxis says core problem "behind us", crashes down 92%

  • Otis_Inf 11/03/2013

    What's still mind-boggling dumb is that if you create a city on Europe West 1 and you get disconnected for some reason (or disconnect yourself) and later on have to connect to Europe East 2, you can't continue with your city you created on Europe West 1. Especially if you made it 'private' so no-one will come in and claim a lot on your region anyway. Why isn't there shared storage so you can open a city you made (YOUR cities!) on whatever server you are able to connect to?

    Even better: why is there a notion of 'a server' anyway? What are the 'limits' of a server so it classifies as 'full'? Mind you, it's 'in the cloud', there are no limits: if reddit.com runs on 150 servers or just 3, the user won't know nor care. Yet, when running a single player game with a bunch of cities for yourself you have to carefully decide which server you're going to plant them on, as they're stuck there and some 'server limit' will be hit and it will be 'full'.

    This all reminds me of the 'all bowling lanes are occupied' stupidity in Playstation Home: it's virtual, there's no limit.
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  • Cliff Bleszinski says "horror doesn't fly" in the full-priced retail market

  • Otis_Inf 13/02/2013

    yeah, Cliff, you really know your classics. Resident Evil 4, one of the best games of all time... not worth it, you say? Traded in after 2 days you say? Nah. Reply +3
  • Sony aiming at ~$400 for PlayStation 4 - report

  • Otis_Inf 07/02/2013

    Try to buy a gaming pc with the same power for that price. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 3 review

  • Otis_Inf 05/02/2013

    A call from Ellie Langford, one of the survivors of Dead Space 2,
    This made me realize... I don't even recall the story of Dead Space 2 nor who this Ellie person is, only that I got bored at the end and the endgame was (IMHO!) annoying, not challenging.

    If DS2 is so forgettable, why invest money in a sequel which results in an even more forgettable game, instead of investing the money in a new IP... yeah yeah, I know, EA wants to play it safe... but still: fans will likely hate DS3 so will hate EA more, and will less likely buy new games from EA... not really a clever move from EA, alienating their customers.
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  • Next-gen Xbox specs leak

  • Otis_Inf 22/01/2013

    If the eSRAM is sharing a bus with the rest of the system, it's to be seen how fast it really can be or better: how much other components will suffer because the bus isn't available. To me, it would be much wiser to connect the eSRAM directly with the GPU and have it share a dedicated bus with the GPU. The arrow between eSRAM and the GPU suggests that they share a dedicated bus. Reply +2
  • The making of Forza Horizon

  • Otis_Inf 28/10/2012

    Several articles about the same game in the last couple of days. I can't help but wonder whether these articles are more advertisements than actual articles. Reply -15
  • Microsoft applies for scalable console patent

  • Otis_Inf 11/07/2012

    But what's the core idea patented exactly? If it's the concept of 'scalable hardware in a box' or thereabout, as the article seems to suggest, every PC more or less can be seen as prior art. Reply -2
  • Sony acquires Gaikai for $380m

  • Otis_Inf 02/07/2012

    @DisneyJon I think sony didn't buy it for what gaikai delivers today. I think they bought it because it gives them a head start in cloud gaming because gaikai obviously has done a lot of research already, has filed patents for the tech they made and has already overcome a lot of problems Sony otherwise has to overcome themselves when eventually they will introduce a cloud gaming platform.

    So see it as an investment for what they've planned in 2-3 years time, when broadband is cheaper, when more research has been completed and more problems have been overcome: in 2-3 years time, Sony is then a major player in cloud based gaming, which is used by tablets, phones and cheap pc's. If they have to start from scratch (so re-do all the research gaikai already did, without the possibility to patent it, as these are already gone) they won't make that timeframe at all.

    Besides, they can use gaikai's knowledge to get PS2 and PS3 hardware lined up in gaikai's datacenters to deliver console games to tablets and phones and cheap pc's within that timeframe: and I mean: every phone, not just the latest smartphone with the latest tegra chip. Which means:

    play your PS3 game at home on PS3, and continue on your phone while you're in the bus to school: the cloud gaming service picks up your cloud save and continues from there. The fun part? you can do that with any phone. :) (Well, not the stone age Windows mobile 6 phones, but let's say a normal android phone or iphone)
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  • Warren Spector: "The ultraviolence has to stop"

  • Otis_Inf 15/06/2012

    The recent controversy around the rape comments regarding tomb raider underlines Spector's comments even more: not many were up to arms when one has to behead a legion of people in a couple of games, yet, when rape is addressed in a videogame, a lot of people speak up.

    Same with Dragon Age... you kill a lot of people in bloody ways, yet when you're in bed with Morrigan, she's wearing here ugly bikini and the camera pans out. Because... oh dear, we can't show sex, left a long a boob! That would shock a lot of people. Stabbing and cutting people open... no problem!...

    Warren Spector: well said.
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Preview: You Don't Know Jack

  • Otis_Inf 11/06/2012

    There's been no mention of Rose so far. Let's hope it stays that way.
    I dunno, adding emotional expressions to game characters can make them look less card-board-ey, and give them more depth. Sure, if you're just playing the game for the limb-detachment action and seas of blood, it's a distraction, but then again, *any* character development in that case will be.
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • Otis_Inf 05/06/2012

    No zelda, like they showed last year? Interesting... or they keep it under wraps for TGS, but why do that? Nintendo needs all the big titles they can get at launch... Reply 0
  • Otis_Inf 05/06/2012

    A lot of babbling about a very silly mini game. Priorities, Nintendo! And, no having 2 people talking at the same time on stage isn't helpful. Reply 0
  • Otis_Inf 05/06/2012

    Please stop bringing these suits on stage, they don't sell their games properly, it's only annoying. Reply 0
  • Otis_Inf 05/06/2012

    Nice shoes, dude... o_O Reply 0
  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • Otis_Inf 04/06/2012

    Gawd, this nike guy should get his own comedy channel...."If you have a body, you're an atlete". Reply 0
  • Judge recommends US Xbox 360 ban

  • Otis_Inf 23/05/2012

    @AcidSnake Motorola is also a US company (and bought by google recently) Reply +2
  • Fan cuts Uncharted games into separate movies

  • Otis_Inf 23/04/2012

    Too bad he didn't have 720p recording equipment (hence he recorded it in 480p, according to replies on reddit). Still a tremendous effort and great result! :) Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Gaikai vs. OnLive

  • Otis_Inf 25/03/2012

    Reading this article and considering the big names within Microsoft who have been transferred to the XBox team (Dave Cutler (designer of windows kernel), Don Box etc.) and considering they all didn't have anything to do with gaming before that suggests it might be that the next XBox will also be a cloud-based gaming device, at least partly. (so you can play games offline but also in the cloud). I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Why else would Microsoft move these people to the XBox team if the next console would be solely about playing disc based games on an offline console? Reply 0
  • Skyrim: The Creation Kit Experience

  • Otis_Inf 13/03/2012

    No, no link. Ask Google if you must.
    Why no link to the Nexus website, EG? It contains many mods, only a few are there for taking off clothes or other things. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/

    They use a tool, the nexus mod manager (NMM) which is invaluable for installing mods: it backs up files mods overwrite and checks dependencies etc. No need to back up files. Steam workshop might eventually get this kind of functionality but till then, the nexus site is way ahead of it.
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  • Mass Effect 3: PS3 frame-rate issues persist in final game

  • Otis_Inf 08/03/2012

    looking at the video, it surprises me that the 360 version dips to 20fps as well during this cut scene. IMHO it clearly shows the gfx renderer code isn't that great, as cut-scenes played in-game are the easiest: there's no game logic going on, just play pre-fabricated data blocks: the more you can pre-calculate (and load from disk instead of calculate in real time) the faster it runs. Reply +3
  • PS4 ditching Cell-like CPU for AMD PC-like innards - report

  • Otis_Inf 01/03/2012

    I don't think it will have a x86 based architecture for the following reasons:

    1) backwards compatibility with PS3 for PS3 games.
    2) if 3rd party studios can make games for PS4 as easy as the internal studios, the games of the internal studios might not sell enough compared to the 3rd party studios' games. Mind you: the games sold by Sony game studios have to earn their money back as well. If they sell less of these games because 3rd party game devs can also easily create even better graphics etc. than internal studios can (internal studios share knowledge and assets, 3rd party studios don't), the exclusives won't stand out and sony effectively will lose money.

    Instead I think what they'll change compared to the PS3 is the way the memory works. Now there's a 3ghz bus between 256MB ram and the CELL and a slower bus between 256MB ram and the GPU. This has the advantage that the CELL can operate with 3ghz clocked memory which is extremely fast (much faster than in a PC). the downside is that the memory is much lower compared to a 360 and the GPU is weak. If the GPU would have been on-par with the 360's and the PS3 would have had 512MB video memory, no-one would have had a problem, all 360's assets in memory would be loadable.

    Another problem for the PS3 is this: many 360 games have their graphics programmed in shaders which had to be partly offloaded to the SPUs on the PS3 in some cases to keep up with the 360's GPU. This takes more code, extra time, work, and most studios simply limited the shaders on the PS3 so things wouldn't need to be off-loaded to the SPUs.

    In the Vita they also didn't go for the 360 model with 1 unified memory block, but chose the same route: a split memory setup. This is actually similar to the PC (memory on video card + memory for CPU on main board). I think they'll keep the split memory, as it has many advantages over the unified model, they'll just make sure there's plenty of it (e.g. 2GB main memory, 1GB video memory) and extra hardware is in place to make sure data transfers directly from one memory to another is fast enough.
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  • Retrospective: Stardust

  • Otis_Inf 19/02/2012

    Harri Tikkanen. Handle: Scy. Member of Bloodsuckers and byterapers. Bloodsuckers intros/demos:

    Took me a while to find it though, apparently he did mostly music/gfx, not code: http://amp.dascene.net/detail.php?detail=modules&view=6504

    Otis, old /\mig/\ demoscener (1989-2000)
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  • PlayStation 4 also set for E3 2012 reveal?

  • Otis_Inf 06/01/2012

    If this report does turn out to be true, Sony may have little more to show of PS4 at E3 than target renders and a basic strategy - an announcement rather than a reveal, if you like. Cast your mind back to E3 2005 and the infamous target render footage of Killzone 2 on PS3 for an idea of what to expect.
    Why? Do you really think Sony started late last year with a first thought "what PS4 would look like"? Of course not. They likely started right after the PS3 was shipped. After all, once the final hardware for the PS3 was decided and the first production units were built, they can't change anything anymore anyway.

    the only question Sony and Microsoft have to answer is: will the public love a controller with a touch screen? If it does, they better have one too. If not, they better avoid investing money in that. The problem is of course: they'll only know that after the Wii U ships, which is too late for PS3/XBox 720.

    Personally I think the PS4 is a continuation of the PS3, with a stronger CELL processor and much better GPU, but for the rest a bit of the same, so developers feel at home. Perhaps they'll drop the split memory architecture if they can get the main bus of the system to run in-sync with the core CPU and GPU, but it's unlikely: GPU's are high-bandwidth and therefore require a lot of bus-time to main-memory, which means the CPU isn't allowed to do anything over the bus (e.g. load data from memory into registers/cache). The PS3 can have parallel memory access: GPU to its own memory and CPU to its own memory too. Perhaps they'll use a system where you can decide to split or share, where 'share' is equal to what the 360 uses today, however it will likely then run at a lower clock speed effectively for the CPU (as bus cycles are taken by the GPU) and therefore at a lower performance. Though it can be easier for multi-platform games if the 720 has shared memory.

    Also I'd be surprised if MS will release an all new console any time soon. The main problem they have now is: they want to move to cloud-based computing and an onlive/gaikai service is ideal for them, so releasing a full console will move away from that idea. I think they'll more move towards 'entertainment', and a full new hard-core console doesn't fit that picture as they can serve the public with the current system just as easily. Time will tell, I guess.
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  • New Xbox 360 dashboard "an advertiser's dream"

  • Otis_Inf 09/12/2011

    Ads are apparently served from http://rad.msn.com If you block that in your router, the ads should be gone. See: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/n5831/how_to_block_xbox_dashboard_ads/ Reply +10
  • PS3 Skyrim fix in the works, but not for update 1.3

  • Otis_Inf 07/12/2011

    As detailed on the Bethesda Blog, the developer is aware some PS3 gamers are still experiencing problems with the game following the recent 1.2 update. It's currently attempting to isolate the cause of the problem.
    Their blog suggests it's largely fixed and only a small group of PS3 games still experiences the issue. This is hard to believe, especially since the DF article showed clearly that the problem still exists, or was the DF editor that lucky to be part of that '1%' (;)) of the PS3 gamers who, according to Bethesda, still suffers from this issue? I doubt it.

    The other excuses they come up (background saving... nope, if that's the case, it should happen also after 1 minute of play. AI SPU overload... sorry? Do you have any idea how much data a single SPU in dma mode can handle in a second? The game stalls sometimes for 1-2 seconds.... that's a lot of data)... all sound like the excuses the blog writer came up with while writing the article....

    Anyway, as the unofficial bug list is so incredibly massive , I think they're busy till 2015 before they've nailed all the issues.
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