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  • Destiny 2's launch week uproar shows why developers need to talk about money

  • OtisBDriftwood 16/09/2017

    @0Neji Well to counter it we do it for games we wouldn't necessarily buy anyway, And no game these days are worth 55 digitally with no resale value at all, So it's a fair trade off getting money from us instead of buying games second hand. Reply -5
  • OtisBDriftwood 16/09/2017

    Said it before but always get negged for it, Just do what i do on ps4, Account share with your friend, Then boom, Half price games and only need 1 sub. That's my way of getting these greedy publishers back. Reply -15
  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • OtisBDriftwood 11/09/2017

    I always go digital, Purely because of the glorious primary account trick me and my friend use to get all the games half price. Reply -7
  • Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC details leaked by Xbox Store

  • OtisBDriftwood 08/09/2017

    To combat Activisions overpriced DLC im glad i use the primary account trick on PS4, So i buy all games half price and dlc. I feel it's a fair trade off considering the quality these days. Reply -3
  • Destiny 2 is a lot less annoying, but a lot more of the same

  • OtisBDriftwood 08/09/2017

    After playing Farpoint in VR, Recently playing and completing Arizona sunshine in VR with a friend, Both with the aim, We really feel it's such a backstep now playing these shooters traditionally. Destiny 2 is great graphically and feels good to play, But feels no different than Halo 3 way back when.

    Nothing feels new in these games anymore, They are just more of the same.
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  • No Man's Sky update 1.3 adds 30 hours of story, multiplayer-lite and much more

  • OtisBDriftwood 11/08/2017

    I'll still wait, In the hope it gets VR treatment. Reply +2
  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • OtisBDriftwood 28/07/2017

    To combat this is pretty simple, Just use the primary account trick with a relative/friend. Then you only need 1 subscription for you both, So pay half each. Just like with the games. Reply +1
  • Four months on, BioWare still patching Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations

  • OtisBDriftwood 10/07/2017

    Honestly ME3 was the beginning of the end for me with this series, Way too many issues with that game regardless of metacritic score.

    But like everyone else, Love for the series meant i bought MEA hoping things have improved etc, Turns out it was actually worse the ME3.

    Shocking how this series panned out, ME1/2 are right up there with fave games of all time.

    Ahh well, Got that Dragons Dogma remake coming this year for PS4.
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  • Watch: What you need to know about Beyond Good & Evil 2

  • OtisBDriftwood 02/07/2017

    Will be released on next gen by the time it's actually finished, If it get's finished at all. Reply +1
  • What's Phil Harrison up to these days?

  • OtisBDriftwood 29/06/2017

    @captain-T-dawg Comes a point in gaming as you get older, Where these great games of today( and rightly so great) reach a point of nothing new. Graphics themselves have reached a ceiling and look superb, But 4K,HDR still don't put you in there like VR does. After experiencing R7 in VR, It doesn't matter what resolution you run it at on a TV, It will never be as good and immersive as it is in VR.

    And what people forget is, PSVR hasn't even been out 1 whole year yet, And look at what games we are getting already.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 29/06/2017

    I'm all in with VR, PSVR has transformed gaming for me, Made it interesting and more importantly fun and immersive so i disagree and agree with phil.

    The setup itself can be annoying with the breakout box, Wires, Tracking etc, And tht will surely improve over time. R7 & Farpoint prove that when VR works, It's unmatchable when it comes to immersion.

    And thats just PSVR, I can only imagine how great the Vive and Occulus must be.

    And yet part of the reason why i don't venture this site much is EG disdain for VR, Maybe they just love playing yearly iteration games in 4K or something.
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  • Arizona Sunshine PSVR plays best with the Aim controller

  • OtisBDriftwood 27/06/2017

    I guess you missed the part where they said they have Pro support and made the graphics much better for the PS4pro. Reply +1
  • PES 2018 proves that slower can be better

  • OtisBDriftwood 27/06/2017

    Give me and my friends a Pro clubs mode that Fifa offers then we'll happily switch to PES, Also it's annoying that you can use the player camera perspective offline but it's not an option online, I only like that way to play as you feel on the pitch libero grande style.

    Kits are easy to do so thats not a problem.
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  • EA says no, your FIFA matches aren't rigged

  • OtisBDriftwood 20/06/2017

    Rubber banding is rife in Pro clubs, Many of us have used the glitch to get all traits so our forwards are 94-95 overall with 99 pace, strength etc,

    Yet a div 3 80 RATED CPU defender can still run side by side with you on a through ball, Block shots even though he wasnt near you, And ping the ball around like Maldini.

    The game is scripted beyond belief, We have all said it during matches and felt it, Especially the input lag with the pad, Or your player choosing to shoot with the wrong foot for no reason whatsoever.

    But yet until PES has a pro clubs mode, We'll still stick too it.
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  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim coming to PlayStation VR

  • OtisBDriftwood 13/06/2017

    I'll be getting this, We all now how different VR is inside the headset as opposed to seeing it on the TV or on a stream, I completed Skyrim way back in 2011, I cannot pass up the chance to play it all again, But in VR! Reply +1
  • Until Dawn dev announces VR prequel The Inpatient

  • OtisBDriftwood 13/06/2017

    All Vr owners need to come together, PSVR,Rift,Occulus etc. We know how fantastic it is in VR and how it changes everything, For some reason it seems to get shit on for no reason. Horror works great in VR, Resi 7 was my greatest gaming experience for many years, Simply because of VR.

    Looking forward to this big time.
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  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • OtisBDriftwood 13/06/2017

    A less than steller year?

    What crack you been smoking, Typical journalist mindset, Only looking for click baiting wars or FF7R type announcements.

    They had Nioh,P5,HZD and Farpoint already this year, Probably some i missed aswell.

    Farpoint itself is amazing in VR, You along with that crowd are the jaded gamers mate.

    Ubisofts conference was nothing but CGI trailers, Sony shows gameplay.

    Remember those brown shooters we were accustomed too, Yeah let's go back to those days.

    Get a grip people, VR works and is fantastic, And Sony has the games we all want to play.
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  • Early impressions of FIFA 18

  • OtisBDriftwood 11/06/2017

    Pro clubs only mode here, What have they done to that mode? And you say it's weightier but all they do is revert it back a couple of years, Meaning it's like Fifa 16..... And when Fifa 17 came out people said it was much faster, So Fifa 19 will be like 17 and feel faster.

    Rinse & Repeat.

    Graphics means nothing when most people play with the default side to side camera where you don't even see the stadiums apart from cut scenes.

    Same old shite but until PES gets their version of Pro clubs then i'll still get it.
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  • Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

  • OtisBDriftwood 23/05/2017

    Played this game after the disappointment of mass effect 3 and its ending, Within a week i forgot all about ME and was absorbed by DD.

    Dark Arisen was a great add on.

    Just hope the black borders get removed!
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  • EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

  • OtisBDriftwood 10/05/2017

    Console gamers are missing a trick, I used to be 100% physical due to cheaper prices and resale value.

    But this gen with the primary account trick i do with my brother, Then we are 100% digital due to getting all games we want half price and only needing 1 sub for us both.

    I'll only ever go back physical if the loophole we use doesnt work anymore.
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  • Batman: Arkham VR out soon for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

  • OtisBDriftwood 03/04/2017

    2nd best experience i had with my PSVR after Resi 7.

    Great that PC owners get the chance now also, Bigger market is always good.

    Really hope they expand upon it though as it was really enjoyable, Albeit short lived.
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  • Nioh's co-op has changed since the beta, much to fans' chagrin

  • OtisBDriftwood 11/02/2017

    @rubberducko It was such a bad decision to change it from the beta.

    Beta = Both doing the yokai realm with companion together blind

    Full game = 1 has to do the mission first

    Twilight mission = 1 does the level first, Then help his friend out on the same level, Then both have to do it if they wanna do the twilght through the tori gate

    So that 1 person has to do the same mission 3 times, Just to feel like it was in the beta.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 10/02/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Yeah if you have already done the mission, Then your friend can summon you in to help him out.

    You just both can't do the mission blindly like the Beta's allowed.

    But only 1 of you needs to have done the mission already, Then he can summon you from the shrine aslong as he has an ochuku cup to offer.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 10/02/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Basically the logic is, You cant blind run through the mission with a friend, But feel free to summon someone in who's already cheesed the area and much higher level.

    1 friend has to have had the mission done first, Even then you can't yokai realm with a companion as your friend would also needed to have done the mission.

    So you'll do the mission, Help your friend do his, then both do the same mission from the tori gate lol.. 3 times doing the same mission

    Whereas in the 3 beta's you both could do the mission once each and progress
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  • OtisBDriftwood 09/02/2017

    @Vlash https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/nioh-ps4/

    On Sony's own website the 2nd feature for the game is telling you to team up with friends.

    Now the devs come out and say it's not meant to be played that way, After allowing people to play that way leading up too the game.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 09/02/2017

    @riceNpea Yes people are fully aware what BETA means, No need to be so condescending in the tone. What's aggrieved people is the fact it was a feature in all of the versions, Even up until after the game went gold along with the trial demo 3 weeks ago.

    I am personally fine with it, I'll slog through regardless, But my friend who wanted to coop it blind has already gave up on it.

    It's not even about challenge, The EULA or any of that, It's the annoyance how it had to be known after the games release.

    They clearly could have said what changes were made within the last few weeks.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 09/02/2017

    @riceNpea Well i'm not sure i would label it entitlement, It was a feature for 3 versions prior too the full release, One of those versions was 3 weeks ago so people bought it fully expecting a major coop mode to be intact on release, Regardless of the EULA.This just seemed swiped out at the last minute, As they have only come out and said it made it easy, Of which it didn't.

    Like you say it probably wasn't intentional, But they should have been clearer about the changes too the final release.

    People have a right to call out these decisions though, Noone wants to live in a totalitarian society, Where we just conform and be told whats what. It probably won't lead to nothing, But it's not entitlement to want the version you played 3 times prior.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 09/02/2017

    @riceNpea The game had already gone gold by the time the trial was released, 3 versions had the feature, The final version didn't. It's not illegal, But it feels incredibly shady and alot of people have called them out on it.

    They could have handled it way better but chose not too, To get the initial sales and deal with it afterwards, Hence the rubbish excuse about being easy.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 09/02/2017

    3 pre-release demo's of the game had the feature, The last chance trial was 3 weeks ago with the feature. So alot of people bought the game based on that version, Since nothing was said between then and the final release about the change. It took until people bought the game to realise the change. It's shady at best. Not to mention you can still summon someone in who's cleared the area to wipe out the boss.

    At least doing it the tori gate way with you're friend you both was at the same level, Didn't have check points, And was sent back to the start if you both died.
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  • Resident Evil 7 at 4K: does resolution really matter?

  • OtisBDriftwood 03/02/2017

    @Vinsta Oh i see, Shame then as it's such a money saver! To be fair not alot of console gamers even know you can do it.

    Cheer for the feedback anyway chap.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 03/02/2017

    @Vinsta Wait, On console using the trick we can play the game at the same time also. using our own profiles aswell.

    Can you do that on steam too? Color me intruiged if it does as it's a feature on console that doesnt seem to be known about much or used.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 03/02/2017

    @FMV-GAMER " There's nothing special about PS4 Pro at all and a 550 PC will easily outperform it without all the silly hidden costs of online fees and more expensive games "

    You aren't exactly right regarding online fee's and more expensive games.

    On console, One could simply use the primary account share like i do with my brother, Meaning you get 2 for the price of 1 and only needing 1 sub. So we get all games we want for half price and only need one sub to ps+
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  • OtisBDriftwood 03/02/2017

    @higganos Yeah VR adds a whole new level of immersion, The fear is real, But it's one everyone should get to try.

    PC owners will be in for a treat when it drops for them in VR.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 03/02/2017

    Ewww playing this game not in VR.

    Have as many pixels as you want, But playing this in VR was the best gaming experience i have had for many a year.
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  • Resident Evil 7 proves that PSVR can be more than just a novelty

  • OtisBDriftwood 01/02/2017

    I'm glad this article exists, Because after completing Resi 7 last night in VR, I can safely say it was the best gaming experience i have had for many a year, Even going way back too the ps1 era.

    It really was something else, Playing games on a TV now feels old and dated.

    Heres hoping it has set the standard and makes them go all out with resi 8.

    Now gonna watch your lets play walkthrough!
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  • Crytek's Robinson: The Journey launches on Oculus Rift in January

  • OtisBDriftwood 22/12/2016

    Best looking game on PSVR with the PRO, Amazon was selling it for 25 earlier! Reply +4
  • 2016: The year that time remembered

  • OtisBDriftwood 22/12/2016

    VR has arrived, Yet you wouldn't believe it with the lack of coverage here,It's sold out everywhere and Resi 7 is amazing in VR. Bollocks to time. Reply +3
  • Let's play Knack simultaneously on PS4 and PS4 Pro

  • OtisBDriftwood 17/12/2016

    @kaminobatto Couldnt care about games that have already been released, The games upcoming will show the benefit of the PRO, Let alone the enhancements it has gave my PSVR makes it worthwhile anyway. 60fps is nice but it doesnt sell consoles, It's just something the internet makes a big deal out of. Reply -9
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn release date brought forward a couple of days

  • OtisBDriftwood 13/12/2016

    Witcher 3 will lose it's crown to this in the visual department. Reply +4
  • What works and what doesn't with PlayStation 4 Pro

  • OtisBDriftwood 12/12/2016

    The boost it has given my PSVR is reason alone to purchase the PRO.

    Yet it doesn't get mentioned in the article, The PRO was clearly designed with the PSVR in mind, not games we already had available waiting for a patch!

    Check out the difference between The Journey on PSVR with standard and the PRO. It's night & day.
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  • Resident Evil 7 demo finally getting PC release

  • OtisBDriftwood 05/12/2016

    Currently playing it in VR, Only way to play it in my opinion. Reply +4
  • The Last Guardian review

  • OtisBDriftwood 05/12/2016

    We got Resi in VR
    The Last Guardian
    Final Fantasy 15

    All great games aswell, Happy gaming.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer has links to campaign

  • OtisBDriftwood 28/11/2016

    This couldnt sound any more disappointing the more that comes out, DAI was crap and boring and it's sounding like it's going that route, And ME3 MP was fun but it took away the SP aspect which included the option to play it in action mode!

    We'll see but after DA2/ME3/DAI all being just average games then MEA is the last hope.

    Just waiting for them to announce day1 dlc Javik style again.
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  • Alienware Alpha R2 review

  • OtisBDriftwood 27/11/2016

    The value of the ps4 pro smokes this at 349, So i don't know why it wasn't compared rather than the standard ps4. Reply +35
  • PlayStation 4 Pro unboxed - and what's next for Digital Foundry

  • OtisBDriftwood 04/11/2016

    @Haar Fair do's then bud, I'll be doing the transfer through LAN when i get the pro myself.

    Just thought with authentication and licenses it would be best to format the old PS4 for when my friend buys it.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 04/11/2016

    @Irien "Also, for those of us with regular PS4s, what's the upgrade process for installed games, data and saves? I really hope there's a transfer mechanism that doesn't involve re-downloading nearly 2Tb (in my case) of stuff!"

    Thats pretty simple, Hook up both ps4's too the router then on your NEW ps4 go to settings and transfer all data from the old ps4, Then format that one if your selling it.
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  • OtisBDriftwood 04/11/2016

    Key point; Boost to PSVR & 1080p owners

    i know Tomb raider & Nioh are offering options which is fantastic
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  • Nioh's PS4 Pro perks outlined

  • OtisBDriftwood 03/11/2016

    Great news, Options are always good and hopefully many devs follow suit regarding the Pro.

    On a side note i hope this game sells well, Really fun beta and might capture the Souls audience.
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  • The big list of PS4 Pro-enhanced launch games

  • OtisBDriftwood 03/11/2016

    Hopefully most games will give the option, So clearly there is benefit to us 1080p users and VR users like myself.

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  • Watch: Hands on with Battlezone's co-operative campaign

  • OtisBDriftwood 30/09/2016

    Played PSVR at EGX this year, Truly was a great seamless experience, Just felt so good. I dont care for more powerful consoles that much anymore, I want new experiences and VR is just that. Reply 0