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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • Oli 14/11/2014

    @JRPC Credit where it's due, "Kyrati kid" is by Outside Xbox's Jane Douglas.

    It's all hands on deck around here when it comes to review straplines.
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  • Oli 14/11/2014

    Alternative strapline by Tom Bramwell is too good not to post here:

    Slaughter for Elephants.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity review

  • Oli 14/11/2014

    @MrFab_JP He encountered a few small bugs, but nothing out of the ordinary for an open-world game, and nothing like the reports we've seen this week. I guess he was just lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view).

    Here's his comment on the issue, which you can find in this story:

    "I did experience some bugs, but nothing on the scale that's being suggested in some of the reports I've seen.

    "I saw some NPCs crumpled in comical positions and encountered a couple of minor AI pathfinding bugs, but nothing that got in the way of finishing the game or that felt out of the ordinary for a big open-world release. I also experienced a couple of crashes while initiating co-op matches and general performance issues, so I mentioned those things.

    "But I didn't fall through the floor or get stuck in a hay bale and I didn't see any of the amazing faceless characters in cut-scenes. If I had, then I would have mentioned them."

    Game reviewers are not QA testers: we don't go looking for bugs, we play games as we find them, as a player would. Unfortunately it is a fact of life in game reviewing that our experience will sometimes be better (or worse) than the average player's experience, just by chance.
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  • Oli 11/11/2014

    Hi everybody! A few updates for you:

    In case you're wondering, Digital Foundry will have a report on game performance for you very soon, hopefully this evening UK time.

    We've only just received a review copy of Assassin's Creed Rogue, and it looks like quite a big game, so you'll have to be patient with us on that one. Sorry!

    Also, you may see on other reviews that a review event for Unity was held in Paris, and wonder why we haven't disclosed this. Well, it's because we didn't go - Tom reviewed the game at home under normal conditions.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection moves to limited playlist in bid to improve matchmaking

  • Oli 14/11/2014

    @chuck_bone That's not something we do - at least not on such a short timescale. We would only have to revise it back up again once the matchmaking is fixed - which I personally expect it will be, soon enough. Reply +2
  • Oli 14/11/2014

    @LightlySalted Unlike Advanced Warfare, we had final code of the game before release, at home not at an event, running online on release servers, with enough players out there that we could use matchmaking to get a game. The only thing missing was player numbers.

    We judged that this was close enough to real-world conditions to go with - but obviously we are rethinking this now.
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  • E3 organiser and trade group ESA speaks out against GamerGate

  • Oli 16/10/2014

    @Kendrene Thanks for your feedback - and for expressing it so politely! I'll take it into consideration. Reply +4
  • Oli 16/10/2014

    Hi everybody. Whilst I fully endorse Jeffrey's views on GamerGate, and can understand that he felt the need to express them, I felt the strongly emotive language he used in this article wasn't appropriate for a news story on Eurogamer. I've edited the article accordingly to tone down some of the language.

    Please don't interpret this as softening our editorial stance on GamerGate - it's just that we should seek to present the facts neutrally in our news reporting.
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  • Pix the Cat review

  • Oli 14/10/2014

    @B0b Sorry, we had a snafu with Borderlands, entirely our fault - that review will be up very soon.

    You will have to wait longer for The Evil Within I'm afraid. We weren't supplied with an early copy, so we've only just got the game.
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  • DriveClub review

  • Oli 07/10/2014

    @Arwin We reviewed the full version. Reply +4
  • Oli 07/10/2014

    @Shaneus Martin was on holiday during the review period and Tom doesn't play racing games so much any more. I would have done it myself as a fellow racing game (and PGR!) fan, but I had too much on. Martin, Mike and I talk constantly about racing games though, and almost always see eye to eye on them. We're like a racing game brain trust. Reply +20
  • Oli 07/10/2014

    @Snake_2011 I should point out, Outside Xbox has nothing to do with Microsoft - as the name implies it's a completely independent YouTube channel which is owned by Gamer Network, the company that publishes Eurogamer. Mike's employed by the same people I am.

    Aside from that, we don't choose reviewers on the basis of who will please the bosses at Sony, or any other publisher. We choose them on the basis of who will write the best review. Mike is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable racing game reviewers anywhere.
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  • Oli 07/10/2014

    @blarty I figured this would come up!

    Mike happens to work on an Xbox channel, yes, but he's a passionate gamer on all formats including PlayStation and PC, and his love of racing games transcends, well just about everything else in his life.

    As proof, here he is picking Gran Turismo 6 as his favourite game of 2013: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-12-27-games-of-2013-gran-turismo-6
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  • EGX 2014: Game of the Show

  • Oli 03/10/2014

    @paulf I told Tom to fix that. He's so fired.

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  • Eurogamer launches Steam Curator page

  • Oli 23/09/2014

    @cw- That (Official) one was an aborted first attempt. Please ignore until we figure out how to take it down. Doh! Reply +7
  • D4 debut episode review

  • Oli 22/09/2014

    @Faramis It's not different to Telltale's games - this is a new policy. We'll treat Telltale's games the same way going forward. I felt that the individual episode reviews of Telltale's last two series didn't work that well, hence this new approach.

    By the way, if any of you have any questions about our review policy, this page is linked at the bottom of every review and is kept up to date: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/the-eurogamer-scoring-policy
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  • Oli 22/09/2014

    @George-Roper This is a new policy, yes! See the editor's note at the top of the review.

    It's in line with the alpha/beta/early access review policy introduced last year, and the always online game review policy introduced earlier this year.
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  • The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge begins

  • Oli 16/09/2014

    @George-Roper The individual requirements of each game differ, and there's always a balance to strike - because many online games could be played almost infinitely without ever "finishing" them.

    But while we might not necessarily get as far as raiding in MMOs, our MMO reviews have been running two to four weeks after the game's launch for years now. For example, our last major MMO review, Elder Scrolls Online, ran three weeks after launch. We're actually going to be way ahead of that on Destiny.
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  • Oli 16/09/2014

    Hi everybody

    For those asking about the review, we're nearly ready to post it - you'll see it very soon.

    Why's it so late? I explain our position here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-09-08-editors-blog-about-the-destiny-review

    In short, the game wasn't available to review prior to launch, and even if it had been we wouldn't have finalised a review at that stage - because we believe always-online games should be reviewed under the same conditions real players experience them, and on servers populated by real players.

    In addition, Destiny's review has taken a while because it's quite a big and complex game and we feel that a review that didn't examine the experience past level 20 would not be up to the standards of thoroughness that you expect of us.

    Honestly, this isn't out of consideration to publishers or developers - it's out of consideration to you guys, who we feel deserve the best review of Destiny possible. We didn't want to be rushed into a snap judgement or an incomplete review by the situation.

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Oli 08/09/2014

    @TheEarlOfZinger Although technically this policy only applies to always-online games like Destiny and Titanfall, we are considering this approach for the next Battlefield, COD, etc, as the online component of those games is so very important. Reply +8
  • Oli 08/09/2014

    @Rexter2k Digital Foundry coverage takes a while, but there will be an update from DF quite soon and then a full face-off hopefully by the end of the week. Reply +1
  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Oli 30/08/2014

    @Frybird It wasn't a deliberate calculation, but I understand the point you and others have made about the wording of the title. It's something we'll discuss internally.

    We're not going to apologise for our stance, but covering this stuff responsibly is a tricky business, and we are listening to constructive feedback on the way we go about it.
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  • Oli 30/08/2014


    It seems worth clarifying our reasons for posting this article.

    Obviously it would be disingenuous to deny that it's in response to the "controversy" of the past two weeks. As Dan says in his intro, that's partly what spurred him to return to the game.

    In no sense do we feel that we "missed out" on this sad episode in gaming culture, which we took a conscious decision not to cover on the site. However, as with the Anita Sarkeesian video earlier this week, we do feel a responsibility to support creators affected by bigotry by shining the spotlight back on their actual work, if we think it's worthwhile. We happen to think Depression Quest is worthwhile and interesting to discuss. Hence this piece.

    It's click bait in the sense that everything we publish is click bait. We think it's worth reading and we hope lots of people do.
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  • Is FIFA 15's beauty only skin deep?

  • Oli 14/08/2014

    Hello everyone

    Our apologies: we originally claimed in this article that you would pay for players in the new FUT loan system with "real-life" money. That was a misunderstanding on our part. Loans will be bought using the in-game currency, FIFA coins. I've added a correction to the article.

    Sorry again!
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  • BioWare Austin unveils four-on-one online RPG Shadow Realms

  • Oli 13/08/2014

    @Fiddle-sticks I'm betting on free-to-play, personally. Reply +10
  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta key giveaway

  • Oli 22/07/2014

    @starsama Noted, thanks. Reply 0
  • Oli 22/07/2014

    @Kw3nji Blizzard told me that "in some regions" owning Mists of Pandaria is coming up as a requirement, but this is a technical issue and is being looked into. Reply +4
  • Oli 22/07/2014

    @ckyman2 We'd love to do this and have told Blizzard as much! Reply +2
  • Oli 22/07/2014

    @Benno I cannot confirm or deny this, but you've nothing to lose by sticking your email address in up there. ;) Reply +5
  • Oli 22/07/2014

    @TZH Yes, but I believe it should work with a Play For Free account, so you don't need to be paying a subscription. Reply +7
  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • Oli 16/07/2014

    @Sir_Walter_Rally In fact we did review Battlefield 4 largely in a closed set-up, although there was additional testing at home under normal conditions. According to our ethics policy these review conditions were disclosed in the review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-10-29-battlefield-4-review

    Whilst I stand by our judgement of the quality of the game design, I share your concern about the difference between the BF4 experience we had and the experience users had. This is why we split the Titanfall review into a "launch" review without score from an event, and an updated full review from live servers. At present this policy covers always-online games like Titanfall and Destiny, but we may yet extend it to predominantly online games like Battlefield too.

    Anyway, apologies for the tangent - carry on!
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  • Divinity: Original Sin review

  • Oli 10/07/2014

    Thanks to those who pointed out the second player character creation thing - I've added a correction to the article. Reply +2
  • Oli 10/07/2014

    @number3son In the last two weeks we've reviewed Astebreed, Stranded, Xenonauts, Shovel Knight and Distant Worlds as well as this. Certainly not all of those were bestsellers.

    The insanely prolific nature of the current PC market is such that we can only review a tiny minority of releases, and that regretfully we are bound to miss a few games that we should review. I'm always seeking to improve the balance and range of our PC review coverage though, and I wish we had the resources to do more!
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  • Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas single-player pricing detailed

  • Oli 09/07/2014

    @kaerber Noted, thanks! Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin Larian Studios' fastest-selling game ever

  • Oli 03/07/2014

    @dauglyhamstar We're working on it - we had no access to the finished game before it was updated for everyone on Monday and it's a big, big game. Expect the review early next week. Reply +15
  • MotoGP 14 review

  • Oli 20/06/2014

    I'd like to second Matt and offer my apologies over the used of canned publicity screenshots. It is definitely an area of our reviewing that I would like to improve.

    The fact is that PC and, now, PS4 are the only formats on which it's easy to take your own screens. Other formats require specialised capture equipment to do this. We do have this equipment in the office, obviously, but a great deal of our reviewing is done at home, often by freelance contributors who don't have access to this kind of equipment. So I'm afraid we'll have to cope with publisher-supplied screens on some formats for a while yet. (It's worth noting that some publishers, including Nintendo, are good at supplying us with genuine and representative screenshots to use.)

    My hope is that soon it will be easy to take screens on the majority of formats we review and this issue will become a thing of the past.
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  • EA Sports UFC review

  • Oli 17/06/2014

    @OllyJ Ooops - thanks! Reply 0
  • Video: Watch Watch Dogs, dogs

  • Oli 27/05/2014

    @paulwalker2 In fact, surprising as it may seem, cross-generation games are selling much better on PS4 and Xbox One than on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the moment. (In the UK, at least.) So I think that by focusing on the new-gen version we are actually serving the interests of our audience.

    Digital Foundry will be looking at the last-gen versions soon.
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  • Bound By Flame review

  • Oli 13/05/2014

    @frazzl Whoops! Reply +12
  • Solitaire retrospective

  • Oli 04/05/2014

    I've done four in a row, Tony. FOUR. Read it and weep. (I'm not telling you my win percentage though because it's pathetic.) Reply +13
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse review

  • Oli 28/04/2014

    @Ninja_Tino Thanks, I wasn't aware - will clarify. I'll also add details of the Vita version. Reply +7
  • The Elder Scrolls Online review

  • Oli 25/04/2014

    @distantlurker Good spot, thanks! Reply +9
  • Elder Scrolls Online dev battles black market

  • Oli 23/04/2014

    @Cold_Waste Review very soon! Reply +12
  • The Wolf Among Us, Episode 3: A Crooked Mile review

  • Oli 09/04/2014

    @Pandy For the moment we're adopting a TV review style for these episodic series, where each episode gets its own rating so you can check the trajectory of the series as a whole. I think it's still of interest even though as you say, it's not really useful as a buyer's guide. I quite like your suggestion as an alternative way of handling things though and will take it under consideration for the future. Reply +2
  • Betrayer review

  • Oli 25/03/2014

    @MrWonderstuff It's out now. Reply 0
  • Seasons and ladders coming to Diablo 3

  • Oli 25/03/2014

    @Rogueywon Ideally within the week - we've had no early access to it, beyond the beta, which I don't want to base the review on. And there's a lot to get through! Reply +17
  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • Oli 17/03/2014

    @DrStrangelove Very, very soon! Reply 0
  • Yoshi's New Island review

  • Oli 13/03/2014

    @Boomerang My bad, a clumsy edit! Will fix. Reply +2
  • TowerFall Ascension review

  • Oli 12/03/2014

    @Adda That'll learn me for jumping to conclusions. Will fix the price and availability boxout, thanks. Reply 0
  • Need for Speed film review

  • Oli 12/03/2014

    For the record, we only do film reviews (and book reviews, etc) when it's specifically game-related. We've reviewed quite a few gaming documentaries, and we reviewed Wreck-it Ralph last year. But we're not going cross-media any time soon. Reply +16