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  • 10 things you must do at EGX 2016

  • Oli 21/09/2016

    @Viperl0 Amazingly, they might not. This is the first time I can recall CA not having a session at EGX. Though they are sitting in on the strategy panel I believe, so you never know. Reply +5
  • Forza Horizon 3, the greatest racer in an age, studies the greats

  • Oli 20/09/2016

    @weblaus ooh, thanks. I'll pass this on to the DF crew. Reply 0
  • Oli 20/09/2016

    @jps0227 This hasn't been patched in yet, but rest assured, DF will be checking it out. Reply +5
  • Forza Horizon 3: still the only racing game for everyone

  • Oli 12/09/2016

    @arcam Fair point! Reply +1
  • Oli 12/09/2016

    @humptydum Sadly Playground has just corrected me on this - you can create your own events from preset routes, but you can't design your own routes from scratch. Reply +1
  • Oli 12/09/2016

    @dadrester I think by that I meant "older brother". Reply +9
  • Oli 12/09/2016

    @Eraysor The people are less insufferable, but they're still present. Reply +11
  • PlayStation 4 Pro makes UK debut at EGX 2016 this month

  • Oli 12/09/2016

    @sizu_sizu We will do this story today. We've started occasional weekend cover for news at the moment, but it's not every weekend, hence the inconsistency. This is purely a staffing issue which I hope to have fixed soon. Reply 0
  • Oli 09/09/2016

    @spamdangled Well, if Sony is a partner then every exhibitor at EGX is a partner, from the big publishers down to the indies exhibiting in the Rezzed area. That seems clear to me. And EGX, as Rupert said, is separately run from Eurogamer, so the EGX/Eurogamer relationship is the pertinent one in this case.

    The important point is that all EGX coverage is at our discretion, and that the EGX team is as separate from our editorial team as the commercial team that sells our advertising is. Of course, we like EGX and support it, because it's made by our colleagues and friends, so we do choose to feature it quite often, but it's always a choice.

    For reference, our editorial policy states that "The content that appears on the Eurogamer.net site and YouTube channel is entirely at the editors' discretion and is never influenced by commercial considerations" and also mentions similar guidelines for our coverage of other Gamer Network activities.
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  • Oli 09/09/2016

    @sizu_sizu I understand your position. All I can say beyond that is that his presence at EGX hasn't affected and won't affect Eurogamer's coverage of this story at all. Reply 0
  • Oli 09/09/2016

    @sizu_sizu You can find a comment from Rupert on Syndicate's attendance at EGX here:http://www.eurogamer.net/forum/post/320295/11555270

    Copy-paste for convenience: "As pointed out above and as we've demonstrated many times over the years, the Eurogamer editorial team is free to report stories such as the CS:GO Lotto controversy as they see fit - regardless of any commercial or other partnerships that other parts of the company may have. We are one of the most high profile websites to talk about these issues and there have been (and will be) positive changes as a result of that reporting.

    "I was at the Insomnia event yesterday and Syndicate was exhibiting and meeting people there and had the biggest queues in the venue. We have lots of attendees coming to this year's show in order to meet him so whilst we completely understand the controversy, we took the decision to allow him to exhibit because there is a huge demand to meet him. I understand why some people may be unhappy with this but it is the decision we’ve made."
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  • Final Fantasy 15 playable at EGX 2016

  • Oli 10/09/2016

    @Pixi I'm out and proud. Reply +1
  • Oli 10/09/2016

    @Phlesbas That section was in reference to some specific comments that had been made that were out of line, no matter who the target of them was. They were physical threats, not the sort of thing you're referring to. Reply 0
  • Oli 09/09/2016

    To save time later, as I'm sure it will come up, I will just leave a link to our CEO Rupert's statement on Syndicate's attendance at the show here: http://www.eurogamer.net/forum/post/320295/11555270 Reply +2
  • Oli 09/09/2016

    17, since you ask. Reply +10
  • Oli 09/09/2016

    @alexandrosmdemetriad Haha, whoops. I am in a hurry to get to our company birthday celebrations! Reply +12
  • Every PlayStation 4 to be made HDR capable via a patch

  • Oli 07/09/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Thanks for the clarification! Reply +7
  • Oli 07/09/2016

    @ubergine Annoyingly, there have been two HDRs. The first was a high dynamic range *lighting* technique used in games to represent moving from light to dark environments and back.

    Now, HDR is used to refer to high dynamic range *colour*, the greater colour depth (and deeper whites and blacks) that some 4K TVs are capable of.
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  • EGX 2016 to host world first hands-on with Dishonored 2

  • Oli 07/09/2016

    @Murton Perhaps not quite what you're after, but our boss Rupert Loman, CEO of Gamer Network, addressed the issue in this post: http://www.eurogamer.net/forum/post/320295/11555270 Reply +3
  • Assetto Corsa console review

  • Oli 31/08/2016

    @MBK72 I knew something was off with the difficulty tuning, but I didn't realise that about lap times versus the PC version. That's very bizarre. Reply +6
  • Oli 31/08/2016

    @cassiusclay99 Performance will be covered in detail by Digital Foundry in a separate post tomorrow. Perhaps I'm not so sensitive to it, but it didn't bother me at all when hotlapping. Dips were noticeable but not a problem for me in offline races. Online performance, as mentioned in the review, was horrible. Reply +15
  • Oli 31/08/2016

    @smallblueslime Assetto handles better on a pad than Project Cars, I'd say. At least, it requires less fiddling with settings to offer a decent drive (though you may still want to adjust deadzone and steering sensitivity).

    You're right about the DLC cars popping up in the Special Events, effectively locking you out of those events if you don't have them. It's a bit cheeky.
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  • No Man's Sky review

  • Oli 12/08/2016

    @atthegates I went through that - and then came out the other side and started to love it more the more I played. I'm still there. Don't know if that will last forever though. Reply +21
  • Oli 12/08/2016

    @IronSoldier I wouldn't normally do this, because screw numbers, but it's definitely no 7. It's great. Reply +101
  • Oli 12/08/2016

    @makeamazing Technically, you can go back to systems you've been to before, but good luck finding them. Reply +38
  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • Oli 08/08/2016

    @Lankysi Haha, I was in fact waiting for the patch to go live, which it just has, so SEE YA. Reply +58
  • Pokémon Go banned in Iran due to "security concerns"

  • Oli 06/08/2016

    @xandoodle I can only apologise. A very foolish and embarrassing error. The article has been amended. Reply +2
  • Necropolis review

  • Oli 13/07/2016

    @RTwin83 You are correct! I will now sack at least two people. (And fix this.) Reply +7
  • Song of the Deep review

  • Oli 12/07/2016

    Paradoxically, @neilka is ensuring we will never review Stephen's Sausage Roll, because if we did we'd be killing what is, thanks to him, the best running joke on the site. Reply +45
  • Introducing a weekly deals roundup from Jelly Deals

  • Oli 11/07/2016

    Hey everybody. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the concerns but hopefully one post per week won't be too intrusive, and might even be useful to you. We will definitely work with the Jelly Deals team to curate the deals to make sure they're all relevant to you. Reply +5
  • Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2 guide

  • Oli 08/07/2016

    @xgerrit I can categorically deny that this is true. We don't do this for any game, we would never do it without disclosing it, and in fact we would just never, ever do it.

    All decisions about what we write are purely editorial. As I've said many times before, we write about Destiny because we like it, and because the game and our articles about it are really, really popular.
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  • PS4 Neo: release date, games, price, specs, and everything we know

  • Oli 24/06/2016

    @Fourfoldroot We have independently sourced everything that came to light about the console's specs and the way the platform will work. We're 100% convinced it's genuine. So are other journalists at other publications who have done the same.

    Of course confirmation from Sony will be good to have, but the status of this information is much, much more reliable than mere rumour, or we wouldn't have made this page now.
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  • Oli 24/06/2016

    @Blackmarsh63 We reported all the available info across three fairly technical Digital Foundry pieces, plus a few more reports. We wanted to consolidate all of that reporting into a single explainer piece that will be easy for people to find in future via search, and that can be updated as the situation evolves. So that's why we created this article.

    I grant you that we'd have been better off doing it much earlier, back when the information first came to light or when Sony confirmed Neo's existence before E3 - but we're relatively new to these kinds of explainer pieces and, being honest again, we didn't have all the pieces in place at the right time.

    If your version of this answer is "for clicks", well of course you're right. That is the business we are in! But it's also because we genuinely think this article, updated properly, can be useful to people for months to come. I believe it's already a handy digest of everything that's come to light.

    Like I say though, I understand the issue people have regarding release date and price appearing in the headline, and will give that some thought.
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  • Oli 24/06/2016

    I should add though, that we're confident in the accuracy of everything published here. The leaks are genuine. Reply -4
  • Oli 24/06/2016

    This article will be updated with more details, including final price and release date, as they come to light. The intention is for this page to be useful for months to come. We felt that there was a critical mass of info available that made it worth putting together and publishing now, not as fresh news but as a handy all-in-one explainer. And while there's no concrete information on price and release date, there is enough out there for an educated guess and, we think, a useful steer no both (price = more, release date = probably this year or very early next).

    To be perfectly honest about it, we want this guide to be easy to find via search, and that means putting those terms in the headline now, or no-one will be able to find it later. I'm sorry if the headline seems misleading as a result. For this reason we've avoided using those terms to promote the piece elsewhere, for example on Twitter, but we can't alter how it appears on the site.

    I take all the feedback on board, though, and I'll think about it carefully and balance it against our need to optimise for search in future.
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  • Trials of the Blood Dragon review

  • Oli 21/06/2016

    @Murton I don't think Taboola is more lucrative than direct ads, but it's an additional, very reliable revenue stream which very few sites can afford to do without. Taboola and its ilk are a fact of life in web publishing these days. I wish it were different too, but there it is.

    I'm certainly not aware of any malware risk, so if you hear of or discover anything like that being served through Taboola, please let us know. We would take it very seriously.
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  • Oli 21/06/2016

    @Rogueywon @ChrisOTR We can flag up any particularly inappropriate links with Taboola and get them squashed, so if you see anything that stands out, please send a screenshot to contact at eurogamer dot net and we'll see what we can do. Reply +15
  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2016

  • Oli 17/06/2016

    @Gambit1977 Jeffrey didn't enjoy the Resident Evil 7 demo, it's true, but we liked what we saw of the actual game at the show a lot more. (Also some of us liked the demo better than Jeffrey!) Reply +28
  • Gorgeous leaked Zelda art suggests rock climbing

  • Oli 12/06/2016

    @seanpatrickcarey Haha yeah. I will adjust. Reply +2
  • Three new consoles will dominate E3 - even if they're not there

  • Oli 11/06/2016

    @orangpelupa True, although I hear they are stretching that definition as far as they can this year to get as many of the general public in as possible. Reply +7
  • The Doom movie missed the point - but so did most rival games

  • Oli 20/05/2016

    A low budget is compounded by uninspired production design to give the film a bland, anonymous look and a total lack of visual excitement; the action switches between Earth and Mars, but if you had the sound muted, you'd never know.
    A film buff friend has just pointed out that this is because the action was never even set on Mars in the script, and it was changed in post production after fans complained. [Source] It was even worse than I thought!
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  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • Oli 12/05/2016

    @tennocyte "i know they take time, but why cant you be pumping one of these out a month?!"

    It's not just the time they take (although that is a *lot*) - it's finding the subjects that are worth going into this deeply, and that the people involved will talk to you about on the record and with honesty. They're rarer than you might think. But yes, we would absolutely love to do more of them.
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  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review

  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @IronSoldier I should add that we would normally include at least a few impressions of multiplayer in a review like this, to be followed up on later - but in this instance we just couldn't get a game at all during Sony's allotted review sessions. (Not sure why.) So yeah, I admit that's not ideal. Reply +3
  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @riceNpea I'm very sorry you and others are disappointed with it, and I have made a few edits as a result - but I don't agree. When discussing plot in a game review I use the same approach any film reviewer would. The set-up/first act is fair game. After that, reveal no details, but you can make vague allusions to the direction the story goes in that will help you write a critique of it and describe the whole experience to the reader.

    By the way, I remember using exactly this approach when I reviewed Portal 2 and being thanked for avoiding spoilers. Readers' tolerance of spoilers seems to have lowered a lot in the last five years.

    I fully understand that you might want to go into the game completely fresh, knowing nothing at all about its storyline. But if that's the case, you shouldn't be reading reviews at all.
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  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @timeless001 Whilst I'm quite familiar with cat-related IT issues, I have to say that's a new one on me, sorry. Reply +2
  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @IronSoldier The multiplayer piece won't be a review, but we'll come back and add a link to it and a summary to this piece. If we feel very differently about the game after playing the multiplayer properly (for better or worse), we might make some further adjustments to this review - but from what I know of the multiplayer mode, I think that's quite unlikely. Reply +3
  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @IronSoldier Hi! So, first thing, Uncharted 4 doesn't require an internet connection - you can play the campaign offline.

    Our review policy is that "predominantly online" games should be reviewed after launch. By that we mean always-online games, or games where we think the online mode is of paramount importance to the majority of players (e.g. Call of Duty). If we think online will factor into the buying decision of most players, then we'll save our review until we can test it thoroughly.

    I know Uncharted multiplayer is popular, but our feeling is that most players overwhelmingly care about the campaign, not the multiplayer. So we don't consider it a predominantly online game, and so we feel comfortable running the review now.

    We will do a separate article on multiplayer once it's ready, though.

    For reference, here's the review policy: http://www.eurogamer.net/policies.php?view=how-we-work#reviewpolicy

    And here's the relevant section: "If a game does not require an internet connection but we judge the online features to be of crucial importance to the majority of players, we will also review it after launch with a fully representative player population."
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  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @LittleBigDave Naughty Dog has been pretty clear in the past that they see this as Nathan Drake's last adventure, so I don't feel like I'm doing anything more than saying they're as good as their word on that score. I think you're reading something into my comments that isn't necessarily there... Reply +1
  • Oli 05/05/2016

    @BigDannyH I'm not playing with you, but there are lots of different ways you can resolve a character's story for good in the way I suggest. Killing them off is just one of them. Reply +3
  • Oli 05/05/2016

    I'm sorry you guys consider the review too spoiler-y. The fourth paragraph sounds like a lot of story, but really it's just the set-up - the first couple of hours of the game, plus some previously revealed locations. Other than that, I feel like you can't talk about a story-led game like this (particularly the last in a series) without discussing where it ends up, but I've tried to do this in as vague a way as possible.

    I'll run through it now and see if I can make any edits.
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