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  • Resident Evil: Revelations introduces wacky new costumes

  • Okamiwolf 19/05/2013

    The gender confused audience of Eurogamer should lap this Chris costume right up. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed retrospective

  • Okamiwolf 29/10/2012

    Too bad almost every real life reference, especially its treatment of the Templars, is complete bull shit. Reply 0
  • Gamers go free game crazy after EA Origin survey code cock up

  • Okamiwolf 15/10/2012

    @carma It didn't work with any 3rd party games. Reply 0
  • Transformers are bringing the war home

  • Okamiwolf 13/09/2012

    This is all a plot by them to collect your home addresses for the new world order database, folks. Reply -1
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty pre-order bonuses/DLC announced

  • Okamiwolf 13/09/2012

    @Progguitarist Amen. Reply 0
  • Okamiwolf 13/09/2012

    Corporations profiting off of real life war and death - what else is new. I'm starting to wonder if there's truth that rich people started all the wars through history. Heck of a lot more truth to that than Mel Gibson's allegation. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn footage shows how to kill a dragon

  • Okamiwolf 04/09/2012

    It looks good, but if I wanted to subscribe to an MMORPG, I'd choose Tera Online for its real combat and better graphics. Reply -2
  • Third FF13 game Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 for PS3, Xbox 360 next year

  • Okamiwolf 04/09/2012

    P.S. Way to rip off Skyrim with the new logo. They really are creatively bankrupt nowdays. Reply 0
  • Okamiwolf 04/09/2012

    The props in this presentation were about as awkward as Clint Eastwood's empty Obama chair. The buzzwords don't amount to anything particularly original beyond a Majora's Mask style day/night cycle before the end of the world. When he started to talk about connecting Lightning's world with ours I knew it would lead to the hated Facebook logo, and sure enough he didn't disappoint in making me want to vomit. Overall this presentation alternated rapidly between being somewhat interesting and horribly painful to watch. Much like the last 10 years of Final Fantasy games. Reply 0
  • The Rare game that never was: ex-staff member details Savannah

  • Okamiwolf 22/08/2012

    That Savannah looks better quality than 90% of the games actually released last year. Especially for Kinect. Reply -1
  • Full Steam Ahead: How Valve's Platform Just Gets Hotter

  • Okamiwolf 21/08/2012

    I lost some respect for Steam last week when they made me sign the same clause as Sony preventing class action lawsuits, and then telling me they weren't obligated to keep my community information private. I'm starting to think they're just another asshole company (as if there's any other kind). Reply +3
  • The Medal of Honor Tomahawk

  • Okamiwolf 19/08/2012

    "Preorder the Medal of Honor BattleWinner (TM) Limited Edition for Xbox 720 or PS4 and receive an exclusive Medal of Honor (R) branded M4 Assault rifle, the very same assault rifle used to effectively wound and kill dozens in Denver last year!" Reply -2
  • New Splinter Cell: Blacklist video shows off controversial torture scene, moral choices

  • Okamiwolf 18/08/2012

    @Folant Actually you become a man when you develop the moral maturity not to make light of things like torture and casual killing as this game is doing. In that sense Ubi's new development team in Toronto is still made up of stupid teenagers who haven't suffered in life enough to know it's not something to make into entertainment. As a Canadian, I thought we were supposed to set a better example for the world. I thought as we became the center of the video game development world, things might get better. But whether it's the developer's sense of right or wrong being clouded by the pursuit of money, or because they're following the marching orders of foreign corporate higher ups, I now see we're producing even more sickening crap than everyone else. Reply +14
  • Assassin's Creed exec: Japan devs' stories criticised less because of journalists' "subtle racism"

  • Okamiwolf 17/08/2012

    Assassin's Creed has one of the most gibberish stories I've ever stumbled across. Something about a Templar order made up not just of Christians but Muslims and a bunch of other people persisting hundreds of years after the Order was actually destroyed in reality, and how they're trying to steal a piece of Eden which really has nothing to do with the bible but uses biblical names anyway, and how Jesus was just some evil magician who used the piece to fool people, and how the world is predicted to come to an end due to the planets smashing into each other unless you murder the Pope in the 15th century by revisiting your great grandfather's memories using a flashback chair. Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet dev announces new PlayStation Vita game Tearaway

  • Okamiwolf 16/08/2012

    @Daniel_Spencer Rain doesn't look very appealing, more depressing to play than anything, actually. As for Pupeteer, quite frankly that game looks a little disturbing and twisted given it's being marketed toward children. Will lead to many nightmares. Not the ideal outcome of "entertainment". Reply 0
  • Okamiwolf 14/08/2012

    The only new good game on display at the show. Reply -1
  • Final Fantasy 7 PC out today says PEGI

  • Okamiwolf 14/08/2012

    The best way to play FF7 is currently on a PSP by downloading it from the PSN store. The smaller screen gives the graphics a whole new lease on life, and no PC midi music. Reply +2
  • Western devs "focus on the visuals", Capcom says

  • Okamiwolf 10/08/2012

    @crimsoneer Sensationalist, BS headlines seem to be the hallmark of Eurogamer, and British media in general. Reply +3
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony dev wants your help getting DLC

  • Okamiwolf 09/08/2012

    The song isn't THAT good to get a fan campaign started over. Reply +1
  • Grid 2 Preview: No Assists Please, We're British

  • Okamiwolf 08/08/2012

    This gen I've used in-car view as much as or more than external because it's way more realistic than it used to be in PS2 days.

    In fact the commercials showing the in-car view of Project Gotham Racing helped sell me on this generation of games consoles.

    Grid's in-car view was just as good, and its omission automatically dials back my interest in this game.
    Reply +6
  • Nintendo's History of Hardware Revisions

  • Okamiwolf 29/07/2012

    The Game Boy Micro has to be Nintendo's worst handheld other than the virtual boy. Just no point to it - not backwards compatible, looks like a cheap toy and a far inferior screen to the late model front lit game boy SP. No wonder it flopped badly. Reply 0
  • EA joins coalition opposing the Defense of Marriage Act

  • Okamiwolf 26/07/2012

    @darkmorgado It's not hatred to try and save people's souls. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 26/07/2012

    @PlugMonkey The only particularly enduring thing about this debate is the grievous offense caused to God by people trying to justify the mortal sin of practicing homosexuality. That's what will remain in the "books" forever, long after our physical bodies have returned to the dust from which we came and planet earth has been destroyed by the sun going supernova. There certainly are real long term consequences to our words and actions here on earth. As in, infinity long. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 26/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Oh, do lay off the internet melodrama. There's no acting Oscars being given out here today. All that pent up rage and anger you seem to be projecting onto me isn't healthy for you or doing your political cause any favours. I never used half those words or called you personally any of those things (because for the ten-thousandth time I'm capable of distinguishing between a person's soul which God always loves and the sinful acts which harm that soul and distance them from God). Won't even bother reiterating all the horrible things you called me and Christians in general.

    Whatever, later dude. I've enjoyed having a semi-civilized, reasonably articulate debate with you about this difficult issue. If you really want to continue ranting away to yourself and your two person audience in this little corner of the internet, feel free. I'll be doing something more productive with my life.
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  • Okamiwolf 26/07/2012

    @darkmorgado I hope you remember your line about discrimination the next time you attempt to try to tell anyone what they're doing is wrong for any reason whatsoever. Because it can be turned around to justify any vice or behaviour imaginable.

    Anyway, listen mate, I think we've both argued this to death. And I for one am getting a bit tired of the arguing, considering no minds are being changed here.

    So I think I'll give you a "+" instead to show how much I like you, and we can perhaps agree to disagree and move on back to our mutual passion of videogames.

    That's not something a zealous gay hating fanatic would ever do, but then, I never was one to begin with despite endless attempts here to frame me as such.
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  • Okamiwolf 25/07/2012

    @darkmorgado The facts speak for themselves: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/05/polls-show-a-mixed-picture-for-legalizing-gay-marriage-122984.html

    Note that poll includes Americans of all creeds, including people not actively practicing their religion, agnostics, atheists etc. Among practicing religious people who attend church at least once a week, the figure opposed to gay marriage shoots up even higher.
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  • Okamiwolf 25/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Incorrect - 80% of practicing Christians, Jews and Muslims are strongly opposed to homosexual marriage. That's why the United States has the Defense of Marriage Act that it does, which is the original point of discussion in this article. My views concerning the sinful nature of homosexuality are supported by the majority of people in the United States, including the vast majority of Catholic Latinos, the fastest growing demographic in the US. What business is it of yours to try and change the long cherished laws of a foreign country in the interests of furthering some sort of radical social experiment? Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 25/07/2012

    @darkmorgado I don't have a problem with gay people. I rather like you, in fact. It's the sexual act I dislike because it is sinful. And that is fundamental Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Jewish doctrine the world over. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 25/07/2012

    @darkmorgado In most western countries there are much older and stronger laws protecting freedom of religion so long as it is based on doctrine. This silly lawsuit launched by left wing political parties sure didn't get very far in Spanish courts last week: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/lawsuit-against-spanish-bishop-who-criticized-gay-lifestyle-dismissed/

    The fact you are suggesting arresting people for their religious beliefs (founded on 2000 years of comprehensive western thought and theology) is frightening beyond belief. No one is safe from such militant political correctness. "First they came for the Christians, and I said nothing... Then they came for the Muslims, and I said nothing... Then they came for the Jews...."
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  • Okamiwolf 25/07/2012

    @darkmorgado The day freedom of speech is forcibly silenced is the day one is no longer living in a democratic society. Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012


    Don't plan to. Enjoy your den of debauchery.
    Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012

    @agparrot I've said everything I need to say. Good night, folks. Reply -4
  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Once again, all you can do is attack my person and character rather than my arguments. Stick with the issue, sir.

    Gay people can have gay sex all they want in the privacy of their homes for all I care. That’s their choice, and their soul they have to live with. What’s not okay is for the rest of society to actively condone, nay promote homosexuality through its laws and norms. What I object to is destroying the two thousand year old definition of the sacrament of marriage by putting homosexual activity on a pedestal. And furthermore the push to move beyond that as we are seeing in countries like Canada where Catholic schools are being FORCED by the government to create clubs which promote the homosexual lifestyle among children. At that point, it’s not about equal rights, it’s about actively deconstructing and delegitimizing religion in society while spreading a culture and political ideology among youth.

    Whether people are born gay or not, I cannot say, and neither can you (there’s no proof either way). But the choice to act on those impulses and temptations is entirely up to the individual. Just like the sinful fetishes and temptations which heterosexual people grapple with. It’s unfortunate that the same language and institutions which promoted important equal rights among different races, for example, are now being “twisted” in your words to promote a lifestyle choice. Adultery and polygamy and beastiality could be normalized on the exact same basis of equal rights for people born with different kinks, but at that point, is there anything left of the original concept of marriage?
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  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012

    @darkmorgado @darkmorgado You've been spouting “hate” speech against religious people since the beginning, saying at every turn their opinions carry no weight, and thus they are a lower class of human.

    Once again, you and the liberal establishment are unable to grasp the concept that there is a difference between the person and the act. At its core, that's the problem with the push to normalize gay marriage. The mistaken belief that normalizing and justifying harmful and sinful activities like homosexuality is somehow required to show compassion. Gay marriage is no more necessary for our society than legalizing heroine is required to protect the rights of heroine addicts, or legalizing shoplifting is required to protect the rights of chronic shoplifters, or legalizing abortion is required to protect the rights of women. People trapped by sin and self-destructive lifestyles don’t need to have their actions normalized. They need love and help.

    So once again to repeat, it’s the sin I hate, not the person. I have demonstrated this by not stooping to the repeated name calling (“idiot”, “bigot”, “extremist”, “fucking moron”) you have used against me as a person. Because I don’t dislike you as a person. Just the political agenda you are trying to push.
    Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012

    @redcrayon When did I ever say there's not certain cases like rape where abortion is justified? It's the abortion for the sake of convenience which constitutes 95% of all abortions that is morally unjustifiable. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 23/07/2012

    @Zyklonbzombie No more than you and your atheist Liberal compatriots have refused to debate with me because I'm a Christian and you hate Christians. You people seem to have no problem regularly posting derogatory remarks about both me as a person and my religion, which I have absorbed rather than respond in kind. Religion is something just as important to a person, and just as central to who they are, as their sexual orientation. Perhaps more so, because religion crosses into the spiritual dimension which transcends gender. Yet, you claim "sin" is not an adequate moral point to argue, as though religion can be just dismissed out of hand as not counting, because of course deep down you think God is not real and you have a phobia against religious people. Instead you can only put forward "consensus" as your criteria for overturning almost two thousand years of social order. Not sure what grade eight reading level "chicken soup for the soul" book you dragged that one out of.

    Face it, you just can't stand to see someone educated argue for traditional marriage. You're not able to play your usual dismissive "trailer park bigot" card. You're actually forced to think about and defend the weak moral ground you stand on concerning this issue.

    When it comes down to it, you and EA are the trolls, because it's you who are actively trying to undermine a valid and legal law in the United States of America. A law supported by large majorities of the people's representatives in congress. You are the ones trying to upset society and incite social discord.

    P.S. One of your posts above all but explicitly supported beastiality. I'll reproduce it below in case you choose to edit it later: "If an animal actively engages in an act of sex with a human, and shows no sign of distress, then that particular act is probably the least of the animal's worries in terms of abuse. The whole taboo is mostly another case of society mistaking taste for morality."

    You are the one in danger of being "reported" for advocating a sickening activity that is universally despised and illegal the world over, good sir.

    To everyone else, please take a good second look at the above quote. THAT is the line of thinking that unfettered "anything goes" liberalism will inevitably lead us to eventually. Normalizing gay marriage is but a slippery slope towards such utterly revolting thinking.
    Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012


    Joseph Stalin? Yeah, I agree. He was atheism's religion bashing hero. Soviet-style communism is how the utopia envisioned by the Liberal social left will inevitably end up as well if allowed to continue unchecked. We already see it with extra-judiciary, unaccountable “hate speech tribunals” in western nations. In time, it will be a crime for religious people to speak out at all against sin or social ills, and then in time, it will be a crime to be seen in public practicing religion at all (except perhaps worship of the almighty dollar bill before the gilded calf of Merill Lynch). All so as “not to offend anyone”, we will have a 1984 style society all over again.

    See, I can take things to extreme as well.

    P.S. Congratulations for finally being the first one to prove Godwin’s Law . You (and your anti-traditional marriage side) automatically lose the argument, according to internet custom: “First person to invoke Hitler loses”.
    Reply -4
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Come now. Abortion and homosexuality are intrinsically linked social issues of our time. Both proceed from the same liberal assault on the traditional family and the trivialization of religious and historic norms. Most importantly, their proponents tend to be one and the same group of people (i.e. the socially voting neo-liberal Left). Both are advanced as a package and the arguments used to defend them are very similar. The right to murder, the right to bugger, and at the same time the lack of rights and importance that should be afforded to religious people and institutions as well as children. Reply -4
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @PlugMonkey Glad to be on your ignore list. One less person to hear anti-God, anti-family, anti-heterosexual, anti-public good drivel from in this thread.

    P.S. It is an indisputable historical fact that HIV Aids originated in the western hemisphere in the late 70s/early 80s among the sexually active gay community, and from there spread to heterosexuals. This is long before the virus became an epidemic in Africa.

    The fact you find reality so offensive is troubling. It reveals the kind of revisionist mindset now commonly adopted by those campaigning to throw thousands of years of social experience about the fundamental value of the traditional family unit to the wind in the name of "every perversion is a-okay" social experimentation.
    Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @redcrayon As a good liberal who believes in evolution (I do too), you should know we're all just animals. So what is natural biologically has everything to do with it. I also love how you dance around the abortion issue (i.e. murder) without answering my question. Speaks volumes about your moral beliefs, or lack thereof. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @darkmorgado "Maximum sexual pleasure can only be obtained through anal sex". I think you just tipped your hand dear boy as to your sexual orientation. Which of course is why you are so desperate to argue with me in the first place. The other 99% of us get pleasure from penetrating, not being penetrated, thank you very much. I’m not going to waste my time any more arguing with a close minded biased Christian hating homosexual. I will pray that one day you can stop trying to justify sin, and start trying to abstain from it. Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @redcrayon More ad-hominem attacks and rage.

    Let me ask the social liberal groupie here another key question. Since you seem to posit consensus as the basis of your definition of what is right and wrong, where do you all stand on the question of abortion? I find it truly sad that those who attack the sacrament of traditional marriage on the basis of consensus rights for homosexuals are almost always the very same liberal sorts who defend the murder of unborn children through abortion. Children who of course have no say in whether they want to be murdered for the sake of convenience. So that the parents can go back to doing "whatever makes them feel good" in the anything goes sexually liberal world.
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  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @PlugMonkey "Being gay isn't dangerous" you say? Seriously? Might want to research the historical spread of the HIV/Aids virus. Homosexuality has always been a very dangerous lifestyle. Ask Alexander the Great. For that reason alone, it is of serious concern to public health. Now heterosexual couples have to live in fear of some of these same diseases due to the original promiscuity of the homosexual community. That's just a fact. Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @Zyklonbzombie You actually, honestly believe "rational logic" is value free and value neutral, and not influenced massively by the prevailing culture of the day? As though it's some sort of scientific method (which itself is hardly value free as written about in postmodern and postnormal literature)? No, this comes down to what different people with different values deem to be “right”. Again, even using your standard, I can easily argue that homosexuality inflicts terrible emotional harm on children who were adopted, without their consent, into homosexual families and hence grow up without a normal mother or father. As well as children going through puberty who become extremely confused and disordered when they see the modern media and school system promoting a perverse lifestyle that is contrary to what nature designed them for. And so on and so forth. Reply -3
  • Okamiwolf 22/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Ad Hominem attacks again. That seems to be all you're capable of at this point. Typical of the extremist gay marriage lobby. Reply -2
  • Okamiwolf 21/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Rome WAS Christian toward its end, friend. And it outlawed homosexuality and prostitution after seeing the social damage it was doing. Not soon enough to help avert social collapse in part caused by rampant Roman debauchery alongside invading barbarians and the depletion of their agricultural heartland. Reply -5
  • Okamiwolf 21/07/2012

    @darkmorgado I'm sorry to say but swearing is not improving the quality of your argument one bit. Reply -5
  • Okamiwolf 21/07/2012

    @Zyklonbzombie At least your argument is largely internally consistent. Once one opens the flood gates, anything is justifiable from a certain point of view. I guess I'm just one who thinks we shouldn't be opening the floodgates at all.

    Lest every bizarre sexual deviant on earth comes out of the woodwork and says "now that homosexual behaviour is normalized, it's only fair that I should have the same rights to do such and such..."
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  • Okamiwolf 21/07/2012

    @darkmorgado The line between perversities is not clear to me at all. The fact you are defining a line makes you no different from me. Mine is just set a little higher. Which perversities seem “obviously right” and “obviously wrong” to you is simply a matter of culture and the political and social norms around you. Defining a child as anyone under 16 or 18 is a modern phenomenon, given it was common to marry at age 14 in earlier ages. So their idea of pedophilia would be different from what ours is today. What was consistent was that homosexuality has always been a gross social deviance. Until now, when we suddenly think it is a good idea to overturn 10,000 years of social experience in human civilization and destroy the traditional family in the process. Your stance in favour of homosexual marriage would seem as horribly offensive to people even 60 years ago as beastiality appears to (most) of us today. I say most because I have no doubt that will be the next thing that the liberal modern age will try to normalize and justify in the name of “freedom” and “anything goes if it makes me feel good”. And if you disagree that beastiality is perfectly normal, the next generation of forum commentators will call you an “idiot” just the same as you called me. Reply -4
  • Okamiwolf 21/07/2012

    @PlugMonkey On what philisophical/rational theory can you conclude that children cannot consent? Are you saying they are sub-human, and should be denied rights available to the rest of us? So you believe in bigoted ageism, then. I suppose you also think the elderly should be euthanized because they are also unable to understand “what is going on” anymore. And you mean to tell me an adult animal has no idea what sex is (in your words “has no idea what is going on”). It’s amazing that non-human life has managed to exist and evolve on this earth for billions of years given their apparent inability to comprehend procreation.

    Do you think all addictive narcotics should be made fully legal because the activity is consented to by the drug addict? What about abused spouses who consent to further abuse? Is that just dandy because the activity is consensual? Consensus is not always a valid argument about what is morally right.

    So you see, there’s no particular rationality to your argument, and it’s internally inconsistent. What it is, is just another political opinion molded to conform with the in vogue liberal social politics of today lest you appear different from the “anything goes if it makes me feel good” crowd.
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