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  • Devolver to release turn-based action-stealth platformer Ronin

  • Oh-Bollox 23/01/2015

    turn-based action-stealth platformer
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  • Yasuhisa Kawamura and the Resident Evil that never was

  • Oh-Bollox 18/01/2015

    arguably the crowning glory of the series thus far
    Not really. I think it's been the most commercially successful, but it's not the best game, and it encouraged Capcom to go down the action route with the results being what we've got today, with Capcom refusing to return to horror and maintaining a stagnant holding pattern (seriously, a remaster of a remake) while desperately straining to come up with something good but generic enough to sell a shit ton to today's idiots.
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  • Holiday blues: A look at depression simulator Please Knock on My Door

  • Oh-Bollox 06/01/2015

    one's inter demons

    Who wants to bet this gets nowhere near as much shit as Depression Quest and its dev?
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • Oh-Bollox 25/12/2014

    Why wait? You'll be able to get it for 30, play it, and sell it in a few months for 40. Reply -2
  • Games of 2014: Threes

  • Oh-Bollox 25/12/2014

    The people who did nothing but rip this rather nice game off should, in the spirit of Christmas, be crucified. Reply +6
  • The Talos Principle review

  • Oh-Bollox 16/12/2014

    Out of the blue. Sounds like my cup of tea, consider it bought.

    Last money officially gone, Xmas cancelled.
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  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • Oh-Bollox 02/12/2014

    Avaihd the apples an pears an kill that fackin toff you fackin slaaaaaag. Reply +50
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments review

  • Oh-Bollox 30/09/2014

    This sounds like it captures Holmes' character very well, I'll get this. It would be even better if you could convict the wrong person and find out further on in the story that you were wrong, making you be more careful in future, and perhaps casting doubts on your genius in the eyes of the other characters. Reply +3
  • The Great Ace Attorney gets a debut trailer

  • Oh-Bollox 19/09/2014

    Can you solve the mystery of Japanese militarism? Reply +1
  • Sometimes I wish more games were just a vertical slice

  • Oh-Bollox 06/09/2014

    The vertical slice is the bane of modern games development. It complicates things no end, and there's far more success to be had avoiding it than there is taking a hurried rush through the game's 'best' (read: most commercial) aspects.

    The problem is, if you don't do vertical slice, it makes it much more difficult to acquire funding. Publishers and backers want to see an essentially complete game before they fund it.

    Making games from vertical slices is trying to turn a con into a pro.
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • Oh-Bollox 28/08/2014

    I am old and tired. It is time for me to slope off into the sunset, like one of those dudes in the Dark Crystal who look like a cross between Jimmy Nail and Zelda from Terrahawks.
    This is genius. My very best wishes to the good ship Ellie and all who sail in her.
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  • The man who wants to make lacrosse a FIFA beater

  • Oh-Bollox 24/08/2014

    Fuck all y'all. Bunk Moreland played lacrosse. Sport's manly as fuck. Reply +1
  • Prison break game The Escapists arrives on Steam Early Access

  • Oh-Bollox 20/08/2014

    Project Zomboid still occupies a lot of my gaming time, but I'll buy this for future playing. Reply +1
  • Deus Ex writer returns with thriller meets card game Sienna Storm

  • Oh-Bollox 20/08/2014

    Metal Gear Acid was fucking great, actually. And so was Metal Gear Acid 2. Reply +2
  • Oh-Bollox 20/08/2014

    Announcing a new porn star, er, card game! Reply +4
  • You've got male

  • Oh-Bollox 19/07/2014

    @lone_wolf_uk Your MRA tears taste great. Reply -5
  • Oh-Bollox 19/07/2014

    MRAge in 3...2...1... Reply -20
  • The grand strategies of Firaxis

  • Oh-Bollox 06/07/2014

    Any of them know the specifics behind the Sectopod buffing for Enemy Within then?

    "So, yeah, we made a board game mock up, and here's the die for it. The die has spikes and what we call a 'face magnet' so when you pick it up you hurt yourself and then it jams itself into your face. Pretty neat, we think, so we rebalanced an already-bastard unit in EU into a total cunt as a kind of digital counterpart."
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  • Remembering Rick Dangerous, the original tomb raider

  • Oh-Bollox 06/07/2014

    I am to this day convinced RD was a considerable influence on Spelunky. Reply +3
  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • Oh-Bollox 05/07/2014

    Most leaders of industry, science, countries have been men.
    As you admit, the reasons for this are sexist, so it's got nothing to do with women being passive.
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  • Oh-Bollox 05/07/2014

    Women have had a passive role in most of history (many factors why)
    Your ignorance is disgusting.
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  • Oh-Bollox 05/07/2014

    The Assassin's Creed games are, at least, infamous among historians for being laughably inaccurate. They get some stuff right, but mostly, they don't.


    Can't wait for the bros to turn up defending their historical accuracy.
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  • Xenonauts review

  • Oh-Bollox 03/07/2014

    ...during which its subtle details repeat, its shine dulls and its flaws come to the fore. None of these are glaring, but their familiarity quickly breeds contempt. The ground combat maps repeat too soon and, as you come to learn them, you start to question the aliens. They're not the most co-ordinated bunch and I couldn't shake the impression that, before I uncovered each new target, they were simply wandering in the darkness without any sense of purpose.

    The fixed perspective occasionally occludes soldiers and important details, while the line-of-sight mechanics can be a little kooky and sometimes you're able to see aliens through walls.
    These criticisms and more could be aimed at XCOM EU, too.
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  • Survival sim Gods Will Be Watching release date set this month

  • Oh-Bollox 03/07/2014

    Loved playing the initial version. Got me hooked and invested in the characters quickly. Hope the full game can bear the same weight. Reply +1
  • Sniper Elite 3 review

  • Oh-Bollox 26/06/2014

    How hilarious is it that piss-taking about EG's coverage of sexism in an unrelated comments thread has resulted in more discussion of sexism?

    Quite hilarious. Up there with seeing a moron trying to firebomb Sarkeesian's home and set himself on fire.
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  • Oh-Bollox 26/06/2014

    @Redcoat-Mic @riz23

    I think it's great it's even being brought up. You can see how much it frustrates and incenses people who don't want it discussed.
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  • Oh-Bollox 26/06/2014

    More than anything, it's reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, only with eight sizeable mission areas rather than one and an emphasis on long-range engagements over melee stealth kills.
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  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War review

  • Oh-Bollox 26/06/2014

    The tendency to play up the numbers of casualties in regards to WWI is utterly fucking disgusting. I say this as someone who has a job currently collating information and records from WWI. Whenever you see hand-wringing, go and read a good book about it. It will open your eyes. Let's all move past the "It was a slaughter." stereotype please. Reply -3
  • Video: Sniper Elite 3 live stream

  • Oh-Bollox 25/06/2014

    @ItsLatch The three most important things for stopping power:

    1) Shot placement
    2) Penetration
    3) Calibre

    I never said people shot with .30-06 shrugged it off. What I said was, people have taken hits from all sorts of calibres in all sorts of places and survived. You asked me to show you a survivor from someone shot with a Springfield; I linked to someone shot to someone who took a .30-06 from an M1 Garand because it's the same calibre and has the same barrel length and oh look, the chap survived.

    Without a hit to the central nervous system, people can keep going when shot. Some don't, for various reasons. A hit to the heart or major blood vessel like the aorta can put someone down in seconds. Failing that, people can keep going for short or long periods of time dependent upon a wide range of factors. Someone who is motivated to fight (e.g. an enemy soldier) and currently in action has a strong reason and plenty of adrenaline to keep them moving. They may even be fatally wounded, but they can keep fighting for a short period of time.

    I've lost count of the amount of times I've read of soldiers from the Napoleonic Wars onward who have taken multiple gunshot wounds and carried on fighting. On the other side of things, some people have fainted when merely shot at (without being hit). Human responses are vastly more complex than media likes to imagine and SE actually does include some of that randomness.

    I don't think SE is particularly realistic either, but for entirely different reasons than "Sometimes the enemies don't die when I think they should." Their model of the human body and the bullet effects have been dramatised, but it's largely accurate (excuse the pun). Any kind of calibre that offered a guaranteed one-shot-stop would have been adopted by every armed force in the world.
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  • Oh-Bollox 24/06/2014

    @ItsLatch It really makes no difference whether the wielder of the rifle was a sniper or not, it doesn't magically impart the bullet with extra lethality. And as I already said, period body armour would do sweet Fanny Adams against a .30-06.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dKwBnQhzMyQ#! - Here's someone who took a .30-06 and survived, BTW.

    .30-06 out of any rifle was not a death ray, no bullet is. People in WWI and WWII and beyond have taken hits from bigger rounds (e.g. the Germans used an 8mm round in their Mausers, did everyone they shot die?) in various locations and survived. We have accounts of people taking .50 rounds (12.7mm) and surviving.

    The .30-06 was used in WWI, WWII, Korea, etc, and didn't kill everyone who was shot with it. Nor did 7.62x54mm, .303, 8x857mm, and so on.
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  • Oh-Bollox 21/06/2014

    @ItsLatch So my point stands, unless you move the goalposts. 'Survived' means just that, not 'shrugged off a rifle-calibre bullet with no ill-effects.'

    Mostly a placebo effect with the bolt actions it took time before the next shot, with the M1 you have the benefit of instant fire resulting in a more lenient firing state of mind, so while I do agree the Springfield to be the better sniper weapon, I don't agree it is more accurate
    It certainly isn't with the Lee-Enfield, nor with the Mauser or Springfield. The main time limitation when sniping is aiming, which requires far more time than to work the bolt, especially with the Lee-Enfield which is just as fast as a semiauto when it comes to aimed fire. You can find individual examples of the Garand which are plenty accurate, but as a whole, it can't match the contemporaneous bolt-actions. Except the Moisin-Nagant. Bolt-actions as a rule are far more accurate than semiautos, which is why, even today, the majority of them are bolt-action.
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  • Oh-Bollox 21/06/2014

    Care to point me to a survivor of a Springfield sniper with no body armour?
    A great many people have survived rifle rounds to the chest. Calibre is relatively unimportant, shot placement is the most important factor. If the bullet fails to damage vital organs or major blood vessels, survival is far more likely than death. This is quite aside from the fact that the body armour at the time the Springfield was in use was not capable of stopping a .30-06 round.

    Robert Lawrence in the Falklands War survived a 7.62mm rifle round to the head.
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  • Oh-Bollox 21/06/2014

    The main problem with SEV2 was that the environments were too linear and tight, with short sight lines. If that mistake has been rectified, and V3 is more like the first game, with open levels, then I'll get it.

    On a gun-nuttery side note, Rebellion should do some fact checking. The M1 Garand wouldn't make much of a sniping weapon, it's not as accurate as the bolt-action rifles of the time, you can't top up the magazine after each shot like you can with a bolt-action (and as the player is doing in the video, e.g. if you want to reload at all, it means an unload or expending all the rounds in the magazine first, which is a tricky process) and so on. I suspect it's been used for purely Yankified reasons.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege has male and female hostages

  • Oh-Bollox 25/06/2014

    What makes me feel especially disappointed in the human race is the appearance in the comment sections of people who are basically fans of Ubisoft.

    Fans not of a dev, but of a publisher.

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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Oh-Bollox 20/06/2014

    @Sir-Elton-Pr0n The feeling is mutual. Perhaps if you stop misconstruing what I say you'll have more luck. Reply -1
  • Oh-Bollox 20/06/2014


    Ah, so are that person.
    Are you a racist Chinese stereotype.
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  • Oh-Bollox 20/06/2014

    @jeremylinnane Nothing to do with disagreeing. Everything to do with being [people] who objectify women and can't handle a mature discussion.

    Must be nice to live in a world where you can twist what people say as you like without [fear of reprimand].

    [Edits by Bertie. Was getting a bit attacky.]
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  • Oh-Bollox 20/06/2014

    Does anyone have a nice list of the [people I don't agree with] in this comments section so I can add them to my ignore list?

    I tried doing it myself but got bored after a dozen.

    [Edits by Bertie. Name calling.]
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  • EA Sports UFC review

  • Oh-Bollox 17/06/2014

    Where is the steroid-taking minigame? Reply -2
  • "I understand the issue, but it's not relevant in Assassin's Creed Unity"

  • Oh-Bollox 17/06/2014

    How fucking retarded do you have to be to post multiple replies instead of just putting multiple replies in one post. Reply 0
  • Oh-Bollox 12/06/2014

    @MrMattAdz Then perhaps you should be sure before speaking up? Reply 0
  • Oh-Bollox 12/06/2014

    Top result for "French Revolution assassin" on Google. Reply +33
  • Bloodborne is From Software's darkest game yet

  • Oh-Bollox 11/06/2014

    Miyazaki won't be drawn on comparisons, though he admits they do exist, for fear of upsetting inhabitants of the cities that have inspired him with his dark, diseased vision
    Glaswegians don't give a fuck.
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  • The video game assassination of JFK

  • Oh-Bollox 04/06/2014

    Back and to the left! Back and to the left! Reply +2
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect review

  • Oh-Bollox 03/06/2014

    @CloudXIV Note the question mark. Reply +3
  • Oh-Bollox 03/06/2014


    I haven't played the game yet
    You can stop there.
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  • Oh-Bollox 03/06/2014

    The next Deadly Premonition?

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  • Watch Dogs: stuck in the unfunny valley

  • Oh-Bollox 31/05/2014

    Fuck me there is some blatant shilling in this thread. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs PR stunt goes awry, summons bomb squad

  • Oh-Bollox 29/05/2014

    More imaginative than anything in the actual game. Reply +74
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: a horror game after your mind

  • Oh-Bollox 28/05/2014

    If you take the level of mouth-breathing in this comments thread alone, never mind EG as a whole, and certainly not other sites where it's almost 100% retardation, a game like this is going to struggle to succeed.

    Especially troublesome if the gameplay involves serious contemplation, because the morons will immediately get stuck without adequate handholding, and word will go out. If the game actually requires thought, and does not steer you, you can kiss goodbye to large numbers of sales.
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