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  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

  • Official Capcom Guy 16/06/2008

    As I understand it, this should go up on the Euro PSN Store as a trial version that allows you to purchase an unlock key, as well as a full version sold as a standalone. So you can either just buy the game straight from the store, or download the trial and then buy the key to turn it into the full version.

    I think this means you should be looking for the free demo under "trial version" in the paid bit of the store, if that makes any sense.

    Why is it like this? Because of reasons.
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  • Capcom Puzzle World crash bug

  • Official Capcom Guy 25/07/2007

    As the previous poster has stated, it looks as though Sony have sorted the firmware problem that was causing this crash with the 3.52 firmware release.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience to Puzzle World owners while they waited for this firmware to come out.
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  • No Killer 7 for Wii

  • Official Capcom Guy 30/05/2007

    Oh come on.

    I held up my hands in apology this morning! About quarter to ten on your very own Euroforum, among other places. Afternoon, schmafternoon.
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  • Lost Planet on PC

  • Official Capcom Guy 16/04/2007

    I can confirm Lost Planet PC will support both DX9 and DX10.

    Should run on cards that have DirectX9c and shader 3.0+ support, 256mb RAM. This is in the region of Nvidia 6600 and up. (please note the minimum and recommended specs aren't finalised yet, we're still working to optimise the game)

    I've played some early builds and the port is looking good - this is an internal Capcom dev team who are working on this, unlike certain other ports which, shall we say, did not meet with universal public acclaim.
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  • Second Lost Planet demo map

  • Official Capcom Guy 24/11/2006

    Of course we are trying to generate attention for our game. Nobody releases a demo to try and distract attention ffrom their game, that would be crazy.

    Now I'm going to try and generate attention for our forum too, by telling you that if you go to you could win a free scratchcard with a code to download the extra map.
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  • Dead Rising

  • Official Capcom Guy 16/08/2006

    It's supposed to be difficult to save. if you could quicksave before any boss battle or before trying to cross any zombie-infested area, the game would lose a lot of its tension. This way, you are forced to make a choice - will I try to go through this crowd of zombies with limited health and possibly die, or will I play it safe, go back to the security room, and save?

    Can I make it to the nearest save point after completing this boss fight, with hardly any health left? Should I try for some health items first even though it's a longer journey?

    The save system adds a great deal to the game in my opinion.

    Those of you who think they can end up with a dead game, there are several points to bear in mind. Firstly, the game is designed for multiple playthroughs. If you cannot complete the main plot, you can either keep going and try to rescue as many people as you can or just mess around and explore the mall, or you can restart the game, keeping your current level, stats and skills.
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  • Monster Hunter Freedom

  • Official Capcom Guy 08/05/2006

    I played more than 100 hours of this on the beta version, and I did scratch the surface. I still wasn't nearly finished though. (And now I have to start all over again because the save doesn't transfer across).

    Japan's biggest-selling PSP game means that this has sold more than 600,000 copies by the way.
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  • Reader Top 50 of 2005: 40-31

  • Official Capcom Guy 10/01/2006

    "Must have this Phoenix Wright. It's coming out here, you say?"

    Yes it is, in Q1 2006- which is, erm, soon! Just think what position it will get in the 2006 review...

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  • Capcom polls for Resi 5 ideas

  • Official Capcom Guy 16/06/2005

    Wow, our forum is being mentioned on the mighty Eurogamer. Fame at last!

    We've had to shut the survey I'm afraid, as we got 23 pages of suggestions and were in danger of being swamped.

    Thanks for dropping by and speaking your brains at us, or, alternatively, sorry you never got the chance.

    There's no guarantee that any of the ideas will end up in RE5 or any future Resi games, but it never hurts to find out what people think.
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  • Devil May Cry 3

  • Official Capcom Guy 29/04/2005

    I don't want to impugn your game playing manhood here Kristan, but the Euro version of DMC is actually a bit easier than the US version on default difficulty.

    easy is still easy, and hard is still really hard, but the Normal difficulty is closer to the Japanese version than the US version was.

    But maybe you played an NTSC preview version, eh?


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