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  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • O11Y 09/11/2014

    What a depressing parade of mediocrity. I remember a time when a new generation of hardware actually used to mean something Reply +3
  • The Secret Developers: Wii U - the inside story

  • O11Y 11/01/2014

    As a software developer and consultant this sounds like the usual kind of "programmer whining" that comes up on a daily basis in any software house anywhere on the globe. I'm not saying that it wasn't difficult for these guys to develop for WiiU, only that this article offered very little insight to me except "programming can be difficult and frustrating sometimes, especially when dealing with new and untested hardware". Wow, really? Who would have thought it! Reply -5
  • Carmack, Sweeney and Andersson Unplugged

  • O11Y 10/11/2013

    Brilliant transcript / article. In honesty I'm not normally the biggest fan of DF but more articles like this would certainly make me a convert Reply +1
  • Nvidia G-Sync: the end of screen-tear in PC gaming

  • O11Y 19/10/2013

    As a Regular Joe consumer I can say that screen tear is definitely low on my list of bugbears and I couldn't imagine spending any amount of money to alleviate the problem. Enthusiasts only methinks. Reply +3
  • Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast retrospective

  • O11Y 13/10/2013

    It was good, but nowhere near as good as Jedi Knight. My friends and I played many hundreds of hours of Jedi Knight together whereas Jedi Outcast is just a minor footnote in our gaming history - completely eclipsed at the time by Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike. Perhaps it was just a case of growing up but I only remember this as a "good game", a long way from being a great game Reply 0
  • Radeon R9 280X review

  • O11Y 10/10/2013

    @RodHull, Jesus man showing your age.... I had one of those, I think it was the successor to my Voodoo 1 Reply +1
  • Fear the Reaperman

  • O11Y 17/06/2013

    Great article Rich! I was surprised to see an in-depth article on game mechanics, RTS balancing, and E-Sports on a popular site like Eurogamer so props to your for bringing this stuff to the masses. Reply +1
  • Saturday Soapbox: The high cost of high standards

  • O11Y 06/04/2013

    There is a lot of doom-mongering in this article but really, the only companies in trouble are the "old guard" big money publishers with their hollow franchises that people are finally growing sick of.

    Look at games like League of Legends. World of Tanks, etc. etc. Who are literally printing money right now. Games are still alive and well, it's just not the old publishers with their "franchises" who are profiting from it
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  • This is what top-level COD competition ****ing looks like

  • O11Y 21/03/2013

    Do you guys honestly think that the language is much better on a professional football pitch (or rugby pitch if you want to get snobby about football)? Any competition at that level is all about aggression and adrenalin whether it's sports or gaming. I don't think you can honestly compare this kind of gaming to what you do on a Sunday morning in your underpants Reply -9
  • Gears of War: Judgment review

  • O11Y 18/03/2013

    @HotCoffee You had me up until "The plot continuously moved forward and stayed interesting". The plot of the third game was pure nonsense! Reply +4
  • The Art of the Swarm

  • O11Y 14/03/2013

    Great article, I've been following esports for a couple of years now and it's great to see it getting some coverage in the main stream gaming press Reply 0
  • The Showdown Effect review

  • O11Y 11/03/2013

    Does anyone remember that game set in a prison that was like this circa 2000? me & my friend spent hours on it, +1 to anyone who give me the name!

    -Cell Block A!
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  • Plague Inc. review

  • O11Y 04/03/2013

    Something about this game makes me feel extremely uneasy. I don't know why, but it does. Reply +4
  • Project Awakened: The origin story

  • O11Y 28/02/2013

    There is no way they can produce a decent end product on this premise. Too many assets, too many game systems. You either have to create levels which are vast and bland to allow the variety of abilities or spend a gazillion pounds trying to test it with all the permeations.

    If this gets off the ground, it's going to be a mess
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  • Hard Choices

  • O11Y 12/01/2013

    I think you're being too hard on the gamer here. The reason we want to change the ending is because unlike films or novels (which are a passive medium) games force us to invest a lot of time and effort into the protagonist's struggle for success. I did not want Lee to die because I had fought tooth and claw for hours trying to keep him alive.

    I completely agree with you that Telltale got the ending spot on but as a Human Being with an emotional stake in characters, I still would have changed it and kept them all alive if I could have.

    EDIT: Seems to have been confusion here so I'll clarify. My point is that in an interactive medium the player, through human instinct, will want the best for the protagonist since they are directly influencing their progression through the narrative. This contrasts with a passive medium where you are simply watching events unfold and are happy to accept whatever the narrator has in store for the characters.

    The ending for TWD was brilliant, in no way am I suggesting it should be changed. My point is that as a player I WANT to change it because Lee is me and I don't want to die.
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  • Alpha Protocol retrospective

  • O11Y 06/01/2013

    The most fantastic part of this game is how it allowed you to be a complete douche bag, with a lumberjack beard, and even offered a strange homo-erotic ending as an added bonus. Still one of my favourite games of recent memory Reply +2
  • Monday Night Combat dev starts Kickstarter for RTS Planetary Annihilation

  • O11Y 16/08/2012

    greatest news I've heard since 1998 Reply 0
  • Sony makes gargantuan 1.3 billion loss during third quarter

  • O11Y 02/02/2012

    Where are the giant crabs when you need them? Reply +2
  • Syndicate Preview: Need a Reboot?

  • O11Y 01/02/2012

    There was a time when i used to be excited about new releases.

    Renaming your shooters to games from that era does not bring this excitement back.
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  • Agent of Change: Hitman Absolution Preview

  • O11Y 13/01/2012

    Nothing about this preview dampens my fears that Hitman will be any less of kick in the balls than Splinter Cell:Conviction was. If I want to shoot people in face I can play Gears of War or Battlefield but if I want to sit under a staircase for 10 mins and study patrol routes what do I play now?

    I enjoy that shit!
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  • Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

  • O11Y 20/11/2011

    The greatest Zelda game ever made in my humble opinion; fantastic story, setting and puzzles Reply +1
  • Saints Row: The Third Review

  • O11Y 15/11/2011

    I never realized there was so much fanboyism surrounding this game.

    Reply +3
  • Bowling for Liberty

  • O11Y 05/11/2011

    Great article, agree 100% Reply +1
  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble With Tie-ins

  • O11Y 22/10/2011

    I think if studios rise to your challenge and start producing fantastic games on tiny budgets and timescales this will have a horrible knock-on effect to the rest of the gaming world. Most creatives in the industry are already being driven like slaves and I struggle to see how less money and longer hours spent working will ultimately be a good thing Reply +4
  • Valve's Gabe Newell

  • O11Y 25/08/2011

    Great Interview, Cheers EG Reply +5
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive spotted

  • O11Y 12/08/2011

    I think this is probably an attempt for valve to break back into the e-sports scene after CS has slowly drifted out of the spotlight. 5v5 would suit the current team setup for Halo:R / Cod:BO and would allow teams to make the transition relatively pain free should the game take off Reply 0
  • FortressCraft most successful XBLIG

  • O11Y 11/08/2011

    Lol @ #4 & #5. You know your life is bad when you start talking to yourself on an EG comments thread Reply +4
  • Syndicate Gamescom reveal rumoured

  • O11Y 11/08/2011

    "...the project being restarted several times thanks to tech issues, creative differences within the team and a number of staff leaving the studio"

    If ever there was evidence of someone butchering a classic, this is it.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Scourge of Free to Play*

  • O11Y 06/08/2011

    I think it's a business model that makes sense inside the scope of an MMO game. I'll start worrying when they try and shoe-horn it into other genres, like paying to unlock the tech tree in a strategy game or paying for more hit points in an FPS Reply +2
  • Beginner's Guide: Fighting Games

  • O11Y 03/08/2011


    Me too, nice article but I feel non the wiser. My fighting career was brought to an abrupt halt back in the mid nineties. I spent a whole summer practising on the SNES port of Primal Rage, only for my baby sister to demolish me in 3 straight games. She was too young to even button mash (it was more "button gnawing") and she had to ask me on numerous occasions which player she was.

    Never again.
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  • Retrospective: Wild Metal Country

  • O11Y 02/08/2011

    I remembered playing the demo of this (but not really) so I downloaded the version on the R* site and had a bash. I'm sorry to say that playing it again brought back a lot of unpleasant memories.

    I'm not with you on this one EG. It was slated by the critics for a very good reason.
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  • Andy McNab and Battlefield 3

  • O11Y 01/08/2011

    I enjoyed some of his fiction books, hopefully he'll elevate the dialogue above the usual dross you hear in Military FPS Reply +9
  • Saturday Soapbox: Nintendo's creative decline

  • O11Y 30/07/2011


    Fair point, but I would argue that Nintendo are still approaching the console space as they always have. Sure the 3DS and Wii U are, in a sense "spiritual successors" to their respective product lines. But the approach that Nintendo has taken with these products is to draw a line in the sand. "This is our old product line, this is the new product line, time to upgrade!".

    This is the way it always worked; you put the SNES in the attic and go buy an N64, but times have changed. Apple have been so successful over the past 10 years because after creating a successful product, they followed their common sense and stuck with it. They made smaller ones, they made one with a touch screen, they made one that doubled as a phone, and finally they made a much bigger one.

    And all the time they were simply called "Ipod", "Itouch", "Iphone", "Ipad". The consumer always knew what the product was, and why they would want to buy one. Plus there was no need to suddenly throw out your old Ipod and rush to buy the new "3D-Ipod", the transitions between models were slow, seamless, and more in keeping with the rest of the consumer electronics market place.

    When you make a successful product - like Nintendo did with the Wii and DS - why redesign the thing from the ground up? People liked them, they sold a shit load of units. Just slowly build on what you have, and implement features that people want as opposed to more VDU related gimmicks.
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  • O11Y 30/07/2011

    I think the trouble with Nintendo right now is that they have no identity. Xbox, Playstation, Apple's "I" devices all know what they are and what market they're trying chase. And because they know what they are, we as consumers can quickly decide whether we want to buy in to their brands or not.

    Right now I have no idea what Nintendo are and who their products are for. Are they are a toy company? Are they a consumer electronics company? Are the video games company? Do they even know? After the Wii exploded it finally seemed like they had found direction, and a strategy. Perhaps not.

    Nintendo could have slowly built on the DS & Wii's success - slowly incrementing the hardware (as per IPhone / IPad), consolidating the brand, and building up the services infrastructure to rival Xbox Live / PSN / App Store & ITunes. Instead they're just throwing away their market lead on stupid products which have no target market and undermine the huge success of the past few years.

    It's no wonder that the investors are running for the hills.
    Reply +14
  • A Rare view of the future of Kinect

  • O11Y 29/07/2011

    The Microsoft PR department will be giving Mr Henson a hearty pat on the back right now, and do not feel particularly enlightened as to the future of Kinect. Can you activate some clause in Ellie's contract to bring her back for the next interview? Reply +4
  • Super Mario, Mario Kart 3DS re-named

  • O11Y 28/07/2011

    With intelligent, logical thinking like that dudefather, you would never make it in marketing Reply -3
  • The EGTV Show: How To Be A Pro-Gamer Pt. 1

  • O11Y 24/07/2011

    the stop button is red... Reply +1
  • Saturday Soapbox: Faster, Pussycat?

  • O11Y 23/07/2011

    I'm not certain that you can directly compare 'white boxing' a level, to churning out a game in 48 hours, can you? Still, interesting read. Thanks Reply +1
  • Dark Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer

  • O11Y 22/07/2011

    Really awesome video and pretty terrifying when you dwell on it. Super robotic limbs might be a century away but the technology for designer babies is already on the horizon... Reply 0
  • GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

  • O11Y 20/07/2011

    I know a lot of the guys at Eurocom, and if anyone deserves a breakthrough smash it's them. Fingers crossed it will be awesome Reply +3
  • Saturday Soapbox: Loathing the Enemy

  • O11Y 16/07/2011

    I don't know what cracked me up more; hitting the nail so perfectly on the head with your Princess Peach comment, or the sight of you languishing in down in 7th in the screenshot (behind Bowser no less, that staunch upholder of the rear guard) whilst your buddy is cruising up in 2nd. Haha! Personally I think it's her strange silhouette and placid facial expression which wind me up so much, but maybe subconsciously I'm just a massive woman hater?

    Great article, which I think is crying out for the forum thread "Most annoying enemies in video games".
    Reply +5
  • Epic's Gamble discusses studio closures

  • O11Y 15/07/2011


    I've got a few mates in the industry and their advice has always been that going into an interview, examples of your work are worth considerably more than a qualification from a video games course. If you're interested in design then pick up a level editor (it was "Hammer" in my day for Half-Life but I'm sure things have moved on since then) and start putting some stuff together. If you want to get into programming then join a mod project or make a mod of your own. If you want to get into art / sound make a portfolio. etc. etc.

    A friend of mine is a designer at a large studio and he came into the job with no formal experience, but had spent a lot of his spare time building / scripting maps and built up a body of work to demonstrate his abilities. He also had a huge amount of enthusiasm for games and development in general which is obviously a major requirement too for most studios.

    All I can say is, good luck!
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  • O11Y 15/07/2011

    @ #5

    If you're confident of your skills then I would use your nest egg as a bargaining tool to get your foot in the door somewhere - as "work experience" for example - which could lead to a job.

    Work for a bit, get some experience, refill your savings, THEN branch out into your own projects
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  • Disabled and Hardcore

  • O11Y 13/07/2011

    Thanks for this, good read Reply +10
  • Retrospective: Text Adventures

  • O11Y 10/07/2011

    Cheers fellas, may well have been "Granny's Garden", that rings a bell. Good times! Reply 0
  • O11Y 10/07/2011

    At primary school we once got the opportunity of playing an "education" text adventure on an Acorn computer. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called but I remember that it was of one the many turning points that marked my slide into games addiction Reply +3
  • Why Disney closed Black Rock

  • O11Y 09/07/2011


    Good post, although it sounds to me like you're looking at developers through somewhat rose tinted spectacles. I don't work in the industry myself but I have several close friends that do, and they would agree that it is sometimes "the evil suited businessman" who ground an idea but that is by no means always the case. Many studios, and talented developers who have produced brilliant games in the past can turn around and produce a turkey. It happens, that's life.

    When a product fails in most businesses it's not the end of the world but in the video game industry it can often close a studio and leave a large dent in a publisher's ledger. The bottom line is that console video games are becoming prohibitively expensive to produce, generating greater risk to the investor, and dwarfing the figures seen in the motion picture industry (which once upon a time was seen as a "risky" investment area). That is the reason why the big boys like EA are constantly trying to minimize their exposure (with franchises, etc.) and why companies which have the ability to move away from the market are considering whether to do so. Why should Disney risk a few 100 million trying to develop a game when they could just license their IP and have someone else put their money on line? Someone who has more experience delivering console games to the marketplace than they do.

    I love to see innovative, disruptive new titles as much as the next gamer, and I'm sure that they will continue to be produced. But I also think it's naive to ignore the fact that making video games is still a business, and that business needs to remain solvent. Hearing about a studio closure - especially in this country - is horrible thing, but at least if a studio is closed then everyone gets paid. Bankruptcy is a whole different story.
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  • O11Y 08/07/2011

    Neg me all you want but I find some of these comments a little absurd. The console market is ruthless, and becoming more so every year with experienced publishers like THQ already floundering. Why should a company like Disney, who is hardly well known for their extensive list of AAA heavyweight titles, throw good money after bad trying to compete in an area where they are considerably out of their depth?

    I feel very sorry for Black Rock and everyone who worked there, but bashing Disney and bemoaning the closure is a little ignorant. The developers at Black Rock will start again somewhere new and Disney will move back into an area where it's more comfortable. That's business folks, plain and simple.
    Reply +8
  • Smart Casual?

  • O11Y 06/07/2011

    Does anyone else think that the guy on Page 1 looks as if he has come straight out of "A League of Gentlemen" Reply +10
  • More iPhone 5 rumours emerge

  • O11Y 05/07/2011

    Why all these Digitimes stories all of a sudden? Has Eurogamer found a fwweeiiinnnddddd? Reply +2