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  • Crackdown on Xbox One X makes a classic game even better

  • NymChimpsky 08/03/2018

    Popped in to try this out last night, found my save from 2008 waiting for me, and spent over an hour messing around. I'd forgotten how free and powerful you feel when fully kitted up. Now to find those last 3 orbs somewhere... Reply +3
  • Video game voice acting strike ends as SAG-AFTRA negotiates deal

  • NymChimpsky 27/09/2017

    I have a lot of sympathy for the actors for the way they're treated by the studios. How can it only be now, as a result of the strike, that they'll actually be told if the job involves mocap before they sign a contract?

    From Tricia Helfer's recent AMA:
    "Voicing EDI was way different than portraying Six. With Mass Effect, there was no script so I had no idea what was going on. I would show up at the studio, head into the booth, put on the headphones and a line would appear on the computer screen and the record button would come on. I'd read it a few times and then another line would appear. Literally the first time I would see a line, and read it, it was being recorded. I really still have no idea what the story is. "

    Sounds horrendous!
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  • The space that isn't

  • NymChimpsky 21/09/2016

    I know I'm late to this thread, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the article, and the contributions from @I_Am_Catbutler, @riceNpea and @Frobishers_Hat. Fascinating stuff, all! I'm going to save that Eddington quote somewhere for future reference. Reply 0
  • Dead Rising series remasters reveal first screenshots

  • NymChimpsky 26/07/2016

    @MadRhetoric et al. Love DR but my attempt at "earning" Genocider (yes, by driving up and down the tunnels for those 2 hours) ended in failure - I was around 10 short!! Gutted! Never had the guts to try again, but might be first thing I try in the remaster. Can't wait! Reply 0
  • Fable Legends wasn't the Fable you were after, but it was far from a disaster

  • NymChimpsky 27/04/2016

    I saw a play yesterday (Dark Land Lighthouse if you're interested, a superb sci-fi horror if you get a chance to see it) and the programme proudly listed one actor's voice work on Legends. I wonder if anyone has told him the bad news... Reply 0
  • Trackmania Turbo delayed until early 2016

  • NymChimpsky 01/10/2015

    "... taps the breaks..." Another Matulef special. :-( Reply +1
  • Sony Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference live report

  • NymChimpsky 15/09/2015

    Also noticed use of 'autumn' - pleased me far more than it should! Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Battlefield Hardline PC beta

  • NymChimpsky 03/02/2015

    I hadn't previously considered the 'cops v robbers' content of the game anything controversial, but I do find myself agreeing with the points by MrTomFTW and lone-wolf-uk.

    Stories like this (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/15/police-use-tasers-continue-rise) are a real example of what happens as soon as police are armed - whether that be with guns or tasers.

    Taser use has increased from 1000 occasions in 2009 to over 5000 last year! Yet somehow police were able to cope perfectly well for a century before their invention, and are rarely in genuine fear for their life. I find it hard to believe that there was no alternative to taser-ing the 'civilian' in all 5000 cases, but that instead it was a simple and quick shortcut.

    And yes, I read the Guardian!! ;-P
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  • GOG Star Wars splurge includes X-Wing Alliance

  • NymChimpsky 20/01/2015

    Oh wow! Just got a (cheapy) Thrustmaster HOTAS last week for Elite and wondered what else I could play with it, but completely forgot that these were being re-released! It must be fate! :-)

    I was rubbish at the original Xwing though - I still remember Mission 8, I think, where you had to destroy about 50 shuttles before they docked and found it utterly impossible. I only managed to get past it by renaming the level files in DOS to an easier earlier mission!
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  • Human Element on "hiatus" as Robotoki shuts down

  • NymChimpsky 20/01/2015

    Well, Bowling clearly had made some money with Infinity Ward or his own studio - I noticed he tweeted Notch last month to welcome him to Beverley Hills, saying that he lived down the road on Mulholland Drive. Nice.

    I guess Bowling's place didn't cost $70m but gotta be a fair amount.

    Edit for link: https://twitter.com/fourzerotwo/status/545733347415048192?s=09
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  • Star Citizen's Chris Roberts doffs hat to Elite: Dangerous

  • NymChimpsky 20/12/2014

    @Sieroa I can't see the screens on my phone, but ED looks gorgeous on my slightly outdated PC. I've no idea if there has been a 'downgrade' but why can't people trust that the devs want the best performing game they can produce? There is surely always a balance to be reached between quality and compatibility. I personally don't want every game to be a Crysis which requires me to upgrade to be able to enjoy playing.Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see the conspiracy. Reply +1
  • NymChimpsky 20/12/2014

    @Telboy007 Hear hear! I backed Limit Theory (as well as ED) and am blown away each month by the progress Josh has made. And given the attention No Man's Sky gets for its 'procedural universe, made by just 7 guys', I feel LT deserves more praise, given all art, music and coding have been done by just Josh! RPS do seem to be following it quite closely though so at least someone is looking.I know it's around a year late but I can wait. Reply +3
  • Video: Eurogamer's Christmas live stream spectacular

  • NymChimpsky 18/12/2014

    If I remember rightly, there was a bug in the Robocod demo on a PC Format or PC Zone coverdisk, where the whole game could be accessed. I spent hours playing it!

    Maybe I'm wrong, and they intended to give the whole game away free but I was over the moon!
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  • Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

  • NymChimpsky 17/12/2014

    Another defence of Plex here.

    I used to use XBMC on a hacked Xbox many moons ago, but it obviously couldn't keep up with the arrival of HD, so I spent about 3 or 4 years battling various alternatives (TVersity, PS3 Media wotsit etc) and none could replace the reliability and smart interface of me ol' XBMC.

    Until Plex. It supported every device, every file format, automatically downloaded all the meta data, added new files to the lists, and knew which episodes and series I'd watched - everything.

    And completely free. I did donate something to the guys who wrote the app for Samsung's Smart TV because I'd been reading about the months of work they'd put in to have it approved by Samsung, but the PlexPass basically allows some cloud stuff (I never used) or early updates (I never needed).

    So yes, DLNA can do many of the same tasks, but Plex is actually pleasant and satisfying to use, something I wasn't able to say of PS3 or X360 versions of DLNA.

    If you've never tried it, do give it a shot. I kicked myself I hadn't found it years earlier.
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  • Elite: Dangerous and the art of the galactic grind

  • NymChimpsky 17/12/2014

    @Mun Ah, cheers, wish I'd thought of that. Mine should arrive early next week, but there will be many light years travelled between now and then! ;-) Reply 0
  • NymChimpsky 17/12/2014

    I almost never post on EG but had to just add to the positive comments here - finally started playing the Gamma last week and am absolutely loving it! It's breathtakingly beautiful and seems so real! Kickstarted this from the beginning and all my dreams come true. For those asking about controllers vs joystick, I've been using 360 pad which is ok, but throttle is a real pain (for me) so I do have a Thrustmaster HOTAS on order (which coincidentally seems sold out on Amazon all of a sudden). In a similar way to Xwing/Tie Fighter, good throttle control is vital for manoeuvrability in combat. And another +1 for the sound design - thank God space isn't actually silent after all! :-D Reply +1
  • Elegy for a Dead World launches Kickstarter for final push

  • NymChimpsky 02/10/2014

    I've backed this, but it's going to annoy me so much that it's called 'Elegy' and not 'Eulogy' - unless everything must be written in verse? It's not even a case of American English as far as I can see - just wrong English.

    Ah well. Now I'm giving them $10 I'll drop them a line and see if they'll rename the game to make me happy. Seems a reasonable request.
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  • Google releases free addictive geography trivia game Smarty Pins

  • NymChimpsky 04/07/2014

    33 - it certainly helped that 7 of the answers were 'London' - and you can't go too far wrong with questions in UK. The 2 questions in the US wiped me out - only have to be a little out and you lose 500 miles! Reply 0
  • Games are squandering their potential to truly immerse us

  • NymChimpsky 08/03/2014

    Fully agree with this article, particularly the example from Tomb Raider. It's the ability to BE in another world that took me through the Mass Effect universe twice, and kept me playing Assassin's Creed 3.I was quite happy hunting Bobbleheads in Fallout - you pinch everything else not nailed down in that game so why not some desk ornaments - but the flags in the first AC were utterly ridiculous. And I'm STILL 2 agility orbs down in Crackdown! Grrrr Reply +3
  • Year Walk wanders onto Steam today

  • NymChimpsky 07/03/2014

    Can I be the first (on this story) to say how disappointing it is that the PC version arrives before Android?

    Having swapped from IOS to Android last year, I really hadn't realised how many games like this I was going to miss out on. Like The Room, it sounds like something that works best on a phone/tablet but I'll certainly look at Steam - at least my PC can probably actually run it.
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  • Talisman Digital Edition launches proper after stint in Steam Early Access

  • NymChimpsky 26/02/2014

    Aaargh!Properly, please! What's wrong with using the word properly in this context? It is the proper thing to do after all. /really misses the proper use of adverbs these days... Reply +1
  • Ultra rare NES cartridge going for over $30K on eBay

  • NymChimpsky 26/01/2014

    No surprise to see that some other owners have spotted the 'demand' for these carts - at least this one's in good condition, but it's only at $11,000 so far...

    I'm sure the seller will be gutted if it doesn't reach the same epic price!
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013 voting

  • NymChimpsky 06/12/2013

    So, turns out the only game I've played that was actually released *this* year is Rymdkapsel on my phone. Yikes! The backlog grows again... Reply 0
  • Black Friday deals hit Xbox Games Store

  • NymChimpsky 27/11/2013

    Onechanbara for me!! I think it'll be down to about 2.50 and I quite fancy some bikini-clad sword-wielding action! Reply 0
  • 7DFPS: There's nothing new under the gun?

  • NymChimpsky 19/08/2013

    @melnificent Good god. Moraff's World! Haven't thought about that for 20 years!

    Thanks for the nostalgia-hit ;-)

    Edit: Just played One Shot and it's, um, effective. Well, I stopped the bomb...
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  • Yes! A Battle of the Bulge sequel this year!

  • NymChimpsky 13/08/2013

    "Battle of the Bugle"!?!?!?

    Some sort of music-based fighting game? How interesting....
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  • PS4 Store asks if you'd like to download multiplayer or single-player first

  • NymChimpsky 19/06/2013

    While the interface/multi-tasking admittedly looks very slick in the trailer, I'm a bit concerned by the memory requirements. One of the (many) reasons why I'm leaning towards PS4 is because Xbox 1 loses so much RAM to its multiple kernels.

    I was hoping that PS4 would have significantly more of its 8Gb available for the games than the Xbox, but this trailer (and the recent Digital Foundry article) seem to say otherwise. DF talked about 1Gb for the OS and 3 for the media recording.
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  • Ex-Human Head developer attacks "lie" that Prey 2 was only ever "just a demo"

  • NymChimpsky 03/06/2013

    Didn't the original Prey take forever to be released as well? I seem to remember endless screen-shots of it (together with Duke Nukem Forever) in my copies of PC Format in the 90s.

    History repeating, unfortunately. I also enjoyed the first game - the first I played on 360 - and was very interested in the ideas for Prey 2.
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  • Ropey Duke Nukem Forever turned into a Duke Nukem 3D mod

  • NymChimpsky 01/05/2013

    OT: What's with all the "bull***"s in the stories recently?

    In this and the 'Sony's Indie Initiative' story it's in the body of the text for no apparent reason - not a quote, not anything.

    Why swear, then edit with the ****s? It's just unnecessary and unprofessional in my opinion.
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  • Why publishers refuse games such as Remember Me because of their female protagonists

  • NymChimpsky 19/03/2013

    Gotta say, I did feel a little awkward when my FemShep and James were flirting in ME3. But I think that was more that he's such an arse. Is that icky-feeling how girls feel when some sleeze tries it on with them?

    I was quite happy to see my girl snogging Thane in ME2 (but equally fine with her getting close Miranda or Liara). I'm no prude.

    Edit: And what @Stoatboy said. Well put.
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  • The wrong person leads Microsoft, claims former exec in new book

  • NymChimpsky 22/01/2013

    "Running onto the Qualcomm Keynote like a 5 year old girl"
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  • Play.com closing retail business in March

  • NymChimpsky 09/01/2013

    Feels like the end of an era. Play was my introduction to online shopping. My own order history on Play reads:

    208 purchases, first being Akira DVD on 22/09/02, but nothing bought there since February 2011.
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  • Alpha Protocol retrospective

  • NymChimpsky 06/01/2013

    No-one's mentioned that the conversation choices were timed?

    Unlike most games, where I can take time considering my response, there were only a few seconds to read all the options and then respond. This, combined with the significant consequences to your interactions with the other characters, always made the conversations really important!

    I remember leaping across the room to turn off the Xbox before it could autosave after I made the wrong (for my character) choice in a tense cafe meeting with another agent. This was the only time I did try to go back and change a decision - my other conversations felt very 'me' and I really did feel I'd shaped the game, more than any other I've played.

    Rented the game initially, but went out and bought it after finishing because the game/developers deserved some moolah as well as love.

    +1 for the Stephen Heck chap as well - a pyscho, but definitely memorable and bloomin' useful at later points in (my) game.
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  • Sleeping Dogs dev defends zombie genre, not "overdone"

  • NymChimpsky 26/10/2012

    Too many zombie-themed DLC packs? Surely not!

    And yes, I do own this...
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  • Night and the City

  • NymChimpsky 18/10/2012

    "To be able to experience it again with my son who was born 20 years after I first left the city was, I think, wonderful for us both."
    Very touching, must have been a very unique and special time - the world changes so quickly and it's difficult to really understand our what our parents saw in their lives.

    My own father lived through WW2 as a kid before spending years in various African and Arab countries - he spied on Idi Amin for MI6, hunted crocodiles at night in rickety boats, and met the SAS in Oman - but they're all just stories. I would have loved a chance to experience his memories like this.

    I'll bet Mr Donlan Snr absolutely loved his afternoon reliving his childhood with his own child!

    All those moments will be lost, like tears in rain
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  • Microsoft sets a Q4 record with $18.06 billion in revenue

  • NymChimpsky 20/07/2012

    Ha! For a moment I read the headline as Minecraft instead of Microsoft - now that would have been impressive!

    Time for bed methinks...
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  • Lingerie Football League game tie-in threatened

  • NymChimpsky 20/06/2012

    Um, do you perchance mean *con*vergent, not divergent EG? Reply +4
  • Minecraft XBLA patch live today

  • NymChimpsky 15/06/2012

    No mention of a warning if you quit without saving? Currently it helpfully warns you when you *are* saving that it'll overwrite your existing world, but select 'Quit without saving' and everything's gone!

    And yes, I managed to lose about 4 hours work, all gone, with one wayward flick of the thumb-stick... :cry:
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  • UK Top 40: The Witcher 2 conjures first place

  • NymChimpsky 23/04/2012

    I already own 1 and 2 on PC, but decided that the lure of acheivements would encourage me to play through again.

    When my copy arrived from Amazon I was a little disappointed to see some sort of 'scribble' on the cover, only to find that all the Amazon copies had been signed by programmers etc at CDP - bonus! My scribble's from the Lead Artist, which is nice.

    PS If you want to see a thread that will make you lose all faith in humanity, read the following discussion on Amazon with an unbelievable number of people complaining about the 'defacement' of their game by the 'tea boy' and the trade-in value that will be lost as a result. Good grief!

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  • Sony defends Vita's proprietary memory cards

  • NymChimpsky 04/12/2011

    It's pretty clear that the inflated memory price was always part of their plans, as in the interview with Andrew House at E3 this year:

    Eurogamer: The Vita price is cheaper than expected. Was that a deliberate move?

    Andrew House: I characterise it as a very strong push from the marketing and publishing arm within the organisation. If we were to build not just a core gamer audience for Vita but to move, I would hope very swiftly, towards more of a mass market proposition, having a strategic, aggressive price was clearly a key part of that equation.
    I think most people - me included - were impressed at how much tech was squeezed into the machine for ~200. Now we know how...
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  • Skyrim passes Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live chart

  • NymChimpsky 01/12/2011

    Bit of a different story on Steam at the moment:

    106,312 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    62,342 Counter-Strike
    57,947 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer

    Steam Stats
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  • MS "investigating" Xbox Live refund customer service complaints

  • NymChimpsky 24/11/2011

    I was in my local Chinese yesterday, and there's a small poster on the wall offering to trade Fifa Ultimate Team cards for a 5.00 payment via Paypal, followed by some convoluted arrangement to stitch up bids in the online marketplace.

    I wish I understood why the transactions and accounts of those receiving the stolen points/cards can't be tracked and stopped, but from the number of people in this thread and others that have been directly affected, there must be a lot of money changing hands somewhere out there in crim-land.
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  • Royal Opera House gets into games

  • NymChimpsky 10/11/2011

    Four operas are available in the game, with Swan Lake, The Marriage of Figaro, Carmen and The Nutcracker all featuring.
    I think you'll find that's two operas and two ballets.

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  • Heavy Rain: Director's Cut announced

  • NymChimpsky 03/11/2011

    As owner of the Move Edition, I can't see anything listed for the DC that isn't included with the Move. What's new for the DC? Have any of the 'scenes' changed? Reply +7
  • Prey 2 teaser won't help a fear of flying

  • NymChimpsky 16/03/2011

    Funnily enough, the first scene I think of from the original Prey was when you discovered the airliner that had crashed/been absorbed into the ship, and the ghosts of passengers that were still present (if I'm remembering correctly).I did enjoy the original but actually thought they could have emphasised the invasion/end of all life on earth angle. Wandering around a space ship on my own didn't really make me feel connected to what was going on back on Earth - the discovery of the plane being a rare glimpse of humanity/normality.From this trailer it still looks to me like the way is still clear to continue Tommy's story as 'Charlie' gets splatted - rather decisively! Reply +1
  • Red Dead still riding high in UK charts

  • NymChimpsky 07/06/2010

    Great news about Blur - I thought it'd be a grower as a good buzz spreads from those who are addicted. Like myself. I suppose a massive price cut to £25 hasn't done any harm either Reply +2
  • New 250GB Xbox 360 HDD costs 80

  • NymChimpsky 26/03/2010

    Just a note guys. TheHut have the drive for 69.73 as a pre-order at the moment. There are probably going to be other places too, so ~65 will probably be about right, come release. Reply 0
  • Xbox Indie Games Roundup

  • NymChimpsky 25/01/2010

    Code no.5 redeemed for FLS - thanks very much!I've had a bit of a play and it seems to do what it does very well (albeit it's showing Liverpool at top of the league!) - but there doesn't seem much reason to come back and play again. Maybe if, on the slower setting it had some sort of commentary (your team is attacking/your team is defending, for example) it might be a bit more involving.Like many here I would like to see more exposure for these games, particularly those for 80MSP as they're really instabuy territory, but I just don't find myself playing the ones I have bought very often. Reply 0
  • Xbox Avatar accessory unlocks in L4D2?

  • NymChimpsky 29/10/2009

    I think I may have to get the Gnome Chompski achievement, whatever the cost! Reply +1
  • Watchmen: The End Is Nigh

  • NymChimpsky 09/03/2009

    Balls!!!!!! Reply 0