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  • The question of fidelity and Shadow of the Colossus

  • Nobunaga 04/02/2018

    Zine bought. Well written, sir. Reply 0
  • New Overwatch patch "drastically" reduces amount of duplicates

  • Nobunaga 28/07/2017

    It's not 'request highlight', but rather 'capture highlight'. Reply 0
  • Pyre review

  • Nobunaga 24/07/2017

    I'm sorry, but whenever I see M(r)s Cassandra's name, I refuse to take the review seriously. Reply -9
  • 20 years on, the Tomb Raider story told by the people who were there

  • Nobunaga 30/10/2016

    An amazing piece. Very well done, Wesley. Reply +1
  • Dear Donald: How video games could help you trump Hillary

  • Nobunaga 28/05/2016

    I thought it was great and want some more. Reply -5
  • Street Fighter 5 online play back on its feet

  • Nobunaga 19/02/2016


    It's broken for YOU. It's not broken for me, not one little bit. So, the game is broken for you, in your opinion, in your experience. It's not broken in my opinion and in my experience. Yet somehow I'm the troll and people should be aware of YOUR experience over mine? Nope. Let me repeat: the game works fine for me and is not broken.

    Now I stop feeding the troll.
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  • Nobunaga 19/02/2016


    look, I feel your horrifying pain at not being able to play SFV. It is by all accounts a very good fighter. But that's YOU, not everyone in the world, and that's a distinction you fail to comprehend. I could just as easily call you a hater (you call everyone who neg you a fanboy) and tell you about my own experience -- no problems since the morning of day two. No disconnects, no lag, no online problems at all. But you don't see me going off like a banshee and spam the topic with my *personal* complaints.

    Just return the damn game if it doesn't work for you and stop your bloody complaining already!
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  • Bastion PC release date announced

  • Nobunaga 06/08/2011

    11,49 pounds comes to 13 Euro, and 800 MS Points is about 10 EUR. So 1200 MS Points is about 15 EUR. In the mainland Europe Steam store Bastion costs 14 EUR. It's about the same, then, or even a little bit cheaper than on the Xbox 360. Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

  • Nobunaga 05/08/2011

    Well, there's Limbo for the PC ... Reply -1
  • XBLA chart: From Dust debuts at #1

  • Nobunaga 04/08/2011

    What the fuck is Game Room doing in there? It's more than dead. Reply +2
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

  • Nobunaga 29/07/2011

    Are you suggesting that Ken likes it in the chops, sir? By Ryu? I will boycott this site from now on because it's Xbox-centric and Ken is American and Xbox is American too.

    A great preview.
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  • Nobunaga 29/07/2011

    Are you suggesting that Ken likes it in the chops, sir? By Ryu? I will boycott this site from now on because it's Xbox-centric and Ken is American and Xbox is American too.

    A great preview.
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  • Bastion tops Xbox Live Arcade chart

  • Nobunaga 28/07/2011

    Game Room? Seriously? It's dead in the water, with no updates and no care from Microsoft. Reply +2
  • EA Sports foresees end of days for shops

  • Nobunaga 19/07/2011

    ""The reality is what we're doing, which is very uncomfortable, which is putting the control in the hands of the consumer and letting them decide how they want to play," said Wilson. "

    Yes. Hand over the control. I like to go to a shop, buy a game, go home, unwrap, smell, play. Then later maybe sell the game as preowned. Or admire it on a shelf.

    So yes, please DO give me control. And stop saying BS because what you're doing is taking AWAY this control.
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  • Duke Nukem sales: 56% Xbox, 30% PS3

  • Nobunaga 13/06/2011

    Except it's NOT rubbish. Esp. not on the PC. Reply +2
  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Nobunaga 12/06/2011

    Why the hell would it be the worst game in the world? It's NOT the worst game in the world. It plays well enough, the shooting mechanics are simple but clear, you have to put in some skill to survive ... It's a decent arcade shooter with adventury bits added on and Duke's personality to round it up. It's not advanced or advancing the medium, but for what it does, it does well enough. (More enjoyalbe on the PC, though. The loading times, graphics and stuttering are far, far worse on the X360.) Reply +6
  • Nobunaga 12/06/2011

    What actually bothers me is how DNF gets trashed for not being modern enough, yet at the same time everyone seems to expect a retro shooter. So it's supposed to be retro and modern at the same time. And when the authors try just that - the design in retro, but it has modern elements picked from Halo such as regenerating health - the game gets destroyed for that. NO, WE DONT WANT REGENERATING HEALTH, ITS TOO MODERN!!! Okay, here's old-style health. NO WE DONT WANT OLD-STYLE HEALTH, ITS TOO OLD! And so on.

    Another example: Duke is *based* on being a silly, stupid parody of an American macho soldier. There's PLENTY of those around today, notwithstanding the 'heroes' of practically every modern shooter. Modern Warfare, Crysis, Battlefield - these are empty husks filled with cliches. They haven't changed one bit from the 80s and 90s except they use more military lingo. So here comes Duke, being a parody of them, as well as of Rambo/Commando ... and gets a finger. No, you're not funny enough, Duke! We want you to be more modern, more Zero Punctuation / YouTube comedians / hip style. You're supposed to change with times, see! Only he doesn't have to, not really. He's just as hilarious today as he was 15 years ago. The world hasn't changed.

    The games have, but not THAT much. What they have shed is the need to do certain things manually, such as operating heavy machinery, or having bits that include pissing, admiring in mirrors, playing billiards, lifting weights and carrying barrels. In new shooters you press a button and the game does all that for you, leaving you to kill terrorists. In D3D and DNF, you have to or can do these things by hand and generally if you want to. To Dan, these things are the epitome of silliness. For me, they make the world more believable and give you something to do beside just shooting and listening to brawny men saying "ECHO BRAVO DELTA TANGO ZERO". I spent 15 minutes playing billiards and another 15 playing Balls of Steel. It made me feel nice to have to remove barrels from a mine cart so I can ride it, push trolleys against a wall to open the way forward and search for gasoline to fuel my monster truck. These are a plus in my book, but here they're glossed over and treated like unnecessarities. They're not, especially not in a Duke game!
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  • Nobunaga 12/06/2011

    I quite enjoyed the game, especially on the PC. The reviewer seems hell bent on trashing Duke using every weapon imaginable, even his own preference for humour. It's no pearl, but I recommend DNF to an older crowd who grew up playing D3D. I did and I liked it. Reply +12
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • Nobunaga 06/06/2011

    please let them announce Viva Pinata 3. I would love to see EG fellate. Well, Gibson, anyway. Reply 0
  • White Knight Chronicles II

  • Nobunaga 03/06/2011

    Much like WKC1, then - a floundering, unfocused, story-light and grind-heavy single-player MMO. Reply 0
  • El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

  • Nobunaga 02/06/2011

    Good review Keza, thx. Could you enlighten us about the language choices - is there an English option? Reply -1
  • Big Final Fantasy XIV changes detailed

  • Nobunaga 23/05/2011

    Yes, by all means do reduce monotony. Raises the question, though - why not do it in the first bloody place? It cost me 30 precious hours of my miserable life to realize that even were I a Japanese with no life whatsoever, could I even begin to scratch the surface of this MEGATON GRINDFEST. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Nobunaga 19/05/2011

    Love the love for Zelda. Props, Christian. Reply +6
  • Into the Breach

  • Nobunaga 30/04/2011


    Enough already!!! Yes, Sony has fumbled. Yes, they screwed up. Yes, they will have to rebuild trust. We UNDERSTAND, ffs. Now can we please talk about something else - for example how the update servers seem to be working all the time?
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  • Street Fighter x Tekken: the Killian opinion

  • Nobunaga 21/04/2011

    "Eurogamer sat down for an eight-way chinwag with the man who is so good at fighting games that Capcom named Street Fighter IV's boss after him."

    If he is so good, then he should show some tournament results. Anyone can claim to be a SFIV master in their own living room, with some friends perhaps. But to make such claims of superiority on a site like EG some credentials should be shown.

    And the John Motson comment is just silly. Killian is commenting, yes, but he's supposed to be a player, and a very good one at that. Therefore, show some tournament results or stop with nonsense claims.
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  • Nobunaga 21/04/2011

    Any notable tournament results from this so-called 'guru'? Reply -13
  • Fable III difficulty increased on PC

  • Nobunaga 14/04/2011

    The main problem with Fable III was that it was so conflicted. It wanted to be an easy game anyone could play and finish, and it has a lot of simple humour. But on the other hand it dealt with some pretty heavy and hard subject matter, black demons, deaths and so on. It was simply disjointed, trying to grasp everything, but achieving little. If the PC version will feature harder gameplay, that's fine, but I doubt this will erase the basic conflict in the heart of Fable III. Reply +2
  • Why I Love: Ninja Gaiden II

  • Nobunaga 12/04/2011

    Yes, it's probably for that reason that the writer says "I know Ninja Gaiden II is no good for me. I know it's a cheat and a liar."

    A very good article. I actually almost broke the TV screen when fighting a couple of bosses, notably in the underground lair and the final boss. But I finished the damn thing. Still proud of it. How many games are there that make you feel like that?
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  • Moon Diver a timed PSN exclusive

  • Nobunaga 28/03/2011

    Sold. Reply 0