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  • Telltale's Jurassic Park would have been a great film, but it was a poor game.

  • Nikanoru 14/06/2015

    Equally importantly, it's smaller choices had weight too.
    I swear you guys are just doing it on purpose now...
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  • Nintendo heads into E3 with its hands tied

  • Nikanoru 12/06/2015

    Why are you so desperate to see them fail?
    Because that little twat, like some others in this thread, has barely reached the mental age for his balls to drop, so he still needs something to kick against to assert his maturity (which he will never reach).

    That, or the other possibility: they are old Sega fans from the 90's who are, somehow, still bitter over Sega's defeat and Nintendo's continued endurance. So they swarm the internet in search for revenge.

    Either way, they are pathetic. These people can't be reasoned with. You have a block list, my advice would be to use it. Makes the comment sections just a bit less shitty. :)
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  • Sir Christopher Lee dies aged 93

  • Nikanoru 12/06/2015

    The first time I saw him was in Gremlins 2, one of my favourite movies of all time. He played the professor so brilliantly, and that's how I'll remember him most. Reply 0
  • The challenge of remastering Uncharted

  • Nikanoru 12/06/2015

    in that it risks changing the impact achieved by the original game.
    You're absolutely right, but that's all these remasters ever do.

    Great games, last gen, last-last gen etc, were an expression of the capabilities of the system they were on, and the skill of a developer in using those capabilities.

    Remasters, upscaled ports etc. destroy this completely.

    And it wouldn't even be so bad, but the worst thing is actually gamers and reviewers who seem to take these zombie-like tart-ups of classics as a replacement for the originals which they shit on unapologetically, for such obnoxiously stupid reasons as not having a high enough resolution.
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  • Nikanoru 12/06/2015

    @FASELI YES, exactly this. Games lose something when transplanted into a resolution they weren't made for.

    There is more to graphics than how sharp things look, there's a visual balance, which is very easily upset by merely upping the P's. But since apparently higher P's are all anyone ever cares about, that's all we'll ever get.
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  • Nikanoru 10/06/2015

    Our only worry is that some of Naughty Dog's earlier assets may not match the pristine, sometimes unforgiving harshness that a full HD presentation may offer.
    Oh really now? REALLY now??? ;)

    Anytime I even dare to suggest that a game's display method should match its visual content lest it starts to look broken, I get voted into the goddamn Mariana trench...
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  • Nikanoru 10/06/2015

    @nusstrife Let me guess, English is not your native language... Reply +1
  • Survival sim Dyscourse adds indie dev NPCs as free DLC

  • Nikanoru 12/06/2015

    I do hope that's mud or chocolate the one guy appears to be eating... Reply 0
  • "Naturally there will be a large-scale project based on Darksiders"

  • Nikanoru 11/06/2015

    "Large scale project"...

    They're gonna make it another fucking multiplayer-only online thing. Mark my words.
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  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice announced for 3DS

  • Nikanoru 10/06/2015

    @Bauul I love what they've done to Knuckles, it's one of the only original ideas they've let slip in years. Higher ups at Sega are scared to fucking DEATH of changing Sonic even one bit, have you seen the concept art for Sonic Boom that had all these awesome redesigns but they vetoed all of it and now it's just Sonic with bandages on his shoes?

    It's exactly why Sonic fucking sucks, because nobody, neither the creators nor the fans tolerate even the tiniest change to their stupid rodent characters they inexplicably love so much, nor the games that they're in, which is why you've been having Sonic Adventure clones for years.
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  • Nikanoru 09/06/2015

    So... do you think they're gonna, you know... learn from their mistakes this time?

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  • Shadow Warrior 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • Nikanoru 10/06/2015

    Hope it keeps the humor and doesn't veer even more into "serious" territory. I am incredibly bored of serious shooters. Reply +8
  • The Assembly has a few good ideas for settling virtual reality headset sickness

  • Nikanoru 09/06/2015

    "I'd been using arrow keys for Doom, then suddenly there's a mouse for Quake and it's like, whoa this is really horrible,"
    Really? I haven't heard anyone say that before.
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  • Resident Evil Zero remake gets a debut trailer

  • Nikanoru 09/06/2015

    @Foolish_Monkey What is with people "expecting" RE4? Have y'all been living under a rock for the past couple years? Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 08/06/2015

    Of course they're not gonna do RE2, are you crazy? That would require an actual remake. Not just a fucking re-heat like this. Reply +10
  • Splatoon has somehow been recreated in Minecraft

  • Nikanoru 08/06/2015

    @J0rdan_KZ Actually I think younger players are more likely than adult ones to crave the real game more after playing this. I know it'd be the same for me if I had played some shitty homemade knock-off of Super Mario bros as a kid. Reply +1
  • Brutal Doom mod dials up the original game's gore

  • Nikanoru 08/06/2015

    The statement that this mod makes Doom "better" is highly, HIGHLY subjective. Reply +6
  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • Nikanoru 07/06/2015

    Another one of these articles? Wasn't this old hat 5 years ago?

    We get it, you chose to breed and want to let teenagers know how much of a responsible parent you are now.
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  • Heroes of the Storm review

  • Nikanoru 05/06/2015

    @Suarez07 Not gonna argue with you or anything, but I'm not sure a yet-another-MOBA review is a great place to make that comment... Reply +5
  • I am Bread is coming to PS4 this summer

  • Nikanoru 04/06/2015

    It was pretty alryeght on PC, but I'm not gonna shell out the dough for this a second time unless there's a slice of new content or two.

    (Edit: what did I do???)
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  • Splatoon review

  • Nikanoru 03/06/2015

    Threads like these are always great to fatten up my ignore list, with all the laughable Nintendo-hating teenagers that come out of the woodwork, spewing their petty drivel all over the place.

    I've collected a bunch from this thread already, you can probably guess which ones. :D
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  • The rediscovery of Ethan Carter: How last year's adventure is being remade for PS4 and VR

  • Nikanoru 03/06/2015

    @nickbonkersperry I wouldn't call it open world, it's no Skyrim. It's just nonlinear. Like any game with adventure elements ought to be. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 03/06/2015

    I just wish these new-wave adventure game creators weren't so afraid of the inventory, and the examine/use button. I hope that's one of the changes for their next game. Reply 0
  • Why would someone spend five years retranslating all of Final Fantasy 7?

  • Nikanoru 01/06/2015

    @thekeats I actually really liked spell names and such being different between FF games, it added just a bit more character to each individual entry, made them feel more new.

    That's one of the main things I dislike about FF retranslations, the insistence on making all the names of stuff exactly the same as the other games. Why would you want something boring like that?
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  • Nikanoru 01/06/2015

    @thekeats The only people who ever disliked Woolsey's work were insufferable japanophiles in the rom translation scene, years and years ago, who insisted on translations being as literal as possible. Reply +6
  • Nikanoru 01/06/2015

    Jeez, spoilers! Reply +10
  • Lego MMO development dogged by "dong detection" software

  • Nikanoru 01/06/2015

    @Hiya Because they don't disallow it. Fruit that's no longer forbidden gets boring after a while. Reply +9
  • Nikanoru 01/06/2015

    I can't help but wonder how any parent with even a basic level of common sense doesn't understand that penis drawings are hilarious to kids.

    I lied, I know why. It's because it's not about the children, it's about how the parents will feel embarrassed, especially if the kid draws any sort of socially unacceptable imagery in the company of family and/or friends. For parents, it's only about themselves and keeping up their appearance towards others. And they hide this under the guise of a fear of "damage" to the child.
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  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation review

  • Nikanoru 29/05/2015

    or deepening it's strangely unapocalyptic post-apocalyptic world,
    It's raison d'etre;
    For shame.

    (Edit: I notice the apostrophes were fixed, but there's still that semicolon... ;))
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  • Lara Croft: Relic Run is out now on mobile devices

  • Nikanoru 29/05/2015

    @lostmuppet Because games like this need visually iconic characters. Classic Lara was iconic. New Lara looks as fucking generic as they come. Reply +3
  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • Nikanoru 28/05/2015

    Nice, but it's still gonna be just bloody Fifa again, isn't it. Reply +1
  • Monstrum review

  • Nikanoru 28/05/2015

    Ships are great locations indeed, and I was really interested until I read about the randomly generated part. Not gonna waste my money. Reply 0
  • Chris Donlan on: Gaming's cruellest downgrade

  • Nikanoru 23/05/2015

    If people can't have the one thing that they specifically love, they will turn a thing that somebody else specifically loves into something that everyone can accept.
    Very true, this! It's an unfortunate phenomenon that influences a lot of things in our society, especially lately...
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  • Face-Off: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Nikanoru 23/05/2015

    @CaptainKid Actually, I agree with both you and harzo - the game simply doesn't look very good to me, compared to other current releases. Maybe it's the art direction?

    Of course, yes, this opinion is controversial because to most "gamers" today, "looking good" solely depends on the screen resolution and polygon count.
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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • Nikanoru 22/05/2015

    Can someone tell me why anyone is still putting those utterly awful circular d-pads on anything? Hasn't the patent for proper d-pads expired ages ago? Reply +2
  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • Nikanoru 22/05/2015

    What a sad excuse for a human. 17 years old. He'll wake up one morning at 35 and cringe at what a twat he was.
    No, no I don't believe he will. Some people remain mentally undeveloped like that well into their 40s. Then they transition right into "dirty old man".

    In fact I think nobody who was this much of a cunt in their teens can ever truly change.
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  • The next Need for Speed is a reboot

  • Nikanoru 21/05/2015

    Probably one of the most sigh-inducing media fads in the 2010's, the "reboot". Almost as bad as the "remaster". Reply +3
  • Witcher 3's latest patch tidies up Nvidia Hairworks performance

  • Nikanoru 21/05/2015

    So Ati users don't get the hair simulations? Or is there an alternative? Reply +4
  • Video for cancelled Doom 4 revealed

  • Nikanoru 19/05/2015


    Yeah it was probably gonna be squad-based at least in some sections.

    I'll never get why anyone wants that.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold nearly 52m units to retail

  • Nikanoru 19/05/2015

    @SaintDaveUK Well of course it's not that simple, but if it was 50/50, don't you think certain awesome games out there that absolutely flopped should've seen at least a fraction of the sales GTAV did?

    Let's put it this way: Knack sold a shitload and it was utter mediocrity. What it did have was a base level of production value to go along with its advertisement, so we could say a game needs at least that.

    There's also a certain x-factor that might propel a game, like say for instance Minecraft: there's no way Notch could've predicted he'd become a billionaire when he started his simple "cave game", and the popularity of Minecraft has to do with the creative community almost as much or maybe moreso than the game itself.

    In the end, just quality never sells. You can count the 10/10's on EG and see which of them actually sold significant numbers - it'll be the big names with the big publishers behind them.
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  • Nikanoru 19/05/2015

    @Cold_Waste Oh, then by that measure I know a few game titles that should be topping the charts but are nowhere to be seen...

    Let's not fool ourselves. It always has, and always will be 99% advertising and brand recognition.

    (re: dowvoters: What? Are you guys really naive enough to think game sales depend on game quality? LMAO!)
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  • A (very) brief look at the new Doom

  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015

    @shehzaanshazabdulla Well, glad you recognize at least that much. Many people shit on Rage's graphics undeservedly. I for one would kill to see another game that looks as much as a piece of concept art as it did. And I just can't bring myself to hate the engine that made it possible, despite its downsides. Reply +2
  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015


    Texture quirks be damned, it gave us Rage which had the best looking vistas in any game out at the time, and to be quite frank not even today I see any games beating it in that regard.

    So I don't think you're giving it enough credit.
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  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015

    @Jimjamyaha I see a lot of blood and burning in the clip... Reply +1
  • GTA 5 physical sales pass 5m mark in UK

  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015

    @bf Well what I meant to say was, it's wannabe gangster teenagers and chavs that are buying it in droves, and will continue to buy it forever.

    Which means, yes, you're right about it being part of the culture they supposedly parody.
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  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015


    That's precisely it. Who do you think is buying all these copies? Almost 10% of the country owns GTAV now.

    That's not just gamers.
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  • Nikanoru 18/05/2015

    1. cars
    2. shooting tough guys
    3. shooting tough guys in cars
    4. fighting tough guys
    5. terribly re-re-heated version of the worst FF
    6. it's just fucking football again
    7. shooting tough guys
    8. shooting tough guys
    9. shooting tough guys
    10. shooting tough guys

    lol UK

    lol game industry
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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster on PS4

  • Nikanoru 17/05/2015

    The PS2 put out impressive games, but the remasters just made them more impressive.
    On the contrary, they make them much less impressive. Remasters make these games look like crap compared to games actually developed for the system the remaster is on.

    Compare FF Type-0 on PS4 to FFXV on PS4. What was once a triumph of art and engineering on PSP now looks like a bunch of old polygons that someone ran a filter over and put a high-poly character in the middle of.

    Hell, remasters don't even need other games to compare to, to make themselves look bad. See the aforementioned Type-0 and its redone player character models that stand in stark contrast to the low-poly enemies and NPCs. Updating the player character alone was not an improvement, at all. It just created inconsistency and made the other stuff stand out as worse! Same goes for your other examples where just certain things have been improved "in places".

    All this, and of course the basic fact of an entire game that was never designed with 1080p in mind, and that suddenly looks flat, bare and empty at that resolution, where it didn't before. Even without selectively updated assets, a mere bump in resolution makes older games look suddenly inconsistent, exposing things that were never meant to be seen.

    Like a stage play where you take a chair and sit down right on the stage mere inches away from the actors, and you can see the scaffolding in the set and the theater staff scurrying around backstage, and all the actors' makeup is terrible because it's done so to look best from a distance. But you think you're having a better experience because hey, you can see everyone's faces in more detail now!
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  • Nikanoru 16/05/2015

    @Suave "objectively superior"


    No. They all look like PS2 games ripped out of a PS2 into a display mode they don't belong.
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  • Nikanoru 16/05/2015

    Remastering PS2 games is like vectoring cave paintings.

    Remastering PS2 games is like doing this:

    As long as it's sharp and clean, huh?
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