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  • StarCraft 2 will go free-to-play later this month

  • Nikanoru 03/11/2017

    @shadow-hachi Well, I mean, I wouldn't go so far as to demand it. I don't feel entitled to it at all.

    But just saying... it wouldn't go unappreciated. :P
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  • Nikanoru 03/11/2017

    What about those who already own both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, but not Legacy of the Void? Getting the latter for free sure would be nice... Reply +7
  • LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

  • Nikanoru 03/11/2017

    @beep Exactly. This whole thing is just weird. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    @omniscient I agree with udat, I think your definition of "ambition" is incredibly backwards. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    @Slipstream Games on PS4 and X1 have required extra downloads for a long time. But nobody cares because it's expected on those platforms. Usually you go Nintendo to avoid crap like that. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    @nostromo8 Didn't NBA also require 5 gigabytes per save? That is utterly out of this world. There is nothing in a sports game save, or any game save, that requires that much data, and whoever doesn't agree, doesn't understand how much data 5 gigabytes actually is. Reply +4
  • Mario Odyssey encourages curiosity - and what higher praise is there?

  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    @richyroo I just find it hard to understand how you can "miss" the actual platforming elements when purely platforming-focused challenge levels make up like half the content of the game (not to mention the fact that platforming is so interwoven into the exploration that I don't know how you can miss it there, either).

    How far are you in the game?
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  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    I miss the actual platforming in this game,
    Really? You must have not entered any doors or pipes. Easy mistake to make.
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  • Nikanoru 02/11/2017

    @Gameboyd You have to be joking. Mario platformers alone encompass three different genres (2D sidescroller, 3D top-down linear platformer, and free-form 3D exploration), and arguably the Galaxy games are in a 4th category of their own altogether. We haven't had a game like Odyssey since Sunshine, and before that, 64.

    We don't criticize Mario games like Asscreed simply because they're not comparable.
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  • Nintendo Switch's handheld mode more popular than playing on TV

  • Nikanoru 31/10/2017

    Cool to see how it's actually being used as a true hybrid console.

    I have personally not played in handheld ever, other than just to try it out to see how it looks. Then again all the games I own particularly lend themselves to TV mode.

    Though next time I'm on holiday I'm probably taking it with me and I'll make some good use of handheld mode.
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  • New report paints Visceral's cancelled Star Wars project as troubled from the off

  • Nikanoru 29/10/2017

    What a bunch of face-saving PR bullshit. Fuck off. Reply +1
  • Remembering Super Mario Sunshine

  • Nikanoru 25/10/2017

    Galaxy han an interconnected hub world, it was G2 that dropped it.
    Come on though, it was hardly deserving of the name. I love big hub worlds but I didn't miss G1's excuse for one when it didn't return in G2. Hell, the Mario head spaceship was almost as big as the hub world in the first one.
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  • How video game difficulty became a cultural battleground

  • Nikanoru 24/10/2017

    @Stoatboy Are you.... are you seriously trying to excuse the guy's display at the y-dash section as a fault of the tutorial?

    Are you completely fucking serious?

    I have to check this again.

    Are you completely fucking out of your mind?
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  • Nikanoru 22/10/2017

    That reviewer is probably pretty good at games too
    Oh no you don't. No, no, no, no, no. You cannot possibly have watched the tutorial part of that video, specifically the part where it teaches the y-dash, and say something like that. I suggest you watch it again and come back to amend that statement.

    Also, if you didn't know, this is the same guy who gave Mass Effect an extremely negative review complete with blaming the developers for incompetence, but was later forced to admit and face the fact that he only had this bad experience with the game because he had tried (and failed) to play through it without ever assigning talent points from leveling up, among other basic mistakes. He wrote a big apology about it.

    Luckily he rarely does reviews.
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  • In praise of bad game design

  • Nikanoru 20/10/2017

    vast realms in which you are never truly lost,
    I hate that developers are so scared of the player getting lost nowadays. I hate, hate the whiny players themselves who influenced this sort of mentality, by ridiculing any world/level design that is even remotely challenging to their sense of direction, memory, and investigative spirit.
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  • How Valve released five of its greatest games in a single day

  • Nikanoru 18/10/2017

    Screw Valve and their idiotic company structure. Reply -1
  • EA has shut down Visceral Games

  • Nikanoru 17/10/2017

    Now now, let's keep a positive outlook... maybe when they say "not linear" what they mean is something like a Metroid or an old Zelda game, which, while not being dreadfully linear in structure, still have a good focus and meaningful setpieces............. ahhh who the fuck am I kidding. Reply +19
  • Government response to loot box concern is predictably non-committal

  • Nikanoru 17/10/2017

    Did Walkers get investigated by the gambling commission? No.
    Well they should have been. Sounds like a case of nobody was paying attention.
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  • Unofficial SNES cartridge-playing Super Nt unveiled

  • Nikanoru 16/10/2017

    @Moz We've had that for years. If you want such a filter, look no further than MAME. Its arcade monitor simulation is the best I've seen. In fact it can't really get better than that until someone writes one for an 8K screen with enough detail to properly simulate the aperture grille.

    The problem is that LCDs don't really seem to be able to physically replicate the glow of a CRT (and no, bloom doesn't work and in fact makes it look much more fake). Maybe HDR displays will have the range and brightness required.

    And maybe in the yet further future, it will become possible and cheap enough to manufacture curved 4:3 HDR 8K LCDs that can be put behind glass in a nice retro casing...
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  • Nikanoru 16/10/2017

    @gillgrissom Exactly, old games on LCDs just feel emulater-ish, fake and just plain wrong tbh.

    (I'm sorry that the downvoters don't know what real retro games are supposed to look like. :))
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  • How I ruined Sega's financial results

  • Nikanoru 14/10/2017

    @darky77 I've seen plenty of people shit on 80s films just for "looking old". And just because something is slow doesn't make it inherently bad. We've just become impatient. I for one would gladly play Myst over many a modern action game. Reply +4
  • Nikanoru 14/10/2017

    There must be a psychology name for how our brains turn these crappy litttle games we played many years ago with their horrible graphics non responsive controls into little memory gems.
    Easy, it's called "perspective".
    There is nothing objectively bad about characters that are more angular in shape. We used to have no frame of reference for what a video game should look like. But in the years since, we've taught ourselves a very subjective difference between what "good" and "bad" graphics are supposed to be. Same goes for gameplay, there is nothing actually wrong with most retro games.
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  • Cuphead has sold over 1 million copies in the two weeks since it launched

  • Nikanoru 14/10/2017

    @PCMaestro You're the reason PC gamers are the most reviled of all fanboys. And yes, that's what you are, a fanboy. :) Reply +11
  • The Evil Within 2 review

  • Nikanoru 13/10/2017

    @dark10x That's actually made me much more interested in the game all of a sudden. Does it manage to make each setpiece meaningful, like Silent Hill used to do?

    That's what's bothered me in most games recently, either it's fully open world but everything feels meaningless and auto-generated, or it's completely linear with no opportunity to explore to the point where the game world doesn't actually feel like a place.
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  • Stardew Valley review

  • Nikanoru 10/10/2017

    but he admitted it is probably not going to change significantly due to the way the save code works; The only thing that makes this one fast is raw CPU power, and that's not something the Switch has to offer.
    How does it work, then? Because that is not normal. For a game like this, the Switch's hardware is absolutely massive overkill. We had sims like this 20 years ago, a time when power like the Switch's was something unimaginable... and those games didn't take that long to save. In fact I don't know how you could manage save times that long even if you were just winging it with highly unoptimized code. What on earth is the game doing?
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  • First look at Jurassic World Evolution in-game footage

  • Nikanoru 09/10/2017

    Shame though it's a park management game and not a FPS/adventure game like Trespasser.
    Came here to say this. What I wouldn't give for an actual good Jurassic Park action-adventure game. That's not made of Lego.
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  • How community coders are remaking the best - and the worst - Sonic games

  • Nikanoru 08/10/2017

    There's the sense that Sega doesn't feel threatened by fan-made projects,
    If you're implying Nintendo feel "threatened" by fan projects, maybe. But not in the sense you're probably thinking of. Because Nintendo's standards are extremely high when it comes to game design, they might feel "threatened" in the sense that crappy fan games might sully that image.

    Sega, of course, doesn't have this problem, because their standards have pretty much hit rock bottom. So, no, they don't feel "threatened" by fan games as much as they see something to grab onto in a last ditch effort, even if the quality of fan games isn't really up to professional standards, because they can no longer do these things themselves.
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  • Nikanoru 08/10/2017

    A great job on all fronts, but the original's art does feel like it has just that more depth to it. Graphics redone for the HD era, on a game like this, can have a flat, plasticy, materialistic feel to them.
    Glad someone said it. I'll go so far to say that the HD remake looks terrible. The artist's interpretation of what the pixel art on each tile was supposed to represent is off, and misses the spirit of the idea more often than not, with less contrast and a flatter look. The end result is like someone took a bunch of random pictures and arranged them in photoshop. Also, the shading makes the head on Sonic looks like it's flattened, not round like the original game.
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  • Riot apologises after League of Legends dev says streamer will "die from a coke overdose"

  • Nikanoru 03/10/2017

    I don't see anything wrong with what he said, considering the streamer in question. Firing him was a terrible move. Reply +2
  • FIFA 18 physical launch sales down 25% from last year

  • Nikanoru 02/10/2017

    @skunkfish It's sold out on Amazon and many people are reporting a lot of other places are out. Apparently in Spain it wasn't even released on a cart. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 02/10/2017

    @grassyknoll 8k is about all the copies they made. It's sold out everywhere. The only way Doom could possibly do less than that is if they make even less. Reply +1
  • Nikanoru 02/10/2017

    @grassyknoll Why? There were about a dozen copies of Switch Fifa out for sale. Any normal production run will beat that no matter what. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Super NES Classic mini review

  • Nikanoru 02/10/2017

    Reply +15
  • Nikanoru 01/10/2017

    @gabrieleriva Yeah I'm interested to hear what kind of display he was using...

    Though there certainly are differences, which I think have mainly to do with brightness and contrast. It's difficult to get full brightness on white or near-white colours while still having scanlines implemented. I'm hoping that HDR display technology will help with this.
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  • Nikanoru 01/10/2017

    @UKRaver1980 Yeah it may not be perfect but it certainly is the best way to play these games. DKC especially. SNES graphics weren't made to look as if they were running in DOS.

    (downvoters: blind idiots who think SNES games were made for DOS, and wouldn't understand graphics if they came up and bit them in the face. Fucking hilarious.)
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  • Watch: Scorn may look fantastic, but its gameplay is utterly archaic

  • Nikanoru 02/10/2017

    but its gameplay is utterly archaic
    Nowadays this reads as a recommendation.

    Having watched the video, I'm actually more excited than before. Was expecting this to be yet another mindbogglingly boring slog of an auto-playing series of setpieces (EG "essential"!), instead it looks like this game actually doesn't actively prevent you from figuring stuff out on your own at every turn.

    If they add some check/save points it should be perfect.
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  • Nintendo's half-arsed online cripples FIFA 18 on Switch

  • Nikanoru 01/10/2017

    @apoc_reg This thread has attracted the vultures (i.e. sad wankers) who will instantly downvote anything even slightly positive. It's incredibly pathetic, even a new post like yours earns a downvote right away.

    Have an upvote for balance. :P
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  • Nikanoru 30/09/2017

    I want to use the tablet as my daily driver for media consumption
    Uhh... did you forget you bought a gaming system mate? Don't blame Nintendo for not making an ipad like you clearly wanted them to. That's totally on you, not them.
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  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @blarty Just like every Nintendo article, I'm sure there will be hordes of drooling hateboys who come flocking seemingly out of nowhere - oh there they are! :lol: Reply -5
  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    What the fuck is this? Tumblr? Reply -2
  • Watch: Ian plays the SNES mini for 90 minutes

  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    Why did EG (and seemingly no other media outlet) mention the poor FX chip emulation? The shadows on Starwing/StarFox are totally fucked!
    What are you talking about? When was the last time you played the original game?
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  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @grassyknoll It's best not to bother with that sad wanker. He's obsessed with shitting on every single thing Ninty do. I can't imagine why anyone would be that preoccupied with hate towards a single company. Reply 0
  • How Super Mario Odyssey scales across docked and handheld modes

  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju If you really think it looks "jarring" then that explains a lot. To each their own then. Reply +1
  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju I think you have a lot of technical knowhow but not a lot of eye for visuals, and if you can't see how purposely applied the dithering is (regardless of deferred rendering), then there isn't much I can do to explain it to you other than to once again point out how they went as far as to incorporate the effect into the manually pixeled sprites. Reply 0
  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju The moons could have clearly been done like the ice pillars, but they aren't, they have the dithering on them even though they simply look cubemapped. These are artistic choices, no matter how much you want to make fun of that statement.

    Again, same for flashing Mario. Why would they not just flicker his model on and off like they've done in every game up until now, and instead throw (what is according to you) a rendering flaw right in the player's face on a hero asset? Because it's an artistic choice.

    Your theory is that the stipple alpha is shown where it is because they couldn't avoid it. Deferred rendering or not, this is simply untrue.

    [edited re: your edit]
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  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju But the bubbles don't look lit at all, they look simply cube mapped. Like the water, or like these ice pillars, they could have easily been transparent, but they just aren't.

    When Mario is hit, they could have just made him flicker like he's done in all previous Mario games. But they didn't.

    So many other cases like that. If they didn't want the stipple alpha to be there, it didn't have to be there.

    And no, this isn't comparable to texture filtering in Zelda. It's too visually impactful. This is like if Mario suddenly appeared in black and white, and someone went "wow look at these technical limitations".

    I don't see why you feel the need to argue that what might be considered the best developer in the industry doesn't know how to properly handle transparency. Again, it's 2017. Unlike your example of texture filtering cascades, no game has visible stipple alpha anymore unless that is the desired outcome. Out of all developers and all the AAA games out there, you seriously expect Nintendo to be the one to be stuck with stipple alpha out of necessity?


    Again, let's wait and see when the game is released. If they smooth out the dithering, then your initial theory is correct.
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  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju Again, you're writing a whole lot but ignoring the simple fact that they would have not put the effect right in your face front and center like that if they didn't want it to be there. Not just "because Nintendo" (or, well, "because any halfway competent developer"), but because it is used in so many situations where transparency wouldn't even be necessary at all. OR where it would've been very simple to render something with a cubemap, like the transparent moon that you posted an image of (which, looking at it more closely, may actually well be the case).

    Let's see if they'll use postprocessing to smooth out the dithering like in Uncharted like you theorized... even though they're this close to launch.
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  • Nikanoru 28/09/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju You're writing a lot but missing the very simple point I'm trying to make.

    If you look at the three "transparent" items in question, that is dithering incorporated into the pixel art. That is not going to get smoothed out by any later rendering additions, because it cannot be, because it is dithered on a sprite/texture level as opposed to a screen level. Therefore it is a style choice, therefore since it is consistent with other instances of stippled alpha presented front and center, those are also a style choice.
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  • Nikanoru 27/09/2017

    It just so happens to only apply to 'pixel art' that is receiving light, so was created with either a normal map or a mesh under orthographic projection. That's convenient.
    What? I'm talking about the actual pixel art in the 2D retro sections, I even pointed you to a time stamp in the video (0:50). Why would I be talking about anything else?
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  • Wii Shop Channel shuts down in 2019

  • Nikanoru 29/09/2017

    @SuperSoupy Uhh... no? The Wii doesn't even use NNID, where'd you get that from? There are no account requirements, you can transfer any random Wii system to the Wii U, even multiple ones and it'll combine eshop purchases from all those systems automatically.

    It's funny that you got upvoted for that post.

    It's also funny that there are at least a couple of fucktards downvoting this post, even though they don't know jack shit about the subject, they just see something and assume HURRR DUHHHRRRRR NINTENDERS IS STUPID AMIRITE LOLOL HUUURRRRRR. Though, hey, Trump is president so apparently there are way more retards out there than you'd guess. :)
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