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  • Steam serial key problems with new Batman: Arkham Asylum purchases

  • Neverness 30/07/2012

    Not actually tried to run this after getting it in the steam sale, but if it doesn't work I will be even more annoyed after the nightmare of getting Max Payne 3 to work (also bought from the sale). Actually, I don't think I managed to play that either! Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain

  • Neverness 14/12/2009

    Sounds intriguing, whether it keeps the standard and interest up remains to be seen, but here is hoping. Reply +1
  • Dewy's Adventure - Gameplay

  • Neverness 16/05/2007

    I actually feel sea sick watching that. Reply 0
  • Rag Doll Kung Fu

  • Neverness 06/01/2006

    I was more than happy to pay for this for the reasons Krudster mentions, though I totally agree with the review. It never quite works how you would like, it never moves beyond ungainly.
    If you think about the control method, it plays excactly as cumbersomly as you think, rather than as well as you could imagine (or how Mark Heley describes).

    Nice distraction and worth getting but a shame.
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  • FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup

  • Neverness 28/11/2005

    "...Underdeveloped, rushed titles that could really do with another year of development..."

    I'm sorry but I found this comment most amusing.


    Another year of development...but that would be FIFA 2007 would it not?
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5

  • Neverness 25/11/2005

    "There's no Master League mode, for example - just straightforward national and international leagues...

    ...and the lack of a serious single-player mode leaves you with an exhibition-style game"

    I haven't played PES since version 2 and even then only for a couple of matches. What is the Master League and if there are national and international leagues isn't that the same as normal footy games?

    I hate football but have always loved football games so am tempted by this.
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  • New official FEAR map

  • Neverness 01/11/2005

    I tend to do that anyway Bumbuliuz, saves faffing with disks. Course it doesn't help that I have so many unfinished games to play at the moment either. Reply 0
  • Battalion Wars

  • Neverness 07/07/2005

    Looks vaugly like how I would imagine Cannon Fodder 2005 to be.

    Please be that good...
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  • A Sensible Decision

  • Neverness 23/06/2005

    Onlyme - My post was badly written. The micro switches on the CP's use to break alot, especially in the firebuttons. All of my friends are right handed so the left firebutton took the brunt of all the games we used to play and would break. If that happened we used to sit there for hours, left hand wrapped uncomfortably around the CP to reach the working right button. We would eventually get around to moving the working microswitch though. Reply 0
  • Neverness 23/06/2005

    Mate of mine had both the zip stick and the bug. The Bug was horrid as far as I remember, but the zip stick was up there with my bright green transparent competition Pros. Remember having to change the microswitches on the fire buttos around quite alot though, or playing with your hand in a strange angle to reach the left button...ah good times.

    Shame the sesi on the plug in thing is SWOS, but I suppose that goes against the whole, um, plug and play thing.
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  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

  • Neverness 10/06/2005

    Now it might be my 'kept awake by 10 week old baby' brain, but wern't The Collective meant to be good? I know they haven't actually shown that but I seem to remeber the hype when they got together...who knows. Reply 0
  • E3 Xbox 360 trailers

  • Neverness 27/05/2005

    Freek: I thought the same, but Gears of War was running on high end PCs rather than the Xbox dev kits/G5s that the others were on. Maybe they felt that it wasn't, technically, a 360 showpiece?

    Dunno, who knows the ways of the console developers anyway?
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  • Half-Life 2

  • Neverness 26/05/2005

    I think there is a video of the boat section on Gametrailers. At least I am sure that is where I downloaded it from.
    Looks OK but the water was just a grey mess, may just be the vid quality though.

    Faceplate wise, one with little fish swiming around in it would be most excellent.
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  • Too Human: first details

  • Neverness 24/05/2005

    I thinks its been an idea, rather than a game as such for a number of years. Now that the consoles are 'more powerful than anything you have ever seen ever before...ever', it is possible to realise the vision. Lets just hope they live up to their reputation. Reply 0
  • HL2 DM, CS Source, HL2 single-player updates soon

  • Neverness 08/02/2005

    "(pixel shader 3.0 stuff)"

    "What's that then? Haven't they mastered make-things-look-like-plastic enough already? "

    Not sure, just posting what I read. I seem to remember that the Far Cry 1.3 patch enabled it and that Ati cards don't support it.
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  • Neverness 08/02/2005

    "What about Day of Defeat: Source? "

    The steampowered forums seem to suggest that it will be going beta very soon.

    They also say that the new level will potentially be Nvidia 6000 series cards only (pixel shader 3.0 stuff), which is probably complete rubbish.
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  • Resident Evil 4

  • Neverness 27/01/2005

    "Hmmm, have just seen the GC on Amazon for £70...twitch... "

    Aren't Argos doing the GC for £35 at the moment? They certainly are in my local store.
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  • Neverness 25/01/2005

    There is a sight on the shot gun, which is one of the most satisfying weapons in a game ever.
    Though using the pistol to shoot a grenade from the hand of a 'zombie' thus blowing a group of the buggers into bits is mighty close as well.

    The controls are strange, I don't have any problem with the ones in this game, but I could never get on with Metroid Prime which works in a similar way.

    A side step would be nice, even if it was just a lurch like the villagers do. Having said that, in the Edge interview this month the developers say that in a previous build they did have a sidestep/strafe, and it changed the atmosphere too much.

    Krudster: I just re-read the review and found it wasn't as negative as I read it first time, still a good review.
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  • Neverness 25/01/2005

    Universal Hamster:
    Got mine from Videogames+ (good choice as it turns out, Play Asia still haven't sent out one of my mates copies).

    I would say the score was spot on, the clunkyness, while not REALLY an issue because it adds a layer of panic to the whole thing, makes the game not quite worthy of a ten.
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  • Neverness 25/01/2005

    That review felt strangly downbeat and negative about the whole thing. Suppose someone has to calm things down a bit (other reviews seem to be stupidly positive).

    Personally I would say the letterboxing and controls/camera haven't bothered me in the slightest. I admit they felt a bit clunky at first (bit like metroid I thought), but you do soon get used to them, and it does add pressure when there are a hord of villagers slumping towards you.
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  • Cube Games To Watch in 2005

  • Neverness 06/01/2005

    "Definitely Resi 4 (any word on Freeloader compatibility yet?) "

    I'll let you know when it arrives. Somehow I managed to preorder it yesterday without even thinking about the whole freeloader I am worried.
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  • Katamari Damacy

  • Neverness 21/06/2004

    Sadly, and surprisingly, I found this to be slightly dull and repetitive. The music and general presentation is fantastic, the intro has to be seen to be believed, but the actual game didn't grab me.
    In the end it comes down to doing exactly the same thing over and over.

    Definitely worthy getting if possible, in fact I would if I owned a PS2, if only to revel in its insanity (and to see if I could get into it).
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  • What's New?

  • Neverness 11/06/2004

    "Zelda Four Swords Adventures (hate the two words ending in 's') is apparently very playable in single player. "

    Played it a few weeks back (Jap version) and it is great. We only had one link cable so couldn't try multi player, but single is indeed very good.

    I had actually forgotten this was coming out. Must get Wario Ware on the cube as well.
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  • DRIV3R

  • Neverness 28/05/2004

    My little bro played this at E3 and said (NTSC-UK)...

    "Having already experienced Outrun2 and Burnout 3, Driv3r was the third eagerly anticipated driving game in the Xbox stand. It was also the most disappointing, and arguably the biggest let down of all the games played at the show. Technically the game was strong and it displayed some lovely oversaturated lighting and colours, while the detail on the cars and main character were respectable. Out of car, the game wasn’t too shabby and fairly easy to play, though the targeting system needed work. The game is Driver, of course, not Walker, so it is the car stuff that really matters. It really does matter, but Reflections have got things completely wrong. The handling is unresponsive and sluggish, and to make matters worse the cars move at an absolutely pathetic rate. Never has a car game moved so slowly and, unbelievably for a game of this type, there is virtually zero traffic on the streets (vehicles or pedestrians). Eventually the mission just proved to be too tiresome and jumping out of the car at ‘high’ speed was more interesting than playing the game properly.

    Unless there was a hidden gear shift button on the Xbox pad, an awful lot of people are going to be disappointed with Driv3r (if however, the car was travelling everywhere in first gear, then an apology to Reflections shall be issued)."

    ...strange that he slated the driving more than the third person (twas show conditions though). Whats more strange is that even with the signs that this will be released unfinished, I still want it.
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  • Star Fox: Assault

  • Neverness 12/05/2004

    Strange shots those, the top three rows are obviously from last years E3, but the rest dont seem to match this years video (which looks a heck of a lot better). The huds are different, and they are at a strange res which doesn't look right at all.
    Other than that...meh.
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  • Colin McRae Rally 2005

  • Neverness 29/04/2004

    hmmmm, could it be that there is a 'proper' Xbox version this time rather than a PS2 constrained multi format jobbie? These shots look poor when compared.
    We shall see.
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  • Colin McRae Rally 2005

  • Neverness 29/04/2004

    Nice...but it would appear that Depth of Field is the 'new feature' (last time it was proper grass or something). Reply 0
  • Capcom shows us the face of Evil

  • Neverness 22/03/2004

    I have to say that I am actually looking forward to this.

    There is also a video around as well. Poor quality, but nice to see.
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  • Pandora Tomorrow to debut on Xbox/PC

  • Neverness 04/02/2004

    There is also a vid showing the multi player out if you didn't know. Looks very nice too.
    Get it from the usual places.

    Fingers crossd on the cube version not being delayed until after the PS2 release as well.
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  • Take-Two signs up Carve

  • Neverness 02/12/2003

    indeed they do. Reply 0
  • Neverness 02/12/2003

    "Hovercraft racing may not be a perennial favourite amongst gamers..."

    I thought this was a jetski racer?
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  • New Deus Ex 2 footage

  • Neverness 12/11/2003

    Vids have been removed. Bummer. Reply 0
  • Colin McRae Rally 04

  • Neverness 06/10/2003

    Had a great game on this at the weekend with my brother. 6 stages, Greece (I think) and we started the last stage with under 1.5 seconds between us. I won the stage but ended up quater of a second down. Very tense, and very good.

    One big fault I found was the two player championship. Why no split screen play? I can understand the more like real rallying thing, but I don't want to have to wait for the other player to finish his go before I play.
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  • Club Football

  • Neverness 17/09/2003

    What a nice thread...

    Ah Mr Zzzz (if it is indeed you), what is the chance of CMr04 coming out on the Cube then?

    (Couldn't miss the opportunity,post a question like that on the Codies forum and you just get abuse...looks at thread...hmmm)


    Edit: Post count has dropped, huzzar for moderatiors removing the tards!
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  • UK Charts: Eye Toy overtakes Pokemon

  • Neverness 19/08/2003

    "No - because it's down at number 8 (iirc) in the GameCube chart. FIFA 2003 was the best selling game on the Xbox, Rogue Leader was the best selling game on the Cube."

    I see.

    So is Rogue Leader worth getting (ignoring the Star Wars licence)?
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  • Neverness 19/08/2003

    "The top ranked GameCube title is Star Wars Rogue Leader, for some reason we can't quite fathom, and unsurprisingly it doesn't get anywhere near the top 40 All-Formats ranking. The top ranked Xbox title is FIFA 2003, which is at number 4 in the chart, but it's hard to say how many of those sales exactly came from the Xbox version alone."

    FIFA 2003 is out on the GC too (is it not?), which, as far as I can tell, makes it the highest GC title.

    So what (and where) is the highest Xbox exclusive then?
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  • .hack//INFECTION (Part 1)

  • Neverness 01/08/2003

    "No, not yet! I'm just about to start Book2 of Otherland. Excellent stuff. I just love Thargor and Pithlet. "

    It is a great series, though not as good as Memory, Sorrow and Thorn (Dragon Bone Chair, Stone of Farewell, Siege/Storm).
    I felt the second book was abit of a filler (still good), but the next two are great (in OtherLAND).

    "Can't believe I called it Otherworld.../goes back and edits."

    Didn't even notice. Ah well.
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  • Neverness 31/07/2003

    "This is more of what we need! Sounds excellent and has a similar sounding structure to the Tad Williams Otherworld books.

    Which is a good thing. A good thing.

    Nice. "

    That was exactly what I was thinking as I read it.
    Have you read his new book (War of the Flowers)? If so, any good?

    This does sound good though. Shame I don't have a PS2.
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  • F-Zero GX import woes

  • Neverness 30/07/2003

    hmmm, they should have shipped yesterday. Maybe they ship today and you 'should' get it Thursday or Friday.

    I had problems with Viewtiful Joe, but I don't think that was their fault because there just weren't enough copies to go around. Got it now though!
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  • Nintendo readies new demo disc

  • Neverness 24/07/2003

    "I've given up with the stars thing as there doesn't seem to be anything worth getting. Saying that I haven't looked for ages...... "

    Don't bother...there has been nothing new (appart from free famicom desktop icons). The Gameboy player is coming soon though...
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  • Viewtiful Joe

  • Neverness 10/07/2003

    "What's that about bonus characters on the US release of SC2? Don't tell me I'll have to buy it again? :) "

    I think they have made it so Hwang and a couple of other 'classic' characters are now playable. Read that somewhere.
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  • Neverness 08/07/2003

    Still waiting on my copy, that will teach me to hesitate. But then who'da thought it would sell out so fast?

    I did play it at the weekend, and it is hard, more so than the demo, but oh so satisfying. Even the wife likes it.

    Cost me about £38 from Goblin, course they are still sold out.
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  • Colin McRae Rally 3.0

  • Neverness 20/06/2003

    'Well if the Xbox version is any indication, it'll actually be the very WORST of the lot. Even Sega Rally on GBA was better...! '

    Ah well, back to Burnout then.
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  • Neverness 20/06/2003

    'Have you seen Rallisport Challenge next to it?'

    Yeah, much better game, slightly too much bumpmapping IMHO, but there you go. Makes me laugh every time too, I mean it is just so fast and (in two player) has no co-pilot, hurtling off cliffs has never been so much fun!

    I just hope that (after reading the eurogamer PS2 review) VRally 3 turns out to be the best of the lot and has its problems fixed on GC of course).
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  • Neverness 20/06/2003

    'yeah, but when you say "full detail", that's assuming there is much detail ... '

    Excactly. Surely a modern Console game should be way too demanding for a system which can't even match the Xbox for processor speed?
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  • Neverness 20/06/2003

    I did install the demo of this (pre patch) and played it more than any other demo for a while. I originaly did my standard 'I wont be able to run this' thing and left the res low and details off, but in the end I could run it full detail at 1024. This was on a Athlon 600!

    Lazy port indeed.
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  • Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

  • Neverness 20/06/2003

    "When my new television has arrived, that is, as the previous one has imploded."

    You didn't play Ikragua with the telly on its side did you?
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