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  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Neut 11/06/2013

    Well, that was amusing. Back to PC. Reply 0
  • Neut 11/06/2013

    Oh hey a scarab Reply 0
  • Neut 11/06/2013

    I was intrigued until they started shooting... Reply 0
  • Neut 11/06/2013

    Is that the Xbone? Reply 0
  • Team Fortress 2

  • Neut 15/07/2011

    "Thing is, TF2 isn't exactly clan shooter. It doesn't work as a 5x5 'pro game', it is what is written on the case - team game."

    6v6 TF2 tourneys say hi.
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  • The Men Who Stare At Protoss

  • Neut 14/11/2010

    Funny, when people find that they must judge other people on what they do with their free time, I lose my faith in humanity. Reply +8
  • Gears of War 3's Cliff Bleszinski

  • Neut 03/07/2010

    So does this mean they'll finally get around to making Unreal 3 once they're finished with this Gears of Wars business? Reply 0
  • XCOM

  • Neut 16/06/2010

    @TRUTH: Yep and theyre calling it Thi4f...
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  • Downloading the Future

  • Neut 13/02/2010

    There's an air of superiority in the article that's worrying if it reflects the opinions of the industry as a whole. You speak of people feeling like they're entitled to content, but what about the flipside? I get the impression that publishers feel like they're entitled to our money.

    Tbh I'm not too fond of this antagonistic attiude towards consumers, howbout instead of treating us as potential revenue streams and mindless masses of statistics, publishers treated us as people? They might find that people are actually willing to pay for stuff they enjoyed.

    Just look at Team Fortress 2. That game has at least doubled in size from free content since release and I would gladly pay for more, but Valve aren't charging me. They seem to be doing ok making money from new players who buy the game (and get all that extra content as well). When you're being treated this well why would you wanna waste a fiver on some extra skins?
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  • Eufloria

  • Neut 11/11/2009

    @JEPC123 - ooh, I hadn't thought of that! In which case, perhaps notmyrealname is making a point whose subtlety was lost on me :(

    I think he was just trying to sound smart and ended up sounding retarded :D

    On that note, yes JEPC is right the current hypothesis for moon formation involves a body smashing in the earth. Also by air I presume he means the mixture in the atmosphere that we breathe which always contains some water vapour, so in this case air is definitely part water and a part of the moon is earth :P

    As for the game I played the demo and found it relaxing (also fair dues to the 2/3 people that made it) but it didn't really keep me interested enough to keep playing. 5/10 kinda makes sense for a game that's "decent but will divide opinions", if y'know the whole scale was used as opposed to the current one where anything below 5 might as well be a negative score.
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  • Retrospective: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Neut 13/09/2009

    Wow strange timing with this article. I just bought and reinstalled SoC on budget yesterday as I had lost my old cd. Still a brilliant a game and I think I'll give that Stalker Complete mod a go this time round. Reply 0