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  • Games of the Generation: Dark Souls

  • Neppy 31/10/2013

    I do agree with the few others saying Demon's Souls really deserves the title not Dark Souls. I love both games, but Demon's Souls is the game that invented what both games are. Without that, there wouldn't have been the Dark Souls we know and love. Both games are fantastic and some of my personal highlights this gen anyway. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy 14

  • Neppy 29/09/2013

    I am truly addicted to this game.

    I play both versions, and true enough I have veered towards the PC for most of the fighting part.

    But I still think the ps3 version is an accomplishment. It does struggle a lot but it works and has only frozen my ps3 once in already 100+ hrs I've played. I find it nice to kick back and craft/gather on it and maybe farm some items. One major flaw however that wasn't mentioned - the loading priority of models is completly broken in FATEs. These are the event battles people crowd around at, and on ps3 it slowly loads in other characters/minions INSTEAD OF THE MONSTERS, so sometimes you never see any until they're all dead! I'm talking over a minute of nothing and unless you can aoe blindly you'll get no exp. It's horrible and needs to be changed.

    I'm fine with the control setup/UI and have healed difficult content with it, but of course this is personal opinion thing. I do think they translated it to controllers well, how better could they have done it?

    I'd reccommend the game even just for the story; the main scenario has a definitive ending where you could stop at if you don't want to play endgame/forever.
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  • Child of Light draws on Chrono Trigger, Grandia 2

  • Neppy 12/09/2013

    Looks very nice. Grandia 2 was great I agree, but Grandia 1 holds a special place in my heart and is truly one of my all time favourite games. That game was so obviously made with total love and passion and the feeling of adventure it gave me has never been beaten (though Skies of Arcadia came close). Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 14 companion app released

  • Neppy 10/09/2013

    What the heck? It won't install on my iphone 3GS (Yes I know it's ancient, it's also still perfect for my needs) because it 'needs a gyroscope'... :| Reply 0
  • Virgin Media is Sony's PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner

  • Neppy 20/08/2013

    I'm already with Virgin so it'll be a nice surprise if I get whatever that is as part of the service! Uncapped bandwidth in peak times when using ps4 would be nice... Reply +6
  • Sony says there "aren't plans" to release StreetPass-like Vita-exclusive Toro's Friend Network in Europe

  • Neppy 27/06/2013

    Lame! :( Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy born again

  • Neppy 27/06/2013

    I started playing the beta last weekend too; I'm far more impressed with it than I imagined I'd be. That producer guy deserves a lot of credit. So do the technical people who got it running on ps3!

    I never played 11 or 14 1.0 so it was quite new to me, though I've played Ragnarok Online 1/2 and WoW so I'm familiar with the general flow. Even with some framerate dips in town I actually found it enjoyable playing on ps3 once I got used to it. I'd need to buy a keyboard for it though... and as an ex-raider I imagine people probably won't want ps3 people in whatever endgame content there is. Or maybe tanks won't go from 100% - 0% in 2 seconds like WoW?

    Really looking forward to this weekend. It may have its claws in me...
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  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Neppy 11/06/2013

    Bit of a shame but let's not forget how good PS+ is regardless. Reply 0
  • Neppy 11/06/2013

    it said in-engine Reply 0
  • Neppy 11/06/2013

    I like my Vita too you meanies! Reply 0
  • Neppy 11/06/2013

    Please be good! The guy at ps blog said it'll be 90min long. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls art book reaches western shores in November

  • Neppy 05/06/2013

    Amazon are usually pretty good at lowering art book prices. I've bought both the Atelier series art books Udon released from them at a time when they took off like 33% a few weeks before shipping date (The latest was $45/£30 RRP but I got it for £21).

    This'll probably be my third Udon artbook! Not usually a fan of dark and dreary places but Dark Souls was pretty special.
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  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive announced for Vita

  • Neppy 24/04/2013

    @easter Yes, and Corpse Party is totally worth it at least. It is on PSN (as is the sequel) but I can't confirm if it works on the Vita since I don't have one (yet).

    I bought the second one the day it was released since it's a visual novel and likely wouldn't have sold in great numbers, but am yet to play it. Heard it's pretty good too though, but I'll miss being able to walk around the school.
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  • Fire Emblem: Awakening review

  • Neppy 15/04/2013

    I've never really played a Fire Emblem for whatever reason; but this sounds a lot like one of my favourite games of all time, Shining Force 3. That's a very good thing.

    Alas, I still don't own a 3DS mostly owing to the region locking. But I'll be sure to get this along with a (probably american) 3DS one day!
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  • Flying through life: Meet the man behind Panzer Dragoon

  • Neppy 08/04/2013

    Saga is one of my all time favourite games too - am very happy I held onto it when I got rid of a few other Saturn games. For the few wondering above, it is(was?) actually one of the most expensive games on ebay and such. At least £150 and that was 4-5 years ago since I checked. I could use a new graphics card, or a Vita, but I'll just never be able to part with it.

    The shooters are amazing too (not much mention of Zwei here in the comments!?) and together they form one of the most imaginative worlds I've ever seen. It's a really amazing series. Hopefully I get to play Orta one of these days.
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  • Ecco the Dolphin creator launches Kickstarter for spiritual successor The Big Blue

  • Neppy 25/03/2013

    Bah! At half of these comments.

    I love Ecco 1 & 2. Sure they were hard as a kid and I ended up using passwords to check out the later levels, but playing them when I was older I found all you really needed was patience and to explore and find all the air and fish locations to keep you healthy. I beat both of them without ever getting completely stuck or endlessly dying (well to be fair, "Welcome to the Machine" is pure evil. But it IS the last level...). Also yes, terrifying game. I still have a fear of the deep sea to this day.

    This sounds different, and I'm sure it'll be really good with that team. I really hope it does well... at least for the multiplayer goal. Unfortunately I don't have a CC so I can't back unless he adds Paypal. :(
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  • US Sony store sales suggest a price drop of the 3G Vita

  • Neppy 13/03/2013

    The Vita is definitely picking up in Japan, games wise, though the price drop helped too I'm sure. I hope the west gets some of them such as Tales of Hearts R. Soul Sacrifice sounds great and is coming at least.

    I still don't have one yet, but I'd grab the 3G version for a similar drop in the UK!
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  • Father mods Donkey Kong so his daughter can play as Pauline rescuing Mario

  • Neppy 11/03/2013

    How nice!

    It really is true that playing as the gender you identify with makes an otherwise exact same game more enjoyable to play. Hearing it from a 3 year old just cements that fact.

    Now how about a Mario 1/3/world hack too? You could change Bowser too... Bowsina?
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  • Age of Empires 2 HD Edition announced, will Rome onto Steam next month

  • Neppy 08/03/2013

    I hope the cd music is included too; it's amazing!

    Looks like you can zoom in which I'm glad about too - I like watching the people do their thing up close.
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  • Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages headed to 3DS Virtual Console

  • Neppy 21/02/2013

    Great games (Links Awakening is better however to the guy who asked). I'm not really partial to either but seasons has some nice references to Zelda 1; a few of the bosses are lifted from it. Lazy perhaps, but neat for Zelda fans.

    If I remember right, Seasons was more focused on combat while Ages is more focused on puzzles, so whatever you prefer... get both though!
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • Neppy 20/02/2013

    Bad idea to click full screen :( Reply 0
  • Neppy 20/02/2013

    Really hoping they surprise/amaze us in many ways, and I'm not talking about graphics. Reply 0
  • Nintendo releasing US 60Hz version of F-Zero on Wii U Virtual Console

  • Neppy 20/02/2013

    That's great news, I hope they keep doing it for all games from now on!

    I think I played F-zero more for the music than anything else, nice little game though. Wouldn't mind the Gamecube version when they start adding those too.
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  • BlizzCon 2013 announced for early November

  • Neppy 19/02/2013

    I'm a little surprised Titan still hasn't been shown at all... it's been in development forever! I think if anyone is gonna do it Blizzard will actually try something new in the MMO space. Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review

  • Neppy 19/02/2013

    I won't get spoiled on the Metal Gear Solid story if I play this first right?

    Always wanted to play them, but still haven't gotten around to it...
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  • Sony considering £300 PS4 UK price, claims The Times

  • Neppy 18/02/2013

    So about 250$ in the US then?

    It is a pretty nice price though. I just hope they announce some must-have games on Wednesday or E3.
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  • Administrator Deloitte confirms 66 HMV store closures

  • Neppy 07/02/2013

    The Bracknell one is like the last place in the town to buy CDs and DVD/Blu rays... it really is gonna be full of pound and phone shops soon. :( Reply +1
  • PlayStation 3 12GB Super Slim review

  • Neppy 03/02/2013

    £120 is very cheap... I think I'd rather replace my ps3 with another slim though if it ever died (sure hope not).

    It's a shame it was not released in the US; Been wanting a region 1 blu ray player and such a cheap console would serve as a nice backup too!
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  • PlayStation 4 to launch in Japan and North America this year, but not reach Europe until early 2014 - report

  • Neppy 01/02/2013

    I don't really care about the delay, but I DO care that Sony uses this chance and tries to fix up the EU PSN in general with releases and such and maybe make each region accessible worldwide or something. If they don't and lock out the consoles to one account like the Vita, that'll be a big mark down. Another if it isn't region free.

    Come on Sony, the game industry needs you more than it realises. Don't mess this up. Impress us!
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia review

  • Neppy 31/01/2013

    Got it a few days ago! It's amazing quality; I wasn't even expecting hardcover for some reason (yes I see it says it on Amazon now). Like a few others I'm slightly disappointed there wasn't much on the older games compared to the mammoth SS section but it's still a lovely book. I wonder if they chose green to make it look like the book of... of... M-something - that book in Link to the Past? Or perhaps just after Links clothes...

    As for the talk about the original NES title, sure it seems really dated by todays standards, but it's exactly what it set out to be. Zelda 'hid' the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom and you had to FIND them. Wouldn't be very good for them to be signposted for Ganon would it? It took me weeks/months of playing back then to beat the game... I can do it in a few hours now. Anyone with a guide can too; I'd still recommend playing it to see where Zelda started! I adore Zelda 2 too, though that has as lot more haters. Both are still some of the best 8-bit games to have ever been made though.

    Of course, Link to the Past perfected Zelda 1 and is one of the best games ever created. I feel the same way about Wind Waker; it fixed up Ocarina of Time's little niggles (like equipping/unequipping Iron Boots) to make it control flawlessly. It's a shame it had dungeons cut and that Triforce Hunt at the end (which wasn't too bad but is no substitute for dungeons or something) but it's still up there. The ending really depressed me first time I saw it too. I still think it's my favourite 3d Zelda (with OoT very close), although to be honest the new graphic style of the HD update doesn't look as good to me as the old style (just go look at 1080p Dolphin videos of it) and I really doubt they'll bother to add missing content like the dungeons like people are hoping for.

    I would hope the next Zelda gave you a choice of Pad or Wiimote. I personally prefer pads; Wiimote was fun and definitely better in some situations but overall I think it diminished my enjoyment a little. Then again we're likely to see something new with the Wii U tablet anyway.
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  • Persona 4: Golden review

  • Neppy 13/12/2012

    @TheBrotha P3 FES is on the american PSN for 10$.

    Persona 5 is in development but there's still been no info released about it even after over a year since it was announced that it was in development.
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  • Neppy 13/12/2012

    Little did I know buying Persona 3 when it came out here in Feb? 2008 that I was about to play the best jRPG series of the whole generation. I bought 4 on release too but put it off for years since I was playing WoW and ignoring other games. Only played it last year and it still blew me away. I really want a Vita for this... need to wait for a price cut. :(

    Also, this totally deserves a 10. :P I've played most jRPGs this gen and this one is surely still the best though I suppose its still a remake. I have really high hopes for Persona 5!
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • Neppy 08/12/2012

    I didn't think it'd be an actual sequel (or maybe it won't be in story terms?) but great news nonetheless! Reply +1
  • Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion review

  • Neppy 05/12/2012

    Well I still like Castle of Illusion (I actually replayed it earlier this year)... yes World of Illusion and Quackshot are better, but that's what's supposed to happen with sequels. I also had the Game Gear version which was fun too; that big greenish dragon near the end was quite random and is what I mostly remember for some reason. And the chocolate boss with the mad face...

    Shame about this game, I really like the graphics at least.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The story of the microtransaction

  • Neppy 01/12/2012

    I love, for example, the Metal Slug series. That sort of game is perfect for arcades since they put so much effort into making it attractive and fun to play so you'd want to continue. But personally, although I've played it a few times at an arcade just for the experience I never put in more than one credit. I happily bought the collection for the ps2 though for £30 or whatever it was.

    I guess I just like to feel I own something and can play it anytime without worrying about money. If I wanted to play it, I'll just put the disc in and play it to my hearts content. If f2p games with microtransactions offered a one-off payment thats fair for what the game is and would never bother me about payment I'd be happy to pay if I was interested.

    As for paying £40 for a game and then having more shoved in my face... well, I'm in the camp that preferred that time 10 years ago when everything was just bundled into an expansion pack with plenty of hours to get out of. I don't like the idea of loading a game I've beaten every few weeks to try out something for 30mins - and so I generally avoid it. Dragon age was the worst with it being in-game in the camp; FFXIII-2 having the final ending be dlc was lame too.
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  • YouTube Shining Force 3 content suddenly targeted for copyright infringement

  • Neppy 20/11/2012

    Shining Force III is AMAZING. Bought part 1 on release in 1998? and finally got to play part 2 and 3 a few years ago thanks to those awesome people on the fan translation team. Even after so much time I was blown away by how good it was still. So happy I got to see the rest of the storyline and I hope others will too!

    If this is a remake, I really hope they stick to sprites though... they were done really well. The 3d battle scenes could use a big upgrade though.
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  • Guild Wars 2 players upset at the apparent arrival of an end-game armour grind

  • Neppy 15/11/2012

    I'm kind of interested in GW2 but I'm holding off till I get a better graphics card... but what were people expecting? Or rather, what was there to do PvE wise other than run all the dungeons and such once if there's no upgrades to aim for? There's no raids right? It's funny they didn't think of this since they had all that GW1 experience (haven't played either); what did they do there? At least this gear doesn't count for PvP.

    Of course it'd be nice if there really was other things you can do in an MMO but we never see it... would be nice to be able to just set up a house and be a farmer or blackmith or whatever and have proper systems/games-within-games to support them but in the end most people would just find them boring and devs probably know this and just try to keep adding more and more things to kill to keep up with demand (though it's never enough).
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  • Minecraft, architecture and the trouble with children

  • Neppy 15/11/2012

    If that were me I'd probably ban them from Minecraft for a week and go sulk...

    I've heard so many stories of siblings/friends etc deleting save files. I'm glad it hasn't happened to me but it also means I wouldn't take it well if it did.
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  • 2010's Sega Mega Drive RPG Pier Solar coming to Xbox 360, PC and Mac in HD

  • Neppy 09/11/2012

    Heard of this before but didn't really look into it since my mega drive controllers are dead... and it'd probably be black bordered and slowed down to 50hz on Europe machines?

    Awesome project though, I'm glad it was finished and well received and now coming to more systems! I'd also prefer it on ps3, but my PC will do. Looking forward to it!
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  • Aliens vs. Predator 1999 remade as a Crysis 2 mod

  • Neppy 08/11/2012

    The facehuggers in this game scare the hell out of me so much I've actually turned the game off because it was all just too much. I did manage to beat it though, even before the patch to add in-mission saves was added. Those flares were useless to point out where those little buggers were, and the motion tracking wasn't too much help either since you can hear them and hearing them sent me into a state of panic anyway.

    Unfortunately I don't own Crysis 2 and don't really have any interest in it so won't be able to try this. :(
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  • Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss review

  • Neppy 29/10/2012

    The first areas are beautiful indeed, but I especially loved the final area of the DLC. It had some really nice atmosphere and sounds (especially just before the bonfire, it sounded like something huge was moving around though you never see whatever it is) and it was nice to get to know where the abyss came from and even explore the land Dusk talked about. I'm a sucker for stuff far in the past. I liked seeing the certain npc you can save there too (can even summon them on the boss there) though I still haven't managed to actually kill the boss thanks to my eventual mistakes. I'll learn, but it does seem to have a lot of hp relative to Nito/Seethe/Gwyn.

    It is pretty short, but of course we want more.. lots more! Since Demon's Souls took so bloody long to come out in the UK (I would have imported it had I known how good it was) we've had a steady stream of Souls for the past two years. Demon's Souls 2010, Dark Souls 2011, this DLC 2012, will the next game be ready next year? Well.. we can dream.
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  • Be warned: you may have to play through Dark Souls again to access the Artorias of the Abyss DLC

  • Neppy 25/10/2012

    I started a new char at the weekend for this. Played far too much yesterday to get everything done so I could go there. The first dlc boss promptly killed me in a few seconds; It has been a year already since I fought a brand new boss so it was a little shock, but I quickly got the hang of it. Didn't manage to cut off his tail though even though I slashed it a fair number of times after its lunge attack. The area after that is beautiful. It was nice being in a bright area with greenery everywhere in a Souls game. Didn't last long till the abyss started showing itself though...

    I hadn't played it since last November or so after I played it for about 200 hours in the first month and a half. I saw there's been a number of patches... lots more humanity and homeward bones thrown about. So many more souls gathered too... I'm already level 50 on my new character, 16 hours in, after only getting the lordvessel and going to the DLC area, while my 2nd char I made a month after launch is 50 after 30 hours and has everything cleared but Gwyn. I'm not sure how much easier it actually is since I know the world very well now but I'm sure the extra levels definitely help newcomers.

    I was a little surprised by the price; I assumed it'd be 10$/£7.99 rather than 15$/£9.99, but I have a lot of faith in FROM and love the Souls games so I grabbed it anyway. I haven't finished it yet but it feels like a proper expansion and not some cheaply made DLC. It's at LEAST up there with the best of DLC from other games (RDR's undead nightmare, or Borderlands' General Knoxx). I do remember them saying there won't be any DLC though... but I'm glad we get to explore more of the world all the same.
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  • Hotline Miami review

  • Neppy 23/10/2012

    Yeah, I did not manage to survive longer than about 30 seconds at the expo demo in about 20min of playing it.. but I was laughing all the while. If there's a demo everyone should check it out! Reply +6
  • Carmageddon is free for a day to celebrate its iOS launch

  • Neppy 17/10/2012

    I liked how at the expo the avatar of the driver seemed to bob along to the loud beat playing in the background somewhere... yeah that's the main thing I remember for some reason. Not really my thing but I'll give it another go since its free! I think it's nice the original devs did the porting too. Reply +1
  • New PS Store launch issues force Sony to revert to old Store

  • Neppy 17/10/2012

    I went on the US store yesterday and it was the old style; I wondered why we were getting it first... now we know, to beta test it seems! Reply +10
  • The Walking Dead, Doom 3 BFG Edition on EU PlayStation Store

  • Neppy 17/10/2012

    These delays are growing and growing, something seriously needs to be done. Retro City Rampage is the first delay in a while that I actually want. Before it was Castlevania HoD DLC which took months and months for it to be fully released.

    I'll live, but isn't the Dark Souls DLC due next week? That'll REALLY annoy me if it doesn't appear on our store...
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  • Tokyo Jungle just £9.99 on EU PlayStation Store today

  • Neppy 26/09/2012

    I would have prefered FF3 having the updated sprite treatment like FF1+2 and FF4 complete collection, but indeed it's nice for it to finally be added to playstation. I think FFX HD will come out on Vita too? So Vita will have 1-10 eventually!

    Now I'd just love FF5 and FF6 updates too... as sprites, but I guess at this point if they are at all it'll be 3d on 3DS/Vita.
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  • Borderlands 2 review

  • Neppy 18/09/2012

    Can't wait for 6pm Thursday! Funny time for a steam unlock but hey better than Friday. Been a long time since I was excited for a FPS... Reply +20
  • Resident Evil 6 £899 Leather Jacket Edition confirmed for Europe

  • Neppy 10/09/2012

    Shame, if they included all future RE6 DLC in that purchase you'd probably save money in the long run over the basic edition... Reply +1
  • Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link given 3DS eShop release date

  • Neppy 10/09/2012

    Always so much distaste for this Zelda... I really liked it. I also really liked it when I replayed it only a year and a half ago. It's a lot better than its Castlevania 2 counterpart. Of course it has a few issues like every other game, but when I got this for christmas when I was about 8 I managed to get 5/6 of the palaces done with a little persistence. I DID run into a snag however; I had no idea you could knock down trees with the hammer, thus I could never find the hidden village to learn the final spell and get the master key and complete the 6th palace until I found a FAQ on this new internet thing many years later. No villagers mentioned anything like that so that's a pretty huge problem.

    I don't think it's as hard as Zelda 1 in the exploration department though. If you try showing Zelda 1 to a younger gamer today, they likely wouldn't stand a chance at it - not a single clue where to go at any point in the game, with only a handful of hints that sometimes make no sense. Exploring? "What's that?!". At least in Zelda 2 the Overworld actually helps point you in the right direction by blocking off other areas in various ways until you get x item. Plus there's plenty of villagers with useful (and not so useful) hints.

    Saying that, I still prefer top-down Zelda. A Link to the Past is still my favourite. I just don't understand why people hate 2 so much. It's one of the best games that was made in the 8-bit era.
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