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  • Twitch lets you buy cheers

  • Necanthrope 28/06/2016

    It just looks like Twitch are trying to get a cut of the donation money streamers get. AFAIK they already get half of any subscription money made so expect the same here. If you really want to help out a stream a direct donation or a Steam game is still the best way to go. Reply +7
  • Steam's sale changes were a huge success

  • Necanthrope 12/01/2016

    The Steam sale discounts have been disappointing for the last 18-24 months. At least on those titles I'm interested in. Unsurprisingly my sale purchases have reduced over that span in response. I also bought nothing over the course of the Xmas sale. Neither did I add anything to my wish list.

    The new format is simply boring and takes all the fun out of the process. You check everything on your wish list day 1 which takes 2 minutes and that's the sale over. It's a far cry from the much better sales of a few years ago where recent titles might suddenly appear in a flash sale at 75% off. It seems anything even remotely new is now capped at 50% and therefore not tempting at all.
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  • Bloodborne's latest update adds new opportunities to max out weapons

  • Necanthrope 22/12/2015

    Blood Rocks where never a problem. You get 2 in the campaign and 3 guaranteed in the chalices (just google reddit gems spreadsheet). If you want more you either play through the campaign again for another 2 per run or fight depth 5, layer 3 chalice bosses with an Eye rune on for increased Item Find.

    The same goes for Blood Chunks. You can get upto 2 every 4 minutes by fighting depth 5, layer 1 Watchers boss. You'll also be getting great gems as you do so and Insight.
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion revealed, coming November

  • Necanthrope 15/09/2015

    Well that looked suitably epic. The environments looked amazing. I'm most excited about what looks like 5 new weapons. After 600 or so hours I've pretty much exhausted the current weapon roster. I cannot wait to get my hands on the bow and the rotating saw blade weapons. The other 3 seemed somewhat like variations on what we already have. But I'm still interested to get my hands on them.

    Only 1 new hunters tool by the looks of it which is a bit of a shame. Full Arcane builds don't get much love sadly.
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  • Here's how Bloodborne's online multiplayer works

  • Necanthrope 11/03/2015


    I'm not overly concerned either. I play solo in my own world as I prefer the challenge and setting my own pace. So being able to progress without hassle and turn on invasions for a while when I reach a fire sounds great.

    However I also invaded a lot in both Dark Souls games. I can see a situation where almost every invasion is a gank scenario and that's fun sometimes but not every time. The longevity of the Souls games hinges on the pvp and it was undermined in Dark Souls 2 to cater to a wider audience. This seems like a further step in that direction.

    Still I don't doubt the game will be great fun. I just wonder if it will have the staying power that Demons and Dark Souls 1 had.
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  • Necanthrope 11/03/2015

    If I'm reading the article correctly you can only be invaded during co-op or when you specifically opt in during solo play. That's a pretty big change to the formula and is bound to lead to less pvp. Reply -2
  • Destiny has had just shy of 13 million players

  • Necanthrope 23/12/2014


    If you game on PC and that more or less means Steam you can use to track the player base of any Steam game. There's a wealth of stats available for every game. If your talking console then your rarely going to get real figures unless their amazing and thus used for PR. You also never going to be able to adequately compare titles.
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  • The Dark Souls 2 DLC doesn't seem that tough

  • Necanthrope 17/06/2014

    All 3 packs combined being only 1.5 times the size of AotA is a disappointment. Especially as there release is staggered I believe over a couple of months. Each piece is going to feel incredibly bitesized and thus not that satisfying.

    AotA was a great expansion but after the first run through it was only about 2 hours worth of content. If the new content is only say 3 hours worth then its going to feel incredibly short compared to the main game.
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  • PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more

  • Necanthrope 28/03/2014

    Damn bought Mercenary Kings on Steam a couple of days ago! Reply +1
  • Dark Souls director considering adding optional easy mode

  • Necanthrope 05/09/2012


    "no help whatsoever in any of the games key areas - Combat, stats, and equipment. The game itself at no point will tell you what type of weapons or equipment are best for which enemies, and the same with tactics that should be used against certain enemies."

    This seems like an odd set of complaints about a game this is in large part about trial and error and observation. To learn a new weapon you have to use it. There are set number of attack commands but they have differing effects by weapon. So no weapon should be written off until you've fought with it for a bit.

    To learn an enemies habits you fight it and see what it does. An early example would be the spear / shield dudes that turtle indefinately. A little thought and your parrying their telegraphed attacks and destroying them. The pinacle of this are bosses where your expected to get destroyed once or twice until you learn how to deal with them.

    In terms of weapon choice a lot of the time it doesn't matter. You go with what you like the move set for. Reach, attack speed, damage are all easily identifiable by using it. When it comes to damage type well hit an enemy with different types and see what works best. A lot of the time though your only looking at a difference of 1 less hit assuming your comparing like with like. If you want to see what works best just hit the enemy with different weapons!

    As for equipment well i think its all largely explanatory. Armour stats are obvious higher is better. Getting hit with poison where poison gear. Getting chopped at by Katana's boost slashing defence. Alternatively do what I do and roll with what looks good on your character. I will swap to poison resist in the swamp and curse resist in against Seath.

    The game wants you to test things out and learn from your mistakes. This is in part what makes the game so good. It doesn't hold your hand at all. However it does provide everything you need somewhere whether its your observation skills or a merchant selling the very same weapon your getting bludgeoned with.

    I played through the dlc area yesterday from start to finish. No idea what to expect or what could be found. It was the must fun in Dark Souls I've had in ages. No idea of enemy locations abd abilities, had to scour the enviroment for hidden items, mighty bosses and ahem new NPC's to murder for their kit :oP The Blade armour set looks good!
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  • Necanthrope 05/09/2012


    Dark Souls saves pretty much every time you take an action i.e. pickup / drop an item, exit your inventory and killing an enemy amongst others. It saves your current location as well so you can quit the game at any time with no progress lost i.e. your not bounced back to the the last fire. Therefore you can play as much or as little as you like in one sitting with no loss. Only dying will undo progress but only distance into the level and enemies killed. All items found are kept.

    If you fancy the game I'd give it a go. It's probably a bit easier on the whole than Demon Souls. Exhibit patience and learn the enemies moves and you'll find all the trash mobs trivial. The elite mobs can be overpowering early on but get easier as your skill increases, you level and you get better kit. It goes without saying if you can master parrying then even elites become trivial. The bosses always remain a threat though due to the huge damage they inflict but again if you learn their attacks some are quite easy (the various Asylum Demons for instance).

    It's a testament to how good the game is that I platinumed it on the PS3 and finished off my first playthrough of the PC version yesterday. Three chieves left to get and 1.5 more playthroughs to go to get them. It's going to be tough to get it done with Borderlands due soon.
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  • Deus Ex, Quantum Conundrum half-price in Square Enix PC sale

  • Necanthrope 03/08/2012


    Except this isn't a Steam sale but a Square Enix one. Also Steam usually provides 75% off rather than 50%.
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  • Is cloud gaming the future?

  • Necanthrope 26/07/2012


    Three days to download Rome TW! Either your ISP is throttling your connection or your on dial up :oP I live in the countryside and have a regular connection (i.e. no fibre or bandwidth boosts) and a gig takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Not exactly superfast but good enough.

    In the last two weeks (Steam sale) I've downloaded a tad under 100 games about 600 gigs worth. I went a bit mad and due to a handy app that allows you to move Steam games install locations my SSD is no longer a limiting factor instead its now my storage drive. Anyway apart from the whole downloading for upto 18 hours a day while asleep / at work and the fact Steam servers where being hammered I had no issues.

    As for the whole streaming games plan for our future I hope it dies a quick death. Unfortunately its unlikely. I'm all for digital distribution and cloud saves for settings and saves. I have no interest in streaming the games themselves. The UK infrastructure just isn't there and most have download caps so I can't see how its feasible on a mass scale. I also like others have issues with paying for a service versus paying for an owning my games.
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  • Dark Souls PC for Steam, extra content for console

  • Necanthrope 31/05/2012

    Where has it been said the game will be limited to 720p/30fps?

    Frankly the idea of such restrictions is rediculous and if true will decimate sales. I'm fine with the limited k/m as this is a game where a pad is really a requirement. I can probably get past the need for GFWL if it turns out its mandatory. However I'll be far from happy about it. If the game though doesn't run using my monitors default rez and with an uncapped fps then I'll pass. I mean what will be the point? Like most I've played through the game multiple times and I'm ideally looking for a more stable online component, high rez to get the most out of the art assets and 60fps+ to make the combat more responsive.
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  • Legend of Grimrock Review

  • Necanthrope 19/04/2012

    I pre-ordered direct from the dev's in USD. I think it ended up costing me around £7.50 which is an absolute steal. For that you get a Steam key as well as direct download installer thats DRM free and a whole bunch of extra's like soundtrack, concept art etc.

    The game itself is great and takes me back to my EotB days. Well worth the asking price. Know if someone would just put EotB in the same game engine...
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  • Titan Quest "spiritual successor" Kickstarter announced

  • Necanthrope 19/04/2012

    Titan Quest was a great game. I've been playing it on and off since release. It still has a good community as well as a fan patch and mods that are still being updated. It's definately more worthy than the 7/10 EG slapped on it. It also still looks good today and is well worth the couple of quid you can get it for in a Steam sale.

    As has been mentioned Crate where already using crowd funding before the Kickstarter craze kicked off. I paid for my copy of Grim Dawn a while back now. Personally anything that gets it finished sooner is good in my book. I trust Crate not to get it out before its ready.

    As for clashing with D3 and T2 I don't see it. D3 is out next month and T2 at least month later probably more. Grim Dawn won't be ready for a while. A lot of us play FPS after FPS so I don't see what the issue is with playing more than 1 ARPG / loot em up etc.
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  • Thousands sign anti-GFWL Dark Souls PC petition

  • Necanthrope 13/04/2012

    It's all well and good saying people are being entitled etc. However its hardly a secret that GFWL is awful and generally disliked by the PC community outside of people that have an Xbox and want more chieves. Using it in any game creates an outcry and its hard therefore to understand the logic at work in its inclusion. I don't need this game on Steam (it would be nice) I also don't need it DRM free. However I'd be an awful lot happier if it ditched GWFL.

    I'm not in the GFWL = no sale camp. However I have already plat'd the PS3 version. The PC version has now slipped from day one to a when its cheap purchase. I just can't bring myself to fully support any implementation of GFWL. As I understand this forum thats apparently 'entitlement'. I am though the customer if someone puts barriers between me and a product or degrades the experience in some way I'd be a fool to pay top dollar for it.

    With regard to the Steam offline mode I've had problems with it in the past. I have now resolved all my issues with a few easy steps. Make sure Steam is uptodate, make sure you boot a game at least once after install or a patch and put Steam in offline mode before shutting your PC down. Since I've started doing that I've had no problems at all.
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  • Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine

  • Necanthrope 10/04/2012

    Plat'd the PS3 version, signed the petition and happy to buy and play again.

    It'll be nice to play at 1080p, 16xAA, a solid 60fps and with luck longer draw distances to see those Blightown darters farther away! I doubt we'll get anything more on the visual front but whose to say what can be achieved with tinkering with settings files.

    A couple of new bosses also sounds very cool. Hopefully they'll extend them to the console versions.
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  • Bulletstorm 2 was in development before Epic decided against it

  • Necanthrope 10/04/2012

    I really enjoyed this and I bought it on PC day one. Shame there's no sequel in the near future but fingers crossed it'll come eventually. Reply 0
  • Near-irrefutable evidence of Dark Souls PC arises

  • Necanthrope 21/03/2012

    Got the Plat on the PS3 version already. However the ability to play again at 60fps, 1080p with AA cranked to the max is to good to pass up. Personally I hope there is some DLC. I'm not a huge fan in general but I'd be quite happy if they added a few new regions and bosses. It would help keep a new playthrough/s on PC fresh.

    Alternatively they could do some fun things like an arena style survival mode in co-op. Something accessed from the main menu that used your existing characters without levelling them. This would have no impact on your campaign but would provide something else to do beyond PvP once you hit SL125. I'd imagine the hardcore PvP crowd would be interested in a proper ranking system and an easier way to setup specific fights. An arena dlc could probably cater to both the co-op and PvP crowd. Based on what i've read so far though a few new regions seems the likely direction.
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  • PS Vita sold 61k units during UK launch - analyst

  • Necanthrope 01/03/2012

    I'm one of those 61k and have no reservations at all in recommending the Vita. It's a truly awesome piece of kit with a surprising number of quality launch games. I already have 4 games on cart and another 4 PSN only titles. Even so I'm still tempted by Rayman but I might get it on PC instead.

    The only dissapointing thing so far is the lack of larger memory cards. However I got mine free with Amazon so buying a larger version later doesn't feel as bad as it could be. Also 8 gig is enough at this early stage unless your downloading everything.

    As for people saying nothings in the pipeline i'd point them to the launch line up. Theres enough quality there to keep you going for a few months. Just from memory theres the excellent looking Gravity Daze and I believe Persona and Disgaea on the way.

    I'd suggest people get out and try the Vita. You might not like the price but its hard to not be impressed by the hardware and games. I have yet to show it to a gaming mate without them wanting one.
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  • Face-Off: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Necanthrope 16/02/2012


    I did the same thing. I tried the PS3 out first and then PC. The difference was night and day despite there being no higher rez assets for the PC. Somehow the PS3 demo just felt wrong once you'd played on PC. I suspect frame rate has alot to do with this. The consoles almost always seem to be capped at 30 and drop from this as well. It's amazing how much difference a rock solid 60 makes.
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  • PlayStation Vita memory card pack pictures

  • Necanthrope 07/02/2012

    There definately overpriced. But then aren't all peripherals? As others have pointed out get the Vita from Amazon as its the best deal I've seen and get a free card. Later when prices drop and if you need the extra storage pickup a 32 gig version. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls DLC in the works - report

  • Necanthrope 12/01/2012


    You missed something :o) The accepted wisdom I believe is that the furtive pygmy is the progenitor of the race of man or at least representative of it. He find's the dark soul there's some mention that his power is different to the other Lords. This manifests in you allowing you to either take the good ending and maintain the status quo or the dark ending and usher in the age of man. Many believe that the good ending is actually the bad one and vice versa. The 'good' maintains the rule of the remaining gods by you sacrificing your life. The 'dark' denies the gods the souls they need and ushers in the age of man and your rule. Thus kindly old Frampt was deceived into his views by Gwyndolin and Khathe actually knew the truth of it.

    Lots more on the wiki forums if your interested.
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  • Sony raises PSN Trophy level cap

  • Necanthrope 19/10/2011

    Level 6 with one Platinum. But on the plus side it is in Demons Souls :o) Reply 0
  • Rage Auto-Balancer causing PC problems

  • Necanthrope 06/10/2011


    Skyrim will undoubtedly be a bug fest. You just need to look at Oblivion, Fallout and Dragon Age as examples. The games have scope and so tend to be buggy. However that doesn't rule them out as being playable or fun. The problem with Rage is its technically deficient which from what I've read has made it unplayable (crashes and frequent pauses) for some and less fun (pop in, poor textures) for others. As long as Skyrim works on a technical level and doesn't have crippling bugs I'll be playing. However the wise man would simply wait for the inevitable GotY.
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  • Necanthrope 06/10/2011


    One mans whine it would appear is anothers perfectly reasonable comment. I know its not out in Europe yet and for once thats a plus point. It's allowed me to save £25 buying something thats not fit for purpose. I'm unsure what you find objectionable about that.

    As to my window of oppurtunity well thats this weekend. I finished Deus Ex last night and had Rage and Dark Souls up next with both having to be squared away before Skyrim hits. The plan was to finish Rage this weekend and get a good month in on Dark Souls. Patching Rage and getting some good drivers is easily going to take 1 to 4 weeks so yes it has already lost its window despite not being released.

    Perhaps though I should stop whining and buy it now along with Batman even though i have no time to play them rather than later at a discount. Or maybe you hold back on the hysterical knee jerk reactions to a reasonable post. Take your pick its a comment board no one cares either way :o)
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  • Necanthrope 06/10/2011

    Well I for one hope it does get fixed asap for those that have bought it. However my long time pre-order has already been cancelled. It's effectively lost its window of oppurtunity with me as I'll now be playing Dark Souls until Skyrim and Skyrim will then take me into next year. if I get some free time Batman or my backlog will get a look in. By releasing it in such a poor state it's gone from a release day purchase to a fiver in a Steam sale sometime. A shame really as I was looking forward to it but am not willing to pay more now to only have to wait on game patches and driver updates. Reply +5
  • Red Dead Redemption unlikely to hit PC

  • Necanthrope 06/10/2011

    I have no interest at all in L.A. Noire and little to none in the next Max Payne (at least for the moment based on what I've read). It's amazing how out of tune with customers wants they seem to be. It seems obvious to me that RDR would sell well on the PC and is much more anticipated than the other titles there pushing.

    As for GTAIV it didn't do much for me. So whilst they may not have abandoned the PC market their also not pushing out anything of interest to me either.
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  • Deus Ex PC DLC released

  • Necanthrope 29/09/2011


    If you pre-ordered you have this content already so I'm not sure what your upset about. This DLC is purely for those that didn't pre-order but still want the extra fluff. I bought my copy from Shopto put the code provided into Steam and immediately had the content. Some of it you have to wait for as its only accessible later in game but most of it gets added to your backpack at the start of the first mission.


    Its definately not a "pay to win pack". On my current paythrough I've just made it to Tai Yong Medical which is what 60% of the way through the game? I've bought every Praxis kit available and the entire stock of every shop (apart from the guns) and have over 70k credits so the extra 10k is neither here nor there. As I'm on a non-lethal melee playthrough I've not used any of the dlc guns / explosives either. As mentioned above its a bit of extra fluff. It adds some variety but doesn't make much pratical difference. In fact the dlc explosive is inferior to regular mines and the weapons have very limited upgrade possibilities.


    If I recall correctly the bonus mission can't be accessed via the debug menu. It primary uses are to spawn items and change a whole host of game parameters like unlimited energy or no stamina drain etc. Hence why I'm not using it althought infinite stamina for my trips to the shop to sell 10 Uzi's is tempting!
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  • Necanthrope 29/09/2011


    Debug Mod

    Backpack Mod
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  • Necanthrope 29/09/2011


    I think cloaking is largely a time saver. If you take the time to monitor the enemies patrol routes and take care you don't need to use it. For me its main purpose is netting a bit more xp than usual. In my current game outside of boss battles I've taken down all but 2 enemies with non lethal takedowns to maximise xp. With the cloak and silent running theres alot of opportunities to get a double takedown on chatting enemies before they split up. Without the cloak this is often hard to achieve without losing your ghost bonus. This is pretty much all I use cloak for. Silent running on the other hand is far more useful on a regular basis but again is largely a time saver.
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  • Necanthrope 29/09/2011


    On PC you can download a file (20 meg or so) then enables the debug menu in game. From here you can do all sorts of things like give yourself the pre-order weapons even if you didn't pre-order or buy this DLC. I've taken a look and for a second playthrough it has alot of options to mess about and have fun with. More interesting for me at least is the inventory mod (another 20 meg file) that shrinks the size of most game items so you can actually carry more than 3 things at a time.
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  • PC Batman: Arkham City delayed

  • Necanthrope 20/09/2011

    Unfortunately this is hardly a surprise as it seems to happen with most multi platform games. However personally I don't understand why they bother. PC gamers know why they do it and it just generates animosity. In addition I'm doubtful it leads to many more sales. Given the option to play now on my PS3 or wait a month for the PC version I'll wait every time.

    Like some other posters I think this delay will backfire on them somewhat. I'm already maxed out in terms of games vs time available. I paused Deus Ex to belt through Space Marine and am now back on it. I have Dead Island waiting in the wings but am unlikely to get to it before Dark Souls and Rage hit. I then have to have those dealt with by the time Skyrim is released. This is already a tall order for me at least (especially as one playthrough of Dark Souls won't be enough).

    Batman was already in the maybe zone despite knowing it will be an excellent game. This just drops it off my radar completely at least for now. Most likely it'll be ignored now until the inevitable Steam sale and perhaps I can get it for a couple of quid like I did the original. I can imagine other people having similar thoughts.

    On the plus side I don't mind waiting. I bought Assassins Creed 1, 2 and 3 a couple of months ago for a tenner on Steam. I finished 1 and 2 so far and didn't lose anything for the wait. Delays only really matter for multiplayer. Waiting means paying pennies for the game and having it full patched. Not much of a downside when there always so many other titles to play.
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  • Beefy Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC patch

  • Necanthrope 16/09/2011

    I read about this earlier on RPS and this is great news. I have a nice PC setup including a SSHD and the game is silky smooth except for the occassional stuttering. I'm glad they've resolved it as it is quite jarring. I assumed it was due to some form of background loading as whilst running around Detroit it seems to happen in the same places. However I was surprised it happened at all considering the SSHD transfer speeds and the amount of RAM I have.

    Nevermind. It's an awesome game and I can't wait to get back to it tonight.
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  • Dungeon Defenders release date

  • Necanthrope 24/08/2011

    I was really interested in this game when I heard about it last year. However its been ready for release on PC since the start of the year with some Microsoft crap holding it up. My interest has greatly waned especially now that its being released in the gaming silly season. If its a choice between Deus Ex, Space Marine, Dark Souls, Skyrim etc and Dungeon Defenders I know where my time is going. A shame because I had plenty of time to play it during the summer months... Reply +1
  • Dark Souls trailer prepares to die

  • Necanthrope 23/08/2011


    It did feel like an achievement and once I'd gotten close I felt like I had to do it. Its just a shame that the final thing I had to do was make a maxed out bladestone weapon... That required 6 hours of killing 1 of just 2 monsters (not types but 2 individuals!) that had a .5% chance of dropping it.

    Its actually surprisingly easy to get assuming you can beat the game. You just need to be careful with your character / world tendency to ensure your eligible to do certain things and play the game I think 3.5 times to get mutiple copies of certain boss souls. I was enjoying it enough that only the bladestone element felt like a grind.
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  • Necanthrope 23/08/2011


    Demon Souls didn't have checkpoints. If you died you where sent back to the start of the level and all the monsters where repopulated! Your 3am then rapidly becomes 4am as you inch your way back to your body praying you don't die again and lose all your souls :o)

    I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer but Demon Souls kept me around long enough to complete it at least 8 times. Its the only game I have earned a platinum on. A bit worried though that Dark Souls is significantly harder!
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  • Far Cry 3

  • Necanthrope 16/06/2011

    FC2 was a great game imo. The main complaints about it where overstated. There was a limited fast travel system via the buses. They would get you into the general area of your next target and thus avoid alot of checkpoints. If you where wise you then got a buggy and drove off road or went in by boat. Both options again bypassed most checkpoints. I do concede though that the checkpoints repopulated far to fast. I don't think you should ever clear them permanently but they certainly should stay clear long enough for you to conduct your mission and get back out again.

    The stealth system definately worked as I spent most of the game in the camo jacket using silenced weapons. Unsurprisingly you had to move slowly, make minimal noise and stay in thick foilage for it to work. You also needed to use silenced weapons and drop enemies out of sight of others. This always seemed perfectly reasonable but possibly too realistic for some.

    If they improve on these areas then FC3 could be awesome. Personally though I just need the respawn time toned down to be happy.
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  • Dark Souls

  • Necanthrope 16/05/2011

    Pre-ordered Dark Souls from Shopto a week or two ago. Completed Demons Souls at least a dozen times. Its my only Platinum (mainly game on PC) and that meant spending 6 hours over 2 days grinding for Bladestone. I'd never normally bother but the completist in me took over :o)

    I'm really looking forward to Dark Souls it looks like its going to be better in every respect. Slightly concerned about the ramped up difficulty but I reckon I'll manage. I just hope world tendency has been ditched or its no longer tied to an aggregate held on a central server (I think I read there will be no servers this time). Managing WT meant playing offline which was at odds with the spirit of the game.
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  • Resistance 3 supports Move, 3D

  • Necanthrope 30/03/2011

    Thanks to everyone responding on the Move support have some pluses on me :o)

    I might just have to give the Sharpshooter a go. I guess if I don't get on with it then it can join all the other plastic gaming tat I have stored away!
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  • Necanthrope 30/03/2011

    How good is the Sharpshooter compared to pad control in Killzone 3? I've wondered if it provides an advantage in speed / accuracy of aiming. I'm primarily a PC gamer and just can't use a pad for a shooter. For me its frustrating because it feels so slow and inaccurate. If the Sharpshooter mitigates this somewhat I'm interested. Reply +1
  • Insomniac not making games for NGP

  • Necanthrope 30/03/2011

    Thats a shame but it doesn't rule out an R&C game on the platform.


    The original PSP has sold something in excess of 60 million units. If priced competatively versus the 3DS (and imo it will be close for the basic SKU) theres no reason the NGP can't achieve a similar install base. This is hardly a small market. Also I'm doubtful that the NGP will cost the same to develope for as the PS3. It has visuals broadly equivalent to the PS3 due to its tiny screen not because it requires the same level of investment.

    Personally I'm still very upbeat about the NGP. Its a bit early to write it off especially as the 3DS price point was alot higher than expected. Now I'm enjoying the novel nature of my 3DS but its very much a stop gap while I wait on the NGP.
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  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • Necanthrope 25/03/2011

    Amazons delivery timescales have never been that good. This is why I stopped using them for new releases a long time ago. That said if they gauranteed delivery today then they should stick to that or provide compensation and not just a delivery fee refund. I guess the moral of this story is ditch Amazon and start using Shopto. Shadow Wars turned up on Wednesday and the 3DS yesterday. Reply 0
  • Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

  • Necanthrope 25/03/2011


    You can save mid mission. You can also suspend the game at any time to go back to the 3DS dashboard or simply close the lid. The latter 2 features I believe are supported by all 3DS games. I can't answer about the multi staged missions though as I've not encountered any. Based on what I've seen though they may just be seperate missions with a single goal.
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  • Necanthrope 25/03/2011

    This was my choice for a launch title. With Julian Gollop involved it would have been hard to pass on. So far its been a solid title with a decent amount of depth and good game mechanics. The 7 given seems a little harsh as I thought the visuals where fine although I'm comparing them to the DS rather than other 3DS titles so perhaps they could have been better. Hopefully it'll do well and a sequel will be forthcoming. Even better would be a handheld XCOM or another Laser Squad. Reply +14
  • Dark Souls 1.5x as big as Demon's Souls

  • Necanthrope 24/02/2011

    All good news so far. Demons Souls was an awesome game but it did have a few issues. It was a small game and the system of individual levels added to that impression. If anything I'd like the sequel to be twice as big or more. However as long as its as good as the first or better I guess half as big again will have to do :o)

    The other aspect I'd like them to tackle is the set placement of enemies. I went through the game about 8 times and could have continued if the game had been able to inject more variety into things.

    Ditching World Tendency is also a good move. The system was easy enough to manage but encouraged offline play to maintain pure white / black. I only went online after achieving all my pure white tasks and before I plunged the worlds into pure black. The game mechanics here where opposed and you had to give up on to get the full benefit of the other.


    I'd suggest the answer to that is no. With no central server persistant messages and the like from thousands of players would be hard to implement.


    A PC version would be awesome. I really doubt it would happen though.


    The seamless nature of the sequel leads me to think it will be a more linear journey. This might well reduce the ability to grind unless they provide transportation back to older areas. I for one won't miss grinding but then I did very little of it. My major foray was spending 6 hours over 2 days trying to get a Pure Bladestone and thus Platinum the game. This simply wasn't fun and someone needs shooting for making it a .5% (or what ever) drop from only 2 or 3 specific enemies! I still shudder when i think about 6 hours of running past the Reaper, down the secret tunnel, one shot the Black Skeleton, search the body, sigh :o) and then suicide off the cliff before doing it all again.
    Reply +1
  • PC Duke Nukem Forever uses Steamworks

  • Necanthrope 16/02/2011

    Good news in my opinion. I'd be happy if all games I bought could be synced with my Steam account. It's already my gaming hub for all games Steamworks or no. The benefits already outweigh the complaints of the detractors as far as I'm concerned. They just need to make sure as in this case we continue to get the choice of buying the game from other outlets. Perhaps then over time the publisher set prices on Steam might drop to a more reasonable level (but probably not). Even so the constant sales make Steam great value if your willing to wait. Reply +4
  • EU PlayStation Store update 9th Feb

  • Necanthrope 09/02/2011

    Lots of good stuff there. However that Plants vs Zombies price is crazy. I bought it in a Steam sale for about £1.25! Reply +5
  • Torchlight trailer shows XBLA gameplay

  • Necanthrope 09/02/2011

    Been playing this on and off on PC since release. Excellent game with a large amount of player made mods to extend the fun. The sequel is not that far off and is looking good. Reply 0