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  • A new RollerCoaster Tycoon game has been announced!

  • Nath_monn 17/03/2014

    There's so many layers to my upset with this release. Reply +4
  • Street Fighter 4 is so good maybe we don't need a sequel just yet

  • Nath_monn 28/10/2013

    This game got me and a friend through a difficult period of unemployment. We both look back fondly of the days where all we cared about was pulling off a perfect ultra/super, or breaking a chain of jumps!

    Street fighter on face value is just a graphically stunning fighter, but the more time you sink into it you discover the subtlies! I think it definitely helped having a friend who started as equally rubbish and we grew strong on the streets.

    Easily in my top 5
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  • Games of the Generation: Portal

  • Nath_monn 21/10/2013

    This was a triumph.
    I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
    It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Basically sums up my feeling towards portal.
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  • BioShock 2 is the underrated human heart of the BioShock trilogy

  • Nath_monn 08/04/2013

    Bioshock, as good as it was, took me around 6 months to complete. I completed the sequel in around 48 hours, I was so engrossed and infactuated by it, I couldn't put it down. For me it delivered everything the first installment did, but improved on it, like many mentions in here a larger array of plasmids, improved mechanics, vaster scale of exploration, even the twist was a nice touch.

    With bioshock being one of my favourite IPs, I'm admittedly a little bias, but I don't see why so many people disliked it, or skipped over it. Hopefully this retrospect will convince people to pick it back up
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  • Torchlight 2 editor Guts released with Steam Workshop integration

  • Nath_monn 02/04/2013


    I'm having issues too, my steam app is displaying the currency as euros when I'm in middle England, so I can't purchase it on the go. Thankfully it's on until the 8th so I'll sort it when I get home
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  • Nath_monn 02/04/2013

    @darkmorgado wahey nice one dude, I'd not checked steam today, and handily I have £20 in my steam wallet, today's a good day. Reply +2
  • Nath_monn 02/04/2013

    Torchlight 2 has been on my radar since getting a PC last month, thoroughly enjoyed the Xbox port, would you guys recommend splashing the £15 notes or patiently wait for it to enter a sale somewhere? Reply +3
  • The Walking Dead sells by the morgue-load

  • Nath_monn 07/01/2013

    For anyone saying the game is better than the TV show, and have yet to read the comics, please if you take one peice of advice from me, ever, go read them now.

    It's easily the best story I have ever read, I truly cherish the moreish addiction of Ricks events. So much so I'd probably say its more enjoyable than the show, which I adore too!
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  • Tomorrow Comet closes for good

  • Nath_monn 18/12/2012

    Just walked by my (hanley) comet, and what a depressing sight, really barebones, and full of vultures. I was going to pop in but decided against it as it was just too bleak!

    The guy on the door selling plug sockets for 10p and shouting "filter bags that sell for £10 on eBay for 90p" was a sign for me to keep walking on
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  • FarmVille maker Zynga hits out at Facebook as shares plummet

  • Nath_monn 26/07/2012

    Zynga hits out at everyone else apart from their selfs and distinct lack of own imagination! Fuck
    Off Zynga if you base your business model around a fickle market segment, this is what you'll achieve!
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  • PeterMolydeux asks: what's inside the cube?

  • Nath_monn 18/07/2012

    Maybe he should ask is anyone gives a toss what's inside his stupid cube! No doubt in a years time we'll be hearing why curiosity wasn't a success but how his next game will change our lives!! Reply -13
  • JAW in talks with US publishers over Stranger's Wrath HD on Xbox 360

  • Nath_monn 22/06/2012

    Good luck guys! I remember when Xbox used to be cool :( Reply +18
  • Microsoft comments on "leaked" Xbox 720 strategy document

  • Nath_monn 20/06/2012

    Maybe so, but let's face it Move is less intrusive than kinect?
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • Nath_monn 05/06/2012

    wheres the love!! AWKWARD!!! Reply 0
  • Bungie's MMO style sci-fi FPS Destiny out 2013 as an Xbox 360, next Xbox timed exclusive

  • Nath_monn 22/05/2012

    So how come this document had to be published? I know there's beef with the old IW staff but what's that got to do with bungie?

    I do feel a bit sorry for bungie getting caught up in this, but I guess if you go dancing with the devil...

    Also I wouldn't be surprised if Xbox are screwing, I mean it's more or less revealed that there will be the next box for autumn 2013, right? Kinda outs their E3 plans too.
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  • Street Fighter x Tekken patch causes game breaking bug

  • Nath_monn 17/05/2012

    This game was doomed for me the moment when my self and a friend sat on the sofa and attempted to play doubles online on the Xbox, only to find it wasn't supported! Then to add insult to injury they included it for the ps3 release, wtf Capcom! Reply +18
  • The Big GAME Shutdown: An Insider's Account

  • Nath_monn 05/05/2012

    I had the pleasure of knowing David from working at Crewe Gamestation whilst he was at Crewe Game, he was one of the most passionate folk to be working the front line, and I could tell he was proud to be holding the position, an asset to the company really. Unfortunately the closure of Game/Gamestation stores, it's honest folk like Jennings that suffer the most.

    Brilliant read Dave, and thank you eurogamer for publishing it, one of the best articles on here for a while. Hopefully this article has given Dave a decent stage to voice is frustrations, and for the readers some inside knowledge.

    Dave and the blast process crew, here's wishing you all the best for future ventures
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  • New Portal 2 DLC announced for Mac, PC

  • Nath_monn 27/04/2012

    Great news, just played through Portal 2 again, and I'm left with the same task of trying to find something to fill the void that Portal has left. I think I just need face facts again, that for me, no game will ever beat Portal 2. Reply 0
  • Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

  • Nath_monn 19/04/2012

    As terribly mediocre as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed bodycount, hey I even finished it which is more than I did with any of the Assassins creed series, batman series, gears series....Let the negs begin!! haha Reply +3
  • Rumoured GAME rescue package outlined

  • Nath_monn 21/03/2012

    Rats, the lot of them, each and every board member and higher management are comparable to a disease ridden rat!

    Horrible tactics are being used here, run a company into the ground, deter any potential buyers, then welcome administration to write off the debts, banks, suppliers, lease holders all jibbed out of large amounts of money, in turn staff made redundant.

    All for the fucking scavenging sewer rats to cherry pick the assets at rock bottom prices on Monday, and restart a business with everyone losing out apart from the rats at top, scum tactics and I for one will NEVER spend a penny with GMG ever again.

    As an ex Gamestation manager it upsets me no end to see what my friends still with Gamestation are going through, and sympathies go out to the ones working in the stores at this difficult time.

    (btw for what it's worth, my Gamestation store was bright, spacious, stocked with plenty of air freshener for the smelliest of customer, played Motown, chill out, Mr Scruff, Prefab Sprout and Frank Sanartra, stocked retro, and had staff that would bend over backwards for anyone who had manners, out performed our local Game week in week out, had the best Black Ops launch in the company, and fought against graingers price point by aggressive price matching! Basically we did our damned hardest to be as different from Game as possible, whilst not being a stereo typical GS store, all for nothing now, will be a shame for it to dissapear over night by niave top decisions.)
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  • GAME store closure letters go out to customers

  • Nath_monn 16/03/2012

    I believe that the Crewe Game store inside the market centre is due to close on the 24th. Along with the smaller Game store in Hanley poteries centre, they can be added to the list. Reply 0
  • GAME unsure over future as it reportedly puts itself up for sale

  • Nath_monn 12/03/2012

    @ProtoformX The final straw for me at Gamestation was about this time last year, when we had a jumped up store manager from a Game branch on a larger out of town retail park come to do a compliance audit, who failed our store because two stickers on a game case over lapped, over fucking lapped! I hope he's been enjoying putting the £1.98 stickers on in a conforming fashion, as his company sadly goes down the drain, anal bastard! Reply +8
  • GAME "has two weeks to turn its fortunes around"

  • Nath_monn 10/03/2012

    Just been into my local Gamestation, and as an ex employee I found it to be a rather upsetting experience, the shop was empty, the shelves were bare too, things just looked dismal and lacked any amosphere, not a pleasant experience.

    Both staff present seemed understandably demotivated and down, from my short chat with them it seems that Game not only "don't comment on rumors" but also communicate with staff at shop level, they're completely in the dark. He said the only plus side of it was that "he'll no longer have to book download festival off", really felt for the chap!

    I asked on the mass effect situation and it seems from his POV that they were asking Game to buy it at a stupid price, along with large quantities of Tiger Woods, which wouldn't sell.

    Sad times, and I hope for the staff at store level something positive will come along but it's looking doubtful
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  • GAME firesale extends to hardware, "Spring Clean" promotion launched

  • Nath_monn 09/03/2012

    Another day another game are going out of business story Reply -12
  • GameStop wants to buy GAME's shops in Spain and Portugal - report

  • Nath_monn 08/03/2012

    How can five copies of SSX be looking tatty it was released less than a week ago??

    I'm guessing the staff looked miserable at the prospect of being jobless in a month, I doubt you'd be all shits and giggles.

    I'm not defending game by any means, but this community seriously has a habit of exaggerating the truth at times.

    I will agree on the price though, I went into GS yesterday for mass effect 2 which for the best part of a year has been £5-9.99, yesterday it was £19.99 p/o, what a bloody joke! No thanks game.
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  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • Nath_monn 28/02/2012

    This article makes it sound like the Industry would be crippled over night should Game close it's doors.

    It sounds like its been written by one of the board members, I wouldn't be surprised if they had spoken to someone at Game. The reason I say this is, I used to work for Gamestation, until I couldn't put up with Games shit anymore, there was a divisional manager who's catch phrase was: "keep your windows neat, shop tidy, they haven't come in for a Gregg's pasty" and low n behold there's a reference in here too.

    Also the article doesn't take into account the big nasty supermarkets adapting to change, they'll no longer be the thorn in a specialist side, and there will be a untapped market that they can provide for, what's stopping tesco having specialized games areas, with pods, merch, walk throughs, and heck I'm sure there will be enough staff leaving Game willing to share there knowledge of games with tescos customers??
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  • Games of 2011: Portal 2

  • Nath_monn 27/12/2011

    Game of the year for me I absolutely rinsed it, really tempted to pick them both up again as they're truly something special. Great article too. Reply +6
  • Black Ops Rezurrection DLC release date

  • Nath_monn 06/08/2011

    Ludicrous, I've bought all the WAW and Blops map packs. I refuse flat out to spend more money on the same maps just to get one new level. I've still got WAW if I want to play the old maps I'll put the fuckin disc in. I must say I feel like a mug, fuck you activison, fuck you! Reply 0
  • Xbox Live Marketplace is down

  • Nath_monn 25/05/2011

    Looks fantastic Reply +5
  • Firmware 3.61 causing PS3s to overheat?

  • Nath_monn 19/05/2011

    Hey there's one thing the playstation's done right this year, least it didn't think it's February 29th again. Reply 0
  • iPad 2, iPhone 5 have multi-core power?

  • Nath_monn 17/01/2011

    My iphone4 can last two days without a charge. Although, to retain a fuller longer lasting battery I only do a full drain once a month, the rest I only let it drain to 50% and then give it a charge Reply 0
  • Infinity Ward blames MW2 hacks on PS3

  • Nath_monn 17/01/2011

    Funk you IW if that is your real name, certainly looks like they jumped ship a long time ago, probably before I gave up on the game and I barely lasted two months. This article does reek of scapegoat tactics tho, I can almost hear the board room conversation now "Robert the ps3 has been hacked, get your fingers off Kottics tool piece and tell the internet it's Sony's fault not ours!! Someone tell me if we've got the grounds to sue, now Joe !!" Reply +7
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Nath_monn 31/05/2010

    I've enjoyed oc_l2007 little beat down by insomniac more than the actual articles this morning. Am I missing something with the appeal of posting first? What gives? Reply +7
  • MTV: Green Day should outsell Beatles

  • Nath_monn 17/05/2010

    Hmmmm for me two things happened at once, I stopped puberty and listening to greenday!!! Go figure... Yet again corporate bullshit prevails though, such a shame (albeit hardly suprising) to go for a popular band = more sales route, over a band that are actually fun to play! I couldn't imagine a blander band to immitate on RB, well maybe foo fighters, but that's another argument! Plus I can't wait for me to be the fouth member of the greenday's the videos gonna work when there's four players? Hopefully I'll be able to import the Lennon avatar in from beatles....Lame game Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

  • Nath_monn 01/04/2010

    Overgrown, getting skipped? Just like on the good cod. You'd think they'd have actually taken the veto statistics into account before choosing a map as dlc, obviously not or else they wouldn't have charged the mugs for it again! Overgrown was whack on the good cod and no doubt it'll be whack on the shit cod!! Reply 0
  • MW2 Stimulus Package costs 1200 MSP

  • Nath_monn 15/03/2010

    Nah of course the maps don't need to be on mw2, their initital charm that made these maps so good, is going to be deminished every single time you get predator missled, or chopper gunned, or sniped with thermal scope. I'm so bitter towards mw2 I hoped and longed for it to be something it isnt, saddly all we got was a charmless multiplayer braw, with a lot of the original joys lost somewhere between a care package and a ac130, shame. Reply +2
  • Nath_monn 15/03/2010

    I think I'd rather just play cod4 to enjoy all the orignal maps, rather than pay 1200msp for the pleasure of two. Besides cod4 had the right balance, and decent flow of gameplay, instead of the noob hole that is mw2. Ha 1200 msp, I feel sorry for the poor little bitches suckling on the teets of actihells cash cow. Thank fuck I got a promo copy of mw2, no money has been spent on this shit game and no money will be.I bet it's gonna be like waw too, buy the maps or get Kicked every other game! Reply +2
  • Activision to "monetise" COD online

  • Nath_monn 16/11/2009

    Sadly I'm one of those cod fan bois that you all seem to hate around here, but even I think this is taking it too far and wouldn't pay for online play. I'm enjoying mw2, not enough to have an additional charge tho, and feel I could return to cod4 at anytime, the only reason I'm playing is cuz my friends are. In honesty I got more enjoyment from mw1!! Reply +6
  • Halo: Reach screenshots leaked?

  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    I agree with Chaz only cuz he mentioned bsg, bsg rocks!! The point I was tryin to make with cod is I've seen evolution from cod1 up to mw2 (I've played it so can see the noticable differences) however I find with halo, after duel weilding weapon for halo 2 I've seen no real progression. I am the same as Chaz tho, I've played all the halo games multiple times, however the thought of playing another just doesn't appeal.Such a shame, as i'm a firm believer that without halo2 we wouldn't have the xbox experience we have today, it's done wonders and should retire gracefully imo Reply -4
  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    Your post makes no sense, you say waw looks like cod123 and moh, but plays different. Then you go on to say halo needs a drastic genre shift to make it different from previous games. If the cod franchise can keep it's genre of a fps and still uses unique and innotive ways to stand out from previous titles, why can't halo?? An that's my problem, it's the same old over and over, looks the same and plays the same! I've not seen anything unique or different from halo since duel weilding weapons. Reply -8
  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    Because those leaked screenies looks exactly the fudging same as the previous 4 halo games. I do sound like a disgruntled hater, but I'm not I loved the first two and bungie do loads for it's community, however what doss beat my balls is peoples denial In the fact that each bloody game ha been the same as the last with nothing innotive and more crapy story. Halos just become too basic for me Reply -8
  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    Failo went down hill after 2, odst was nothing more than an expansion pack too big for dlc on live, plus a laggy as hell horde mode (woooah horde genius bungie, push the limits).I hope reach kills off the remainding fan base, with yet another rehashed halo game, poor graphics/modeling and a cuppa soup like story!! Sadly I know it won't, as bungie have got far to many of you blinded by master chefs big stupid head, reatrained and addicted suckling on the tits of the huge cash cow they have created, to even notice the lame lame game play is being churned over again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...bored yet?? I know I am!!! Reply -19
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction - Personality

  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    This game looks imense and soo dirty, this is my next big thing after cod!! I'm sure i'm gonna enjoy this much more than batman, as that game was easily the biggest dissapointment of 09 for me. Reply 0
  • Skate 3

  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    I think most problems with skate, and I was a culprit of this is that you try and play it like tony hawks, speed everywhere and chain stupid amount of tricks together, and when you don't achieve this (which is more often than not) you get titsed off. With skate I don't particulary aim or ride towards anything, I just go with the flow and direction of the previous trick I've just landed, and then trick off the next thing that comes to me. If what I just said doesn't make much sense then you've probably not been in the skate zone, those that have will know what my giberish means ;) Reply +3
  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    Sorry can't edit on this iPhone app, I wanted to edit to say chances are the easier mode will probably be done thru guidence like that of forza or operation flash point, which can be turned on and off at users discression an won't alter the game play in anyway, at least I'd hope it would. Either way we don't know yet so no point cryin over something that could be insignificant to overall gameplay Reply +2
  • Nath_monn 06/11/2009

    God your all so cynical, these are the first four shots and real bit of info about the game and your all quick to cast it off as the next Tony hawks, just because they are introducing stepping stones for pig handed people who couldn't learn the controls. Chill out wendy!! Personally I think the story and the brand idea sounds great, I cant wait to recruit my friends and do the story co-op, as the online challenges were great fun in skate2. Skate2 was the biggest suprise for me this year and woukd say it was definately one of my top 3 releases, considering I hated the first two hours play, I manage to get 1100g and a nice 40 hours of game, roll on skate 3 Reply 0
  • MS warns against second-hand 360s

  • Nath_monn 05/11/2009

    What a load of bullshit, I work for a rather large games company in the uk, who thrive off second hand market. I can safely speak on the companies behalf and say should someone buy a second hand console that is banned from live, we'd happily swap the machine over.This nonsense really ruffles my feathers, on one hand they want us to be the main outlet and sell their products with huge praise, but at the same time they dong want us making our own profits thru second hand. Besides I sware being banned by MS is a myth, I've friends on my gamertag who have a list of games played prior to the release as long as the 0's on MS profit income, have they been banned (yes they have been report plenty of times) nope and no! This kinda report tells ne nothing other than just join the piracy club Reply -3
  • iPhone now has 100,000 apps

  • Nath_monn 05/11/2009

    Whether it's it's thru updates or not it's still a huge feat to achieve. Despite the games That are good are few and far between, the iPhone isn't all about games. I've so many good apps that arnt games, including the eurogamer app I'm using now. All in all the iPhone kicks ass, I don't care who states "iPhone fan boi!!! Get a nokia N series model sick sick 101 lulz" i already have done and they suck, I won't ever have another phone now Reply 0
  • U2 keen to appear in own Rock Band game

  • Nath_monn 08/10/2009

    Awful news, it wouldn't suprise me if U2 were one the bands who jumped on the "music rythem games are for geeeks, learn a real guitar dude, like me the edge maaan" band wagon. I hope harmonix don't tarnish their amazing colours with such a dull and egotistical band! I think U2 would be more suited with guitar hero and activision, at least all parties involved then want the same outcome, fast cash money return!

    Ah well I won't be buying it, and let hope they release a gimmicky distorsion peddle so can really get edges guitar riffs down

    lame news!!
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