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  • Killer Freaks Wii U in-game screenshot

  • Nabokov 09/06/2011

    Hopefully you can then play some games also with Wii Classic Controller? Reply 0
  • Finish Demon's Souls in an hour

  • Nabokov 19/10/2010

    I used yesterday approximately 54min54s to try to beat level 3-2 demon, couldn't do it. I'm still positive that one day I can finish the game. Reply +7
  • Hirai: "3D best enjoyed on big-screen"

  • Nabokov 09/09/2010

    The technology they need to put in TV is actually really cheap, so why not; basically just more processor power to handle two pictures instead of one, nothing special. But I guess that instead of frame interpolation you could handle the 3D with most of the current machines. In theory. Anyway, in future it won't add any cost to TV. The glasses and transmitter can be optional, so you don't have to pay for those if you don't want to. Also in games, if the engine supports it, it's quite trivial.

    So I agree with noface, excpet that 50" is way too small for TV. Really annoying that they are not releasing any single reasonably priced projector dufing this round.
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  • Mafia II

  • Nabokov 24/08/2010

    "Er, certainly it's interesting to discuss how a game can split opinions to such a degree?"
    Not much discussion here, only angry people shouting that Eurogamer is wrong (and some saying that not).

    I personally hate these 'eurogamer this eurogamer that' commentes; there is no Eurogamer (hopefully), there is one reviewer who gives his/her opinion. In this kind of cases (big game, controversial score), it would be nice to include mini review from another reviewer, to either backup or give alternative view. I really like that when they do it in some magazines.

    I haven't played even demo, and couldn't care less whether the review is 'right' or 'wrong', but this makes me think Inception. Generally favored movie with very high production values (which really mean zero, nil, nothing), but I think it was the most boring film I have seen in ten years or some. Then in all negative reviews people are shouting that 'you didn't get it'... Maybe it's the same case, if you find the story bad, what's there left, boring gameplay?
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  • Sony defends 3D glasses

  • Nabokov 01/07/2010

    I don't understand why these glasses are such a big issue. Some people have to wear glasses all the time to be able to see something, and it's not end of the life. Probably people who are so against the glasses also prefer cloudy days, no need to wear those stupid sunglasses. Reply +4
  • Itagaki's new game - Devil's Third

  • Nabokov 12/06/2010

    Very good trailer, like the music Reply 0
  • BioShock 2 widescreen patch imminent

  • Nabokov 23/02/2010

    We have to go through this again?! I almost lost my mind with the idiots of internet who demanded "fix" for the first version. Reply -1
  • Civilization V announced for autumn

  • Nabokov 18/02/2010

    Oh my god. For some reason I thought IV is the last one ever? Never been this excited of any game ever. Very surreal. Reply +2
  • Game Changer?

  • Nabokov 30/01/2010

    I understand that it's not for everyone, but honestly I don't understand these "I don't get it" comments. I would love one (for free). It's like laptop, but just right size and without unnecessary keyboard, perfect for casual browsing and gaming on sofa/bed/traveling/... Reply +1
  • PS3 motion controller delayed till autumn

  • Nabokov 20/01/2010

    These camera things are very nice, unless you are using projector, and the room has to be totally dark... Reply +3
  • Eurogamer frolics with NSMB Wii

  • Nabokov 27/10/2009

    I don't care what scores this gets, I know it will be great, most anticipated game of the year. Reply +4
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat trailer

  • Nabokov 08/09/2009

    I love it love it love it. Reply 0
  • Wii autopilot feature for DS too?

  • Nabokov 08/07/2009

    I think this is brilliant. There was one very frustrating section in LBP, I wish it had had this option. But yeah, Mario games lately haven't been too challening. But there is no harm. Reply +1
  • Miyamoto: you need a controller to hold

  • Nabokov 16/06/2009

    Most certainly traditional games require additional controller. But for pointing things this is the future, I'm sure you will be able to use console menus and do browsing without controllers if you have Natal, and I believe it will feels very natural.

    One of the biggest limitations is that there cannot be many big (large budget) games which require Natal, and making games playable with normal controller limits design a lot. It's more or less prototype for next generation console in which it's bundled. Maybe biggest potential is for XBLA.

    Controlling a view with head movement will cause serious motion sickness?
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  • E3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Nabokov 03/06/2009

    Fantastic. More co-op games please. Reply 0
  • E3: Red Steel 2

  • Nabokov 02/06/2009

    Looks very good, every Wii game should use cell shading or cartoony style, absolutely no point to try to achieve more realistic look. Reply -1
  • Wii Sports sells 45 million copies

  • Nabokov 08/05/2009

    Mario Kart numbers are impressive, and it deserves it, like I've said million times. I hope this year Nintendo releases something similar, fun online game I mean. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

  • Nabokov 27/03/2009

    Is it possible to play with two players on Wii? Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 5

  • Nabokov 09/03/2009

    So it's pretty much same game as 4, which everybody loved, and that's the reason it's shit and all pre-orders must be cancelled :) I really don't understand people. Reply 0
  • The King Of Fighters XII - Trailer

  • Nabokov 04/03/2009

    Little bit too long, but otherwise great trailer. Reply 0
  • Tiger, Tennis to use Wii MotionPlus

  • Nabokov 27/02/2009

    The style looks excellent. I mean that it''s cartoony instead of "photo realistic". All graphics for Wii should be cartoony. Reply 0
  • Let's Tap

  • Nabokov 04/02/2009

    Isn't there ManlyManGamer where you could go whining about Wii? Reply 0
  • Nabokov 04/02/2009

    \o/ A must buy. This is what Wii needs, good local multiplayer games.

    ps. also waiting for good online games
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  • Deus Ex 3 to get BioShock atmosphere

  • Nabokov 02/02/2009

    Bioshock? Dumbed down you mean? S.T.A.L.K.E.R. style please. Reply 0
  • iPhone Roundup

  • Nabokov 30/01/2009

    Atleast Nokia has nowdays n-gage service which allows easy buying of games, and they have some interesting titles, for example Boom Blox. There must be also classic java games for phones, something like Drop 7, which would work almost every phone? Seems that games for mobiles is rapidly growing busines, and I think there should new section for mobile phone games where atleast most popular games for different phones could be reviewed. Reply 0
  • Nabokov 30/01/2009

    Why only iPhone games are reviewed? Most of us has Nokia or Samsung or whatever. Reply +1
  • Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band 2-to-1

  • Nabokov 26/01/2009

    GH:WT has sold for Wii almost as much as RB2 in total, that explains quite a lot. RB2 is late, and less know.

    Also, how are casuals supposed to know that RB is "better"? When I look the track list I don't see a big difference, and reviewers like both.
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  • Proper widescreen for Far Cry 2 PC

  • Nabokov 19/12/2008

    @N@ - Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with XBOX version, you have it like it was meant to be. PC owners have now screwed up version.

    I's 3D model, image on your screen is rendered while you play it, nothing is cropped in any situation. You can set FOV, screen resolution, ascpect however you want, nothing is ever cropped. You don't calculate full circle image and crop from it. You calculate for the resoution of you monitor with selected FOV.

    1. You create game in 16:9 mode, selecting FOV which you think works best
    2. For 4:3 resolutions you keep horiztontal FOV same, therefore adding vertical FOV. In my opinion this is the best way because in gameplay wise horizontal view is usually much more important.
    3. You have to change your original 16:9 FOV becuase masterminds in the internet think they are getting less with their 16:9 monitors, screwing the original tested FOV.

    If you think that horizontal FOV is bad in original version, you should also patch 4:3 modes so that FOV is increased it those too. But then 16:9 owners are GETTING CROPPED VERSION AGAIN! So you make new patch, increasing 16:9 FOV second time...
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  • Nabokov 18/12/2008

    Darren:"@redstanza - You've hit the nail on the head right there... if people play games in widescreen then, quite rightly, they expect to see more of the game than 4:3 screen users do but with pre-patched BioShock and Far Cry 2 they didn't; it was 4:3 monitor owners who actually had saw more of the game (at the top and bottom of the screen). Why bother playing games in widescreen if you have less visibility that a 4:3 screen?!?!? :? "
    I agree, that's what people expect. But it's just an illusion. In both cases you have as many pixels in monitor. If the view is narrower you get more detail.

    Do you really think that the wider the angle the better it is, always, every case?

    Lets say that somebody makes a strange game where in 4:3 resolution horizontal viewing angle is 360 degree (full circle). Then in 16:9 version they chop from top and bottom, obviously. Widescreen fanboys get furious: "We want real widescreen, 480 degree!!".

    What I'm trying to say is that the right angle is what looks and plays best, not the widest possible.
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  • Nabokov 18/12/2008

    This is hilarious, like it was with Bioshock. If you "chop" from bottom and top it's still perfectly in widescreen format. Only difference is that if instead of "chopping" you add to sides it changes the angle of view; zooming out. Nobody can say that one or the other is the right way, it's matter of presentation, how game's director feel it's better. Atleast in theory, in practise "chopping" is propably is easier and maybe selected beacuse of that. Reply 0
  • Wii Fit, Mario Kart sell a million each

  • Nabokov 28/11/2008

    "It doesn't stop them both being a load of crap though."
    Mario Kart is one of the best games I've played in last 25 years. Totally deserves it, congratulations.
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

  • Nabokov 02/09/2008

    Just wait for patches and mods. I just ordered SoT, it's 11.5€ in I guess I should go straight to the Oblivion Lost mod before even trying vanilla? Reply 0
  • 160GB PS3, wireless keypad unveiled

  • Nabokov 20/08/2008

    I bet there will PlayTV + 160GB bundle, Media Edition. 80GB is little small for PVR. Reply 0
  • PlayTV saved files no longer transferable

  • Nabokov 13/08/2008

    I don't understand why do you want to transfer anything to anywhere. Just watch it and delete. It's not like it's lost forever, if it's good they'll show it again next year, you can watch it then again. Reply 0
  • Braid

  • Nabokov 06/08/2008

    Any news when is it out for PC? Hopefully from Steam? Reply 0
  • See how Valve predicted the future of PC gaming in 2008

  • Nabokov 27/06/2008

    "It's not about graphical fidelity, system power, versatility, upgrading, etc. I just want to put the disk in, sit back on my sofa with my wireless controller and PLAY."

    Quite opposite for me. The one thing I hate with WII is the trouble to get a game running; I have to put TV on, find controller, notice that there is wrong disc in, go to kneel down in front of if (I'm too old for kneel down), find the case, find the game I want to play... With PC it's so nice to just sit down and double click. I have four year old PC and I have no idea when I last updated any drivers, maybe couple of years ago (except automatic Windows updates). So easy.
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  • Wii storms closer to 25 million mark

  • Nabokov 24/04/2008

    "Yes, and cars with automatic transmissions outsell ones with manuals in many demographics. Does that make them better?"
    Yes, yes it does. Good analogy.
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  • UK Xbox 360 sales up 40 per cent

  • Nabokov 19/03/2008

    "Lol, that's an easy claim to make because it is bundled. I wonder how fantastic those sales are if the game wasn't bundled here."
    In Japan, where it's not bundled as we all know, it's sold 2.75m. Over half of the people who bought the console also bought Wii Sports. I don't see how would it be any different here if it wasn't bundled.
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  • Nintendo winning US hardware war

  • Nabokov 14/03/2008

    "How are total sales or consoles in general?"

    In USA:
    February 2008:
    PlayStation 2 351.8K
    PlayStation 3 280.8K
    PlayStation Portable 243.1K
    Xbox 360 254.6K
    Nintendo DS 587.6K
    Wii 432K

    fEBRUARY 2007:
    DS - 485,000
    Wii - 335,000
    PS2 - 295,000
    360 - 228,000
    PSP - 176,000
    GBA - 136,000
    PS3 - 127,000
    NGC - 24,000
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  • PlayTV

  • Nabokov 04/03/2008

    "Just download anything you want to watch off the internet. Or buy a dedicated PVR."
    Dedicated are expencive and shit. Seriously. Most buggiest HW ever sold for 400-500€ (yes you can get one for 300€, which of course are even worse (reporting from Finland)). There is no way PS3 could do it worse. I have 80GB version which has been plenty for my purposes, maybe I could even manage with 40GB.
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  • Resident Evil Zero for Wii

  • Nabokov 28/02/2008

    "This does seem pointless. You can pick up the Cube version for just a few pounds these days; why would anyone pay six or seven times as much just to have Wii controls?"
    Why did a million people buy RE4 for Wii? I could buy a gamecube version, but it's quite difficult to play it without GC controller and memory card (and I won't buy them, that's for sure).

    And RE4 controls worked for me, I liked them better than in MP3. See, it's personal? But calling neither one crap is quite stupid, unless 'crap' is like 8/10?
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  • Boom Blox to feature head tracking

  • Nabokov 22/02/2008

    Head tracking for Wii:
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  • No More Heroes

  • Nabokov 01/02/2008

    " don't understand why people are getting excited about this game.

    The art style is ugly..."

    Well, for me the art is the thing. For example the picture at the front page, only because of that I want to buy the game. I also got the expression that it's quite funny, and the music is good. So it seems that it will be enjoyable to hang in the games world. I'll propably end up hating the game...
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  • Boardgames and game history

  • Nabokov 02/01/2008

    Nice article. I wish there were also some random board game reviews on Eurogamer.

    I think video games and board games compare nicely, especially strategy games. If you like Civilization on PC there is a good chance you like the board game too. Or maybe these video game versions of board games should be banned from Eurogamer too? Those cannot be real manly games.
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  • Bay says he knows best

  • Nabokov 09/12/2007

    @cyber_nicco: I was just trying to provide some information, seemed that many truly thought that there cannot be difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Thanks for correcting me, maximum video bitrate is 29.4 vs 40Mb/s.

    I tried to keep it simple because I thought that issue was very simple, is it possible or not that there is a difference. You can argue is there a difference in practice (I don't have opinion of that), but that will never end.

    If you think that numbers at are wrong I would like to see correct numbers, I'm sure you'll provide me a link because you are so eager to please people.
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  • Nabokov 07/12/2007

    Um...Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are just media formats. The same exact encoding could be used on either media. Now, there are different protection schemes used, and extra-video features such as picture-in-picture streaming. But the video quality itself has nothing to do with which type of plastic it's printed on and what color of laser is used to read it.

    No, wrong, how many times I have to explain this?? I give up.

    Ok, once more. From HD DVD you can get picture+sound with 30Mb/s, from Blu-ray 54Mb/s. 54Mb/s > 30Mb/s, right? Even with same codecs?
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  • Nabokov 07/12/2007

    All this rubbish just makes baby jesus cry.

    Just for interests sake, the Holywood Mpeg-4 HD content our decoders currently have to work with is about 10-12 Mbps, which is miles inside both the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray specifications. There aren't any consumer devices that go up to the 30Mbps figure that HD-DVD can handle. In fact I am pretty sure that is higher than the max bitrate for the profile and level used in consumer playback devices.

    Here you can see what bitrates movies currently have:

    Interesting that there is movies with over 40Mb/s, are you saying that those cannot be played with any player?

    You can get really good sound with 64kb/s, still you cannot say that 192kb/s is enough for everybody, same goes with movies. I said that 30Mb/s is generally enough. And most people cannot see any fault in it. Maybe in real life while watching a movie normally it's impossible to find any fault, I don't know. But for some people it's not enough.
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  • Nabokov 07/12/2007

    "with HD DVD you can only play 192kbps, with Blu-ray 320kbps (real numbers for HD DVD 30Mb/s for audio and video, for Blu-ray 54Mb/s).

    Not sure i get it - do you mean the fastest that data can come off the disc is 54Mb/s?"

    Yes. When playing movies. Of course PC drives can read faster, but for stored movies the bitrate cannot be higher. And it's possible that in some scenes 30Mb/s is not enough for "best" quality. But in generally it's good enough. In still pictures it's easier to spot these compression errors, so maybe Bay can see differencs when editing or whatever he's doing...
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  • Nabokov 07/12/2007

    I have the exact same bit rate on my MP3 player as in my PC HD, the first has 30gb of capacity, the later has 300gb. So I don't understand why I have to have lower bit rate on the player ?!

    I wasn't talking about higher capacity! Maximum _bitrate_ is higher for Blu-ray, if you want to compare to your MP3 player, with HD DVD you can only play 192kbps, with Blu-ray 320kbps (real numbers for HD DVD 30Mb/s for audio and video, for Blu-ray 54Mb/s).

    Of course higher capacity is also nice, with HD DVD you have to compress longer movies more than with Blu-ray, if you want fit them on one disc.
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  • Nabokov 07/12/2007

    "What's he mumbling on about now? HD DVD and Blu Ray use the same codecs these days don't they? Why would there be any difference in the output?

    This is what I thought too. Isn't it like saying: "My 320 kbps MP3s sound better when played off my USB stick then they do off my hard drive"? "

    Blu-ray has higher maximum bit rate (from the disc), therefore allowing better quality with same codecs, in theory.
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